Families D


DAMERON, Dr. Augustus and Margaret

DAMERON, Thomas and Nancy Ann

DANIEL, Archer D and Mary

DANIEL, Charles and Sarah

DAWSON, Isaac and Mary

DAWSON, John Eldoris and Violet

DAWSON, Omar E and Lydia

DECOURCY, Oliver Miles and Elizabeth

DECOURSEY, William and Elizabeth

DEJACO Family Website

DEMOSS, Peter and Catherine

DEPREZ, Daniel and Katharine

DICKEN, Charles and Margaret

DICKEN, Rev Charles W and Mary

DIX, Levi T and Elizabeth

DONNELLY, Edward and Catherine

DOWNARD, David and Sarah

DUCKER, John Spellman and Luella Esther

DUCKWORTH, Thomas and Ann

DURKIN, Patrick and Ann

DYE, John and Mary


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