Letter: March, 1857: ( Dear Children in Wisconsin )
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Dear Children in Wisconsin

Letters from Pine Plains ca 1855


§6 Letter: March, 1857

"…we hope that you will escape that awful distemper…"

Historical context

6 MARCH 1857
The Supreme Court hands down its decision on Dred Scott v. Sandford, nullifying the Missouri Compromise of 1820. The most far-reaching consequence arises from the claim that Congress has no right to deprive citizens of their property — such as slaves — anywhere within the United States.


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    Pine Plains March 3 1857

Dear Children
We received your letter last night night
With a message of bad new in it  we hope
Uou will escape that awful distemper
You must be very carfull and not expose
Your selves anymore than you can help
And if you doo happen to get it  you must
Try to get somebody that will take good
care  of you  we think Mr Baw[u]n would
come if you would tell him  it was our
reques and we will pay him or any one
else for there troubel  don't be
afraid  if you want assistance  to rite to
us for we are wiling to assist you
as fare as we can  we want you to rite
once a week for we feel wurried intill
we here from you  you rite farming
was dul business if you think can do
doo better a hammering  on the old anvil
you can come and stay till times is better
is better in Wisconsin  when you rite to
us we want to know all the particulars
don't smooth it over and keep it from us
we hope the next letter will be favorable
we have rather unexpected news to tell
you  Levi Gray is ded  he died the sixth
of february with the tifoid fever  now
Morris has buried his last child  if you
should ever live to come East it would
seem odd to you to not see your old play
mates   thay are all gone  we are as well as
usuel  we hope these few lines wil find you
you in good health  Sarahs folks are all
well  thay will rite next week  we will
send you some mony so you have it  if
you should happen to be sick  you
must rite as soon as you get this for
we will want to heare if you get the mony
you rote you had got your carpet rags
all sewed and I will do as I promised
I will send you mony in May to pay
For the warp and for the weaving and if
You think of coming East  Untill the times
Are better you can rite  give our respects
to all  from P. and C Hidorn to J. and S. Hidorn


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