Letter: October, 1857: ( Dear Children in Wisconsin )
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Dear Children in Wisconsin

Letters from Pine Plains ca 1855


§8 Letter: October, 1857

"…most all of the Eastern banks is closed…"

Historical context

24 AUGUST 1857
The New York Branch of the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company fails and signals the beginning of a commercial and financial panic — the Panic of 1857 — as 4932 businesses fail that year. Conditions do not improve until 1859.


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  Pine Plains  October 7 1857

  Dear Son and Daughter
I will take this opportunity once more
To infourm you our health is very good
At present we hope these few lines will
Find you both in good health and prosperity
We received your letter last wensday and
Felt please to heare from you  Sarah rote
Us a good long letter and we thank her for
It  when you rite tell us what you
have done and what you are a going to doo that
is what we want to heare  you rote that wheat
has come down to fifty cents a bushel  it is
a suden change you must not sell it yet
I think it will be hier  you think you have
hard times but if you was heare you would
think it reached us too  most all of the Eastern banks
are closed1  the old pine plains  bank is down  it
makes quite a turn over here with us at
present   all we can do is to wish for better times
we was glad to heare you have got good
crops out there for our corn crops are lite here
potatoes are roting very much here  we have
quite cooll wether at present  Sarah rote
you had intended to come and make us a
visit  we would be glad to have you come
you must not be discuraged  we hope the times
will be better before long  we was glad to heare
from Mr and Mrs Boun  we cannot think what
is the reason they don't rite to us any more
we have rittin to them and we have not had
an anser from them  if you see them tell
them we have not forgotten them if thay
have us we are fixing our little Church
very nice the east part of our vilage don't
grow any  we would like to heare if your
little vilage increased any and how that new
store gets along and give us all the news
it is likely you have plenty of game now
O how I would like to be out in Wisconsin
to eat pigeon  and squirls with you  Mother
says if you make preserves of your
citterns she will come and eat with you
Mother wants to know if you have any pork
and cabage for she thinks of you every time
she cooks any  our cabage is very nice



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Sarah your folks are well
Your mother is flying around to get Mira
and Ida ready to goto the picnic  Theron
Wilkes is superintenent of our little
Sabbath school  he has made a picnic
It is going to be at his house  I think
There will be quite a time with the chil.
Cate is well and as funny as ever  Charl==
he is our boy  he come regular every day
I hope yo will rite us a good long letter
Before long  then you can perhaps tell us
When you think you can
Come and make us that visit
Tell Joh he must not be discouraged
to raise wheat  the lower it is the more
he must raise  I want him to seed down
some of his land so you can have good pasture
for your cows  tell him he must make
them old hogs weigh 9 hundred and
as much more as he can  I must bring
this to a close excuse all mistakes
give our best respects to all  tell Edwin
I would like to hear from him
I will send you a paper       [s] P Hidorn
Mother         wants                   C Hidorn
You to read that westeren     to John Hidorn
story in the paper  She              and Sarah Hidorn
sa[y]s that is just like the



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  1. << Due to the Panic of 1857. [RAD]

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