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DEARBORN PRESS 1918 - 1928

Index to Vital Records in THE DEARBORN PRESS
1918 | 1919 | 1920 | 1921
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The first issue of THE DEARBORN PRESS was published Friday, June 14, 1918, although it is numbered Vol. I, no.2, the same as June 21, 1918 issue. The following is in a box at the bottom of the first page of the first issue.

"This initial issue of THE PRESS will introduce Dearborn's Youngest and only home printed publication. In presenting it for your perusal we do so because we believe the future of this village warrants the publication of a journal that is representative of the character that the community must assume before the prosperity and growth that is surely in store will materialize. We plead only for the co-operation of the citizens who have the welfare of Dearborn at heart, and we will strive to do our part to earn any confidence they may repose in us. Items of intrest will be thankfully received up to the time of going to press and will appear in THE PRESS in an accurate readable manner. Your subscription will be gratefully received and your paper regularly delivered."

Published weekly in Dearborn
William T. Kronberg.... Editor
Erle D. Leddy.... Business Manager
One year...... $1.00
Six months...... .50
Three Months.. .25

On January 8, 1925, THE DEARBORN PRESS changed its publication day to Thursdays. Some issues and pages are missing and some issues are obviously combined. There are also some duplicates. The last half of 1921 and all of 1922 and 1923 are missing. Individual pages are not dated or numbered. The page numbers used in this index are in the order that the page appears on the microfilm.
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Send five dollars/ check or money order to:
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        Dearborn, MI. 48121-1112

Indexed by DGS volunteers:     Alice Lindsey
      Maxine Paulsen

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