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Cumberland County

Primary Sources

Record transcriptions

Files available for downloading. Please refer to the instructions for information on what programs and methods are required to make use of the files.
The 1861 transcription is provided courtesy of Jim McGrath.
Transcriptions of Vital Statistics, 1871, 1881, 1891 & 1901 are courtesy of Don Lewis.

File Structure Notes

Instructions for use
(1871, 1881, 1891, 1901)
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Cumberland County Census Records
1861 Census
as a .csv file
as a Microsoft Excel file, Winzip archive
as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file

or (177k)
Cumb1861.pdf (121K)

and 1861hlp.txt (9K)
Help file

1871 Census
as a .csv file (188K)
or here
1881 Census
as a .csv file (224K)
or here
1891 Census
as a .csv file (283K)
or here
1901 Census
as a .csv file (445K)
or here
1911 Census
(not available)
Read (at GANS)
Cumberland County Vital Statistics
as an .xls file (462k)
as an .xls file (192k)
as an .xls file (1,185k)
All Three
as .cvs files (682K)
or here
Cumberland Colchester Township Records
Township Births
as a .wk3 file -
as Microsoft Excel -
Township Deaths
a .wk3 file -
as Microsoft Excel -
Township Marriages
as a .wk3 file
as Microsoft Excel -


Other Miscellaneous Records
(Rich Text files open in Word processing programs like Microsoft Word, ASCII documents in Windows Notepad or greater programs and XLS documents require Microsoft Excel. Most records are provided in Zip archives for ease of downloading. Winzip is available freely at

1787 Cumberland County Summary of Inhabitants
17th May 1787 Return
as a .jpg scanned image file
online page (186K)

Nathaniel Smith Letters
(MS WORD .doc file in zip archive)
(MS WORD .doc file)
(Adobe Acrobat .pdf file) (58kb)
nsmith1.doc (181kb)
nsmith1.pdf (190kb)

Parrsboro-Maccan Methodist Circuit
Methodist Circuit
Marriage Records
(MS EXCEL .xls file)
description page (40kb)

Westchester Loyalists around Remsheg
October 1784 Return
(ASCII text format) or
(MS EXCEL 97 .xls format)
Online Page

Download Files
(ASCII 3kb) (EXCEL 12kb)
March 1785 Supplement
(Rich Text Format) (7kb)

Westchester Meeting House
Two lists of members
1834 & ca. 1855
Online page

Methodist marriages index
(ASCII format) (10kb)

Pugwash, Wallace,
Wentworth & Westchester
Index to the 1861 Census
(ASCII format)

Online Page & Notes

Download File:

Hutchinson's Nova Scotia Directory Extracts

Cumberland County 1864-65

Greenville, Two Islands,
Wallace & Westchester
1864-65 & 1866-67 Combined

Online Pages

Online Page

Joggins & vicinity
Births attended by
Dr. William Rockwell
(ASCII text format) or
(MS EXCEL 97 .xls format)

Online Pages
Notes 1 2 3 4 5

Download the files
(ASCII 9kb) (EXCEL 43kb)

First Baptist Church, Amherst
The Reflector, 1897-1900
extracted births & deaths
Online page

The Springhill Record 1896-98
(with a few scattered entries from other years)
Online page


Misc files collected by
the NSCUMBER mailing list group
Files referenced and collected by the Cumberland County Genealogy Mailing List Group
Online page

Some random gleanings from miscellaneous Cumberland County records.

The Colchester County GenWeb page has some material relevant to Cumberland county.