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Monroe County Location Project

The Monroe County Location Project is an inventory of primarily cemeteries, churches, schools, and towns in Monroe County, Missouri. The Project currently has over 800 locations entered.

Watch these pages for additions from the project in the coming months.

Contribute information or images to the project by .

The Monroe County Location Project

    The Monroe County Location Project is underway. The Project is being conducted by the Monroe County Historical Society.

    The project data will identify the locations in our county that are "endangered" and whether or not steps should be taken to preserve them. The project will also record known data about our county's important places throughout our history. Other uses for the county wide inventory are also planned.

    The project currently includes 883 total entries. Of these, 31 are businesses, 282 are cemeteries, 195 are churches, 9 are geographic features, 38 are organization meeting places, 62 are populated places, and 254 are schools.

    Volunteers are needed for the physical survey phase of our county's locations. Each location needs to be visited and data recorded. We have enjoyed the involvement of many county landowners and neighborhood experts. If you are able to visit a location and the place does not show that the physical survey has been completed the project manager for instructions and forms. A digital camara or the ability to convert your photos to digital is helpful. Also helpful will be a GPS unit to record lattitude and longitude coordinates for the location.

    Love the Monroe County Courthouse? Volunteer to look up deeds for a list of various unidentified locations and record associated names and clues to location. Deed Book and Page Number will provided in a pdf file along with some bare bones data already collected! To volunteer for this duty the project manager.

    Contribute - Do you have one-of-a-kind records or photos that relate to a location in our county? Information, scans, faxes, or any type of digital file can be submitted. Information submissions about specific locations may be mailed to Monroe County Location Project, P.O. Box 131, Paris, MO 65275 or submitted by

This page last edited on 11 Sep 2018.

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