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The Nova Scotia GenWeb Project is a part of the Canada GenWeb Project

What is the Nova Scotia GenWeb Project?

The Nova Scotia GenWeb Project is based on the US GenWeb Project. The goal of the initial project was to collect databases and other genealogical information and have a single location on the Web for viewing this data. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers throughout the US and the world, the GenWeb Project continues to expand.

This Nova Scotia GenWeb Project is a part of the CanadaGenWeb Project.

How You Can Help

Volunteers are currently needed for several Counties in Nova Scotia. County coordinators are responsible for the development and maintenance of a County GenWeb site which includes genealogical data from that area. Suggested data includes, but is not limited to: vital records, cemetery listings, Census records, and links to other pertinent County sites.
The following table lists the Nova Scotia Counties and those which need volunteers. If you are interested in being a County coordinator, please contact me, Gail Edwards. In addition, if you are willing to help with projects, such as recording cemetery transcriptions, etc., please e-mail me. With the support of other Nova Scotia researchers, we can all contribute to make the Nova Scotia GenWeb Project a successful one.

Nova Scotia GenWeb Project
County GenWeb Sites

County Coordinator Site
Annapolis Paul Whittier Annapolis County GenWeb Project
Antigonish Linda Darling Antigonish County GenWeb Project
Cape Breton Rhonda Rockwell Cape Breton Counties GenWeb Project
Colchester Glenn Morrison Colchester County GenWeb Project
Cumberland Brian Paul Cumberland County GenWeb Page
Digby CathyLee Densmore Digby County GenWeb Project
Guysborough Patsy Lumsden Guysborough County GenWeb Project
Halifax Bob Stonebridge Halifax County GenWeb Project
Hants Christine Lynch Hants County GenWeb Project
Inverness Rhonda Rockwell Cape Breton Counties GenWeb Project
Kings Lisa Nicol Kings County GenWeb Project
Lunenburg Gail Edwards Lunenburg County GenWeb Project
Pictou Richard MacNeil Pictou County GenWeb Project
Queens Linda Rafuse Queens County GenWeb Project
Richmond Rhonda Rockwell Cape Breton Counties GenWeb Project
Shelburne Augusta Stewart Shelburne County GenWeb Project
Victoria Rhonda Rockwell Cape Breton Counties GenWeb Project
Yarmouth Bob Mckinnon Yarmouth County GenWeb Project


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Online Databases

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  • Loyalists
    • Boston Evacuees - 1776 - List of the inhabitants of Boston, who on the evacuation by the British, in March, 1776, removed to Halifax with the Army.
      Download - Excel format (41 KB)
    • Massachusetts Banishment Act - 1778
      Downlaod - Excel format (86 KB)
    • Annapolis Loyalists - 1784 - Muster Roll of Disbanded Officers, Discharged and Disbanded Soldiers and Loyalists taken in the County of Annapolis, betwixt the 18th and 24th of June 1784; Annapolis Royal 30th July 1784
      Download - Excel format (79 KB)
  • Planter Studies
    • Nova Scotia Planter Studies - Acadia University maintains a searchable database, indexed by surname, of primary sources for New England Planters who came to Nova Scotia between 1759 and 1774.

Vital Statistics

Online Books