Minden City Newspapers

Minden has has newspapers in print since 1879. Many of the earlier years are sparse and some are non-existent. We have done the best with what is available. All are on microfilm. The microfilm was made from bound issuses of the old newspapers and some of the information in the newspapers are on the bound side and are difficult to read. These are abstracted to the best of our ability. Please feel free to contact the society with additional information on the abstracted events or with any questions or requests. The following list if of published newspapers in the life of the city of Minden. Some of the newspapers do overlap and at one time, even though this is a small town, we had three newspapers going at one time.


The information regarding the following newspapers is from the book, "HEROES WITHOUT MEDALS" by Roy Bang...

THE KEARNEY COUNTY REVIEW began publication in July, 1878. Frost and Trenworth published it until they sold it to A. W. Olds.

THE KEARNEY COUNTY BEE was the name given the REVIEW when it was purchased by A. W. Olds in September, 1878. It was published by Olds until his death in 1881 and was then published by his daugher, Lillie Olds and then by his daughter and son-in-law, O. E. Hurst until they sold it in 1882.


THE KEARNEY COUNTY GAZETTE was the new name of the BEE in 1882. It was purchased by Williams and Hardman. It changed hands several times going to G. M. Watkins, VandenBurg and Smith, VandenBurg and Luebben, Hart and Van Hise and White and Stone. There are no records of the paper after 1903.


THE KEARNEY COUNTY DEMOCRAT The paper was purchased by Spence and Stein, and then later by Spence and Dunkle. For a three-month period in 1888 it was published as a daily, the only such experiment in the history of the county, under the name of THE EVENING STAR. T. J. Macomber purchased the paper in 1892 and in 1893 it was sold to and became part of THE WORKMAN.


THE MINDEN REGISTER was published by JEFFREY L. Stone in 1890.


THE WORKMAN was started in October 1890 by G. J. and Ed Richmond. The last issue was published June 298, 1893, as the DEMOCRAT was purchased and the two papers became merged under the name MINDEN COURIER.


THE MINDEN COURIER has been published since it was purchased by and merged with THE WORKMAN. It has been published continuously since 1893.


THE MINDEN NEWS was edited by D. S. Effner. A Miss Florence REynolds succeeded Mr. Effner and continued in publication until it was told to Rev. Rummel. It was discontinued in 1913 and the plant was purchaed by MINDEN COURIER in 1922 and merged with that paper. The NEWS was known by various names, THE KEARNEY COUNTY REVIEW, MINDEN GAZETTE, and MINDEN NEWS GAZETTE.

OTHER PAPERS of Kearney County:

There are other papers that were published in Kearney County over the years of which we do not know if there is access though at this time, there are no microfilms with them on them. We hope one day some of them will re-appear for our use.

THE MINDEN WEEKLY REPORTER: Was published in January 1883 by Walquist and Brobst and then later by B. F. Williams and Brobst. In 1884 it was a Republican paper, they changed their political association and the paper then became THE KEARNEY COUNTY DEMOCRAT.

THE PRAIRIE HOME first published in Minden and then later in Heartwell was published by mrs. J. T. Kelly.

THE KEARNEY COUNTY NEWS was published from 1902 to 1906 by C. F. Fordyce and the name was changed to THE MINDEN NEWS.

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