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Research Policy

Huron County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society
Research Policy

Send all correspondence to:
The Huron County Chapter of OGS
PO Box 923
Norwalk, OH 44857-0923



    The Research Committee of the Huron County Chapter/OGS
is comprised of Chapter members who,
while not certified genealogists, are experienced
in genealogical research in Huron County.
 There is no fee for this one hour service, for HCC Members,
other than the actual costs incurred with photocopies etc.
All non-members will be expected to make a donation as listed below.
You MUST enclose a SASE, Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
in order to receive a reply.  

   All Correspondence must be mailed to the Chapter address
found at the bottom of this page. Any payment due must be by check,
made out to the Huron County Chapter, OGS.
The Chapter is unable to accept checks made out to any individual members
and will be returned to you.
     Committee members will spend one hour researching Huron County resources
pertaining to the time period requested.
Each request should be as specific as possible.
Be sure to include the following:

  1. Time period of interest
  2. Town or city if known
  3. Township if known
  4. A maximum of two surnames with each request

Additionally, the committee members will be available to perform
more extensive research at the Courthouse, libraries, research centers
and other locations as time permits.
This extended service is available for a donation to the Chapter's Publication Fund,
over and above the actual costs incurred.
The amount of the donation is, of course, up to you,
but the researchers time and amount of information
asked for and received should be taken into consideration.
   Requests will be answered in the order in which they are received.
In the event of a backlog, the Chapter member requests will be answered first.
The researchers will not undertake any
analysis or organization of any data.


For a picture of your ancestor's tomb stone in Huron County email Norma Miller

*Please include dates, cemetery name, location of that cemetery plus row and number of the stone.

*You can find the above information in the Huron County Cemetery Inscription book.
If you do not have a access to this book ,
it can be purchased from Huron County Chapter/OGS.

*NOTE FROM NORMA: When I receive several requests I will go
and take your pictures for you.
I do not charge anything for this service.
(Editor's note: Film and Gasoline are expensive and while
Norma is very happy to do this completely for free,
a big thank you and a small tip would not hurt.)

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