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in Kennebec County

A Historical & Genealogical Home Page

There are four sections of Readfield including
Kents Hill, Readfield Corner, Readfield Depot, East Readfield.
Readfield was originally incorporated in 1771 as part of Winthrop. Twenty years later residents voted almost unanimously to separate from Winthrop, and Readfield became incorporated on March 11, 1791. We are  located 12 miles northwest of capital city, Augusta. Numerous lakes, winding streams, hills and valleys contribute to Readfield's picturesque setting. The current population is approx. 2,200.
  This HomePage is designed for those who are interested in the history of Readfield and our founding fathers and mothers. We have included information about historic buildings, schools, businesses, veterans, our early settlers, and much more! We hope you enjoy learning about Readfield's rich history.


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