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Franklin County Officers

    Early County Courthouse  

     Some Brief Histories of Local Towns

Town Information:                                               Maine GenWeb

Avon - some vital records                                                     Franklin County Suffrage List

              cemeteries                                                                  Military Roster - early 1800's

              Heads of Families List 1790-1850                             Some Franklin County Folks

              some marriages                                                               in Monmouth, ME

              Marriages A-G                                                           CIVIL WAR SUBSTITUES

              Marriages H-R

              Marriages R-Z

              Early Marriages

Chesterville - Early Vital Records - A to G, H to M, N to Y,


              History by Sewall 1856

Rangeley - cemeteries

               Heads of Families List

               A few marriages

Farmington - cemeteries,                                                                 

               1790 Census List 

               1800 Census List                                                  CHESTER GREENWOOD                   

                Some births                                                                        Ear Muff Inventor

               Farmington Marriages: A-Carsley, Carter-Fales,     

               Farmer-Guerney,   H-J,     K-M,      N-P,      Q-S,      R-Z

               Explanation of Marriages On-line                                    

               Farmington Military Information - circa 1850

               Miscellaneous Ledger Information - circa 1890

               Pauper List - 1820-30

               Farmington Town Officials 1794-1900

               Parker's History of Farmington 1840's

               Original Incorporation Document

               Lillian Norton ie: Madame Nordica                                        Tibbetts Family

               Will of Ichabod NORTON

               Farmington Public Library

               Farmington Historical Society

               Civil War Information

                   Regiment List

                   Roll of Honor

                   Burial Sites

                   Military Roster

                   Farmington Regiment breakdown

New Sharon - cemeteries\

               Heads of Families List                                                         Letters From Home

               Some Births

               Prince Baker                                                     

Madrid - cemeteries

               Heads of Families List

Phillips - cemeteries

               Heads of Families List

               History of the Methodist Church 

               History of Phillips

Industry - cemeteries

               Heads of Families List

               Cemetery Index

               Marriages 1850-1915

               Marriages - 1870's

               Marriages to 1832

               Marriages 1832-1850  

               Samuel Pinkham

Weld - cemeteries

              Early Information

              WELD'S HOST: NEW PAGE                     Dixfield Historical Society                     

Freeman - cemeteries,

Salem - the only cemetery,

New Vineyard - cemeteries

                 Marriages 1859-1885

                 Early Taxpayers -1802-03

Strong - cemeteries

               Heads of Families Lists

               Early  Marriages

               Early Families

 Berlin - marriages



Temple - cemeteries

               Early Families

Wilton - cemeteries

Jay - cemeteries

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Marriages found in the Probate Office in Franklin County Courthouse

Book One        Book Two (The beginning)    Book Two (some more)    Book Two (some more)  Book Two (yup..some more)  Book Two (..and more)  Book Three   Book Three (some more)Book Three (..and more)  Book Three (...and more) Book Three (...and more)Book Three (the last of them)

  Due to the size of the files, I felt it best to split them into sections.  Easier for everyone!  Hope you find what you're looking for!!!

Queries            Info on the County/Look-up Volunteers            Some Resources

Civil War Soldiers    Andersonville Prison - lookup Volunteer     

AOL USERS-Link to Andersonville        

Maine Census Info         Maine Marriages after 1892      Maine Marriages pre-1892

"Missing"                           Newspapers             Nehemiah Hunt Marriages


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