Thomas and Nancy Ann Dameron

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Thomas Dameron was born about 1770 in Northumberland, Virginia, the son of Bartholomew Dameron and Mary Waddy.  He met and married there in 1790 his first wife, Elizabeth Ball, sister to his second wife, Nancy Ann Ball whom he married 10 April 1797.  She was born about 1774 in Amelia Co Virginia, the daughter of Thomas Ball and Mildred Downard. By 1810 Thomas and Nancy Ann were living in Stoner, Bourbon Co, Kentucky, with 15 slaves.

By 1820 they are listed in Campbell County with 10 slaves living in the Carthage area. Thomas died 8 Feb 1826, in Carthage and Nancy Ann died in 8 Oct 1827 in Carthage. They were probably buried in the Old Mt Gilead Cemetery but there is no headstone for them.

Children of Thomas Dameron and Elizabeth Ball

1. Mary Ann Dameron b-1791 in Wicomico, Northumberland, VA; d-1862 in Wicomico, Northumberland, VA; m-Isaac Brent 8 Mar 1819; Isaac was born 31 Oct 1876 in Lancaster VA and d-1848
2. Willis Dameron b-1794 in Northumberland County, Va. died 1834 in Georgia
3. Margaret Sarah Dameron b-1796 in Northumberland; d-7 Dec 1839 in Wicomico, Northumberland VA; m-Lawrence Haynie 14 Sep 1831, son of Maximilon Haynie

Children of Thomas Dameron and Nancy Ann Ball

1.  Mary Waddy Dameron b-13 Feb 1798 in Northumberland; d-August 1880 in Carthage, Campbell Co KY; m-William Carmack 14 Apr 1821 in Carthage KY;
both buried Carmack Cemetery
2.  Elizabeth Dameron b-1780? in Northumberland; d-unknown in Somme, Picardie, France
3. John Therit Dameron, b-21 Jan 1800 in Wicomico, Northumberland, d. 11-19-1829
4.  Edward Porteus Dameron, b-10 Aug 1802 in Wicomico, Northumberland; d-14 Apr 1862 in Carthage, Campbell Co; m-Maria Gregg Kennedy 21 June 1831 in Carthage, d/o James Kennedy and Elizabeth Warren
5. Thomas Elder Ball Dameron b-20 Oct 1804 in Wicomico; d-29 Nov 1804 in Wicomico 
6. Thomas  Ball Dameron b-10 Nov 1805 in Northumberland, VA:  d-1 Apr 1820 in Wicomico
7. Joseph Ball Dameron b-7 Oct 1808 in Wicomico Church, Northumberland; d-9 Sep 1889 in Carthage, KY; m-1 Frances Herndon 9 Dec 1929 in Carthage; m-2 Sarah R Selby 2 Oct 1851 in Carthage
8. Louisa Ann Dameron b-26 Apr 1811 in Campbell Co; d-Missouri; m1-Walter Gill Carter 16 Sep 1828 in Carthage; m2-John Sutton Watts 16 Sep 1845 in Cass Co Indiana

Children of Mary Waddy Dameron and William Carmack

1. Jane Maria Carmack b-11 Jan 1822 in Carthage; d-10 May 1907 in Everest KY
2. Jacob Carmack b-Dec 1825 in Carthage; d-8 Dec 1905 in Carthage
3. Mary Elizabeth Carmack b-17 Oct 1829 in Carthage; d-26 Apr 1861 in Everett, Brown Co Kansas
4. Mildred Ball Carmack b-18 Dec 1831 in Carthage; d-26 Mar 1862 in Carthage
5. William Ball Carmack b-22 Dec 1833 in Carthage; d-2 Oct 1905

Children of Edward Porteus Dameron and Maria Gregg Kennedy

1. James Thomas Dameron b-1830 in Carthage; d-1880 in Pike KY
2. Elizabeth Dameron b-1832 in Lincoln Co KY; d-22 Sep 1884 in Kenton Co KY
3. William Moody Dameron b-1832 in Pike KY;
4. Augusta Ann Dameron b-1834; d-1851 in KY
5. Augustus Samuel Dameron b-1836 in Campbell Co; d-2 Apr 1890 in Dayton KY
6. Thomas Dameron b-1837 in KY; d-1914
7. Edward Porteus Dameron b-1839 in Campbell Co; d-1844
8. William Kennedy Dameron b-1841 in Campbell Co; d-Denver CO after 1920; became a dentist
9. Lillian Brough Dameron b-1843 in Campbell Co
10. Edward Porteus Dameron b-Dec 1844 in Campbell Co; d-26 July 1926 in Denver CO
11. Robert Allen Dameron b-1847 in Campbell Co; d-1889
12. George Ball Dameron b-1849 in Campbell Co; d-1850
13. Mary Machir Dameron b-1851 in Campbell Co; d-1879
14. Maria Dameron b-1853 in Campbell Co; d-before 1860

Children of Joseph Ball Dameron and Frances Herndon

1. Thomas L Dameron b-6 Nov 1829 in Carthage; d-2 Jan 1902 in Illinois; m-Susan Kizer 5 Dec 1850 in Carthage
2. John W Dameron b-9 June 1832 in Carthage; d-1900 in Cold Spring KY; m-Winnie Klette 8 Dec 1859 in Covington KY
3. Nancy Melvina Dameron b-29 Mar 1833 in Carthage; d-25 Apr 1900 in Sidney, Fremont Co Iowa; br-Grandview Cemetery in Sidney; m-John Clift 18 Dec 1851 in Carthage
4. Florilla E Dameron b-22 Feb 1835 in Carthage; d-10 Jan 1906
5. James H Dameron b-20 Jan 1837 in Carthage; d-Feb 1920 in Aberdeen, Brown Co Oh
6. Samuel Dameron b-20 May 1840 in Carthage; d-18 Nov 1840 in Carthage; br-Mt Gilead Cemetery
7. Irene Arena Dameron b-25 Dec 1841 in Carthage; d-1880; m-John J Cox
8. C Leander "Lee" Dameron b-8 Jan 1841 in Bourbon Co KY; d-2 Jan 1902 in Murphysboro, Jackson Co Illinois; br-Evergreen Cemetery in Ava, Jackson Co Illinois; m-Harriett "Hattie: Grizzel
9. Maria L Dameron b-27 Aug 1844 in Carthage; d-16 Mar 1924 in East Dry Ridge, Grant Co KY; br-19 Mar in Williamstown Cemetery; m-Daugherty
10. George W Dameron b-1 Jan 1845 in Carthage; d-Kenton Co KY; m-Samantha Ford 7 Jan 1864 in Rush Co Indiana
11. Elijah Dameron b-8 Jan 1847 in Carthage; d-4 Aug 1929 in Kenton Co KY
12. Mary Elizabeth Dameron b-8 Jan 1847 in Carthage; d-5 Jan 1895 in Carthage; br-Persimmon Grove Cemetery; m-Thomas L Hawkins 4 Apr 1877 in Carthage
13. Edward Dameron b-20 May 1849 in Carthage; d-18 Nov 1849 in Carthage

Children of Joseph Ball Dameron and Sarah R Selby (1829-27 June 1900)

1. Joseph Ball Dameron b-3 Sep 1852 in Carthage; d-7 Oct 1925
2. Child Dameron b-25 Mar 1855 in Carthage; d-24 Mar 1856 in Carthage
3. Catherine Gertrude Dameron b-14 Apr 1857 in Carthage; d-6 Dec 1922 in Carthage; br-8 Dec in Grandview Cemetery; m-William Iles
4. William E Dameron b-22 Mar 1860 in Carthage; d-11 Jan 1937 in Newport; br-14 Jan in Grandview Cemetery; m-Nettie Townley

Children of Louisa Ann Dameron and Walter Gill Carter (1799-1843)

1. Edward P Carter b-1829 in Preble Oh; d-16 June 1897 in Monte Vista, Rio Grande, CO
2. Nancy Jane Carter b-1832 in Preble Oh; d-25 Apr 1920 in Clinton Cass, Indiana
3. Walter B Carter b-Mar 1839 in Cass Co Indiana; d-3 Mar 1922 in Delta, Delta Co CO
4. Maria b-1842 in Indiana; d-16 Mar 1871 in Cass Co Indiana
5. Mary Carter b-1843 in Cass Co Indiana

Children of Louisa Ann Dameron and John Sutton Watts (1810-11 Jan 1881)

1. Richard J Watts b-Cass Co Indiana
2. Israel Watts b-7 Sep 1848 in Cass Co Indiana; d-29 Jan 1937 in St Clair Co Missouri
3. Sarah M Watts b-16 Mar 1855 in Warren Co Indiana


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