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Walnut Grove Baptist Cemetery
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The following information was contributed by: Letha Holmes.

From Morris County Gravestones we learn that the Walnut Grove Baptist Church was organized on October 3, 1795, and land was purchased from Isaac Hulbard around 1797 for a burying ground.

At the present time, although still surrounded by a stone wall, this burial ground is overgrown most of the year and has fallen victim to vandals and decay. It is located on the north side of Shongum Mt. Road (Morris Co. Rte. 650), 0.2 mi. east of its intersection with Sussex Ave. (Morris Co. Rte. 617) in the village of Mount Freedom, in Randolph Township.

Inscription appearing in the Monumental Inscriptions Morris Co. Vol. I but not found in the list compiled in 1982 are enclosed with brackets. An asterisk after a name indicates that the person and the relationship were given in an inscription, but no gravestone was found for that person. Inscriptions "on same stone," "in same plot," etc., suggest a family relationship but none was stated on the stones or is assumed.

Abers, Daniel, d. Mar 22 1821, ae 47.25.00
    wife Elizabeth*; 
    [dau. Elizabeth Ann, d. Dec 22 1820, ae 3.6.8]      
Aber, Jacob Y., "Co B 33 Infty N.J. Vols.," d. Dec 17 1908, 
	GAR marker on grave      
Alexander, John S., b. May 9 1808, d. June 13 1883
    wife Barbra, 
     "dau. of Andrew & Jane Tinder of Smithfield Fews (Tews?)
      Dundee, Scotland," b. Nov 17 1804, d. Nov 21 1843      
Barker, Morgan*; 
    wife Eleanor*; 
    son Morgan Seymour, d. Sep 9 1849, ae 8.1.7      
Blackford, Benjamin, "Elder", [d. Mar 23 1822, ae 71.4.20]; 
    wife Marah, "widow," d. July 25 1832, ae 74 yrs 9 mos.
    Benjamin's stone completely scaled off      
Blackford, Benjamin*;
    wife Julia Ann, d. May 14 1845, in 29th yr
    son Isaac R., b. Sep 7 1840, d. June 3 1845;
    dau. Julia Ann, d. Aug 8 1845 ae 6 mos;
    wife, Mary M., b. Jan 11 1819, d. June 23 1859;
    dau. Mary C., d. Aug 13 1858, ae 0.5.1      
Blackford, Ella B. - See Henry Seward      
Blackford, Gilbert L.*; 
    wife Mary A.*;
    dau. Hattie L., d. Aug 10 1880, ae 17 yrs 9 mos.
    dau. Frances L., ae 4 mos 13 dys, no dates;
    dau. Mary I., ae 6 mos 24 dys;
    dau. Mary I., 2d, ae 7 mos 8 dys, no dates;
    son Charles C., ae 1 yr 1 mo, no dates;
    dau. Mary E. ae 5 mos 6 dys, no dates;
    dau. Margaret H., ae 2 yrs 10 mos, no dates:
    son Isaac B., ae 1 yr 2 mos, no dates;
    son Theodore R., ae 2.1.24, no dates      
Blackford, Isaac, "Deacon," d. Aug 11 1858, ae 70.7.22;
    wife Elizabeth, d. Sep 7 1848, ae 58.10.00      
Blackford, Isaac N., b. Oct 11 1853, d. May 26 1917      
Blackford, James, b. Mar 8 1825, d. Jun 11 1899;
    wife Maria K. Larrison, b. Apr 2 1828, d. July 5 1893;
    dau. Emma F., b. Apr 20 1855, d. Apr 3 1860
    dau. Charlett Agusta, d. Aug 10 1851, age 1(4?) mo. 29 dys
Blackford, John B., b. Feb 1 1855, d. Feb 16 1926      
Blackford, Nathaniel C., b. July 20 1821, d. Apr 9 1894;
    wife Catharine N. Hughson, b. Dec 19 1825, d. Sep 21 1890
Blackford, Theodore G. - See Benjamin Blackford      
Burnett, E.D.*;
    wife J.C.*;
    son Howell B., b. Aug 13 1899, d. Sep 25 1899      
Canon, S.C.*;
    wife Phebe Ann Stage, 1847-1875      
Chips, Mary, b. Sep 9 1777, d. Dec 23 1876. 
	-See Harriet L. Wager    
Clark, Ebenezer, d. Oct 4 1843, in 57th yr.;
    wife Phebe, "widow," b. July 22 1792, d. Sep 27 1850;
    dau. Sybila Ann, see John Osborn      
Clark, Rev. Henry, d. Feb 4 1849, ae 80 yrs 8(18?) dys;
    wife Mary, d. Apr 5 1815, ae 55.10.2;
    [son Aaron Hutchinson, d. Sep 27 1794, ae 3 yrs 24 dys]
    Rev. war veteran's marker in plot      
Clark, Jane, d. Feb 10 1849, ae 63 yrs 28 dys      
Colley, Hamilton A., 1802-1852;
    wife Abigail, 1810-1855
    On same stone:
        Samuel, 1834-1856; 
	William H., 1833-1864; 
	John, D. June 17 1921 age not given      
Colley, Harriet B. See Sidney W. Stalter      
Colley, Samuel. See Hamilton A. Colley      
Colley, Sarah D. See Arthur Colley Wilson      
Colley, William H. See Hamilton A. Colley      
Coriell(?), William*;
	wife Stella*;
	dau. jennie May, D. Oct 9 1877, ae 1.2.15
	Stone in very poor condition      
Cummings, William T., d. Jan 31 1870 ae 67.7.7;
	wife Mahala, d. Dec 23 1848, in 46th yr      
Dickerson, Nathaniel, d. May 31 1849, ae 50.7.1;
	wife Ann, "widow," d. Nov 22 1850, ae 48.7.17      
Guerin, Richard, d. Oct 24 1859, ae 80 yrs 10 dys      
Hughson, Catharine N. See Nathaniel C. Blackford      
Hulbert, Joshua, d. Feb 8 1847, ae 78 yrs;
	wife Martha, d. Sep 24 1825, ae 51 yrs;
	son Isaac Babbit,"died suddenly," Jan 17 1813, 17th yr
Hulbert, Mary. See Joseph Sanderson      
Hulbert, William, Senr*;
	wife "Mrs. Mary ... relict," d. Aug 21 1803 ae 78 yrs
Ianson, John. See Miles Ianson      
Ianson, Miles, d. May 24, 1856, ae 90 yrs
	on same stone:
	John Ianson, d. July 8 1861, ae 78 yrs,. "Brothers"
Ianson, Thomas*;
	wife Nancy J., b. June 22 1816, d. May 2 1884      
Larrison, Maria K. See James Blackford      
McCord, James. See Joseph McCord      
McCord, Joseph*;
	wife Chloe, d. Apr 3 1806, in 41st yr      
McCord, Joseph, d. Apr 10 1854, ae 83 yrs 11 mos
	wife Anna, d. Nov 20 1852, ae 61 yr 3 mos
	dau. Mary Ann, d. Jan 10 1835, ae 13.5.27;
	son James, "farewell wife and parents dear..."
		d. Dec 20 1848, ae 29.4.13      
Meeker, Caleb*;
	wife Susan, "widow," d. May 13 1851, ae 86 yrs      
Meeker, Elisha, 1827-1900;
	wife Nancy K., 1829-1915
	With Ianson stones      
Nixon, Henry, d. Oct 26 1857, ae 82 yrs;
	wife Mary, d. July 17 1851, ae 73 yrs      
Nixon, James V., d. Jan 8 1886, ae 87 yrs;
	wife Temperance, b. Jan 9 1800, d. Sep 19 18_1
	Stone in poor condition, death year uncertain      
Nixon, Thomas, d. Dec 30 1827, ae 84 yrs      
Orsborn, John*;
	wife Sybila Ann, dau. of Ebenezer & Phebe Clark,
		d. July 1 1839 in 20th yr      
Pool, Henry, b. Apr 10 1810, d. Aug 4 1891;
	wife Charity S., b. Oct 14 1816, d. blank;
	dau. Sibbia A., "of H.& C.S." 
		b. Feb 18 1843, d. Apr 13 1889      
Pruden, Nathaniel C., d. Aug 14 1850, in 21st yr      
Roff, John V.*;
	wife Elizabeth*;
	son Whitfield H., d. Jan 18 1848, ae 2 yrs 11 dys      
Sanderson, Joseph*;
	wife Hannah, "relict...dau. of Mary Hulbert, Dec'd...
		d. Apr 26 1812, in 63rd yr      
Seward, Henry*
	wife Ella B. Blackford, b. Aug 29 1848, d. Feb 8 1921
Smith, George, 1849-1908
	wife Lena, 1854-blank      
Smith, Henry, "Co K 7th N.J. Inf." 
	Government stone & GAR marker      
Smith, Jesse*;
	wife Eunice, d. May 12 1791, in 34th yr      
Smith, Samuel C.*;
       wife Rebecca Till,"widow" b. Jan 1 1775, d.Aug 26 1858
       dau. Elizabeth Cotheal, b. Mar 4 1817, d. Feb 23 1897
Stage, Henry, "Grandpa" b. Feb 14 1798, d. May 10 1880;
	wife Jane P., "Grandma" b. Oct 31 1817 d. Nov 16 1910
Stage, Phebe Ann. See S.C. Canon      
Stalter, Sidney W., b. Jan 16 1836, d. Dec 3 1891;
	wife Harriet B. Colley, d. Dec 9 1920, age not given
Thorpe, John, 1771-1827;
	wife Elizabeth, 1772-1852      
Till, Rebecca. See Samuel C. Smith      
Tinder, Barbra. See John S. Alexander      
Totton, James H., d. Apr 10 1877, in 52nd yr
	wife Sybylla A., b. Nov 10 1826, d. Apr 14 1905;
	[son George W., d. Oct 20 1851, ae 3 mos 19 dys]
	George W. & Sybylla's surnames are spelled Totten
Vail, John B., b. Oct 18 1823, d. Jan 8 1899;
	wife Phebe, b. Apr 9 1826, d. Sep 16 1881;
	dau. Lucy T., b. Sep 22 1872, d. Oct 22 1894(?)
Wager, Harriet L., b. Apr 5 1801, d. Nov 22 1886
	Identical-style adjoining stone for Mary Chips
Wilson, Arthur Colley, May 25 1895 (one date)
	In same plot:
	Sarah D., 1848-1926;
	Katie Colley, 1862-1863      
Wilson, Charles E., 1854-1932;
	wife Abigail C., 1850-1942
	In same plot:
	Herbert, 1884-1885      
Wright, John, "Co. H 11th Regt. N.J. Vols" d. May 17 1887 
	ae 74(?) yrs - GAR marker on grave      
Wright, Mary M., b. Jan 8 1815, d. Apr 16 1897
	Next to stone for John Wright    

Methodist Episcopal Church of Walnut Grove

The following information was contributed by: John Cresseveur (1949-2003).

Munsell's 1882 History of Morris County, pg. 308 states the following: 
"The Methodist Episcopal Church of Walnut Grove is the successor of an old Baptist church, the history of which has not been preserved, but which with its graveyard dates back to an early period in the settlement of the township [Randolph]. The Baptist church was for a time used as a union meeting-house; but the Baptist society has become extinct, and the old house of worship has disappeared. The Methodists have erected on the old site or near it a new and commodious edifice, worth about $5,000, and are in a prosperous condition. Rev. John Stilman was their first pastor. The church has a membership of 110. The pulpit is supplied by C.L. Banghart."

I have the following inscriptions taken from tombstones in the above cemetery about 21 years ago. I remember there were two separate cemeteries. The newer one, where the church still stood, was surrounded by a stone wall. The older section was across the street. The information on your site, as supplied by Ms. Letha Holmes lists the cemetery as the "Walnut Grove Baptist Church". Much of my information, which verified the inscriptions, was obtained from The Records of the Millbrook & Walnut Grove Methodist Episcopal Churches of Randolph Township, Morris County, N.J. located at the Morristown Public Library. Included in the records was a listing from 09/11/1824 appointing Phillip Till, my ancestor, as a Trustee. Another record, dated 01/16/1847 appoints Phillip to dispose of the Church grounds and construct the now existing stone wall around the cemetery. A Morris County deed (Book K4, page #501, 03/12/1847) also lists the transfer of 0.75 acre of land to the Methodist Episcopal Church from Phillip and Anna Till for the purpose of building a new church. I do not have Ms. Holmes' E-mail address. Would it be possible for you to contact her to determine if the church changed affiliations? Through my father, born in 1899, the Till side of the family were all Episcopal.
All italics are mine:
James McCord (son of Anna (Till) and Joseph McCord)
Died: December 20, 1848
Age: 29 yrs, 4 mths, 13 days
Anna (Till) McCord
Died: November 20, 1852
Age: 61 yrs, 3 mths
Joseph McCord
Died: April 10, 1854
Age: 83 yrs
Phillip Till
Died: November 9, 1878
Age: 88 years (verified by death certificate)
Anna Till (wife of Phillip)
Died: May 30, 1867
Age: 66 yrs, 10 mths
My husband and my children all
A mother from you Christ has called
Weep not for me (?)
To call me to your sight again
Caroline (Till) Abers (daughter of Phillip & Anna, named in Will)
Born: December 20, 1826
Died: June 6, 1918
Phebe A. Till (daughter of Phillip & Anna, named in Will)
Born: December 5, 1832
Died: March 30, 1896
Sara Till (daughter of Phillip)
Died: August 31, 1866
Peter K. Abers (husband of Caroline Till, daughter of Phillip & Anna, named in Will)
Co. B, 27th Reg., NJ Volunteers (Civil War)
Died: August 10, 1908
Age: 71 yrs
Isaac Steelman (husband of Mary Till, daughter of Phillip & Anna, named in Will)
Co. K, 7th Reg., NJ Volunteers (Civil War)
Died: September 30, 1891
Age: 72 yrs
Andrew Lanterman (husband of Harriet Till, daughter of Phillip & Anna, named in Will)
Born: March 29, 1830
Died: May 19, 1901
Harriet Lanterman (daughter of Phillip & Anna, named in Will)
Born: June 9, 1838
Died: September 9, 1916
Julia (Till) Blanchard (daughter of Phillip & Anna, named in Will, mother of Phillip & Georgina Blanchard)
Died: October 22, 18(?)
Age: 39 yrs, 2 mths, 2 days

The following information was contributed by Sherry Reichert.

Albert Harrison Beam 1891-1958
Louise Ann Kenneybrook Beam 1895-1962
Dorothy Helen Beam Sherrer 1913-1984
Evelyn G. Beam Hoehne 1923-1990


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