Readfield, Maine ~ Whittier Cemetery
Readfield, Maine
Four Small Cemeteries
Two Armstrongs

Whittier Cemetery

    Formerly a private cemetery, it is located between the Beaver Dam Road and Tallwood Drive. It was given to the town of Readfield in 1974 by Eugene and Grace Whittier. Their ancestors are buried there, but Eugene and Grace are buried in the East Readfield Cemetery.

Fieldstone Markers:
    White, Samuel and his wife.
    Their daughter, Sally, married Josiah Whittier.

Gravestones are those of:
    Dudley, Sarah, wife of William K. Dudley, d.1850 ae 22  yrs.
    Dudley, William A., son of W.K. and Sarah W. Dudley, d.6-12-1884 ae.37 yrs.
    Whittier, Donald, son of Henry and Emma Page Whittier. Brother of Eugene.)
            Donald is buried in this cemetery, but there is no stone to mark the grave.
    Whittier, George    b.1-21-1824 d.1-31-1901
    Whittier, Henry D.     b.1855 d.1913   and Emma Page Whitter, wife of Henry D., b.1857 d.1934 (parents Eugene)
    Whittier, Hiram d.1853 ae. 22yrs.
    Whittier, Josiah    d.12-18-1867 ae 78 yrs. and  Mrs. Sally, wife of Josiah, d.1850 ae 54 yrs.
    F.W. Baby b.1852 d.1852
    G.T.W. (initials only)

    For more information on this cemetery see Burial Records, Kennebec County Registry of Deeds, Book 15, Page 175.

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Armstrong Cemeteries
There are two Armstrong Ccemeteries.
Both are on side roads off route 41 (Winthrop Road.) One is in Winthrop and the second in located in Readfield.
They are near each other, and on private property.
For more information contact the Readfield or Winthrop town offices.

Readfield Armstrong Cemetery
Located on former Martha Washington Inn property,
which was originally owned by William Armstrong.

Four stones include:
Armstrong, Lewis d.7-27-1883 ae.71 yrs.
Armstrong, Sarah Ann, wifeof Lewis d.___ae. 49 yrs. days
Armstrong, William d.July 7, 1818 ae 73 yrs.
Armstrong, John d.Purlingotn, Miss.
Armstrong, Sarah J. b.Readfield 12-18-1811 d.Oxford 10-8-1878

Winthrop Armstrong Cemetery
Located off Belvedere Inn Road.
Located in woods on left side of road near foundation that is presumably that of
Elias and Ann Armstrong's former home.

Armstrong, Elias b.1797, son of William and Hannah Legrow Armstrong. d.9-16-1868 ae71 yrs 7 mos.
Armstrong, Almon, son of Elias and Ann Armstrong d.3-26-1854
Armstrong, Urana G., dau of Elias and Ann Armstrong d.2-4-1858 ae. 19 yrs 4 mos.
Armstrong, Rebecca H., dau. of Elias and Ann Armstrong d.5-15-1865 ae.37 yrs 5 mos.
Armstrong, Columbus, son of Elias and Ann Armstrong d.3-27-1866 ae. 36 yrs 4 mos.

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Huntoon Cemetery
Located near the old Readfield Town Farm, off North Wayne Road.
Access to this burial ground requires about a 1/2 mile walk
Peter Huntoon deeded this cemetery to the town of Readfield in 1835 for a burial place.

Huntoon, Peter d.5-6-1836 in Readfield but no stone found in the cemetery to show where he is buried.
Huntoon, Elizabeth T. 9th child and daughter of Peter and Betsey Turner Huntoon b.3/6/1827 d.8/10/1832 ae 5yrs 5mos
Bradford, Emily, wife of Charles Bradford d.11-23-1842, ae 29 yrs. 8 mos.
Dutton, Jesse d.1-15-1816 ae. 68 yrs.
Dutton, Prisilah Mrs. d.4-22-1821 ae.66yrs.
Lombard, John M., son of B.L. and Deborah K. d.12-27-1845 ae 4 yrs 11 mos.
Lombard, Infant d.1-6-1846 ae 4 weeks
Macomber, William d.8-29-1843 ae 76 yrs.
Macomber, Sarah, wife of William Macomber d.12-15-1855 ae 84 yrs.
Stevens, Howard b.12-3-1810 d.5-11-1892
Stevens, Henry b.4-21-1808 d.5-14-1886
Stevens, Sophronia, wife of Henry Stevens b.5-14-1811 d.5-5-1885
Stevens, Sereno S., son of Henry and Sophronia, d.1873, ae 21 yrs, 1 mos, 12 days
White, John d.1861 ae 79 yrs
White, Martha d.1866 ae 84 yrs.
White, Franklin J. d.1873 ae 46 yrs.

Our thanks to the Readfield Old Records Committee for gathering information from our town cemeteries over the past 30 years, and for filing and preserving the information on our Readfield Historical Society Museum records.

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