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Walton Family Burial Ground

Picatinny Arsenal (once known as Middle Forge)

Information contained on this page is from an article written by Kevin Perry, 1995 and sent to me by the Picatinny Museum.

This cemetery has been commonly called the Walton Burial Ground since the 1800s. It has also been called the Hessian Cemetery, due to an unproven belief that Hessian prisoners of war [Revolutionary War] might be buried there.

The age and nature of the cemetery has made it hard to identify most graves. Except for three carved headstones - belatedly protected in 1976 - this is mainly a fieldstone cemetery.

Near the former Walton Farm, this was a family or community cemetery from circa 1787 until at least 1884. John Walton's headstone, legible in 1882, read:

"John Walton, Died July 30, 1787, 87 Years of Age"

His wife (d. 1791) lies next to him. Their son John was a respected Baptist minister in Morristown.

Peter Doland (d. 1821) and Elizabeth Riche Doland (d. 1852) are also buried here. In 1803, Peter built the house which survives as Quarters on Picatinny. He is the one Revolutionary War veteran verified to be buried here. His father was reputedly General Braddock's aide during the French and Indian Wars.

Also known to be buried here are four more members of the Walton, Burwell and Fordham families. Based on later statements of Henry M. Doland, it is probable that nine other Dolands who died before 1850 are also buried here. Finally, Susan Walton is presumed to be buried here with her husband and daughter, Agnes, who has the only other remaining, carved headstone. To date [1995], Picatinny has justified and received memorial markers for three Revolutionary War veterans known or believed to be interred here. Ongoing research is being conducted to justify possible memorials for Patrick Doland and a Civil War veteran.

From the manuscript, Denville Cemeteries by Bob Illig we have the following information about the Walton Cemetery:

Ephraim s/o John Burwell & Elizabeth Lyon; b. 10/9/1780  d. 12/22/1830
Judith Doland w/o Ephraim; b. 5/10/1784  d. 1/5/1830

Peter s/o Patrick & Judith; b. 1763  d. 7/20/1821
Elizabeth Riche w/o Peter; b. 4/1/1761  d. 11/5/1852


John Sr.; d. 7/30/1787  87 yrs.
Anne w/o John Sr.; d. 8/20/1791  73 yrs
Reuben s/o John Sr. & Anne; d. 1830
Susan w/o Reuben
Agnes d/o Reuben & Susan; d. 12/11/1884 92 yrs

The following note begins the next section.

NOTE - Merritt Doland states his father told him that all in the Doland Family who died prior to 1850 are buried in the Walton Cemetery. If this is true the below listed names most likely are buried in this cemetery.

John s/o Peter & Elizabeth; b. 1782  d. 1782
William s/o Peter & Elizabeth; b. 1806  d. 1806
Henry s/o Peter & Elizabeth; b. 1791  d. 1833
Clara Francisco w/o Adam; b. 7/1791  d. 1886
Adam s/o Peter & Elizabeth; b. 10/31/1786  d. 11/26/1836
Mary (Polly) Bishop w/o Adam; b. 4/13/1794  d. 3/5/1876
Eli s/o Adam & Mary; b. 5/6/1818  d. 11/8/1819
Sarah d/o Peter & Elizabeth; b. 1802  d. 3/13/1864
Sarah d/o Michael & Jane; b. 1/9/1794  d. 1/17/1873

This note ends the section:

NOTE - Assuming that husbands and wives are usually buried together, I have included Clara Francisco and Mary (Polly) Bishop buried here as they are listed being the wife of Adam Doland.
Both Sarah d/o Peter and Sarah d/o Michael being single, most likely could also be buried in the cemetery.




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