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Ocean Springs Genealogical Society Books

The books listed below are available for purchase from the Ocean Springs Genealogical Society, Inc. Select each listing for book details.

For questions on any of the books listed below contact Lettie White at:  lettie1746@att.net

Book: Jackson County Chancery Court Records: Wills for the years of August 1876 to Dec 1929; Administrative Settlements January 1876 thru December 1900.
Book: Cemeteries near Ocean Springs, Jackson County, Mississippi
Book: Baptist Church Record

Jackson County,MS School Census 1912

Biloxi Newspapers: Surnames

O.S.G.S. member's combined ahnentafel list

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The following books are available directly from the authors:

Seymour Family Genealogy

Please send order and payment to:
Ocean Springs Genealogical Society, Inc.
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The  abstraction,  proof reading and publication of information from the Jackson County Chancery Court Records: Wills for the years of August 1876 to Dec 1929;  Administrative Settlements January 1876 thru December 1900 has been completed and printed. This publication is presently for sale to all interested Genealogical Societies, Libraries and the General Public.


The  JACKSON COUNTY, MS SCHOOL CENSUS 1916 has also been published. This book is very similar to the one produced for the year 1912 see Books for Sale below.
During this process and after the transcription of this data, the original documentation can no longer be found, whereby this will be the only existing record of this school census and will become a very prized possession.  The copied material was be turned over to the Jackson County Archives for safe keeping.  Please see the notice Books for Sale below.

The following books by members of the Ocean Springs Genealogical Society, Inc. were either compiled or published by members on their own or were sponsored by the Society in order to disseminate the information to the general public.  The books are currently NO LONGER IN PRINT, but are available for reviewing within the Genealogy Section of the Ocean Springs Municipal Library 525 Dewey Avenue so that historical and genealogical information may be extracted for personal use.

Any one desiring one of these books should contact the Ocean Springs Genealogical Society, Inc. P. O. Box 1765, Ocean Springs, Mississippi 39564 for possible future printing dates.

Jackson County School Census 1923
The last of a series of School Census books has been completed by the Ocean Springs Genealogical Society.  The soft cover bound book is 111 pages long with a 6 page surname index.  The listings show households with parent or guardian, child's name, age and sex.  It is organized in township and range or city and ward.  It is also divided by white and colored.  Price is $15.00 postage included.


"Cemeteries near Ocean Springs, Jackson County, Mississippi" by Ray L. Bellande, 1992.
Current through mid 1992, this 153 page, 8-1/2 by 11 inch book is soft bound with an attractive format finish, triple stapled and enclosed in book binders tape.  Location maps with directions and many photographs, as well as drawings and historical sketches enhance this laborious compilation of data on nineteen cemeteries which include graves from the mid 1800's.  Graves are alphabetized within each listing.

Refer to the Ocean Springs Archives site for online viewing of cemetery tabulations and surveys completed from the compiled documentation of this book. This site ALSO includes many other cemeteries from outside of Ocean Springs, Ms but  are within west Jackson County area that have been researched.  We also have included some East Harrison County Cemeteries as well.
  Ocean Springs and West Jackson County, Ms. Cemetery Web Page


"Baptist Church Record" was extracted, edited and published by Willett Douglas Kirkpatrick.  This book was Sponsored by Ocean Springs Genealogical Society, Inc. Selected records from the Baptist Church Archives at Mississippi Baptist College in Jackson, MS, were copied and alphabetically indexed.  These records provide birth, baptism, marriage, death and membership history of the First Baptist Church of Ocean Springs located at Washington and Porter from about 1935 to the present.  Transfers of membership out of the area and some street addresses are also recorded.  The text portion numbers 238 pages and the every name alphabetical index is 38 pages.  If you have Baptist relatives this could be an essential source for valuable information.
This book also contains a chronological history of the First Baptist Church of Ocean Springs, starting with 8 September 1832.


 The "Jackson County, Mississippi, School Census, 1912" was compiled by the OSGS. in 1989.  This 8-1/2 by 11, 82-page book lists all educable children between 5 and 21, their age, sex, school district and parent or guardian.  Locations in towns include street names.  The book is attractively bound with black book binders tape over staples and beige card stock covers with black lettering.  It includes a surname index and a foldout 11 by 17 map of Jackson County which identifies the range and township section coordinates and the small communities existing at that time.  Price is $12.00 Post Paid.

 "Surnames From Biloxi Newspapers" by Pauline Howard Entrekin.  Contains genealogical information, i.e., names, relationships, events, places and dates. Articles cover periods 1920 thru 1966  Price is $30.00 post paid.


The OSGS member's combined ahnentafel list is an alphabetical listing of 3084 ancestors being researched by 33 members. The list includes full name, date and place of birth or earliest known event as well as codes identifying the relation to the member.  This valuable research tool provides easy access to researched genealogies of families throughout the Eastern U.S. and Europe tracking some lines back to the middle ages.  The list is available on disk for $5 or printed for $6.  Please include SASE and disk specifications with your order.  Contact Dave Kuhl at above address.



    "The Chancery Court Record of JACKSON COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI" Will books 1875-1925, Minute Books (Administrative Settlements and Guardianships) 1875-1900. This book contains genealogical data extracted from wills recorded in Will Books # 1 and 2 between August 1876 and December 1925.  It also contains administrative settlements and guardianships extracted from Chancery Court Minute Book #1 through # 4 (pages 1 through 58) dated from April 1875 through December 1900. Court Cases and actions that contain no data of a genealogical value were not extracted or recorded here. This book is  $25.00 post paid

     A. The standard Disclaimer applies to copy(ing) names as they are entered, we do not guarantee the spelling of surnames is correct nor the accuracy of data herein. Early entries (1875-1905) in both Will and Minute Books are handwritten and in many cases very difficult to read.

    B. This book is indexed by SURNAME and the ENTRY NUMBER where the name appears in the text. Researchers should check each entry in which the surname they are looking for appears.  In many cases a person may have been mentioned in court on different cases for different causes.  Some entries may contain genealogical data and others do not. Select index below to screen for surname.



The "Jackson County, Mississippi, School Census, 1916" was compiled by members of the OSGS. The 8-1/2 by 11, 89 page book list all families with children who were of school age to determine the number of children to be educated in each area of the county. While many of the early school censuses of Jackson County are no longer in existence, the county school district had in its possession a number of the enumerations that were taken in the early 1900s.  These listings, which show the location of residence, name of the head of household, names of the children and their ages, have been valuable in proving age and relationship for many people. It includes a eight page surname index.  To view the Surname Index click Here The book is attractively bound with black spiral book binders and light blue card stock covers with black lettering. Price is $12.00 Post Paid.




The books listed below were researched and written by local author's, all of which portray vast historical and genealogical information. They should be considered valuable documentation tools which can enhance the everyday quest for source files for researching in southern Mississippi.


"Seymour Family Genealogy"  (Seymour Families of the Mississippi Gulf Coast)
By Michael D. Seymour (NOTE: Currently out of print)

The book cover is a Laminated type soft cover, with plastic comb type binding.  It  contains 398 pages which includes a 22 or so pages, two column alphabetical index. The information contained with-in was compiled from a database that contains numerous individuals whose primary place of residence was the Mississippi Gulf Coast and contains over twenty thousand (20,000) text files, with over 500 obituaries, uncounted number of baptismal records with many to include parental and sponsor information, all of which include source record information and location, also some stories or tidbit articles included within various individual’s information.

Primary Source Documentation from which the database information was transcribed is referenced through out the book for other researchers to use as they see fit.

1. Baptismal Records: Listing source from which obtained.
2. Relationship notes from Primary Records, Computer Generated plus obit info.
3. Death Notices: Newspaper articles or location of source from which obtained.
4. Obituaries  (to include spouses Obituary information) some obituaries contain word for word from Newspapers listing source and date from which obtained.
5. Burial: Name of Cemetery and Location.

The Seymour Family Genealogy (Seymour Families of the Mississippi Gulf Coast) book printed and made available to the public on July 20, 2002. To purchase the book, contact  Mike Seymour, Rt. 1, Box 231-A, Porterville, MS. 39352. (601-743-4892). The cost for the book will be:  $38.00 plus $5.95 shipping and handling ($43.95 total).Email: bsun@xfoneusa.net.