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San Fele Genealogy Site Map
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San Fele, Italy Family Genealogy Connections is dedicated to
all Sanfelesi researching their ancestors who were born in
San Fele, Potenza, Basilicata, Italia.

This San Fele, PZ, Basilicata, Italy Genealogy Connections Website charges no fees, collects no dues and has no allegiance to any organization or particular belief system. This San Fele Site simply exists to help others connect to possible Sanfelese relatives throughout the world as a *hobby* of the webmaster.

Hopefully our research experiences will benefit others and together we can continue to learn the stories of our San Fele, PZ, Italia ancestors and discover more San Fele Family Tree Connections.

Thank You for visiting & Best Regards Always,
from all the San Fele Genealogy Connection Researchers

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San Fele Historical Family Trees for Sanfele Genealogy
Email me to add your S. Fele Ancestral branches to our San Fele Family History Report

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