Letter: August, 1857: ( Dear Children in Wisconsin )
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Dear Children in Wisconsin

Letters from Pine Plains ca 1855


§7 Letter: August, 1857

"…we are now in the midst of harvist and haying…"

Historical context

18 JUNE 1857
Japan and America sign an agreement allowing ships of the United States to trade in the port of Nagasaki. This after Commodore Perry visits Japan with a small armada to "open" Japan to trade.


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Pine Plains August 4 1857

These few line I will address to John and Sarah
Hidorn  it is two o clock this afternoon finds us
As well as usual  we hope these few lines will
Find you in good health and prosperity
We received your letter the twenty fourth
of July and was glad to heare from you   we
are now in the midst of harvist and haying
here it is later than comin  it has been very
wet   it has rained all most every day for two
weeks past  it has been good weather  now three
day farmers are improving there time  now
I am all done haying  I have my oats to get yet
You rote you had wheat  would cure sore eyes
I have no sore eyes but if it would help any
Eye sight I would like to see it   Boosh1 said
I should tell you that it would make the
Water stand in your eyes  if you should look
At the wheat here   rye is a good crop here
Corn grows finely now our potatoes are all most
Ripe  I  planted all junes this spring we would
Like to know how your early potatoes  is and the
Egg onions we sent you  fruit is very scarce
With us  we have plenty of curents   Mother wished
For you the other day to help her pick
Some for it was work you used to like so well
You must let us know how much fruit you
Have this summer  there is plenty of black
Rasberries here  my chickens grows finely now
I have got 23 yet  they all have fife toes except
one  if you will come and make us a visit I will
Give you a rooster to take to Wisconsin
Sarah I am looking every day for a letter from
You  it is a good while since you have ritten to me
 We are sorry to heare you have the rheumatism in



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Your young days I have not had the rheumatism
As bad since  I went west as I had before it is
A bad complaint  we see your folks every day
They are all well your Mother made her current
Preseves yesterday  Cate has gon a huckelbering
To day  Abily has ben sick  she is better now
The rest of the neighbors are all well at present
I hope you will have good luck to get your wheat  you
must rite and let us know when you get it  harvested
I would like to heare from Ed and Chester how they got
Got along  and all the news you have  don't let it take
You so long to rite a letter as it did the last letter
You rote you will forget how to rite by and by
I have ritten this since 2 o clock  I have set a shoe ?
For Capt Ed and heard a long story besides and
It is only half past four o clock now  I have  no
News this time  I rote all in my last letter
If you have heard anything from Bouds folks lately
Let us know  he don't rite any more  to us
Charly said I should tell you he read where
John got a drum  he is our daily visitor
Mother Hidorn has got done a spining  she
Washed her yarn to day  I must bring this
To a close  give our best respects to all
inquiring friends  we hope you will not
Forget and rite   Mother said she has got
Some sock nit for you  if you will come
After them  rite how Potters folks get along
You must try and get plenty of hay prepare
For a hard winter  no more at present
             P and C Hidorn
            To J and S Hidorn
You will receive a paper
Next week after this letter



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