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Muscatine County
Surname Listings
Surnames Beginning with A thru J

Surnames are now listed with the queries when you post at the GenConnect Query Forum.  We have retained these old listings but will no longer be adding to them except during periods when we are archiving the older queries.  If you encounter an email address on this page which is no longer working, please email us so that we can remove the listing during regularly scheduled maintenance cycles.
ACHESON Jim Acheson [email protected]
AGAR Karene Arp Nagel [email protected]
ANDERSON Sarah Anderson [email protected]
ANDERSON Arlis Renfro [email protected]
ANDERSON Linda Myers [email protected]
ANTHONY Barbara (James) Rowe [email protected]
ASTHALTER Charles Riek [email protected]
ATKINSON Linda NOEL SLYCORD [email protected]
AYERS Michelle Kemp Shockley [email protected]
BAKERINK  Larry Kinyon [email protected]
BARTON  C. Lamphere [email protected]
BAXTER Adele Bowden [email protected]
BEATTY  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
BEATTY Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
BEIL Jim Albanese [email protected]
BEIK Michelle Kemp Shockley [email protected]
BELL  Gerald Brown [email protected]
BENEDICT Linda Slycord [email protected]
BENSON  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
BERG  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
BERNET  Pam Munro  [email protected]
BEUKENHORST  Marcia Fiedler [email protected]
BIGALOW/BIGELOW  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
BISHOP  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
BLY  Ella Hartwig [email protected]
BOHNSACK Karene Arp Nagel [email protected]
BRANNON Richard Nash  [email protected]
BRAUNS  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
BREEN Cathy Rossing [email protected]
BREI Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
BRENNAN Pat Trecker [email protected]
BRILES Nancy Neipert [email protected]
BRITCHNER  Marcia Fiedler [email protected]
BRUGMAN Rachel Olson [email protected]
BUNCE  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
BUSTER Michelle Kemp Shockley [email protected]
BUTCHER Wilma Bird [email protected]
BUTCHER Nancy Neipert [email protected]
CAIN  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
CAMPBELL Lynne Sabin [email protected]
CARNEY Wilma Bird [email protected]
CHADWICK Barbara (James) Rowe [email protected]
CHAMBERLIN Kathy O'Boyle  [email protected]
CHAPDELAIN  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
CHAPMAN Paul Rekow [email protected]
CHASTEEN Paul Rekow [email protected]
CHATTERTON Jim Albanese  [email protected]
CHEATEM/CHEATON Connie Fulkerson [email protected]
CHEATHEM/CHEATHAM Connie Fulkerson [email protected]
CHESEBROUGH Paul Rekow [email protected]
COLE Bill Cole [email protected]
COLLINS Michelle Kemp Shockley [email protected]
COMFORT Linda Slycord [email protected]
CONCANNON  K C Lind [email protected]
CONNOR Jim Albanese [email protected]
CRABTREE Scott Snyder [email protected]
CRAMMER Mary Witulski [email protected]
CROSS Connie Fulkerson [email protected]
DAVIS John Davis [email protected]
DELANEY Karene Arp Nagel [email protected]
DE LEEUW  Bas de Leeuw [email protected]
DENNISTON Marlene McFate Burkheimer [email protected]
DEVORE Julie Glauninger [email protected]
DICKERSON Linda Myers [email protected]
DORAN  Pam Lucas [email protected]
DRAKE Bob Kay [email protected]
DUFF  Cody Hart [email protected]
DUMONT  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
DUNN Pat Trecker [email protected]
DWYER  Howard Bowers [email protected]
EBERSOLD Dale E. Ebersold  [email protected]
EDGAR/EDGER Gerald Brown [email protected]
EGEL Sandra Tennyson [email protected]
EGEL Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
EMMETT  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
EVES Richard Neumann [email protected]
FERGUSON Bob Kay  [email protected]
FESSLER Nancy Neipert [email protected]
FIEDLER Marcia Fiedler [email protected]
FIEDLER  Bob Fiedler [email protected]
FIGG Nancy Neipert [email protected]
FISHER Nancy Neipert [email protected]
FITZSIMONS Paul Rekow [email protected]
FLOOD Hal Mosher [email protected]
FLYNN Cathy Rossing [email protected]
FORBES Karrie Herlein Middaugh [email protected]
FOSTER Nancy Neipert [email protected]
FRAZEE  Lynne Sabin [email protected]
FREYERMUTH Sara Stewart [email protected]
FROMER Howard Bowers [email protected]
GARD Jim Guard [email protected]
GALLION Leona M. Gallion [email protected]
GARRARD  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
GARRETT  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
GARRETT Linda Myers [email protected]
GEORGE  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
GERISCHER Carol Gerischer Bowman [email protected]
GIDEON Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
GILBERT  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
GOETSCH  Heidi Goetsch-Guio [email protected]
GOETTERT/GETTERT Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
GOLDSBERRY Ella Hartwig [email protected]
GOLDSBERRY Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
GORDY Janice McManus [email protected]
GOODWIN Michelle Kemp Shockley [email protected]
GRANT John M. O'Melia [email protected]
GREELEY Bruce Matson [email protected]
GREEN Bert Dunn  [email protected]
GREENE Bert Dunn [email protected]
GREENO Bert Dunn  [email protected]
GRELLE Howard Bowers [email protected]
GRELLE John M. O'Melia [email protected]
GREMMEL John M. O'Melia [email protected]
GRIESENBROCK Mandi Newcomb [email protected]
GRIMM Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
GUARD Jim Guard [email protected]
HAIFLEY Carol Ann Berry [email protected]
HAKES John M. O'Melia [email protected]
HALL Nancy Neipert [email protected]
HAMILTON Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
HANKS Ivar Kvalnes [email protected]
HANNA/HANNAH  Gerald Brown [email protected]
HARDMAN/HARDTMAN Judith Barrett [email protected]
HARBOUGH Lynne Schroeder [email protected]
HAUPRICHS John M. O'Melia [email protected]
HAWKINS Gerald Brown [email protected]
HAZEN Rachel Olson [email protected]
HENDERSHOT Lynne Davis [email protected]
HENION Kathy Murzyn [email protected]
HENDERSON Mary Clarkson Buckholz [email protected]
HEPPE Marcia Fiedler [email protected]
HESSELTINE Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
HESSER Gerald Brown [email protected]
HEWITT Judith Barrett [email protected]
HINE Richard Nash  [email protected]
HOLLIDAY Nancy Neipert [email protected]
HOLMES Rachel Olson [email protected]
HONT Gary Honts [email protected]
HORAN  Howard Bowers [email protected]
HOUVENAGLE Jim Albanese  [email protected]
HOWARD Judith Barrett [email protected]
HUBER  John M. O'Melia [email protected]
HUBER  Ella Hartwig [email protected]
HURLEY Cathy Rossing [email protected]
HUSTED  Joann Todd Rabun  [email protected]
IDLE Susie Martin-Rott [email protected]
ISKE Kathy Brown  [email protected]
JACOBS Sandra Tennyson [email protected]
JOHNSON  Marcia Fiedler [email protected]

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