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Paris Cemetery Association

This article was published in the Monroe County Quarterly, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Spring 2005.

On May 23, 1870, The Paris Cemetery Association signed a document addressed to Judge Wm. P. Harrison of the Monroe County Circuit Court. The document requested incorporation for the Association, contained by-laws, and listed stockholders. Until elections could be held the following five members served as Directors: G. W. Moss, S. H. Brown, J. C. Fox, Theodore Brace, and C. Alexander. Listed below are the names contained in two lists in the document. "M" denotes the member signed in his own hand the membership list. "S" denotes that the name appeared in the stockholder list.

The original document can be found in Box 156 in the Monroe County Circuit Clerk's office.

A. M. Alexander - M, S
Cicero Alexander - M, S
J. J. Armstrong - M, S
E. Ashcraft - M, S
N. Ashcraft - M, S
S. S. Bassett - M, S
D. O. Bean - M, S
James M. Bean - M, S
Beinheimer Bros. - M, S
S. P Birkit - M, S
Martin Bodine - M, S
Theo Brace - M, S
Saml. H. Brown - M, S
Thos. Buerk & Bro. - M, S
G. B. Caldwell - M, S
Chowning & Wetmore - M, S
Wm. L. Combs - M, S
Jno. S. Conyers - M, S
D. L. Cooper - M
Thomas Crutcher - M, S
Henry Davis - M, S
B. G. Dysart - M, S
J. H. Edwards - M, S
Daniel Eubank - M, S
J. C. Fox - M, S
George Glenn - M, S
A. E. Gore - M, S
Wm. J. Howell - M, S
G. L. Manuel - M, S
F. Margreiter & son - S
A. G. Mason - M, S
G. W. Moss - M, S
D. H. Moss - M, S
Jno. W. Mounce - S
Jno. W. & Wm. W. McCann - M, S
E. G. B. McNutt - M, S
W. T. Nesbit - M, S
T. W. Pitts - M, S
E. M. Poage - M, S
D. Ragsdale - S
Jas. A. Robinson - M, S
T. B. Robinson - M, S
R. M. Scott - M, S
T. W. Smith - M, S
M. W. Speed - M, S
D. Teagsdale - M
J. W. Thompson - M, S
Robt. H. West - M, S
Jas. Wilson - M, S
D. Wyman - M, S

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