William and Mary Kennedy


From the family files at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria and

Elizabeth M Dameron

William Kennedy was born in Old Cumack, Ayrsire, Scotland in 1728 to James Kennedy and Janet Hamilton, at the old family home called "Cassiles".  He was married there to Jean Gregg and came to America in 1765 settling in Charlotte Co. Virginia, where he was a surveyor.  He served during the Revolutionary War as a Captain while living in Virginia, during which time his wife, Jean died. 

He then married a widow, Mary C Lindsey born 8 Sep 1778 in Charlotte Co. Va. and was listed on the 1782 Charlotte County census with 4 white members of the family and 3 slaves. Later the family moved to Kentucky where William surveyed much of the land.  He was one of the largest land owners in Campbell County in the section now called Mentor.  He was aided in his surveying by his son-in-law Benjamin Beall, who was also a surveyor.  William died 16 May 1799.

Marriage contract between William Kennedy and Mary C Lindsey

Child of William Kennedy and Jean Gregg

1. James Kennedy-born 31 May 1760 in Ayrshire Scotland and came to this country to join his father on 8 Sep 1787.  He married Elizabeth Warren, daughter of William Warren and Ann Wilcox, 24 Dec 1789 in Lincoln Co. Ky.  She was born 20 Mar 1774 and died 28 Aug 1851.  James died in Mentor 3 Oct 1826.  They both died in their home which they called "Cassiles" after the old home in Scotland and which they had built on the site of Mentor.  In a letter written by James in 1818 to a cousin in Scotland, he wrote, "My land on the Ohio River extends about a mile and a half along the river."

James Kennedy Letter

Children of William Kennedy and Mary C Lindsey

1. Jeanette Hamilton Kennedy-1778 in Charlotte Co Va. d-1811 m-Benjamin Beall
2. Ann Kennedy 1780 in Charlotte Co Va. m-Henry Blagrove
3. Joseph Kennedy b-1782 in Charlotte Co Va. m-Mary, 11 Oct 1807 in Campbell Co


Children of James Kennedy and Elisabeth Warren

1. Anna Warren Kennedy-31 Jan 1791-18 Apr 1811
2. Jean Gregg Kennedy-8 Sep 1792-29 May 1793
3. Jeanette Hamilton Kennedy-16 Apr 1794-July 1816 m-Major John Read 26 Sep 1814
4. Florella F Kennedy-13 Apr 1796-25 July 1818 m-Thomas L Garrard Oct 1816, had son James who died in infancy
5. Margaret Templeton Kennedy-22 Oct 1798-died 1822 m-Dr. John Molyneaux Mar 1820
6. William Warren Kennedy-8 Aug 1800 m-Lallias Brough
7. Elizabeth Ann-26 Aug 1802-30 Mar 1824 m-Samuel Josiah Beall 16 Mar 1824
8. James Alexander Kennedy-3 Nov 1804-2 Aug 1826
9. Maria Gregg Kennedy-21 Apr 1807-28 Dec 1865 m-Edward Porteus Dameron 21 June 1831; d-28 Dec 1865 in Campbell Co
10. John Augustus Kennedy-born 10 Jan 1810
11. Samuel Augustus Kennedy-born 19 Apr 1811
12. Thomas Warren Kennedy-20 Feb 1815-26 Nov 1863 m-Hiley Ann Donham 1 Jan 1831


Kentucky Gazette, Lexington Ky. May 30, 1799

Obituary of William Kennedy

"Departed this life in the 16th instant Captain William Kennedy of Campbell County.  His many virtues were generally known to stand in need of no newspaper panegyrizes.  He was amongst the first adventurers to Kentucky."


Excerpts from will of Mary Kennedy, written May 7, 1821

"late husband William Kennedy; grandsons Samuel J Beall, Benjamin D Beall, Edwin J Beall, James A H Beall, George M Beall; granddaughter Ann Blagrove.  I do hereby nominate Jonathan Carmack, Solomon Trusdale, Jun. Thomas Dameron, Enos Daniel and William Thompson Sen. executors"


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