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Surname Interest List for San Fele Genealogy

Surnames / Cognomi

Dear Sanfelesi People,
All Sanfele Surname Lists for San Fele Genealogy Researchers have been removed until further notice

- for the following reason/s -

Rootsweb is owned by Holdings LLC.
In 2012 LLC was sold to Premira Equity, a London based diversified holding company for $1.6 Billion. In April 2016 SilverLake Investments and GIC Private Limited (formerly known as the Government of Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund) acquired stakes in the company.

In 2016 it was announced that Ancestry com LLC company (as noted above) mysteriously had a major data loss in its RootsWeb/USGenWeb/WorldConnect web pages and Rootsweb became unavailable. About that time I started moving more of my S.Fele webpages to the site I use for my San Fele Historical Trees study-hobby and little by little deleted all of the Sanfele Historical Tree/s from the Rootsweb servers.

During 2017 the Classic, Rootsweb Sites went offline and could not be accessed by the original-website builders such as myself.

Sometime in 2018 the Rootsweb sites were brought back online (mid-summer to autumn) although the webmasters were not officially notified, en masse, that they could begin to update their sites. I discovered I could update my site totally by accident ("Divine Guidance") on a Rootsweb blog that is no longer open for comments and which was easy to access. I was never officially notified.

No one is disclosing the size of the various companies’ shares in Ancestry com LLC. Although the past year some financial news articles (Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, etc) suggested that the company is, again, privately seeking new investors.

If you study investment companies you will know that concern for the product is not as important as the stockholders’ profits. Anything that costs money, including making backups (aka mirrored-sites) in case of outages in various huge database backup warehouses (aka 'the-cloud') built for that purpose cuts into their profits especially if the backups are “freely hosted” sites.

I cannot tell you for sure that LLC will honor the European Data Privacy Laws known as the General Data Protection Regulation (G D P R) which was designed to protect personal information in the age of #Surveillance-Capitalism

For now it is safest to remove the San Fele (PZ) Basilicata, Italia Researchers' Lists. LLC now requires the Rootsweb Webmasters to sign a Terms and Conditions Waver before permitting the former Rootsweb webmasters (like me) access to update and maintain the Rootsweb sites they built and maintained for free.
Read more:

Of particular concern is the following paragraph, found in the section:

"If Ancestry is Acquired: If Ancestry or its businesses are acquired or transferred to another entity (in whole or part and including in connection with bankruptcy or similar proceedings), Ancestry has the right to share your Personal Information, User Provided Content and Additional User Information with that entity. These Terms will continue to apply to the Services until you receive notification of changes to the Terms or Services."

Due to being unable to easily access this SanFele site for more than a year, off and on, to make changes I choose to be cautious

For those of you who have done any DNA testing via Ancestry com LLC the only advice I can share is for you to consult your attorney and give them a copy or a link to the Terms and Conditions YOU agreed to.

Although Ancestry .com LLC (no longer owned by Mormons) privacy violations may not end up being as horrible as FaceBook in Data Harvesting Abuse it is still best to wait and see what develops in the internet-world of Surveillance-Capitalism . Anyone who wants to have any of their Sanfele ancestor photos on this Rootsweb hosted site owned by LLC removed, please notify me.

The San Fele Historic Family Trees I research and maintain due to both of my father's parents and elder brothers being born in that small village in Italy is now on this link where contributors doing their own research on various Sanfele Family Branches are cited as Sources to their Sanfelesi Ancestors:

Kind Regards to All.

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