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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


SPRINGFIELD, Emmanuel a.1635


SPROAT, Anna b.1672


SPURLING, Abigail b.1799
SPURLING, Benjamin b.1787
SPURLING, Benjamin b.1752
SPURLING, Dolly b.1791
SPURLING, Enoch b.1789
SPURLING, Esther b.1784
SPURLING, Fanny b.1797
SPURLING, Robert b.1782
SPURLING, Samuel b.1794
SPURLING, Sarah b.1780
SPURLING, Thomas b.1786
SPURLING, William b.1793


SPURSTOW, Alice b.1503


SPYCER, Ann b.1505


SQUERY, John Esquire b.1365
SQUERY, Margaret b.1399


SQUIRE, Alice b.1499
SQUIRE, Anne a.1591
SQUIRE, Bridget a.1574
SQUIRE, Edith a.1587
SQUIRE, Frances a.1599
SQUIRE, Gaius Esquire b.1604
SQUIRE, Hannah b.1668
SQUIRE, Henry b.1563
SQUIRE, Jonathan b.1656
SQUIRE, Margaret a.1596
SQUIRE, Samuel b.1652
SQUIRE, Sarah a.1589
SQUIRE, Sarah b.1658


St. AMAND, Amauri de Lord St. Amand b.1316
St. AMAND, Amauri de Lord St. Amand b.1269
St. AMAND, Amauri de b.1235
St. AMAND, Amauri de b.1170
St. AMAND, Aumauri de Knight b.1373
St. AMAND, Aumauri de Lord St. Amand b.1340
St. AMAND, Eleanor de b.1371
St. AMAND, Guy de b.1267
St. AMAND, Hawise de b.1258
St. AMAND, Ida de b.1392
St. AMAND, Isabel de b.1314
St. AMAND, John de Lord St. Amand b.1278
St. AMAND, Ralph de b.1215


St. AUBYN, Anne b.1529
St. AUBYN, Eleanor de b.1287
St. AUBYN, Guy de Knight b.1316
St. AUBYN, Guy de b.1376
St. AUBYN, Guy de b.1281
St. AUBYN, Isabel de b.1327
St. AUBYN, Isabel de b.1290
St. AUBYN, John de Knight b.1351
St. AUBYN, John de b.1285
St. AUBYN, Mauger de b.1279
St. AUBYN, Mauger de Knight b.1255
St. AUBYN, Stephen de b.1283
St. AUBYN, Thomas de Knight b.1321


St. BARBE, Isabel b.1367
St. BARBE, Joan b.1364
St. BARBE, John Knight b.1320
St. BARBE, Richard b.1260
St. BARBE, Richard b.1361
St. BARBE, Richard b.1289
St. BARBE, Robert b.1210
St. BARBE, Robert b.1235
St. BARBE, Ursula b.1540


St. CALAIS, Marguerite de b.1115
St. CALAIS, Sylvester de b.1090


St. CLAIR, Ada b.1173
St. CLAIR, Alan b.1175
St. CLAIR, Alianor b.1426
St. CLAIR, Annabel de b.1267
St. CLAIR, Edith b.1423
St. CLAIR, Elizabeth b.1421
St. CLAIR, Gregory de b.1261
St. CLAIR, Gunnora de b.1151
St. CLAIR, Hamo de b.1090
St. CLAIR, Henry b.1140
St. CLAIR, Henry de Lord of Rosslyn b.1255
St. CLAIR, Hubert de b.1131
St. CLAIR, John b.1210
St. CLAIR, John b.1250
St. CLAIR, John b.1398
St. CLAIR, John de Knight b.1323
St. CLAIR, John de Knight b.1362
St. CLAIR, Katherine de b.1313
St. CLAIR, Katherine de b.1383
St. CLAIR, Margaret b.1402
St. CLAIR, Philip de Knight b.1362
St. CLAIR, Thomas Knight b.1400
St. CLAIR, William de Bishop of Dunkeld b.1258
St. CLAIR, William de Knight b.1230
St. CLAIR, William de Knight b.1280
St. CLAIR, William de Knight b.1381


St. CLERE, Elizabeth b.1549
St. CLERE, Sibylla de b.1264


St. GEORGE, Baldwin Knight b.1339
St. GEORGE, Louisiana b.1900
St. GEORGE, Richard Knight b.1554


St. HELEN, Beatrice de b.1272


St. HILAIRE, Marie de b.1339


St. HILARY, Emma de b.1115
St. HILARY, James de b.1100
St. HILARY, Maud de b.1134


St. JAMES, Harscoit de b.1068
St. JAMES, Hasculf de b.1065


St. JOHN, Adam de b.1208
St. JOHN, Agnes a.1592
St. JOHN, Agnes b.1560
St. JOHN, Agnes b.1564
St. JOHN, Agnes b.1427
St. JOHN, Agnes de b.1275
St. JOHN, Alexander Knight b.1586
St. JOHN, Alexander Esquire b.1493
St. JOHN, Alice b.1522
St. JOHN, Alice b.1533
St. JOHN, Alice b.1485
St. JOHN, Amadeus de b.1279
St. JOHN, Anne b.1551
St. JOHN, Anne b.1520
St. JOHN, Anne a.1613
St. JOHN, Anne b.1458
St. JOHN, Anne b.1584
St. JOHN, Anthony a.1618
St. JOHN, Anthony Knight b.1587
St. JOHN, Barbara a.1615
St. JOHN, Barbara b.1592
St. JOHN, Beauchamp Knight a.1595
St. JOHN, Catherine b.1564
St. JOHN, Catherine b.1583
St. JOHN, Charles b.1530
St. JOHN, Cressett b.1535
St. JOHN, Dorothy a.1612
St. JOHN, Dorothy a.1612
St. JOHN, Dorothy a.1601
St. JOHN, Dorothy b.1569
St. JOHN, Dorothy b.1602
St. JOHN, Dudley a.1599
St. JOHN, Edith b.1461
St. JOHN, Edith b.1426
St. JOHN, Edmund de Lord St. John of Basing b.1334
St. JOHN, Edward Knight b.1334
St. JOHN, Edward a.1606
St. JOHN, Edward de b.1277
St. JOHN, Eleanor b.1566
St. JOHN, Eleanor b.1588
St. JOHN, Eleanor b.1479
St. JOHN, Elizabeth a.1606
St. JOHN, Elizabeth b.1580
St. JOHN, Elizabeth b.1556
St. JOHN, Elizabeth b.1477
St. JOHN, Elizabeth b.1491
St. JOHN, Elizabeth b.1455
St. JOHN, Elizabeth a.1605
St. JOHN, Elizabeth b.1656
St. JOHN, Elizabeth b.1429
St. JOHN, Elizabeth b.1707
St. JOHN, Frances b.1566
St. JOHN, Francis a.1610
St. JOHN, Francis b.1549
St. JOHN, Geoffrey de b.1206
St. JOHN, Godeheut de b.1210
St. JOHN, Henry Knight a.1590
St. JOHN, Henry Gentleman b.1536
St. JOHN, Hugh de Lord St. John of Basing b.1310
St. JOHN, Isabel b.1482
St. JOHN, Isabel de Baroness St. John of Basing b.1332
St. JOHN, Jane b.1562
St. JOHN, Jane b.1586
St. JOHN, Jane b.1528
St. JOHN, John b.1584
St. JOHN, John Knight b.1590
St. JOHN, John Knight b.1558
St. JOHN, John Sheriff of Wiltshire b.1504
St. JOHN, John Lord St. John of Bletsoe b.1542
St. JOHN, John b.1516
St. JOHN, John Knight b.1473
St. JOHN, John a.1615
St. JOHN, John Knight b.1450
St. JOHN, John Knight b.1431
St. JOHN, John Knight b.1483
St. JOHN, John de Lord St. John of Lageham b.1308
St. JOHN, John de Knight b.1235
St. JOHN, John de Lord St. John of Basing b.1273
St. JOHN, Judith a.1591
St. JOHN, Judith b.1555
St. JOHN, Judith b.1568
St. JOHN, Judith b.1609
St. JOHN, Judith b.1600
St. JOHN, Katherine a.1597
St. JOHN, Katherine b.1481
St. JOHN, Katherine a.1596
St. JOHN, Lucy b.1594
St. JOHN, Lucy de b.1214
St. JOHN, Margaret b.1581
St. JOHN, Margaret b.1553
St. JOHN, Margaret b.1525
St. JOHN, Margaret b.1371
St. JOHN, Margaret b.1562
St. JOHN, Margaret b.1487
St. JOHN, Margaret Abbess of Shaftesbury b.1437
St. JOHN, Margaret de b.1304
St. JOHN, Margaret de b.1329
St. JOHN, Margery b.1557
St. JOHN, Margery b.1518
St. JOHN, Martha a.1603
St. JOHN, Martha b.1545
St. JOHN, Mary a.1613
St. JOHN, Mary a.1612
St. JOHN, Mary b.1532
St. JOHN, Mary b.1435
St. JOHN, Maurice b.1452
St. JOHN, Muriel de b.1117
St. JOHN, N.N. b.1396
St. JOHN, Nicholas Esquire b.1529
St. JOHN, Oliver K.B. a.1603
St. JOHN, Oliver Earl of Bolingbroke b.1583
St. JOHN, Oliver b.1507
St. JOHN, Oliver Viscount Grandison b.1560
St. JOHN, Oliver Lord St. John of Bletsoe b.1543
St. JOHN, Oliver Lord St. John of Bletsoe b.1514
St. JOHN, Oliver Esquire b.1531
St. JOHN, Oliver Knight b.1489
St. JOHN, Oliver b.1598
St. JOHN, Oliver Esquire b.1433
St. JOHN, Oliver Knight b.1398
St. JOHN, Oliver Knight b.1570
St. JOHN, Paulet K.B. a.1608
St. JOHN, Phebe b.1703
St. JOHN, Robert de b.1122
St. JOHN, Robert de Knight b.1204
St. JOHN, Roger de b.1281
St. JOHN, Roger de b.1085
St. JOHN, Rowland Knight a.1588
St. JOHN, Sybel b.1475
St. JOHN, Sybil b.1496
St. JOHN, Thomas b.1547
St. JOHN, Thomas b.1573
St. JOHN, William de b.1212
St. JOHN, William de b.1119
St. JOHN, William de b.1170
St. JOHN, William de b.1309


St. LAWRENCE, Elizabeth de b.1304
St. LAWRENCE, Robert Lord Howth b.1435


St. LEGER, Anne b.1555
St. LEGER, Anne b.1476
St. LEGER, Anthony Knight b.1528
St. LEGER, Anthony K.G. b.1495
St. LEGER, Anthony Knight b.1553
St. LEGER, Anthony b.1474
St. LEGER, Bartholomew b.1443
St. LEGER, Dorothy b.1497
St. LEGER, Edward b.1505
St. LEGER, Geoffrey b.1240
St. LEGER, George b.1501
St. LEGER, George Knight b.1485
St. LEGER, Isabel b.1319
St. LEGER, Jacquetta b.1463
St. LEGER, James Knight b.1450
St. LEGER, Joan b.1404
St. LEGER, John b.1499
St. LEGER, John Knight b.1515
St. LEGER, John I b.1270
St. LEGER, John II b.1300
St. LEGER, Katherine b.1512
St. LEGER, Margaret b.1428
St. LEGER, Nicholas Esquire b.1529
St. LEGER, Ralph Esquire b.1468
St. LEGER, Robert b.1503
St. LEGER, Simon b.1242
St. LEGER, Thomas Knight b.1432
St. LEGER, Warham Knight b.1525
St. LEGER, William b.1523
St. LEGER, William b.1508
St. LEGER, William b.1215


St. LIZ, Alice de b.1141
St. LIZ, Amice de b.1140
St. LIZ, Hawise de b.1143
St. LIZ, Isabel de b.1146
St. LIZ, Matilda de b.1131
St. LIZ, Maud de b.1099
St. LIZ, Ranulph "The Rich" de b.1021
St. LIZ, Simon I de Earl of Huntingdon b.1046
St. LIZ, Simon II de Earl of Huntingdon b.1097
St. LIZ, Simon III de Earl of Huntingdon b.1139
St. LIZ, Waltheof de b.1101


St. LOE, Ela de b.1357
St. LOE, Elizabeth b.1363
St. LOE, Joan de b.1350
St. LOE, John de Sheriff of Wiltshire b.1277
St. LOE, John de Knight b.1302
St. LOE, John de Knight b.1327
St. LOE, Nicholas b.1480
St. LOE, William Knight b.1521


St. MARTIN, Ada de b.1164
St. MARTIN, Alexander de b.1136
St. MARTIN, Ela de b.1161
St. MARTIN, Joan de b.1310
St. MARTIN, Jordan de b.1185
St. MARTIN, Laurence de Knight b.1312
St. MARTIN, Laurence de b.1282
St. MARTIN, Reginald de Knight b.1253
St. MARTIN, Sybil de b.1315
St. MARTIN, William de Knight b.1223


St. MARY, Jordan de b.1155


St. MAUR, Alan de b.1314
St. MAUR, Alice Baroness St. Maur b.1409
St. MAUR, Beatrice de b.1307
St. MAUR, Joan b.1496
St. MAUR, Joanna de b.1285
St. MAUR, John b.1378
St. MAUR, John de Knight b.1295
St. MAUR, Laurence de Knight b.1245
St. MAUR, Margery de b.1283
St. MAUR, Mary de b.1287
St. MAUR, Nicholas b.1381
St. MAUR, Nicholas de b.1222
St. MAUR, Nicholas de Lord St. Maur b.1351
St. MAUR, Nicholas de Lord St. Maur b.1316
St. MAUR, Nicholas de Lord St. Maur b.1269
St. MAUR, Richard Lord St. Maur b.1376
St. MAUR, Richard de Lord St. Maur b.1355
St. MAUR, Roger de b.1265
St. MAUR, Simon de b.1199
St. MAUR, Sybil de b.1281
St. MAUR, Thomas de Knight b.1304
St. MAUR, William de b.1299


St. MICHAEL, Richard de b.1220
St. MICHAEL, Rohesia de b.1245


St. OMER, Alice b.1345
St. OMER, Edmund de Knight b.1345
St. OMER, Elizabeth b.1353
St. OMER, Elizabeth b.1341
St. OMER, Guillaume I de b.1057
St. OMER, Guillaume II de b.1082
St. OMER, Guillaume III de b.1109
St. OMER, Mahaut de b.1107
St. OMER, Sybil de b.1368
St. OMER, Thomas b.1173
St. OMER, Thomas b.1226
St. OMER, Thomas b.1310
St. OMER, William b.1198
St. OMER, William b.1272


St. PAUL, Faith b.1569
St. PAUL, Faith a.1565
St. PAUL, George b.1499
St. PAUL, George Knight b.1562
St. PAUL, John b.1536
St. PAUL, John b.1476
St. PAUL, Lucy b.1543
St. PAUL, Mary b.1540
St. PAUL, Mattathia a.1595
St. PAUL, Thomas a.1573
St. PAUL, Thomas Knight b.1538


St. PHILIBERT, Alice de b.1321
St. PHILIBERT, Hugh de b.1175
St. PHILIBERT, Hugh de b.1200
St. PHILIBERT, Hugh de b.1225
St. PHILIBERT, Hugh de Knight b.1259
St. PHILIBERT, Hugh de b.1331
St. PHILIBERT, John de Lord St. Philibert b.1326
St. PHILIBERT, John de Knight b.1293
St. PHILIBERT, Margaret de b.1323
St. PHILIBERT, Maud de b.1319
St. PHILIBERT, Thomas de b.1328


St. PIERRE, David de b.1275
St. PIERRE, Ellen b.1301
St. PIERRE, Isabella b.1350
St. PIERRE, Joan b.1250
St. PIERRE, John b.1246
St. PIERRE, John Knight b.1299
St. PIERRE, John de b.1195
St. PIERRE, Katherine b.1254
St. PIERRE, Margaret b.1332
St. PIERRE, Margaret b.1265
St. PIERRE, Urian b.1329
St. PIERRE, Urian Knight b.1220
St. PIERRE, Urian b.1273


St. POL, Adelaide de b.1130
St. POL, Anselme Candavaine de Count of St. Pol b.1116
St. POL, Beatrice Candavaine de b.1157
St. POL, Engerrand Candavaine de b.1161
St. POL, Guy Candavaine de b.1163
St. POL, Hugues I de Count of St. Pol b.1036
St. POL, Hugues II de Count of St. Pol b.1056
St. POL, Hugues III Candavaine de b.1080
St. POL, Hugues IV Candavaine de Count of St. Pol b.1159
St. POL, Roger de b.1016
St. POL, Rosetta de b.1007


St. QUINTIN, Adalhard Abbot of Corbie b.752
St. QUINTIN, Alan de b.1115
St. QUINTIN, Alice de b.1110
St. QUINTIN, Aubrey de b.1310
St. QUINTIN, Bernard de Abbot of St. Quentin b.725
St. QUINTIN, Bernhard de b.776
St. QUINTIN, Elizabeth b.1340
St. QUINTIN, Gundrada de b.774
St. QUINTIN, Herbert de b.1075
St. QUINTIN, Herbert de b.1170
St. QUINTIN, Joan b.1335
St. QUINTIN, John Esquire b.1491
St. QUINTIN, John de Knight b.1347
St. QUINTIN, Lora de b.1342
St. QUINTIN, Theodrada de Abbess of Soissons b.778
St. QUINTIN, Therese de b.770
St. QUINTIN, Thomas Esquire b.1420
St. QUINTIN, Wala de Abbot of Corbie b.772
St. QUINTIN, Walter de b.1112
St. QUINTIN, William Knight b.1513


St. REMY, Eleanor de b.1199
St. REMY, Robert de b.1162


St. VALERY, Aenor de b.1193
St. VALERY, Bernard de b.1005
St. VALERY, Bernard de b.1060
St. VALERY, Bernard de b.1152
St. VALERY, Bernard de b.1127
St. VALERY, Gilbert de b.975
St. VALERY, Guy de b.1133
St. VALERY, Laure de b.1138
St. VALERY, Lorette de b.1164
St. VALERY, Maud de b.1148
St. VALERY, Reginald de b.1100
St. VALERY, Reginald de b.1150
St. VALERY, Thomas de b.1160
St. VALERY, Walter de b.1130
St. VALERY, Walter de b.1035


STABLE, Mary b.1630


STACE, Geoffrey b.1277


STACKHOUSE, Esther b.1655


STACKPOLE, Isabel de b.1351
STACKPOLE, John b.1707
STACKPOLE, Margaret b.1686
STACKPOLE, Maria b.1814
STACKPOLE, Richard de b.1322
STACKPOLE, Richard de Knight b.1299


STACY, Abigail b.1736
STACY, Abigail b.1659
STACY, Andrew b.1702
STACY, Ann b.1638
STACY, Anna b.1612
STACY, Anna b.1606
STACY, Benjamin b.1701
STACY, Benjamin b.1739
STACY, Ebenezer b.1739
STACY, Elizabeth b.1731
STACY, Elizabeth b.1659
STACY, Elizabeth b.1630
STACY, Hannah a.1729
STACY, Jane b.1670
STACY, John b.1697
STACY, John b.1726
STACY, John b.1666
STACY, Joseph b.1660
STACY, Lettice b.1526
STACY, Lydia a.1744
STACY, Mary b.1704
STACY, Mary b.1661
STACY, Mary b.1641
STACY, Nathaniel b.1706
STACY, Nymphas b.1725
STACY, Nymphas b.1695
STACY, Nymphas b.1674
STACY, Philemon a.1743
STACY, Philemon b.1732
STACY, Rebecca b.1657
STACY, Samuel b.1699
STACY, Sarah b.1709
STACY, Sarah b.1670
STACY, Sarah b.1627
STACY, Simon b.1664
STACY, Simon b.1636
STACY, Simon a.1593
STACY, Susanna b.1668
STACY, Susanna b.1632
STACY, Thomas b.1654
STACY, Thomas b.1624
STACY, William b.1734
STACY, William b.1656
STACY, William b.1665


STADE, Heinrich von Count of Stade b.905
STADE, Hildegarde von b.975
STADE, Lothar I von Count of Stade b.830
STADE, Lothar II von Count of Stade b.865


STAFFORD, Alice b.1405
STAFFORD, Anne b.1453
STAFFORD, Anne b.1481
STAFFORD, Anne b.1471
STAFFORD, Anne b.1440
STAFFORD, Anne b.1527
STAFFORD, Anne b.1400
STAFFORD, Anne b.1441
STAFFORD, Avice b.1423
STAFFORD, Beatrice de b.1340
STAFFORD, Deborah b.1649
STAFFORD, Dorothy a.1572
STAFFORD, Dorothy b.1525
STAFFORD, Edmund de Bishop of Exeter b.1344
STAFFORD, Edmund de Earl of Stafford b.1378
STAFFORD, Edmund de b.1248
STAFFORD, Edmund de Lord Stafford b.1273
STAFFORD, Edward Lord Stafford a.1572
STAFFORD, Edward b.1568
STAFFORD, Edward Earl of Wiltshire b.1470
STAFFORD, Edward Lord Stafford b.1536
STAFFORD, Edward Duke of Buckingham b.1478
STAFFORD, Edward Knight b.1545
STAFFORD, Edward a.1562
STAFFORD, Edward b.1434
STAFFORD, Eleanor b.1532
STAFFORD, Elizabeth b.1552
STAFFORD, Elizabeth b.1533
STAFFORD, Elizabeth b.1483
STAFFORD, Elizabeth b.1375
STAFFORD, Elizabeth b.1497
STAFFORD, Elizabeth b.1438
STAFFORD, Elizabeth de b.1336
STAFFORD, Ellen b.1495
STAFFORD, Fleming b.1823
STAFFORD, Fulke b.1387
STAFFORD, George b.1436
STAFFORD, Henry Lord Stafford b.1529
STAFFORD, Henry b.1522
STAFFORD, Henry Lord Stafford b.1501
STAFFORD, Henry Earl of Wiltshire b.1479
STAFFORD, Henry Duke of Buckingham b.1455
STAFFORD, Henry Knight b.1430
STAFFORD, Hervey II de b.1175
STAFFORD, Hervey III de b.1217
STAFFORD, Hugh de Lord Bourchier b.1381
STAFFORD, Hugh de Earl of Stafford b.1342
STAFFORD, Humphrey Knight b.1467
STAFFORD, Humphrey Knight b.1528
STAFFORD, Humphrey Knight b.1497
STAFFORD, Humphrey Earl of Stafford b.1428
STAFFORD, Humphrey Sheriff of Dorset b.1377
STAFFORD, Humphrey Earl of Devon b.1439
STAFFORD, Humphrey Duke of Buckingham b.1402
STAFFORD, Humphrey Knight b.1427
STAFFORD, Humphrey Knight b.1383
STAFFORD, Humphrey Knight b.1400
STAFFORD, Humphrey de Knight b.1342
STAFFORD, Isabella de b.1280
STAFFORD, James de b.1301
STAFFORD, Jane de b.1323
STAFFORD, Joan b.1443
STAFFORD, Joan de b.1373
STAFFORD, Joan de b.1346
STAFFORD, Johanna de b.1278
STAFFORD, John b.1435
STAFFORD, John Knight b.1407
STAFFORD, John Earl of Wiltshire b.1432
STAFFORD, John b.1385
STAFFORD, John b.1399
STAFFORD, John de b.1215
STAFFORD, John de Knight b.1303
STAFFORD, Joyce b.1445
STAFFORD, Katherine b.1499
STAFFORD, Katherine b.1446
STAFFORD, Katherine de b.1370
STAFFORD, Katherine de b.1344
STAFFORD, Katherine de b.1340
STAFFORD, Margaret b.1466
STAFFORD, Margaret de b.1353
STAFFORD, Margaret de b.1364
STAFFORD, Margaret de b.1325
STAFFORD, Mary b.1493
STAFFORD, Mary b.1503
STAFFORD, Maud de b.1332
STAFFORD, Millicent de b.1145
STAFFORD, N.N. b.1399
STAFFORD, N.N. de b.1101
STAFFORD, Nicholas de b.1140
STAFFORD, Nicholas I de Sheriff of Staffordshire b.1066
STAFFORD, Nicholas II de b.1246
STAFFORD, Nigel de b.1068
STAFFORD, Philippe b.1399
STAFFORD, Ralph b.1433
STAFFORD, Ralph de b.1366
STAFFORD, Ralph de b.1338
STAFFORD, Ralph de Knight b.1345
STAFFORD, Ralph de Earl of Stafford b.1301
STAFFORD, Richard b.1539
STAFFORD, Richard Esquire b.1425
STAFFORD, Richard Knight b.1401
STAFFORD, Richard b.1425
STAFFORD, Richard de Knight b.1342
STAFFORD, Richard de K.B. b.1305
STAFFORD, Robert Knight b.1501
STAFFORD, Robert de b.1254
STAFFORD, Robert I de Baron of Stafford b.1034
STAFFORD, Robert II de Sheriff of Staffordshire b.1104
STAFFORD, Robert III de b.1136
STAFFORD, Robert IV de b.1220
STAFFORD, Samuel b.1632
STAFFORD, Sarah b.1646
STAFFORD, Thomas b.1531
STAFFORD, Thomas b.1430
STAFFORD, Thomas de Knight b.1347
STAFFORD, Thomas de b.1349
STAFFORD, Thomas de Earl of Stafford b.1368
STAFFORD, Ursula b.1566
STAFFORD, Walter b.1542
STAFFORD, William b.1554
STAFFORD, William Esquire b.1600
STAFFORD, William b.1438
STAFFORD, William b.1403
STAFFORD, William K.B. b.1499
STAFFORD, William Esquire b.1403
STAFFORD, William de Earl of Stafford b.1375
STAFFORD, William de Knight b.1251
STAFFORD, William de Knight b.1216
STAFFORD, William de b.1184
STAFFORD, William de Knight b.1277


STAINES, Elizabeth a.1570


STAINTON, Alice de Nun b.1343
STAINTON, Christian de b.1128
STAINTON, Elizabeth de Prioress of Kirklees b.1341
STAINTON, Gilbert de b.1289
STAINTON, Gilbert de Lord of Stainton b.1106
STAINTON, Isabel de b.1337
STAINTON, Joan de b.1339
STAINTON, John de b.1255
STAINTON, John de b.1280
STAINTON, John de b.1310
STAINTON, Robert de b.1284
STAINTON, Thomas de b.1312
STAINTON, Thomas de b.1282
STAINTON, William de Prior of Monk Bretton b.1314
STAINTON, William de b.1286


STALLINGS, Candace b.1818
STALLINGS, N.N. b.1775
STALLINGS, Sarah E. b.1797


STALLWORTH, Denise b.1613


STALWORTH, Agnes b.1463


STALWORTHY, Mary b.1642


STAMPE, John b.1505
STAMPE, Thomas b.1530


STANBOROUGH, Josiah b.1610


STANCLIFFE, Isabel a.1558


STANDERWICK, John b.1518
STANDERWICK, John a.1607


STANDISH, Agatha de b.1341
STANDISH, Alexander Knight b.1443
STANDISH, Alexander de b.1182
STANDISH, Alexander de b.1375
STANDISH, Alexander de Knight b.1400
STANDISH, Alice de b.1264
STANDISH, Alice de b.1347
STANDISH, Brian b.1448
STANDISH, Cecily b.1413
STANDISH, Christopher de b.1370
STANDISH, Clemence de b.1378
STANDISH, Clemence de b.1382
STANDISH, Edmund de b.1230
STANDISH, Edmund de b.1266
STANDISH, Edmund de b.1316
STANDISH, Eleanor de b.1385
STANDISH, Elizabeth b.1499
STANDISH, Elizabeth b.1370
STANDISH, Elizabeth de b.1378
STANDISH, George Esquire b.1474
STANDISH, Gilbert de Knight b.1324
STANDISH, Gilbert de b.1367
STANDISH, Grace b.1468
STANDISH, Henry b.1462
STANDISH, Henry Bishop of St. Asaph b.1442
STANDISH, Henry de Esquire b.1314
STANDISH, Hugh b.1428
STANDISH, Hugh de b.1373
STANDISH, Hugh de Esquire b.1282
STANDISH, Hugh de b.1232
STANDISH, Hugh de b.1339
STANDISH, Israel b.1675
STANDISH, James b.1610
STANDISH, James de b.1409
STANDISH, James de b.1370
STANDISH, John de b.1311
STANDISH, John de Esquire b.1286
STANDISH, John de b.1372
STANDISH, Jordan de b.1234
STANDISH, Josiah b.1672
STANDISH, Josiah b.1633
STANDISH, Lawrence b.1426
STANDISH, Lawrence de Esquire b.1363
STANDISH, Leising de b.1135
STANDISH, Lois b.1682
STANDISH, Mabel de b.1262
STANDISH, Martha b.1666
STANDISH, Mary b.1660
STANDISH, Matilda de b.1286
STANDISH, Mehitable b.1663
STANDISH, Mercy b.1685
STANDISH, Miles b.1669
STANDISH, Nicholas de b.1284
STANDISH, Oliver b.1434
STANDISH, Peter b.1436
STANDISH, Ralph Esquire b.1479
STANDISH, Ralph Esquire b.1424
STANDISH, Ralph de b.1160
STANDISH, Ralph de b.1205
STANDISH, Ralph de b.1258
STANDISH, Ralph de Knight b.1318
STANDISH, Ralph de Sheriff of Lancashire b.1344
STANDISH, Randal b.1439
STANDISH, Richard de b.1309
STANDISH, Richard de b.1185
STANDISH, Richard de b.1406
STANDISH, Robert b.1431
STANDISH, Robert de Knight b.1327
STANDISH, Robert de b.1365
STANDISH, Roger de b.1403
STANDISH, Samuel b.1679
STANDISH, Thomas b.1445
STANDISH, Thomas b.1613
STANDISH, Thomas de b.1321
STANDISH, William de b.1307
STANDISH, William de b.1260
STANDISH, William de b.1311


STANDON, Philippe de b.1206
STANDON, Vivian de b.1181


STANES, Constance de b.1165
STANES, Dorothy a.1603
STANES, Robert de b.1140


STANFIELD, Deborah b.1680
STANFIELD, Elizabeth b.1670
STANFIELD, Francis b.1642
STANFIELD, Grace b.1673
STANFIELD, Hannah b.1677
STANFIELD, James b.1666
STANFIELD, Mary b.1668
STANFIELD, Sarah b.1675
STANFIELD, Thomas b.1349


STANFORD, Alice de b.1225
STANFORD, Benjamin b.1727
STANFORD, Benjamin b.1750
STANFORD, Bethia b.1691
STANFORD, Catherine b.1767
STANFORD, Christopher b.1770
STANFORD, David b.1802
STANFORD, David b.1765
STANFORD, Eliza b.1797
STANFORD, Eliza b.1770
STANFORD, Elizabeth b.1473
STANFORD, Elizabeth b.1683
STANFORD, Hannah a.1730
STANFORD, James b.1751
STANFORD, James b.1732
STANFORD, Jane b.1756
STANFORD, John b.1784
STANFORD, John b.1762
STANFORD, Jonas b.1758
STANFORD, Joseph b.1786
STANFORD, Joseph b.1757
STANFORD, Joseph b.1724
STANFORD, Josiah b.1767
STANFORD, Josiah b.1688
STANFORD, Josiah b.1722
STANFORD, Lucy b.1752
STANFORD, Lydia b.1754
STANFORD, Martha b.1672
STANFORD, Mary b.1760
STANFORD, Mary b.1642
STANFORD, Mary b.1674
STANFORD, Mercy b.1804
STANFORD, Nathaniel Jones b.1794
STANFORD, Paul b.1791
STANFORD, Pemmede b.1807
STANFORD, Rebecca b.1760
STANFORD, Rebecca b.1678
STANFORD, Robert b.1720
STANFORD, Robert b.1644
STANFORD, Samuel Woodbury b.1764
STANFORD, Sarah b.1762
STANFORD, Thomas b.1736
STANFORD, Thomas b.1615
STANFORD, William b.1788
STANFORD, William b.1755
STANFORD, William de b.1200


STANHOPE, Anne b.1598
STANHOPE, Anne b.1589
STANHOPE, Anne b.1576
STANHOPE, Anne a.1577
STANHOPE, Anne b.1510
STANHOPE, Bridget a.1616
STANHOPE, Catherine b.1597
STANHOPE, Charles Lord Stanhope a.1595
STANHOPE, Cordell b.1587
STANHOPE, Dorothy b.1601
STANHOPE, Edmund b.1477
STANHOPE, Edward a.1605
STANHOPE, Edward b.1569
STANHOPE, Edward K.B. a.1579
STANHOPE, Edward Knight b.1543
STANHOPE, Edward b.1541
STANHOPE, Edward Knight b.1472
STANHOPE, Eleanor b.1537
STANHOPE, Elizabeth a.1594
STANHOPE, Elizabeth b.1496
STANHOPE, Elizabeth b.1604
STANHOPE, Elizabeth a.1593
STANHOPE, Frances b.1607
STANHOPE, Frances b.1590
STANHOPE, George b.1584
STANHOPE, George b.1660
STANHOPE, Henry b.1617
STANHOPE, Henry b.1432
STANHOPE, Jane b.1604
STANHOPE, Jane a.1578
STANHOPE, Jane a.1601
STANHOPE, Jane b.1551
STANHOPE, Joan a.1596
STANHOPE, Joan b.1435
STANHOPE, John a.1602
STANHOPE, John Knight b.1574
STANHOPE, John b.1505
STANHOPE, John Knight b.1591
STANHOPE, John Knight b.1559
STANHOPE, John Lord Stanhope b.1547
STANHOPE, Julian b.1545
STANHOPE, Katherine a.1597
STANHOPE, Margaret a.1607
STANHOPE, Margaret b.1533
STANHOPE, Marmaduke b.1499
STANHOPE, Mary a.1609
STANHOPE, Matilda b.1429
STANHOPE, Michael b.1612
STANHOPE, Michael a.1599
STANHOPE, Michael a.1581
STANHOPE, Michael Knight b.1549
STANHOPE, Michael Knight b.1502
STANHOPE, Olive b.1612
STANHOPE, Philip Earl of Chesterfield a.1584
STANHOPE, Richard Esquire b.1494
STANHOPE, Richard Knight b.1403
STANHOPE, Susan a.1608
STANHOPE, Thomas b.1614
STANHOPE, Thomas b.1587
STANHOPE, Thomas b.1474
STANHOPE, Thomas b.1595
STANHOPE, Thomas b.1564
STANHOPE, Thomas Esquire b.1440
STANHOPE, Thomas Knight b.1535
STANHOPE, Ursula b.1600
STANHOPE, William Knight b.1593
STANHOPE, William b.1539


STANHOWE, Ela de b.1270
STANHOWE, Hervey de Knight b.1205
STANHOWE, John de b.1235


STANLEY, Abigail b.1802
STANLEY, Abigail a.1742
STANLEY, Abigail b.1808
STANLEY, Abraham Richardson b.1849
STANLEY, Adam de b.1288
STANLEY, Adam de b.1127
STANLEY, Agnes b.1471
STANLEY, Agnes b.1479
STANLEY, Alice b.1457
STANLEY, Alice b.1456
STANLEY, Alice b.1409
STANLEY, Alice b.1517
STANLEY, Alice b.1473
STANLEY, Alice a.1565
STANLEY, Alice de b.1335
STANLEY, Almena Thompson b.1832
STANLEY, Almira R. b.1841
STANLEY, Almira S. b.1826
STANLEY, Amos C. b.1837
STANLEY, Amy b.1786
STANLEY, Ann a.1594
STANLEY, Ann b.1502
STANLEY, Anna a.1768
STANLEY, Anne Countess of Castlehaven b.1580
STANLEY, Anne b.1427
STANLEY, Anne b.1500
STANLEY, Anne b.1540
STANLEY, Anne b.1455
STANLEY, Anne b.1513
STANLEY, Anne b.1476
STANLEY, Anne b.1532
STANLEY, Anne b.1480
STANLEY, Anne a.1561
STANLEY, Anthony b.1493
STANLEY, Belinda M. b.1846
STANLEY, Benedict de b.1253
STANLEY, Bethia a.1674
STANLEY, Catherine Gilpatrick b.1835
STANLEY, Cecily b.1481
STANLEY, Cecily b.1470
STANLEY, Charles b.1537
STANLEY, Charles b.1834
STANLEY, Christopher b.1603
STANLEY, Comfort b.1783
STANLEY, Daniel Kimball b.1836
STANLEY, David b.1681
STANLEY, Dorothy b.1684
STANLEY, Edmund b.1522
STANLEY, Edward b.1558
STANLEY, Edward Lord Monteagle b.1464
STANLEY, Edward Knight b.1538
STANLEY, Edward Archdeacon of Chester b.1411
STANLEY, Edward Earl of Derby b.1509
STANLEY, Edward Knight b.1562
STANLEY, Eleanor b.1522
STANLEY, Eleanor b.1491
STANLEY, Elizabeth b.1485
STANLEY, Elizabeth b.1424
STANLEY, Elizabeth a.1587
STANLEY, Elizabeth b.1504
STANLEY, Elizabeth b.1529
STANLEY, Elizabeth b.1557
STANLEY, Elizabeth b.1489
STANLEY, Elizabeth b.1534
STANLEY, Elizabeth b.1427
STANLEY, Elizabeth a.1584
STANLEY, Elizabeth a.1599
STANLEY, Elizabeth b.1407
STANLEY, Emily A. b.1845
STANLEY, Emma A. b.1879
STANLEY, Emma Kimball b.1833
STANLEY, Epps Hadlock b.1843
STANLEY, Ferdinando Earl of Derby b.1559
STANLEY, Frances b.1583
STANLEY, Frances a.1601
STANLEY, Frances Madella b.1846
STANLEY, Francis b.1562
STANLEY, Francis b.1535
STANLEY, Francis G. b.1839
STANLEY, Francis G. b.1836
STANLEY, Freegift a.1593
STANLEY, George b.1711
STANLEY, George b.1500
STANLEY, George Knight b.1511
STANLEY, George Lord Strange of Knockin b.1460
STANLEY, George b.1472
STANLEY, George b.1668
STANLEY, George b.1635
STANLEY, Hannah b.1640
STANLEY, Hannah b.1785
STANLEY, Hannah b.1810
STANLEY, Hannah Manchester b.1809
STANLEY, Henry b.1512
STANLEY, Henry Earl of Derby b.1531
STANLEY, Henry b.1388
STANLEY, Henry Esquire b.1515
STANLEY, Henry de b.1372
STANLEY, Henry de b.1345
STANLEY, Henry H. b.1831
STANLEY, Humphrey Knight b.1455
STANLEY, Isabel b.1414
STANLEY, Isabel b.1397
STANLEY, Isabel Prioress of Derby b.1477
STANLEY, Isabel b.1514
STANLEY, Isabel b.1411
STANLEY, James Knight b.1487
STANLEY, James Bishop of Ely b.1466
STANLEY, James b.1660
STANLEY, James Archdeacon of Chester b.1441
STANLEY, James b.1524
STANLEY, Jane b.1472
STANLEY, Jane b.1517
STANLEY, Jane b.1497
STANLEY, Jane b.1478
STANLEY, Jane b.1544
STANLEY, Jane a.1582
STANLEY, John b.1478
STANLEY, John Esquire b.1446
STANLEY, John K.B. b.1422
STANLEY, John Esquire b.1458
STANLEY, John b.1485
STANLEY, John b.1458
STANLEY, John b.1503
STANLEY, John b.1466
STANLEY, John a.1598
STANLEY, John a.1632
STANLEY, John b.1791
STANLEY, John a.1624
STANLEY, John Knight b.1386
STANLEY, John Knight b.1439
STANLEY, John b.1520
STANLEY, John b.1788
STANLEY, John b.1427
STANLEY, John b.1389
STANLEY, John Esquire b.1408
STANLEY, John a.1760
STANLEY, John a.1762
STANLEY, John b.1671
STANLEY, John a.1735
STANLEY, John b.1793
STANLEY, John de Rector of Astbury b.1220
STANLEY, John de K.G. b.1340
STANLEY, John de b.1285
STANLEY, John H. b.1837
STANLEY, Jonathan b.1705
STANLEY, Jonathan b.1803
STANLEY, Jonathan a.1680
STANLEY, Joseph b.1793
STANLEY, Joseph b.1796
STANLEY, Joseph a.1766
STANLEY, Joseph a.1766
STANLEY, Joseph a.1731
STANLEY, Julia b.1508
STANLEY, Julia A. b.1848
STANLEY, Katherine b.1495
STANLEY, Katherine b.1463
STANLEY, Katherine b.1432
STANLEY, Katherine b.1475
STANLEY, Katherine b.1403
STANLEY, Katherine b.1505
STANLEY, Keziah b.1690
STANLEY, Lewis S. b.1857
STANLEY, Margaret b.1531
STANLEY, Margaret b.1506
STANLEY, Margaret b.1390
STANLEY, Margaret b.1430
STANLEY, Margaret a.1595
STANLEY, Margaret b.1797
STANLEY, Margaret b.1460
STANLEY, Margaret b.1536
STANLEY, Margaret a.1756
STANLEY, Margaret b.1795
STANLEY, Margaret a.1760
STANLEY, Margery b.1482
STANLEY, Margery b.1474
STANLEY, Margery b.1409
STANLEY, Mary b.1519
STANLEY, Mary b.1541
STANLEY, Mary a.1634
STANLEY, Mary b.1836
STANLEY, Mary b.1786
STANLEY, Mary b.1813
STANLEY, Mary a.1726
STANLEY, Mary a.1738
STANLEY, Mary a.1758
STANLEY, Mary b.1693
STANLEY, Mary a.1752
STANLEY, Mary Ann b.1829
STANLEY, Matilda de b.1370
STANLEY, Matilda de b.1339
STANLEY, Maud b.1448
STANLEY, Nancy b.1805
STANLEY, Nancy Caroline b.1798
STANLEY, Nathan b.1823
STANLEY, Nathan H. b.1823
STANLEY, Nathan Smallidge b.1842
STANLEY, Nathaniel b.1638
STANLEY, Olive J. b.1850
STANLEY, Patience a.1595
STANLEY, Peter b.1597
STANLEY, Peter b.1801
STANLEY, Peter Esquire b.1511
STANLEY, Peter b.1799
STANLEY, Peter a.1757
STANLEY, Peter b.1770
STANLEY, Phebe b.1831
STANLEY, Phebe b.1791
STANLEY, Philip b.1796
STANLEY, Ralph Knight b.1394
STANLEY, Rhoda b.1688
STANLEY, Richard b.1461
STANLEY, Richard Archdeacon of Chester b.1407
STANLEY, Richard b.1430
STANLEY, Robert b.1565
STANLEY, Robert b.1567
STANLEY, Ruth a.1590
STANLEY, Ruth a.1627
STANLEY, Ruth Ann b.1843
STANLEY, Samuel b.1686
STANLEY, Sands b.1708
STANLEY, Sands b.1755
STANLEY, Sands a.1727
STANLEY, Sands a.1766
STANLEY, Sands a.1729
STANLEY, Sands b.1702
STANLEY, Sands a.1676
STANLEY, Sarah b.1636
STANLEY, Sarah b.1794
STANLEY, Sarah b.1797
STANLEY, Smith H. b.1839
STANLEY, Stillman G. b.1833
STANLEY, Thomas b.1460
STANLEY, Thomas Lord Monteagle b.1507
STANLEY, Thomas b.1467
STANLEY, Thomas Earl of Derby b.1483
STANLEY, Thomas Esquire b.1468
STANLEY, Thomas Knight b.1536
STANLEY, Thomas a.1631
STANLEY, Thomas a.1601
STANLEY, Thomas b.1789
STANLEY, Thomas Earl of Derby b.1435
STANLEY, Thomas Knight b.1392
STANLEY, Thomas K.G. b.1405
STANLEY, Thomas b.1603
STANLEY, Thomas b.1806
STANLEY, Thomas b.1433
STANLEY, Thomas b.1526
STANLEY, Thomas a.1764
STANLEY, Thomas a.1746
STANLEY, Thomas b.1802
STANLEY, Thomas McFarland b.1822
STANLEY, Timothy a.1631
STANLEY, Timothy a.1604
STANLEY, Tyler Hadlock b.1838
STANLEY, Walter de b.1215
STANLEY, William Earl of Derby b.1561
STANLEY, William b.1469
STANLEY, William Lord Monteagle b.1533
STANLEY, William a.1596
STANLEY, William K.G. b.1437
STANLEY, William b.1606
STANLEY, William Gentleman a.1565
STANLEY, William b.1789
STANLEY, William Sheriff of Cheshire b.1405
STANLEY, William Knight b.1386
STANLEY, William Knight b.1425
STANLEY, William Knight b.1499
STANLEY, William Knight b.1471
STANLEY, William a.1749
STANLEY, William a.1733
STANLEY, William b.1819
STANLEY, William b.1798
STANLEY, William Blunt b.1832
STANLEY, William de Knight b.1337
STANLEY, William de b.1170
STANLEY, William de Knight b.1368
STANLEY, William de b.1311
STANLEY, William de b.1250

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