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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


STANNARD, Elijah b.1715
STANNARD, Eltonhead b.1678
STANNARD, Joseph b.1635
STANNARD, Samuel b.1669
STANNARD, Sarah b.1680
STANNARD, William b.1682
STANNARD, William b.1642


STANSHAW, Robert b.1399


STANTON, Cecily de b.1182
STANTON, Mrs. Joanna b.1665


STANWOOD, Bernard L. b.1909
STANWOOD, Edgar L. b.1881
STANWOOD, Lawrence E. b.1907
STANWOOD, Naomi b.1664
STANWOOD, Raleigh Edgar b.1911
STANWOOD, Susanna a.1719
STANWOOD, Violet S. b.1915


STAPLEDON, Richard de Knight b.1350
STAPLEDON, Thomasine de b.1375


STAPLES, Abigail b.1729
STAPLES, Abigail b.1720
STAPLES, Daniel b.1740
STAPLES, Elizabeth b.1702
STAPLES, Elizabeth b.1745
STAPLES, Gideon b.1747
STAPLES, James b.1704
STAPLES, James b.1678
STAPLES, James b.1738
STAPLES, Joanna b.1743
STAPLES, John b.1675
STAPLES, John b.1733
STAPLES, John b.1588
STAPLES, Joseph b.1713
STAPLES, Katherine b.1716
STAPLES, Mary b.1782
STAPLES, Mary b.1710
STAPLES, Mary E. b.1847
STAPLES, Peter b.1673
STAPLES, Peter b.1640
STAPLES, Rebecca b.1682
STAPLES, Samuel b.1708
STAPLES, Samuel b.1735
STAPLES, Samuel b.1698
STAPLES, Sarah b.1731
STAPLES, Thomas b.1674
STAPLES, William b.1730
STAPLES, William b.1705


STAPLETON, Agnes b.1446
STAPLETON, Alice b.1521
STAPLETON, Anne b.1513
STAPLETON, Anne b.1404
STAPLETON, Brian b.1451
STAPLETON, Brian Knight b.1507
STAPLETON, Brian b.1502
STAPLETON, Brian Knight b.1461
STAPLETON, Brian Knight b.1412
STAPLETON, Brian K.G. b.1386
STAPLETON, Brian Esquire a.1588
STAPLETON, Brian Knight b.1354
STAPLETON, Brian Esquire b.1409
STAPLETON, Brian Lord Ingham b.1379
STAPLETON, Brian de K.G. b.1321
STAPLETON, Bridget b.1551
STAPLETON, Christopher b.1448
STAPLETON, Christopher Esquire b.1485
STAPLETON, Dorothy b.1576
STAPLETON, Dorothy a.1608
STAPLETON, Edmund b.1384
STAPLETON, Edward b.1593
STAPLETON, Ela b.1381
STAPLETON, Eleanor b.1497
STAPLETON, Elizabeth b.1436
STAPLETON, Elizabeth b.1545
STAPLETON, Elizabeth b.1487
STAPLETON, Elizabeth b.1408
STAPLETON, Elizabeth b.1440
STAPLETON, Elizabeth b.1441
STAPLETON, Ellen b.1386
STAPLETON, Geoffrey de b.1160
STAPLETON, Gilbert de Knight b.1290
STAPLETON, Grace b.1598
STAPLETON, Henry b.1458
STAPLETON, Henry Esquire b.1574
STAPLETON, Isabel b.1440
STAPLETON, Isabel b.1382
STAPLETON, Isabel b.1511
STAPLETON, Jane b.1572
STAPLETON, Joan b.1394
STAPLETON, Joan b.1509
STAPLETON, Joan b.1489
STAPLETON, Joan b.1410
STAPLETON, Joan b.1480
STAPLETON, Joan b.1444
STAPLETON, Joan de b.1351
STAPLETON, John b.1464
STAPLETON, John b.1438
STAPLETON, John Knight b.1399
STAPLETON, John b.1372
STAPLETON, John de b.1319
STAPLETON, John de b.1344
STAPLETON, Katherine b.1442
STAPLETON, Lancelot b.1493
STAPLETON, Leonard Esquire b.1400
STAPLETON, Margaret b.1390
STAPLETON, Margaret b.1515
STAPLETON, Margaret b.1499
STAPLETON, Mary b.1426
STAPLETON, Mary a.1585
STAPLETON, Mary b.1435
STAPLETON, Miles Gentleman b.1434
STAPLETON, Miles b.1491
STAPLETON, Miles Lord Ingham b.1407
STAPLETON, Miles Knight b.1357
STAPLETON, Miles de Lord Stapleton b.1258
STAPLETON, Miles de K.G. b.1318
STAPLETON, Miles de Lord Ingham b.1357
STAPLETON, Nicholas de Lord Stapleton b.1288
STAPLETON, Nicholas de b.1189
STAPLETON, Nicholas de Knight b.1236
STAPLETON, Olive a.1586
STAPLETON, Philip Gentleman b.1578
STAPLETON, Robert Knight b.1517
STAPLETON, Robert b.1590
STAPLETON, Robert Knight b.1548
STAPLETON, Roger de Knight b.1191
STAPLETON, Thomas b.1444
STAPLETON, Ursula a.1587
STAPLETON, Valerine de b.1353
STAPLETON, William Knight b.1432
STAPLETON, William b.1519
STAPLETON, William b.1495
STAPLETON, William a.1595


STAPLEY, Alice b.1478
STAPLEY, Richard b.1453


STARBUCK, Abigail b.1634
STARBUCK, Dorcas b.1644
STARBUCK, Edward b.1604
STARBUCK, Esther b.1649
STARBUCK, Jethro b.1641
STARBUCK, Nathaniel b.1636
STARBUCK, Sarah b.1632
STARBUCK, Shuah b.1638


STARKEY, John b.1638


STARKY, Anne b.1463
STARKY, Elizabeth b.1472
STARKY, Emma b.1460
STARKY, Geoffrey b.1360
STARKY, Hugh Esquire b.1410
STARKY, Humphrey Chief Baron of the Exchequer b.1420
STARKY, John b.1363
STARKY, Katherine b.1467
STARKY, Peter b.1370
STARKY, Randle b.1287
STARKY, Randle b.1259
STARKY, Randle b.1308
STARKY, Richard Esquire b.1510
STARKY, Richard b.1208
STARKY, Richard b.1233
STARKY, Richard b.1285
STARKY, Richard b.1469
STARKY, Thomas b.1455
STARKY, Thomas b.1329
STARKY, Thomas b.1366


STARR, Benjamin b.1648
STARR, Comfort a.1624
STARR, Comfort a.1589
STARR, Comfort b.1644
STARR, Constant b.1652
STARR, Elizabeth a.1622
STARR, Elizabeth a.1646
STARR, Elizabeth b.1788
STARR, Hannah a.1632
STARR, Hannah b.1673
STARR, Jehoshaphat b.1650
STARR, John a.1626
STARR, John b.1658
STARR, Josiah b.1657
STARR, Judith a.1617
STARR, Levi b.1759
STARR, Lydia a.1635
STARR, Mary a.1620
STARR, Mary b.1671
STARR, Robert b.1655
STARR, Robert b.1654
STARR, Robert b.1626
STARR, Ruth b.1637
STARR, Samuel a.1628
STARR, Samuel b.1640
STARR, Sarah b.1673
STARR, Susanna b.1652
STARR, Thomas b.1642
STARR, Thomas a.1615
STARR, William b.1655


START, Edward a.1614


STAUNTON, Anfrid de b.1305
STAUNTON, Elizabeth b.1516
STAUNTON, Jane b.1401
STAUNTON, John Esquire b.1357
STAUNTON, John de b.1280
STAUNTON, Katherine b.1403
STAUNTON, Mabel de b.1307
STAUNTON, Margaret b.1411
STAUNTON, Margaret de b.1309
STAUNTON, Thomas de b.1376


STAVELEY, Adam de b.1300
STAVELEY, Adam de b.1170
STAVELEY, Alice de b.1205
STAVELEY, Elizabeth b.1441
STAVELEY, Elizabeth de b.1364
STAVELEY, Isabel b.1490
STAVELEY, Margaret de b.1359
STAVELEY, Oliver de Knight b.1367
STAVELEY, Ralph de b.1245
STAVELEY, Ralph de Esquire b.1417
STAVELEY, Ralph de Knight b.1362
STAVELEY, Robert de b.1270
STAVELEY, Robert de b.1297
STAVELEY, Robert de b.1335
STAVELEY, Thomas de b.1371


STAWELL, Alice b.1448
STAWELL, Elizabeth b.1485
STAWELL, John Lord Stawell b.1669
STAWELL, Ursula b.1659
STAWELL, Walter Esquire b.1390


STEARNS, Abigail b.1670
STEARNS, Abigail b.1640
STEARNS, Anna a.1628
STEARNS, Elizabeth b.1642
STEARNS, Ellen H. b.1846
STEARNS, Isaac b.1665
STEARNS, Isaac b.1633
STEARNS, Isaac b.1590
STEARNS, John b.1692
STEARNS, John b.1654
STEARNS, John b.1675
STEARNS, John a.1623
STEARNS, Mary b.1663
STEARNS, Mary a.1626
STEARNS, Samuel b.1667
STEARNS, Samuel b.1638
STEARNS, Sarah b.1662
STEARNS, Sarah b.1635
STEARNS, Susanna b.1716


STEBBINS, Aaron b.1715
STEBBINS, Abigail b.1660
STEBBINS, Amy a.1596
STEBBINS, Benjamin a.1674
STEBBINS, Benjamin b.1677
STEBBINS, Benjamin b.1658
STEBBINS, Christopher b.1694
STEBBINS, Deborah b.1672
STEBBINS, Ebenezer b.1686
STEBBINS, Editha b.1610
STEBBINS, Edward a.1595
STEBBINS, Edward b.1656
STEBBINS, Elizabeth b.1717
STEBBINS, Elizabeth b.1628
STEBBINS, Elizabeth b.1623
STEBBINS, Elizabeth b.1632
STEBBINS, Ellen a.1593
STEBBINS, Esther b.1713
STEBBINS, Eunice b.1710
STEBBINS, Hannah b.1664
STEBBINS, Hannah b.1692
STEBBINS, Hannah b.1660
STEBBINS, Ichabod b.1723
STEBBINS, John b.1690
STEBBINS, John b.1681
STEBBINS, John b.1625
STEBBINS, Joseph b.1670
STEBBINS, Joseph b.1705
STEBBINS, Joseph b.1674
STEBBINS, Joseph b.1650
STEBBINS, Joseph b.1652
STEBBINS, Margaret a.1604
STEBBINS, Martha b.1697
STEBBINS, Mary b.1666
STEBBINS, Mary b.1703
STEBBINS, Mary b.1630
STEBBINS, Mehitable b.1683
STEBBINS, Rebecca a.1676
STEBBINS, Rebecca b.1701
STEBBINS, Rowland a.1592
STEBBINS, Rowland b.1660
STEBBINS, Samuel b.1659
STEBBINS, Samuel b.1646
STEBBINS, Sarah b.1668
STEBBINS, Sarah b.1708
STEBBINS, Sarah b.1688
STEBBINS, Sarah b.1621
STEBBINS, Sarah b.1654
STEBBINS, Thankful b.1678
STEBBINS, Thomas b.1662
STEBBINS, Thomas b.1679
STEBBINS, Thomas a.1600
STEBBINS, Thomas b.1648
STEBBINS, Thomas b.1619
STEBBINS, William b.1568


STEDMAN, Elizabeth b.1656
STEDMAN, Martha b.1646
STEDMAN, Nathan Alexander b.1743


STEELE, James a.1622
STEELE, John a.1591
STEELE, John b.1660
STEELE, Jordan b.1805
STEELE, Marilda b.1852


STEERE, Samuel b.1677
STEERE, Thomas b.1564


STEETON, Isabel de b.1280


STEINHAUER, Alfred Wesley b.1894


STENT, Dorothy b.1672
STENT, Elizabeth b.1638
STENT, Margaret b.1665


STEPHENS, Catherine b.1646
STEPHENS, Christopher a.1608
STEPHENS, Honor a.1601
STEPHENS, Joan b.1491
STEPHENS, Judith b.1608
STEPHENS, Richard b.1642
STEPHENS, Sarah R. b.1815
STEPHENS, Thomas Gentleman b.1514
STEPHENS, Thomas b.1700
STEPHENS, William a.1604
STEPHENS, William b.1575


STEPPER, Sarah b.1577


STERLING, William b.1639


STETSON, Bethia b.1675
STETSON, Eli b.1717
STETSON, Mary b.1678
STETSON, Rachel a.1739


STEVENS, Aaron b.1735
STEVENS, Abigail b.1666
STEVENS, Abigail b.1699
STEVENS, Azubah b.1708
STEVENS, Charles b.1638
STEVENS, Charles b.1726
STEVENS, Charles Franklin b.1874
STEVENS, Charlton H. b.1892
STEVENS, Cyprian b.1648
STEVENS, Daniel b.1717
STEVENS, Daniel b.1732
STEVENS, Daniel b.1701
STEVENS, Deborah b.1777
STEVENS, Dorothy b.1721
STEVENS, Dorothy b.1675
STEVENS, Ebenezer b.1670
STEVENS, Edgar S. b.1849
STEVENS, Elizabeth b.1668
STEVENS, Elizabeth b.1725
STEVENS, Elizabeth b.1681
STEVENS, Elizabeth b.1717
STEVENS, Elizabeth b.1639
STEVENS, Elizabeth b.1704
STEVENS, Elizabeth b.1783
STEVENS, Elizabeth b.1670
STEVENS, Elnathan b.1703
STEVENS, Emily b.1825
STEVENS, Esther b.1734
STEVENS, Hannah b.1675
STEVENS, Henry b.1650
STEVENS, Hyrum Wallace b.1873
STEVENS, Isaac a.1718
STEVENS, James b.1651
STEVENS, James b.1699
STEVENS, James b.1706
STEVENS, Jerusha b.1704
STEVENS, Jerusha b.1744
STEVENS, John b.1670
STEVENS, John b.1661
STEVENS, John b.1633
STEVENS, John b.1654
STEVENS, John b.1607
STEVENS, John b.1639
STEVENS, Jonathan b.1675
STEVENS, Joseph b.1666
STEVENS, Joseph b.1723
STEVENS, Joseph b.1716
STEVENS, Joseph b.1683
STEVENS, Joshua b.1670
STEVENS, Josiah b.1670
STEVENS, Josiah b.1700
STEVENS, Josiah b.1728
STEVENS, Judith a.1670
STEVENS, Judith b.1668
STEVENS, Lucy b.1725
STEVENS, Maria Cynthia b.1820
STEVENS, Martha b.1706
STEVENS, Mary b.1728
STEVENS, Mary b.1672
STEVENS, Mary b.1673
STEVENS, Mary b.1696
STEVENS, Mary b.1677
STEVENS, Mary b.1636
STEVENS, Mary b.1653
STEVENS, Mary b.1693
STEVENS, Mindwell b.1714
STEVENS, Nathan b.1740
STEVENS, Nathaniel b.1681
STEVENS, Nathaniel b.1661
STEVENS, Nathaniel b.1659
STEVENS, Nathaniel b.1710
STEVENS, Oliver a.1796
STEVENS, Phebe b.1673
STEVENS, Phineas b.1707
STEVENS, Rebecca b.1655
STEVENS, Reuben b.1738
STEVENS, Roswell b.1746
STEVENS, Samuel b.1711
STEVENS, Samuel b.1657
STEVENS, Sarah b.1658
STEVENS, Sarah b.1731
STEVENS, Sarah b.1729
STEVENS, Simon b.1678
STEVENS, Thomas b.1662
STEVENS, Thomas b.1628
STEVENS, Timothy b.1666
STEVENS, Timothy b.1664
STEVENS, William b.1658
STEVENS, William b.1630


STEVENSON, Herbert W. b.1874
STEVENSON, Vicki Lynne b.1953


STEWARD, Mary b.1654
STEWARD, Sarah b.1656


STEWART, Agnes b.1504
STEWART, Alan b.1478
STEWART, Alan Knight b.1292
STEWART, Alan Lord Darnley b.1407
STEWART, Alexander Duke of Ross b.1514
STEWART, Alexander Duke of Albany b.1453
STEWART, Alexander b.1430
STEWART, Alexander Archbishop of St. Andrews b.1493
STEWART, Alexander b.1397
STEWART, Alexander b.1431
STEWART, Alexander b.1409
STEWART, Alexander b.1388
STEWART, Alexander Knight b.1284
STEWART, Alexander b.1472
STEWART, Alexander Earl of Mar b.1375
STEWART, Alexander Earl of Buchan b.1345
STEWART, Alexander Knight b.1319
STEWART, Alexander Knight b.1344
STEWART, Alexander b.1641
STEWART, Alexander High Steward of Scotland b.1208
STEWART, Andrew Bishop of Caithness b.1480
STEWART, Andrew Bishop of Moray b.1443
STEWART, Andrew b.1383
STEWART, Andrew b.1290
STEWART, Andrew Knight b.1321
STEWART, Annabella b.1435
STEWART, Arthur Duke of Albany b.1541
STEWART, Arthur Duke of Rothesay b.1509
STEWART, Beatrix b.1368
STEWART, Catherine b.1352
STEWART, Charles Earl of Lennox b.1555
STEWART, Charles b.1792
STEWART, Charles b.1761
STEWART, Charles b.1741
STEWART, Christian b.1484
STEWART, Christian b.1383
STEWART, Cushing T. b.1795
STEWART, David Earl of Moray b.1455
STEWART, David Earl of Caithness b.1356
STEWART, David Duke of Rothesay b.1378
STEWART, Deborah b.1685
STEWART, Egidia b.1387
STEWART, Eleanor b.1427
STEWART, Elena b.1252
STEWART, Elijah a.1733
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1488
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1502
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1495
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1570
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1357
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1387
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1374
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1315
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1204
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1362
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1347
STEWART, Elizabeth Countess of Argyll b.1464
STEWART, Elizabeth b.1249
STEWART, Elspeth b.1492
STEWART, Euphemia b.1206
STEWART, Gille b.1355
STEWART, Gille b.1296
STEWART, Gille b.1365
STEWART, Gille b.1325
STEWART, Hannah b.1672
STEWART, Hawise b.1262
STEWART, Helen b.1522
STEWART, Henry b.1545
STEWART, Henry Duke of Albany b.1545
STEWART, Henry Lord Methven b.1497
STEWART, Hugh Knight b.1296
STEWART, Huldah a.1740
STEWART, Hyrum b.1851
STEWART, Isabel b.1381
STEWART, Isabel b.1304
STEWART, Isabel b.1286
STEWART, Isabel b.1373
STEWART, Isabel b.1437
STEWART, Isabella b.1426
STEWART, Isabella b.1360
STEWART, James Knight b.1582
STEWART, James Lord Doune b.1658
STEWART, James Earl of Moray b.1608
STEWART, James b.1399
STEWART, James Earl of Buchan b.1441
STEWART, James Earl of Moray b.1500
STEWART, James Duke of Rothesay b.1540
STEWART, James Duke of Rothesay b.1507
STEWART, James Duke of Ross b.1478
STEWART, James Knight b.1298
STEWART, James b.1392
STEWART, James Knight b.1386
STEWART, James Knight b.1288
STEWART, James High Steward of Scotland b.1252
STEWART, James I King of Scotland b.1394
STEWART, James II King of Scotland b.1430
STEWART, James III King of Scotland b.1451
STEWART, James IV King of Scotland b.1473
STEWART, James V King of Scotland b.1512
STEWART, Janet b.1498
STEWART, Janet b.1386
STEWART, Janet b.1429
STEWART, Jean b.1476
STEWART, Jean b.1349
STEWART, Joan b.1428
STEWART, Joan b.1376
STEWART, John Earl of Carrick b.1570
STEWART, John Seigneur d'Aubigny b.1519
STEWART, John Earl of Atholl b.1440
STEWART, John Earl of Lennox b.1495
STEWART, John Earl of Mar b.1457
STEWART, John Earl of Mar b.1480
STEWART, John Earl of Angus b.1306
STEWART, John Earl of Buchan b.1381
STEWART, John Knight b.1294
STEWART, John Lord of Aubigny b.1411
STEWART, John Knight b.1318
STEWART, John Knight b.1476
STEWART, John Knight b.1313
STEWART, John Knight b.1294
STEWART, John Earl of Atholl b.1478
STEWART, John Lord of Aubigny b.1384
STEWART, John Lord of Lorn b.1356
STEWART, John Earl of Lennox b.1429
STEWART, John Lord of Lorn b.1400
STEWART, John b.1210
STEWART, John Knight b.1256
STEWART, Katherine b.1482
STEWART, Katherine b.1495
STEWART, Margaret b.1547
STEWART, Margaret b.1585
STEWART, Margaret b.1486
STEWART, Margaret b.1496
STEWART, Margaret b.1425
STEWART, Margaret b.1459
STEWART, Margaret b.1354
STEWART, Margaret b.1221
STEWART, Margaret b.1397
STEWART, Margaret b.1372
STEWART, Margaret b.1468
STEWART, Margaret b.1314
STEWART, Margaret b.1343
STEWART, Marion b.1466
STEWART, Mariota b.1460
STEWART, Mariota b.1440
STEWART, Marjorie b.1352
STEWART, Marjory b.1490
STEWART, Marjory b.1348
STEWART, Marjory b.1371
STEWART, Mary b.1334
STEWART, Mary Queen of Scots b.1542
STEWART, Mary b.1432
STEWART, Mary b.1450
STEWART, Mary b.1381
STEWART, Mary b.1362
STEWART, Mary b.1794
STEWART, Matthew Earl of Lennox b.1516
STEWART, Matthew Earl of Lennox b.1462
STEWART, Matthew B. b.1799
STEWART, Mungo b.1500
STEWART, Murdoch Duke of Albany b.1365
STEWART, Muriel b.1900
STEWART, N.N. b.1513
STEWART, N.N. b.1508
STEWART, N.N. b.1266
STEWART, N.N. b.1215
STEWART, Richard b.1704
STEWART, Robert Earl of March b.1517
STEWART, Robert b.1393
STEWART, Robert Knight b.1298
STEWART, Robert b.1385
STEWART, Robert b.1384
STEWART, Robert b.1390
STEWART, Robert Seigneur d'Aubigny b.1474
STEWART, Robert Lord of Lorn b.1348
STEWART, Robert Knight b.1315
STEWART, Robert Lord of Lorn b.1379
STEWART, Robert Duke of Albany b.1341
STEWART, Robert Knight b.1218
STEWART, Robert II King of Scotland b.1316
STEWART, Robert III King of Scotland b.1337
STEWART, Thomas Earl of Angus b.1360
STEWART, Thomas Knight b.1396
STEWART, Thomas Earl of Angus b.1329
STEWART, Walter Knight b.1395
STEWART, Walter Earl of Strathearn b.1358
STEWART, Walter Knight b.1290
STEWART, Walter Lord of Lorn b.1402
STEWART, Walter b.1317
STEWART, Walter b.1339
STEWART, Walter High Steward of Scotland b.1292
STEWART, Walter High Steward of Scotland b.1165
STEWART, Walter "Bailloch" Earl of Menteith b.1212
STEWART, William Knight b.1470
STEWART, William b.1797


STEYNINGS, Thomas b.1517


STICKNEY, Abigail b.1738
STICKNEY, Abigail b.1779
STICKNEY, Adding b.1648
STICKNEY, Amos a.1636
STICKNEY, Amos a.1721
STICKNEY, Amos a.1718
STICKNEY, Amos b.1749
STICKNEY, Amos b.1669
STICKNEY, Amos a.1638
STICKNEY, Andrew b.1644
STICKNEY, Andrew b.1667
STICKNEY, Anna b.1743
STICKNEY, Anne a.1588
STICKNEY, Asa b.1752
STICKNEY, Barzillai b.1755
STICKNEY, Benjamin b.1701
STICKNEY, Benjamin b.1673
STICKNEY, Daniel a.1632
STICKNEY, Eliphalet b.1747
STICKNEY, Eliphalet b.1773
STICKNEY, Elizabeth b.1684
STICKNEY, Elizabeth b.1646
STICKNEY, Elizabeth b.1753
STICKNEY, Elizabeth b.1730
STICKNEY, Elizabeth b.1758
STICKNEY, Elizabeth b.1777
STICKNEY, Faith b.1642
STICKNEY, Hannah b.1681
STICKNEY, Hannah b.1738
STICKNEY, Hannah b.1674
STICKNEY, Jane b.1696
STICKNEY, Jane a.1586
STICKNEY, Jane b.1731
STICKNEY, Jane b.1768
STICKNEY, Jedediah b.1735
STICKNEY, John b.1700
STICKNEY, John b.1640
STICKNEY, John a.1629
STICKNEY, John b.1666
STICKNEY, Jonathan b.1707
STICKNEY, Joseph b.1733
STICKNEY, Joseph b.1671
STICKNEY, Joseph b.1705
STICKNEY, Lemuel b.1745
STICKNEY, Lemuel b.1761
STICKNEY, Lettice b.1781
STICKNEY, Martha a.1714
STICKNEY, Mary b.1687
STICKNEY, Mary a.1633
STICKNEY, Mary b.1711
STICKNEY, Mathye a.1586
STICKNEY, Mercy b.1648
STICKNEY, Moses b.1703
STICKNEY, Moses b.1751
STICKNEY, Moses b.1677
STICKNEY, Moses b.1729
STICKNEY, Olive b.1765
STICKNEY, Paul b.1763
STICKNEY, Relief b.1775
STICKNEY, Rhoda b.1770
STICKNEY, Robert b.1526
STICKNEY, Samuel b.1690
STICKNEY, Samuel a.1631
STICKNEY, Samuel b.1741
STICKNEY, Samuel b.1708
STICKNEY, Sarah b.1693
STICKNEY, Sarah a.1713
STICKNEY, Sarah b.1664
STICKNEY, Sarah b.1676
STICKNEY, Simon b.1753
STICKNEY, Susanna b.1739
STICKNEY, Thomas a.1589
STICKNEY, Thomas b.1646
STICKNEY, Thomas b.1710
STICKNEY, Thomas b.1755
STICKNEY, William a.1558
STICKNEY, William a.1592


STIGAND, Agnes b.1052
STIGAND, Eudes b.1020


STILBURY, Priscilla b.1539


STILEMAN, Alice b.1605
STILEMAN, Elias a.1615


STILES, Abbie M. b.1847
STILES, Albert K. b.1870
STILES, Aretas Leland b.1857
STILES, Calvin H. b.1874
STILES, Dorcas b.1692
STILES, Elbridge b.1841
STILES, Eliza A. b.1839
STILES, Elizabeth b.1846
STILES, Ephraim b.1645
STILES, Ephraim b.1708
STILES, Ernest b.1878
STILES, Gideon b.1843
STILES, Gideon b.1820
STILES, Harry L. b.1866
STILES, Haskell b.1846
STILES, Henry b.1810
STILES, Henry b.1632
STILES, Hugh S. b.1872
STILES, Isaac b.1638
STILES, James C. b.1844
STILES, John a.1595
STILES, John b.1634
STILES, Lilla Frederica b.1857
STILES, Linford b.1865
STILES, Margaret b.1879
STILES, Mary Ann b.1816
STILES, N.N. b.1637
STILES, Oliver b.1755
STILES, Ruby E. b.1853
STILES, Ruby V. b.1876
STILES, Samuel b.1642
STILES, Samuel b.1815
STILES, Sarah b.1636
STILES, Wallace Seymour b.1844
STILES, Wilson Daniel b.1849


STILL, Alice b.1554


STILLINGTON, Katherine b.1454


STILSON, James b.1660


STIMPSON, Andrew b.1650
STIMPSON, James b.1737
STIMPSON, James b.1636
STIMPSON, Jonathan b.1675


STINSON, John b.1733
STINSON, Mary b.1747


STIRLING, Elizabeth b.1468
STIRLING, John b.1290
STIRLING, Katherine b.1338
STIRLING, Luke Lord of Rathoran b.1380
STIRLING, William b.1339
STIRLING, William Knight b.1426
STIRLING, William Knight b.1446
STIRLING, William Knight b.1466


STITSON, William b.1600


STOCKBRIDGE, Charles a.1634
STOCKBRIDGE, Charles a.1717
STOCKBRIDGE, Elizabeth b.1640
STOCKBRIDGE, Hannah a.1637
STOCKBRIDGE, Hester a.1647
STOCKBRIDGE, John b.1608
STOCKBRIDGE, Katherine b.1560
STOCKBRIDGE, Mary b.1714
STOCKBRIDGE, Merrill Gage b.1918
STOCKBRIDGE, Merrill Gage b.1891
STOCKBRIDGE, Robert Allan b.1914
STOCKBRIDGE, Sarah a.1646


STOCKELL, William b.1507


STOCKER, Ebenezer b.1655
STOCKER, Martha b.1672
STOCKER, Mary b.1667
STOCKER, Thomasine b.1574


STOCKHAY, Joan de b.1230


STOCKING, Lydia b.1631


STOCKLEY, Elizabeth b.1482
STOCKLEY, Joan b.1478
STOCKLEY, John b.1476
STOCKLEY, Roger Priest b.1480
STOCKLEY, Thomas b.1451


STOCKMAN, Dorothy b.1678
STOCKMAN, Elizabeth b.1674
STOCKMAN, John b.1681
STOCKMAN, John a.1645
STOCKMAN, Joseph Gentleman a.1621
STOCKMAN, Joseph b.1672
STOCKMAN, Mary a.1642
STOCKMAN, Robert b.1683
STOCKMAN, William b.1675


STOCKPORT, Joan de b.1289
STOCKPORT, Jordan de b.1230
STOCKPORT, Margery de b.1227
STOCKPORT, Margery de b.1192
STOCKPORT, Robert de Knight b.1190
STOCKPORT, Robert de Knight b.1225
STOCKPORT, Robert de Knight b.1160


STOCKTON, Prudence a.1584
STOCKTON, Robert b.1904


STODDARD, Aaron b.1676
STODDARD, Anthony b.1656
STODDARD, Anthony b.1678
STODDARD, Anthony b.1675
STODDARD, Anthony b.1600
STODDARD, Benjamin b.1640
STODDARD, Christian b.1658
STODDARD, Christian b.1676
STODDARD, Dorothy b.1665
STODDARD, Ebenezer b.1664
STODDARD, Esther b.1672
STODDARD, Hannah b.1688
STODDARD, Hannah b.1703
STODDARD, Israel b.1684
STODDARD, Jane b.1669
STODDARD, John b.1663
STODDARD, John b.1682
STODDARD, John b.1621
STODDARD, Joseph b.1661
STODDARD, Lydia b.1660
STODDARD, Mary b.1668
STODDARD, Mary b.1671
STODDARD, Rebecca b.1686
STODDARD, Samson b.1645
STODDARD, Samuel b.1674
STODDARD, Samuel b.1767
STODDARD, Sarah b.1680
STODDARD, Solomon b.1643


STODDER, Daniel b.1633
STODDER, Elizabeth b.1635
STODDER, Hannah b.1637
STODDER, John b.1631
STODDER, John b.1601
STODDER, Samuel a.1640


STOKE, Alice de b.1108
STOKE, Gilbert de b.1160
STOKE, William Knight b.1410


STOKES, Adrian Esquire b.1533
STOKES, Alice de b.1208
STOKES, Catherine Myrta b.1894
STOKES, Eliza A. b.1871
STOKES, Elsie Lorita b.1904
STOKES, Furman Lee b.1897
STOKES, Geoffrey de b.1284
STOKES, Hardy E. b.1834
STOKES, Isabel de b.1210
STOKES, John T. b.1865
STOKES, Lee Mallory b.1869
STOKES, Leonard Mallory b.1902
STOKES, Lottie R. b.1900
STOKES, Marvin P. b.1879
STOKES, Mary b.1655
STOKES, Nathan H. b.1868
STOKES, Piers de b.1180
STOKES, Walter de b.1180


STOKKER, John b.1458


STONARD, Francis b.1530


STONE, Abigail b.1653
STONE, Abigail b.1680
STONE, Achsah b.1715
STONE, Agnes b.1320
STONE, Agnes a.1581
STONE, Alice b.1602
STONE, Anna b.1673
STONE, Anne b.1624
STONE, Anne b.1670
STONE, Anne a.1601
STONE, Daniel b.1647
STONE, Daniel b.1643
STONE, Daniel a.1620
STONE, Daniel b.1668
STONE, Daniel b.1644
STONE, David b.1672
STONE, David a.1617
STONE, David a.1622
STONE, David a.1568
STONE, David b.1646
STONE, David b.1480
STONE, David b.1538
STONE, Ebenezer b.1663
STONE, Elizabeth b.1752
STONE, Elizabeth a.1621
STONE, Elizabeth b.1649
STONE, Elizabeth b.1639
STONE, Elizabeth b.1670
STONE, Elizabeth a.1624
STONE, Elizabeth a.1629
STONE, Elizabeth a.1572
STONE, Elizabeth b.1651
STONE, Elizabeth b.1678
STONE, Elizabeth a.1588
STONE, Elizabeth b.1672
STONE, Eunice b.1711
STONE, Eunice b.1741
STONE, Frances a.1576
STONE, Frances a.1567
STONE, Francis a.1619
STONE, George b.1460
STONE, Gregory a.1592
STONE, Hannah b.1720
STONE, Hannah b.1718
STONE, Hannah b.1640
STONE, Heman b.1705
STONE, Henry b.1541
STONE, Henry a.1592
STONE, Henry b.1559
STONE, Huldah b.1722
STONE, Isaac b.1658
STONE, Joan b.1578
STONE, Joel b.1777
STONE, John b.1663
STONE, John b.1661
STONE, John b.1658
STONE, John a.1573
STONE, John b.1642
STONE, John a.1618
STONE, John b.1684
STONE, John b.1455
STONE, John b.1420
STONE, John b.1505
STONE, John a.1586
STONE, John a.1562
STONE, John b.1535
STONE, John b.1622
STONE, John b.1585
STONE, John b.1635
STONE, John R. b.1785
STONE, Jonathan b.1677
STONE, Joseph b.1670
STONE, Keziah b.1701
STONE, Lois b.1701
STONE, Lydia b.1665
STONE, Lydia a.1700
STONE, Margaret b.1653
STONE, Margery a.1570
STONE, Marie a.1599
STONE, Mary b.1668
STONE, Mary b.1699
STONE, Mary b.1665
STONE, Mary b.1644
STONE, Mary a.1621
STONE, Mary a.1590
STONE, Mary b.1705
STONE, Mary b.1648
STONE, Mary b.1677
STONE, Mary F. b.1844
STONE, Matthew b.1660
STONE, Matthew a.1578
STONE, Matthew b.1515
STONE, Mehitable b.1658
STONE, Mercy b.1561
STONE, Michael b.1486
STONE, Nathan b.1708
STONE, Nathaniel b.1713
STONE, Nathaniel b.1667
STONE, Nathaniel b.1662
STONE, Nathaniel b.1660
STONE, Oliver b.1719
STONE, Peter b.1781
STONE, Rachel b.1680
STONE, Reliance b.1703
STONE, Richard b.1545
STONE, Richard a.1564
STONE, Samuel b.1656
STONE, Samuel a.1631
STONE, Sarah b.1690
STONE, Sarah b.1661
STONE, Sarah a.1669
STONE, Sarah b.1645
STONE, Sarah a.1633
STONE, Sarah b.1657
STONE, Sarah b.1675
STONE, Simon b.1656
STONE, Simon b.1631
STONE, Simon a.1586
STONE, Simon b.1450
STONE, Simon b.1507
STONE, Submit b.1715
STONE, Susan a.1569
STONE, Susan a.1597
STONE, Susanna b.1650
STONE, Susannah b.1675
STONE, Tabitha b.1655
STONE, Tabitha b.1672
STONE, Thankful b.1710
STONE, Thankful b.1709
STONE, Thankful b.1736
STONE, Thomas b.1723
STONE, Thomas b.1510
STONE, Ursula a.1588
STONE, Walter b.1446
STONE, Walter b.1483
STONE, Walter atte b.1390
STONE, William b.1642
STONE, William b.1488
STONE, William a.1594
STONE, William atte b.1365

Surname List