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From Ava Harriet Chadboure in her 1957 edition of "Maine Place Names and the Peopling of Its Towns," published by the Bond Wheelwright Company, she describes the town as follows: "Incorporated 1816, the town of Weld is a broad plain like valley and forming the middle portion of the town encloses Webb's Pond, from which the plantation name, Webb's Pond Plantation, came." It was formerly known as plantation No. 5 and is bounded by the towns of Avon, Wilton, Temple, Carthage and Byron."

Certainly there are many who are far more intimately acquainted with the town and indeed more qualified to speak on it's history, but  to date no one else has stepped forward. To the credit of its townspeople and the life forged here, my grandfather spoke lovingly and often of his growing up and ancestral history in Weld. And, although I am a non-native, here's my crack at telling the story. This site is dedicated to Dorothy Swett Winter.  -ajwatson


            Online texts

                    Early Settlers of Weld, chronicled in the Maine Historical and Genealogical Register

                    First Families of Weld, from a document at the Weld Historical  Society


                    Some Civil War Soldiers of Northwestern Maine (from Weld and the surrounding towns)


      NEW!  Center Hill Cemetery 
                    Mountain View Cemetery
                    Robertson Cemetery
                    Sinnett Cemetery (Government Beach)
                    Webster-Masterman  Cemetery

            Weld Historical Society

            Vital Records

                    Census Schedules
                    (I am currently working on transcribing both the 1850 and 1880 schedules for the town.
                    I have copies of the Weld town census from 1820 to 1930. If  you have a lookup request, please
                   contact me at ajwatson@rcn.com

                    Local contacts for town data 

Weld, and the Boston Post Cane

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                    The Family Tree of Stanton Laforest Swett
      NEW!  McLaughlin and Irish Family History (courtesy of Chris Null)

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