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Graveyard Index
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A Graveyard Index

The information for a Graveyard Index is taken from New Jersey Graveyard and Gravestone Inscriptions Locators — Morris County compiled by Edward J. Raser, Genealogical Society of New Jersey, New Brunswick NJ, 1994

(Includes primary and alternate graveyard names)

Abraham Van Duyne Burial Plot, Montville
Baldwin Farm Burial Ground (extinct), Mendham
Ball Family Burial Ground (relocated), Parsippany-Troy Hills
Balls Crossing Cemetery, Parsippany-Troy Hills
Baptist Churchyard, Ancient (extinct), Morris
Barton Farm Burial Ground (extinct?), Rockaway
Berkshire Valley Old Graveyard, Jefferson
Berkshire Valley Presbyterian Cemetery, Jefferson
Berry Bur. Plot, Lincoln park (relocated), Pequannock
Berry-Vanderbeck Fam. Vault (extinct), Pequannock
Beth Israel Hebrew Cemetery, Hanover
Bolton, Clark M., Burial Plot, Denville
Boonton Old Catholic Churchyard (relocated), Boonton
Boonton Presbyterian Cemetery, Boonton
Boonton Upper Cemetery, Boonton
Bostedo Family Burial Ground, Rockaway
Brant A. Jacobus Burial Plot, Montville
Brook Valley Cemetery, Kinnelon, Pequannock
Brown-Day Family Burial Ground (relocated), Chatham
Brown-Sanders Burial Ground (Butler), Pequannock
Budd Family Burial Ground (relocated), Chatham
Butler Cemetery, Old, Pequannock
Carey Cemetery, Roxbury
Chamberlain Family Burial Ground, Jefferson
Chatham Methodist Churchyard (relocated), Chatham
Chatham Presbyterian Churchyard (relocated), Chatham
Chester Congregational Churchyard, Chester
Chester Presbyterian Churchyard, Chester
Children's Home Cemetery, Parsippany-Troy Hills
Church of the Assumption Roman Catholic Cemetery (relocated), Morris
Clark M. Bolton Burial Plot, Denville
College of St. Elizabeth Cemetery, Florham Park, Chatham
Colver Family Burial Ground, Mount Olive
Colver Family Burial Ground, Washington
Cook Cemetery, Denville [see Denville M.E. Cem.]
Cooper Family Burial Ground (extinct), Passaic
Cuff Family Burial Ground, Jefferson [see Newfoundland Old Bur. Grnd]
Davenport Family Burial Ground, Jefferson
Davenport Family Burial Ground, Montville
Day Family Burial Ground, Rockaway
Day-Brown Family Burial Ground (relocated), Chatham
Decker Family Burial Ground, Kinnelon, Pequannock
Demouth Cemetery, Boonton
Denville Memorial Cemetery, Denville
Denville Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Denville
Derrick Dey Burial Ground, Lincoln Park (extinct), Pequannock
Dey, Derrick, Burial Ground, Lincoln Park (extinct), Pequannock
Dickerson Cemetery, Denville
Doland Burial Ground, Rockaway
Doremus Family Burial Ground, Parsippany-Troy Hills
Dover Burial Ground, Old (extinct), Randolph
Drakestown Methodist Episcopal Churchyard, Washington
Drakestown Old Burial Ground, Mount Olive
Durham Forge Burial Ground (extinct?), Rockaway
Egbert Farm Burial Ground, Rockaway
Evergreen Cemetery, Morris
Fair Mount Cemetery, Chatham
Flanders-Hillside Cemetery, Roxbury
Flanders Hill Top Cemetery, Chester
Flanders Methodist Episcopal Churchyard, Mount Olive
Flanders Methodist Cemetery, Roxbury
Fredericks Cemetery, Kinnelon, Pequannock
Freeman Family Burial Ground, Jefferson
Gates of Heaven Catholic Cemetery, East Hanover
German Presbyterian Churchyard, Passaic
German Valley Rural Cemetery, Washington
German Valley Union Churchyard, Washington
Gordon-Long Family Burial Ground, Jefferson
Green Pond Graveyard, Rockaway
Greenwood Cemetery, Boonton
Greenwood Cemetery, Mount Olive
Hackettstown Rural Cemetery, Washington
Hackettstown Union Cemetery, Washington
Hance Family Burial Ground (relocated), Roxbury
Hancock, John, Cemetery, Florham Park, Chatham
Hanover Cemetery, East Hanover
Hanover Presbyterian Churchyard, East Hanover
Harriman Cemetery, Denville
Headley Burial Ground, Jefferson
Heavenly Rest Memorial Park, East Hanover
Hessian Cemetery, Rockaway
Hibernia Catholic Cemetery, Rockaway
Hiler Burial Ground (extinct), Denville
Hill Family Burial Ground, Denville
Hillside Cemetery, Madison, Chatham
Hill Top Cemetery of Flanders, Chester
Hilltop Cemetery, Mendham
Holland Cemetery, Jefferson
Holland Mountain Cemetery, Jefferson [see Holland Cem.]
Holy Family Cemetery, Florham Park, Chatham
Holy Rood Roman Catholic Cemetery, Morris
Huff Family Burial Ground, Washington
Hurdtown Cemetery, Jefferson
Hurdtown Methodist Episcopal Churchyard, Jefferson
Isaac Vanduyne Burial Plot, Parsippany-Troy Hills
Jacobus, Briant A., Burial Plot, Montville
Jenks Family Burial Ground, Harding
John Hancock Cemetery, Florham Park, Chatham
Kanouse Family Burial Ground, Boonton
Kearney Burial Plot, Hanover
Kemble Family Burial Ground, Harding
King Cemetery, Roxbury
Larzelere Family Burial Ground (extinct), Harding
Little Lost Cemetery, Parsippany-Troy Hills
Locust Hill Cemetery, Randolph [located within Town of Dover]
Log Meeting House Graveyard (extinct), Mendham
Long-Gordon Family Burial Ground, Jefferson
Long Hill Cemetery, Passaic
Long Valley Union Churchyard, Washington
Lyon Cemetery, Rockaway
Lyonsville Burial Ground, Rockaway
Madison Presbyterian Cemetery, Chatham
Mallinckrody Convent Cemetery, Mendham
Mandeville Family Burial Ground, Lincoln Park (relocated?), Pequannock
Mandeville Family Vault (relocated?), Pequannock
Marcella Union Church Cemetery, Rockaway
Mendham Old Burial Ground (extinct), Mendham
Mendham Presbyterian Churchyard, Mendham
Meyersville Cemetery, Passaic
Meyersville Presbyterian Churchyard, Passaic
Middle Valley Cemetery, Washington
Millbrook Methodist Church Cemetery, Randolph
Miller Cemetery, Kinnelon, Pequannock
Miller-Vreeland Burial Ground (extinct), Montville
Miller-Witty Family Burial Ground, Kinnelon (relocated), Pequannock
Milton Baptist Churchyard, Jefferson
Milton Cemetery, Jefferson
Milton United Methodist Church Cemetery, Jefferson
Montville Reformed Church Cemetery, Montville
Montville Seceeder Church Cemetery, Montville
Morris County Children's Home Cemetery, Parsippany-Troy Hills
Morris County Poorhouse Cemetery, Morris
Morristown Baptist Churchyard (relocated), Morris
Morristown First Presbyterian Churchyard, Morris
Morristown Methodist Cemetery (relocated), Morris
Mount Calvary Roman Catholic Cemetery, Butler, Pequannock
Mount Evergreen Cemetery, Kinnelon, Pequannock
Mount Freedom Baptist Churchyard, Randolph
Mount Freedom Cemetery, Randolph
Mount Freedom Hebrew Cemetery, Randolph
Mount Freedom Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Randolph
Mount Freedom Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Randolph
Mount Holiness Memorial Park, Butler, Pequannock
Mount Hope Baptist Churchyard (extinct), Rockaway
Mount Olive Baptist Churchyard, Mount Olive
Mount Olive Union Cemetery, Mount Olive
Mount Olive Presbyterian Cemetery, Mount Olive
Mount Rest Cemetery, Butler, Pequannock
Mount Sinai Hebrew Cemetery, Randolph
Naughright Cemetery, Washington
Newfoundland Methodist Churchyard, Jefferson
Newfoundland Old Burial Ground, Jefferson
New Jersey Firemen's Home Cemetery, Boonton
New Vernon (Methodist) Cemetery, Harding
New Vernon Presbyterian Churchyard, Harding
Norman Family Burial Ground, Jefferson
Old Hill Graveyard, Chester
Old Moravian Cemetery, Washington
Orchard Street Cemetery, Randolph [located within Town of Dover]
Our Lady of the Magnificat Roman Catholic Cemetery, Kinnelon, Pequannock
Parsippany Cemetery, Parsippany-Troy Hills [see Vail Memorial Cem]
Parsippany Presbyterian Churchyard, Parsippany-Troy Hills [see Vail Memorial Cem]
Patrey Burial Ground, Chester
Peer Family Burial Ground (extinct), Montville
Pine Brook Hebrew Cemetery, Montville
Pine Brook Methodist Cemetery, Montville
Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Churchyard, Washington
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Chester
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Randolph
Pompton Plains Reformed Churchyard, Pequannock
Post Hill Cemetery, Rockaway
Presbyterian Cemetery, Passaic
Randolph Friends Burial Ground, Randolph
Reilly Family Burial Ground, Jefferson
Restland Memorial Park, East Hanover
Righter Burial Ground, Rockaway
Rockaway Presbyterian Churchyard, Rockaway
Rockaway Valley Methodist Cemetery, Boonton
Romine Family Burial Ground (extinct), Boonton
St. John Baptist Convent Cemetery, Mendham
St. Cecelia's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Rockaway
St. Cyril's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Boonton
St. Elisabeth's Cemetery, College of, Florham Park, Chatham
St. Francis Roman Catholic Health Resort Cemetery, Denville
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Mendham
St. Mark's Episcopal Churchyard (relocated?), Mendham
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Boonton
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Hanover
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Randolph [located Dover/Wharton]
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Morris
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Old, Randolph [located Dover/Wharton]
St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cemetery, Mount Olive
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Rockaway
St. Peter's Episcopal Churchyard, Morris
Sts. Peter and Paul Greek Catholic Cemetery, Randolph
St. Vincent's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Madison, Chatham
St. Vincent's Roman Catholic Churchyard, Madison (relocated), Chatham
St. Vincent DePaul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Passaic
Sanders-Brown Burial Ground, Butler, Pequannock
Sassafras Burial Ground (extinct), Harding
Scott Family Burial Ground, Boonton
Seceeder Church Cemetery, Montville
Seek Family Burial Ground (extinct?), Roxbury
Shawger Family Burial Ground (extinct?), Rockaway
Side Hill Cemetery, Rockaway
Sisco Family Burial Ground, Butler, Pequannock
Sisters of the Good Shepherd Convent Cemetery (relocated), Morris
Stanhope Union Cemetery, Mount Olive
Stark Family Burial Ground, Mount Olive
Succasunna Methodist Church Cemetery, Roxbury
Succasunna Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Roxbury
Towaco Cemetery, Montville
Trimmer Family Burial Ground (relocated), Mount Olive
True Dutch Church Cemetery, Montville
Unidentified Family Burial Ground (relocated?), Harding
Unidentified Family Burial Ground (extinct), Washington
Unidentified Graveyard, Butler (relocated?), Pequannock
Upper Hibernia Cemetery, Rockaway
Vail Memorial Cemetery, Parsippany-Troy Hills
Vanderbecke-Berry Family Vault, Pequannock
Van Duyne, Abraham, Burial Plot, Montville
Vanduyne, Isaac, Burial Plot, Parsippany-Troy Hills
Van Duyne Family Burial Ground, Montville
Van Ness Family Burial Ground, Kinnelon, Pequannock
Villa Walsh Roman Catholic Cemetery, Morris
Vreeland Family Burial Ground, Montville
Walnut Grove Baptist Cemetery, Randolph
Walnut Grove Cemetery, Randolph
Walnut Grove Methodist Episcopal Graveyard, Randolph
Walton Burial Ground, Rockaway
Whippany Cemetery, Hanover
Whippany Presbyterian Churchyard, Hanover
Whitehall Methodist Church Cemetery, Montville
Wills Family Burial Ground, Mendham
Winters Farm Burial Ground, Rockaway
Witty-Miller Family Burial Ground, Kinnelon (relocated), Pequannock
Woodhull Family Burial Ground (relocated), Chester
Zeek Family Burial Ground, Rockaway

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