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Surnames Beginning with Q thru Z
Surnames are now listed with the queries when you post at the GenConnect Query Forum.  We have retained these old listings but will no longer be adding to them except during periods when we are archiving the older queries.  If you encounter an email address on this page which is no longer working, please email us so that we can remove the listing during regularly scheduled maintenance cycles.
RALFS Sandra Tennyson [email protected]
RAIDER Lynn Oliver [email protected]
RANKIN Arthur Rankin III [email protected]
RAYNOR Lynne Davis [email protected]
REED  Michelle Kemp Shockley [email protected]
REEDER Wilma Bird [email protected]
REHBEHN Kathy Graham Friend [email protected]
REIS  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
REMINGTON  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
RHODES Connie Fulkerson [email protected]
RICHEY George Heine [email protected]
RIEK Charles Riek [email protected]
RINELEY  Gerald Brown [email protected]
RININSLAND  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
RIPLEY Jim Albanese [email protected]
ROCK Adina Dyer [email protected]
RODE Lynne Schroeder [email protected]
RODGERS Kathy O'Boyle [email protected]
ROHLF Sandra Tennyson [email protected]
ROWE Gina Rowe [email protected]
ROWE Barbara James Rowe [email protected]
ROWING Karene Arp Nagel [email protected]
RUGGLES Jim Albanese [email protected]
RUMMELS  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
RYAN  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
SABBOTH Lynne Schroeder [email protected]
SABIN Lynne Sabin [email protected]
SCHAFER/SCHAFFER Michelle Kemp Shockley [email protected]
SCHMELTZER Tom Howard [email protected]
SCHMIDT Jim Albanese [email protected]
SCHULTZ Karene Arp Nagel [email protected]
SCHWARTZ  Marcia Fiedler [email protected]
SCHWEITZER David M. Barnoske [email protected]
SCHRODER/SCHROEDER Sandra Tennyson [email protected]
SEELEY  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
SHERBERGER  Pam Lucas [email protected]
SINGLETON Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
SHEA Sherett Rae [email protected]
SHOEMAKER Jim Albanese [email protected]
SMICE Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
SMITH Nancy Neipert [email protected]
SPARKS Arlis Renfro [email protected]
SPEITH Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
SMALLEY Tammy (Smalley) Arnold [email protected]
ST JOHN Margot Mills [email protected]
STABLER/STAEBLER Lynn Oliver [email protected]
STARK  Marcia Fiedler [email protected]
STAUFER/STOOFER Karen Weikert Weston [email protected]
STEBLER Lynn Oliver [email protected]
STENDER Pam Lucas [email protected]
STIGERS Marlene McFate Burkheimer [email protected]
STINEMAN Linda Myers [email protected]
STORMS Barbara (James) Rowe [email protected]
STRAKE Nancy Neipert [email protected]
STRAUCHEN Lynn Oliver [email protected]
STRETCH Jim Albanese [email protected]
SULLINGER  Michelle Kemp Shockley [email protected]
SWAN  Carol Mead-Barrett [email protected]
SWOLLEY  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
THAUREN  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
THARP  Lynne Sabin  [email protected]
THOMAS Marlene McFate Burkheimer [email protected]
TIMBERLAKE Barbara (James) Rowe [email protected]
TIMM Lynne Schroeder [email protected]
TIPTON Mary W. Tipton [email protected] 
TITUS Susie Martin-Rott  [email protected]
TOUSSAINT Jim Albanese [email protected]
TOWNSLEY J. Murphy  [email protected]
TRUAX  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
TRUITT J. D. Morgan [email protected]
TURNER Robert Vance Woods [email protected]
TYLER Nancy Neipert [email protected]
VANDORN  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
WACHS  Jim Albanese [email protected]
WACKER  Pam Lucas [email protected]
WAGNER Karene Arp Nagel [email protected]
WARRENSTAFF  Lee Pace [email protected]
WEIERSHAUSER Jim Albanese [email protected]
WEIKERT Karen Weikert Weston [email protected]
WELLMAN  Bruce Matson [email protected]
WHITE Linda Noel Slycord [email protected]
WILSON Sarah Anderson [email protected]
WILSON Mary Witulski [email protected]
WILSON Richard Neumann [email protected]
Tom Howard [email protected]
WOODS Robert Vance Woods [email protected]
WRIGHT Nancy Neipert [email protected]
WRIGHT J. Murphy  [email protected]
WROCKLAGE  Howard Bowers [email protected]
ZUCH  John M. O'Melia [email protected]


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