Confederate Home
Chapter 203
Chapter History - Organized circa 1898; rechartered July 12, 2012
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Founding members of the Confederate Home Chapter in 1898.
(photo from collection of Jean Anson Smith)
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The Confederate Home Chapter was originally founded around 1898. The chapter was very active in the community and the women worked tirelessly to benefit the lives of the veterans living at the Confederate Home.

The chapter disbanded for several years and reorganized inSeptember 1978. The chapter again disbanded in 2001. However, several former members remained active in UDC. Proving that "third time is a charm," 14 women met June 30, 2012 and voted to petition the UDC national society to recharter the chapter.

The official recharter date is July 12, 2012. The membership consists of career women, students, stay at home moms, and retirees. Organizing president is Judith Anson Frerking, a former member of the Confederate Home Chapter.
We are proud to say that "we are a chapter with a history, named for a place rich in history."
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