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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


SMITHSBY, Anne b.1635


SMOOT, Alice b.1645
SMOOT, Anne b.1698
SMOOT, Anne b.1639
SMOOT, Elizabeth b.1698
SMOOT, Elizabeth b.1642
SMOOT, Grace b.1637
SMOOT, Mary b.1693
SMOOT, Richard b.1634
SMOOT, Thomas b.1632
SMOOT, William b.1648
SMOOT, William b.1598


SMYTH, Agnes b.1450
SMYTH, Alice b.1444
SMYTH, Charles Viscount Carrington of Burford b.1597
SMYTH, Elizabeth b.1595
SMYTH, Henry b.1549
SMYTH, Joan b.1433
SMYTH, Joan b.1540
SMYTH, Joan b.1448
SMYTH, John Gentleman b.1536
SMYTH, John b.1355
SMYTH, John b.1382
SMYTH, John b.1436
SMYTH, John b.1382
SMYTH, Margaret b.1410
SMYTH, Mary b.1574
SMYTH, Matilda b.1442
SMYTH, N.N. b.1576
SMYTH, Richard b.1437
SMYTH, Robert Parson of Donington b.1440
SMYTH, Samuel b.1598
SMYTH, Susannah b.1402
SMYTH, Thomas b.1438
SMYTH, William b.1446
SMYTH, William b.1407
SMYTH, William b.1407


SMYTHE, Agnes b.1525
SMYTHE, Alice b.1564
SMYTHE, Andrew b.1554
SMYTHE, Cuthbert b.1527
SMYTHE, Dorothy a.1635
SMYTHE, Elizabeth b.1566
SMYTHE, Elizabeth b.1589
SMYTHE, Francis b.1529
SMYTHE, Henry b.1562
SMYTHE, Isaac a.1626
SMYTHE, Jenet b.1519
SMYTHE, Joan b.1560
SMYTHE, Joan b.1527
SMYTHE, John Knight b.1594
SMYTHE, John a.1620
SMYTHE, John Knight b.1556
SMYTHE, John b.1523
SMYTHE, Katherine b.1552
SMYTHE, Katherine a.1591
SMYTHE, Katherine b.1519
SMYTHE, Margaret b.1536
SMYTHE, Mary b.1550
SMYTHE, Mary b.1534
SMYTHE, Philip Viscount Strangford a.1634
SMYTHE, Richard b.1532
SMYTHE, Robert Esquire b.1618
SMYTHE, Sarah a.1617
SMYTHE, Simon b.1569
SMYTHE, Simon a.1622
SMYTHE, Thomas b.1522
SMYTHE, Thomas Knight b.1558
SMYTHE, Thomas Viscount Strangford a.1594
SMYTHE, Thomas b.1521
SMYTHE, William b.1494


SMYTHWINE, Elizabeth b.1520


SNEAD, Anna b.1537


SNELGRAVE, Thomas Esquire b.1598


SNELL, Abiel b.1683
SNELL, Amos b.1678
SNELL, Ann b.1685
SNELL, Anne b.1577
SNELL, Eleazer b.1790
SNELL, John b.1680
SNELL, Joseph b.1683
SNELL, Josiah b.1674
SNELL, Manasses a.1629
SNELL, Martha b.1692
SNELL, Martha b.1669
SNELL, Mary b.1689
SNELL, Richard Gentleman b.1490
SNELL, Richard b.1600
SNELL, Samuel b.1676
SNELL, Thomas b.1671
SNELL, Thomas a.1635


SNELLING, Robert b.1704


SNEYD, Elizabeth b.1530


SNOW, Abigail b.1774
SNOW, Abigail b.1736
SNOW, Abigail b.1673
SNOW, Abigail b.1650
SNOW, Abigail Leonora b.1801
SNOW, Alice b.1657
SNOW, Anthony b.1618
SNOW, Benjamin b.1668
SNOW, Charles b.1821
SNOW, Charlotte b.1782
SNOW, Constance b.1646
SNOW, Deborah b.1680
SNOW, Edmund b.1732
SNOW, Edward b.1672
SNOW, Elisha b.1686
SNOW, Eliza Roxey b.1804
SNOW, Elizabeth b.1682
SNOW, Elizabeth b.1732
SNOW, Elizabeth b.1640
SNOW, Erastus b.1818
SNOW, Franklin b.1779
SNOW, Grace b.1675
SNOW, Hannah b.1648
SNOW, Hannah b.1670
SNOW, Hastings b.1780
SNOW, Henry b.1674
SNOW, Isaac b.1683
SNOW, Jabez b.1670
SNOW, Jabez b.1642
SNOW, James b.1770
SNOW, Jerusha b.1784
SNOW, John b.1778
SNOW, John b.1729
SNOW, John b.1706
SNOW, John b.1678
SNOW, John b.1638
SNOW, Joseph b.1634
SNOW, Josiah b.1643
SNOW, Levi b.1782
SNOW, Levi Mason b.1803
SNOW, Lorenzo b.1814
SNOW, Lucina b.1804
SNOW, Lucius Augustus b.1819
SNOW, Lydia b.1823
SNOW, Lydia b.1772
SNOW, Lydia b.1707
SNOW, Lydia b.1767
SNOW, Lydia b.1685
SNOW, Lydia b.1645
SNOW, Mark b.1628
SNOW, Mary b.1813
SNOW, Mary b.1696
SNOW, Mary b.1672
SNOW, Mary b.1630
SNOW, Melissa b.1826
SNOW, Melissa b.1810
SNOW, Molly b.1767
SNOW, N.N. b.1655
SNOW, Nathaniel b.1726
SNOW, Nicholas b.1578
SNOW, Nicholas a.1600
SNOW, Oliver b.1775
SNOW, Oliver b.1749
SNOW, Percy Amanda b.1808
SNOW, Phebe b.1745
SNOW, Phebe b.1689
SNOW, Rachel b.1685
SNOW, Rebecca b.1784
SNOW, Rebecca b.1650
SNOW, Rebecca b.1676
SNOW, Roxey b.1776
SNOW, Ruth b.1718
SNOW, Ruth b.1644
SNOW, Sally b.1780
SNOW, Sally b.1776
SNOW, Samuel b.1647
SNOW, Samuel b.1649
SNOW, Samuel Pearce b.1821
SNOW, Sarah b.1673
SNOW, Sarah b.1632
SNOW, Sarah b.1651
SNOW, Seth b.1733
SNOW, Shipley b.1816
SNOW, Stephen b.1636
SNOW, Thomas b.1678
SNOW, Warren b.1735
SNOW, Willard b.1811
SNOW, William b.1806
SNOW, William b.1584
SNOW, Zerubbabel b.1809
SNOW, Zerubbabel b.1783
SNOW, Zerubbabel b.1741


SNOWMAN, Christian b.1690
SNOWMAN, Daniel a.1771
SNOWMAN, Elizabeth b.1761
SNOWMAN, Gideon a.1770
SNOWMAN, James a.1774
SNOWMAN, John b.1713
SNOWMAN, John b.1755
SNOWMAN, John b.1727
SNOWMAN, Lucy b.1760
SNOWMAN, Mary b.1791
SNOWMAN, Mary b.1759
SNOWMAN, Samuel Charles Paxton a.1767
SNOWMAN, Sarah b.1756
SNOWMAN, William b.1765


SNYDER, Elizabeth b.1784


SOAME, Judith b.1586


SOANE, Robert b.1599


SODINGTON, Joan de b.1282


SOISSONS, Adelaide de b.964
SOISSONS, Aelis de b.985
SOISSONS, Aelis de b.1029
SOISSONS, Giselbert de b.940
SOISSONS, N.N. of b.1112
SOISSONS, Renaud de Count of Soissons b.989


SOLART, Elizabeth b.1651
SOLART, Mary b.1648


SOLERS, Henry de Sheriff of Herefordshire b.1243
SOLERS, Mary de b.1268
SOLERS, Richard de b.1190
SOLERS, Simon de b.1207


SOLLARS, Robert b.1677


SOMERBY, Elizabeth b.1646
SOMERBY, Rebecca b.1672
SOMERBY, Sarah b.1645


SOMERFORD, William b.1455




SOMERSET, Anne b.1631
SOMERSET, Anne b.1538
SOMERSET, Anne Nun b.1622
SOMERSET, Anne b.1589
SOMERSET, Anne b.1537
SOMERSET, Blanche b.1584
SOMERSET, Charles b.1541
SOMERSET, Charles b.1614
SOMERSET, Charles K.B. b.1586
SOMERSET, Charles b.1580
SOMERSET, Charles Knight b.1517
SOMERSET, Charles Knight b.1532
SOMERSET, Charles Earl of Worcester b.1460
SOMERSET, Christopher a.1590
SOMERSET, Edward Marquess of Worcester b.1603
SOMERSET, Edward Knight b.1591
SOMERSET, Edward Earl of Worcester b.1550
SOMERSET, Eleanor b.1522
SOMERSET, Elizabeth b.1634
SOMERSET, Elizabeth b.1601
SOMERSET, Elizabeth b.1618
SOMERSET, Elizabeth b.1573
SOMERSET, Elizabeth b.1552
SOMERSET, Elizabeth b.1498
SOMERSET, Frances b.1587
SOMERSET, Francis b.1616
SOMERSET, Francis b.1581
SOMERSET, Francis b.1534
SOMERSET, Frederick a.1613
SOMERSET, George Knight b.1519
SOMERSET, Henry Duke of Beaufort b.1629
SOMERSET, Henry b.1607
SOMERSET, Henry Marquess of Worcester b.1577
SOMERSET, Henry Earl of Worcester b.1495
SOMERSET, James b.1620
SOMERSET, Jane b.1540
SOMERSET, John Knight b.1605
SOMERSET, Katherine b.1593
SOMERSET, Katherine b.1575
SOMERSET, Lucy b.1555
SOMERSET, Lucy b.1524
SOMERSET, Mary b.1624
SOMERSET, Mary b.1583
SOMERSET, Mary b.1515
SOMERSET, Thomas b.1611
SOMERSET, Thomas Viscount Somerset b.1579
SOMERSET, Thomas b.1529
SOMERSET, William b.1544
SOMERSET, William b.1609
SOMERSET, William Lord Herbert b.1576
SOMERSET, William Earl of Worcester b.1527


SOMERVILLE, Adam de b.1283
SOMERVILLE, Alice de b.1342
SOMERVILLE, Edmund de b.1277
SOMERVILLE, Elizabeth b.1405
SOMERVILLE, Elizabeth de b.1312
SOMERVILLE, James de Esquire b.1317
SOMERVILLE, Joan de b.1310
SOMERVILLE, Joan de b.1275
SOMERVILLE, John b.1345
SOMERVILLE, John Lord Somerville b.1429
SOMERVILLE, John de b.1285
SOMERVILLE, John de b.1205
SOMERVILLE, Margaret de b.1181
SOMERVILLE, Philip de Knight b.1287
SOMERVILLE, Robert Esquire b.1473
SOMERVILLE, Robert de b.1279
SOMERVILLE, Robert de Knight b.1240
SOMERVILLE, Roger de Knight b.1124
SOMERVILLE, Roger de Knight b.1177
SOMERVILLE, Roger de Knight b.1281
SOMERVILLE, Roger de Knight b.1153
SOMERVILLE, Thomas b.1340
SOMERVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1260
SOMERVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1290
SOMERVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1370
SOMERVILLE, William b.1195
SOMERVILLE, William Lord Somerville b.1403
SOMERVILLE, William b.1225
SOMERVILLE, William b.1287
SOMERVILLE, William Knight b.1338


SOMERY, Joan de b.1193
SOMERY, Joan de b.1233
SOMERY, Joan de b.1290
SOMERY, John de Lord Somery b.1280
SOMERY, John de Knight b.1140
SOMERY, Mabel de b.1237
SOMERY, Margaret de b.1286
SOMERY, Margaret de b.1231
SOMERY, Maud de b.1239
SOMERY, N.N. de b.1257
SOMERY, Nicholas de b.1221
SOMERY, Ralph de b.1235
SOMERY, Ralph de b.1188
SOMERY, Ralph de Lord of Campden b.1166
SOMERY, Roger de b.1283
SOMERY, Roger de Lord Dudley b.1255
SOMERY, Roger de Lord of Dudley b.1197
SOMERY, William Perceval de b.1190


SOMES, Margaret b.1592
SOMES, Sarah b.1643


SOMMERSCHENBERG, Aleidis von b.1095
SOMMERSCHENBERG, Frederick I von Count of Sommerschenberg b.1055


SOMNER, William b.1537


SOOLE, Anne a.1615
SOOLE, John b.1540
SOOLE, Mary a.1604
SOOLE, Sarah a.1600
SOOLE, Thomas a.1605
SOOLE, Thomas b.1567


SOOR, Joan le b.1270
SOOR, Ralph le b.1245


SOPER, Joseph b.1665


SORENSON, George Fred b.1890
SORENSON, Rhoda Virginia b.1913


SORRELL, John b.1565


SOTHERONE, Agnes b.1468
SOTHERONE, Christopher b.1476
SOTHERONE, John b.1474
SOTHERONE, John b.1513
SOTHERONE, N.N. b.1505
SOTHERONE, Robert b.1470
SOTHERONE, Thomas b.1478
SOTHERONE, William b.1472
SOTHERONE, William b.1442


SOTHERTON, Katherine b.1569


SOTHILL, Anne b.1492
SOTHILL, Arthur Knight b.1482
SOTHILL, Barbara b.1482
SOTHILL, Elizabeth b.1508
SOTHILL, Elizabeth b.1478
SOTHILL, Elizabeth b.1505
SOTHILL, Gerard b.1484
SOTHILL, Henry Esquire b.1477
SOTHILL, Joan b.1494
SOTHILL, Joan b.1432
SOTHILL, Joan b.1505
SOTHILL, John b.1486
SOTHILL, John Esquire b.1440
SOTHILL, Leonard b.1490
SOTHILL, Robert b.1480
SOTHILL, Thomas b.1488


SOTHREN, Maria b.1615


SOTOMAYOR, Garcia Melendez de b.1230
SOTOMAYOR, Mencia Garces de b.1260


SOTWELL, Jane b.1580
SOTWELL, John b.1555


SOULARD, Peter b.1682


SOULE, Frances Hungerford b.1898
SOULE, Harris Samuel Wells b.1900
SOULE, Harrison Samuel b.1866
SOULE, Patience b.1646


SOULES, Ermengarde de b.1280
SOULES, John de Knight b.1266
SOULES, Juliana de b.1129
SOULES, Muriel de b.1285
SOULES, N.N. de b.1294
SOULES, Nicholas de b.1200
SOULES, Nicholas de Knight b.1247
SOULES, Thomas de b.1272
SOULES, William de b.1269
SOULES, William de b.1225


SOUTER, Mrs. Elizabeth b.1630


SOUTHELL, Seth b.1633


SOUTHER, Hannah b.1619
SOUTHER, Mary b.1632


SOUTHILL, Thomasine b.1466


SOUTHMAYD, Margaret b.1691


SOUTHREY, Margaret b.1539


SOUTHWALL, Thomas b.1500


SOUTHWELL, Alice b.1463
SOUTHWELL, Amy b.1484
SOUTHWELL, Amy b.1460
SOUTHWELL, Anne b.1537
SOUTHWELL, Anthony b.1512
SOUTHWELL, Dorothy b.1543
SOUTHWELL, Dorothy b.1549
SOUTHWELL, Elizabeth b.1487
SOUTHWELL, Elizabeth b.1529
SOUTHWELL, Elizabeth b.1457
SOUTHWELL, Elizabeth a.1566
SOUTHWELL, Francis b.1541
SOUTHWELL, Francis b.1510
SOUTHWELL, Francis Esquire b.1467
SOUTHWELL, Henry b.1550
SOUTHWELL, Katherine b.1478
SOUTHWELL, Katherine b.1506
SOUTHWELL, Martha b.1545
SOUTHWELL, Richard Knight b.1504
SOUTHWELL, Richard Esquire b.1429
SOUTHWELL, Robert b.1547
SOUTHWELL, Robert Knight a.1563
SOUTHWELL, Robert Knight b.1454
SOUTHWELL, Robert Knight b.1508
SOUTHWELL, Thomas Knight b.1539
SOUTHWELL, Ursula b.1481
SOUTHWELL, Ursula a.1567
SOUTHWELL, William b.1659


SOUTHWICK, John b.1620


SOUTHWORTH, Benjamin b.1728
SOUTHWORTH, Edward b.1688
SOUTHWORTH, Elizabeth b.1645
SOUTHWORTH, Margaret b.1344
SOUTHWORTH, Mehitable b.1758
SOUTHWORTH, Thomas Knight b.1490


SOWTH, Elizabeth a.1573


SPAIN, Philip II of King of Spain b.1527


SPARHAWK, Anna a.1623
SPARHAWK, Esther a.1635
SPARHAWK, John a.1633
SPARHAWK, John a.1626
SPARHAWK, Mary a.1627
SPARHAWK, Nathaniel b.1629
SPARHAWK, Nathaniel a.1598
SPARHAWK, Samuel b.1638
SPARHAWK, Sybil b.1655


SPARKS, Margaret b.1629


SPARLING, Elizabeth a.1612


SPARROW, Anne b.1480
SPARROW, Elizabeth b.1663
SPARROW, Frances b.1588
SPARROW, John b.1656
SPARROW, Jonathan b.1665
SPARROW, Jonathan b.1629
SPARROW, Lydia b.1661
SPARROW, Mary b.1540
SPARROW, Philip b.1595
SPARROW, Priscilla b.1659
SPARROW, Rebecca b.1655


SPARRY, Elizabeth b.1588


SPAULDING, Alpheus b.1740
SPAULDING, Andrew b.1722
SPAULDING, Anna b.1773
SPAULDING, Azariah b.1724
SPAULDING, Benjamin b.1685
SPAULDING, Benjamin b.1643
SPAULDING, Charles b.1735
SPAULDING, Curtis b.1726
SPAULDING, Daniel b.1768
SPAULDING, Daniel b.1731
SPAULDING, Deborah b.1670
SPAULDING, Duty b.1765
SPAULDING, Edward b.1685
SPAULDING, Edward b.1663
SPAULDING, Edward b.1672
SPAULDING, Elizabeth b.1680
SPAULDING, Eunice b.1743
SPAULDING, Eunice b.1661
SPAULDING, Hannah b.1666
SPAULDING, Isaac b.1693
SPAULDING, Jacob b.1729
SPAULDING, Jacob b.1696
SPAULDING, Joanna b.1733
SPAULDING, John b.1659
SPAULDING, John b.1633
SPAULDING, Jonathan b.1738
SPAULDING, Joseph b.1673
SPAULDING, Josiah b.1687
SPAULDING, Lucy b.1727
SPAULDING, Lydia b.1675
SPAULDING, Mary b.1695
SPAULDING, Mary b.1676
SPAULDING, Mary b.1705
SPAULDING, Maxwell b.1771
SPAULDING, Mehitable b.1714
SPAULDING, Philip b.1700
SPAULDING, Samuel b.1668
SPAULDING, Sarah b.1670
SPAULDING, Thomas b.1774
SPAULDING, Timothy b.1676


SPEAR, George b.1614


SPECKE, Peter b.1545


SPEEDE, Anthony b.1536


SPEGHT, Alice b.1532


SPEKE, Alice b.1496
SPEKE, Anne b.1556
SPEKE, Barbara b.1559
SPEKE, Christopher Priest b.1505
SPEKE, George K.B. b.1554
SPEKE, George Knight b.1502
SPEKE, George K.B. b.1528
SPEKE, John b.1471
SPEKE, Thomas Knight b.1499


SPELMAN, Alice b.1523
SPELMAN, Anne b.1527
SPELMAN, Anthony b.1534
SPELMAN, Anthony a.1563
SPELMAN, Bridget b.1514
SPELMAN, Dorothy a.1567
SPELMAN, Dorothy a.1560
SPELMAN, Dorothy b.1508
SPELMAN, Ela b.1550
SPELMAN, Ela b.1517
SPELMAN, Elizabeth a.1565
SPELMAN, Elizabeth b.1509
SPELMAN, Erasmus b.1520
SPELMAN, Francis b.1518
SPELMAN, Francis b.1553
SPELMAN, Henry a.1556
SPELMAN, Henry b.1515
SPELMAN, Henry b.1507
SPELMAN, Jerome b.1529
SPELMAN, John Knight b.1511
SPELMAN, John Knight b.1485
SPELMAN, Martha b.1512
SPELMAN, Michael b.1521
SPELMAN, Robert b.1526
SPELMAN, Thomas b.1532
SPELMAN, Thomas a.1561
SPELMAN, William b.1530
SPELMAN, William b.1524


SPENCE, James b.1810


SPENCER, Abner b.1748
SPENCER, Abner b.1751
SPENCER, Albert James b.1850
SPENCER, Alexander C. b.1859
SPENCER, Alice a.1625
SPENCER, Alice b.1602
SPENCER, Alice a.1590
SPENCER, Alice a.1605
SPENCER, Alice a.1606
SPENCER, Alice b.1492
SPENCER, Alice b.1563
SPENCER, Alice a.1566
SPENCER, Alvin Heaton b.1901
SPENCER, Alvira b.1802
SPENCER, Alvy b.1901
SPENCER, Amanda b.1838
SPENCER, Ann a.1560
SPENCER, Anna b.1830
SPENCER, Anna b.1707
SPENCER, Anne a.1585
SPENCER, Anne b.1702
SPENCER, Anne b.1667
SPENCER, Anne a.1623
SPENCER, Anne a.1584
SPENCER, Anne b.1599
SPENCER, Anne b.1557
SPENCER, Anne b.1761
SPENCER, Anne b.1547
SPENCER, Annie Louisa b.1861
SPENCER, Arnold a.1587
SPENCER, Asa b.1744
SPENCER, Augustine b.1788
SPENCER, Aurelia b.1881
SPENCER, Aurelia Reed b.1834
SPENCER, Bessie b.1886
SPENCER, Bethia b.1696
SPENCER, Brockett Knight b.1605
SPENCER, Catherine Curtis b.1836
SPENCER, Catherine Curtis b.1862
SPENCER, Catherine Read b.1831
SPENCER, Cecily b.1592
SPENCER, Charles Duke of Marlborough b.1706
SPENCER, Charles Earl of Sunderland b.1673
SPENCER, Charles Henry b.1827
SPENCER, Chloe b.1804
SPENCER, Chloe b.1844
SPENCER, Christian a.1613
SPENCER, Claudius Victor b.1800
SPENCER, Cleon Homer b.1923
SPENCER, Daniel b.1794
SPENCER, Daniel b.1764
SPENCER, David b.1692
SPENCER, Deborah b.1697
SPENCER, Deborah b.1698
SPENCER, Diana b.1710
SPENCER, Dorothy b.1640
SPENCER, Dorothy b.1505
SPENCER, Dorothy b.1521
SPENCER, Dorothy b.1716
SPENCER, Dorothy b.1540
SPENCER, Ebenezer b.1721
SPENCER, Ebenezer b.1694
SPENCER, Edmund b.1441
SPENCER, Edna b.1894
SPENCER, Edward b.1642
SPENCER, Edward a.1590
SPENCER, Edward a.1595
SPENCER, Edward a.1561
SPENCER, Edward b.1445
SPENCER, Eliakim b.1734
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1685
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1541
SPENCER, Elizabeth a.1585
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1512
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1669
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1618
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1597
SPENCER, Elizabeth a.1589
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1580
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1467
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1578
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1554
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1498
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1746
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1707
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1688
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1649
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1475
SPENCER, Elizabeth a.1648
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1646
SPENCER, Elizabeth a.1602
SPENCER, Elizabeth b.1633
SPENCER, Ellen Alice b.1866
SPENCER, Ellen Curtis b.1832
SPENCER, Emma b.1885
SPENCER, George a.1578
SPENCER, George b.1586
SPENCER, George Boardman b.1840
SPENCER, Gerard b.1651
SPENCER, Gerard b.1542
SPENCER, Gerard a.1614
SPENCER, Gerard a.1576
SPENCER, Gideon b.1730
SPENCER, Grace b.1674
SPENCER, Grace b.1702
SPENCER, Grove b.1806
SPENCER, Hannah b.1640
SPENCER, Hannah b.1742
SPENCER, Hannah b.1705
SPENCER, Hannah b.1653
SPENCER, Hannah b.1637
SPENCER, Hannah b.1676
SPENCER, Harriet b.1877
SPENCER, Henry b.1675
SPENCER, Henry Earl of Sunderland a.1620
SPENCER, Henry Esquire b.1415
SPENCER, Henry a.1605
SPENCER, Hezekiah b.1697
SPENCER, Hezekiah a.1690
SPENCER, Hiram b.1798
SPENCER, Hiram Theron b.1835
SPENCER, Homer Brown b.1888
SPENCER, Howard b.1887
SPENCER, Howard Orson b.1838
SPENCER, Humphrey b.1645
SPENCER, Ichabod b.1704
SPENCER, Isaac b.1678
SPENCER, Isaac Carling b.1880
SPENCER, Isabel b.1515
SPENCER, Isabel b.1502
SPENCER, Isabel b.1469
SPENCER, Isabella b.1671
SPENCER, Ivie b.1888
SPENCER, James b.1691
SPENCER, Jane a.1572
SPENCER, Jane b.1496
SPENCER, Jane b.1472
SPENCER, Jane b.1822
SPENCER, Jane b.1519
SPENCER, Jane b.1462
SPENCER, Jared b.1673
SPENCER, Jedidiah b.1726
SPENCER, Jerusha b.1735
SPENCER, Joan b.1494
SPENCER, Joan b.1467
SPENCER, Joan a.1564
SPENCER, John Gentleman a.1574
SPENCER, John b.1708
SPENCER, John a.1635
SPENCER, John Esquire a.1590
SPENCER, John Knight b.1595
SPENCER, John Gentleman b.1490
SPENCER, John Knight b.1546
SPENCER, John Knight b.1517
SPENCER, John Knight b.1467
SPENCER, John b.1709
SPENCER, John b.1676
SPENCER, John b.1360
SPENCER, John b.1602
SPENCER, John b.1692
SPENCER, John b.1655
SPENCER, John b.1636
SPENCER, John Esquire b.1438
SPENCER, John b.1438
SPENCER, John b.1533
SPENCER, John a.1557
SPENCER, John b.1500
SPENCER, John b.1466
SPENCER, John a.1604
SPENCER, John b.1730
SPENCER, Jonah b.1744
SPENCER, Jonathan b.1723
SPENCER, Jonathan b.1702
SPENCER, Joseph b.1681
SPENCER, Joseph Guernsey Brown b.1881
SPENCER, June Knight b.1854
SPENCER, Katherine a.1624
SPENCER, Katherine b.1583
SPENCER, Katherine b.1475
SPENCER, Katherine b.1559
SPENCER, Katherine a.1574
SPENCER, Kylee Jane b.2001
SPENCER, Lawrence Allen b.1933
SPENCER, Leone b.1897
SPENCER, Lucy Cross b.1864
SPENCER, Lucy Curtis b.1841
SPENCER, Luna b.1852
SPENCER, Lydia b.1638
SPENCER, Mable May b.1883
SPENCER, Malinda Elizabeth b.1890
SPENCER, Malita Cross b.1872
SPENCER, Marah b.1642
SPENCER, Margaret b.1695
SPENCER, Margaret a.1579
SPENCER, Margaret a.1627
SPENCER, Margaret a.1597
SPENCER, Margaret a.1592
SPENCER, Margaret b.1469
SPENCER, Margaret b.1550
SPENCER, Margaret b.1633
SPENCER, Margaret b.1423
SPENCER, Maria Antonette b.1826
SPENCER, Martha b.1832
SPENCER, Martha b.1658
SPENCER, Martha Emma b.1848
SPENCER, Mary a.1637
SPENCER, Mary b.1678
SPENCER, Mary a.1622
SPENCER, Mary a.1588
SPENCER, Mary a.1588
SPENCER, Mary a.1609
SPENCER, Mary b.1552
SPENCER, Mary b.1524
SPENCER, Mary b.1824
SPENCER, Mary b.1763
SPENCER, Mary b.1718
SPENCER, Mary b.1796
SPENCER, Mary b.1635
SPENCER, Mary b.1655
SPENCER, Mehitable b.1638
SPENCER, Micajah b.1693
SPENCER, Michael b.1639
SPENCER, Michael a.1558
SPENCER, Michael b.1530
SPENCER, Michael a.1611
SPENCER, Moses b.1642
SPENCER, N.N. b.1896
SPENCER, N.N. b.1899
SPENCER, N.N. b.1904
SPENCER, Nabbie b.1883
SPENCER, Nathaniel b.1658
SPENCER, Nicholas a.1633
SPENCER, Nicholas Esquire a.1611
SPENCER, Nicholas Esquire a.1573
SPENCER, Nicholas Esquire b.1473
SPENCER, Obadiah b.1639
SPENCER, Oliver a.1582
SPENCER, Orson b.1802
SPENCER, Orson Frederick b.1868
SPENCER, Penelope a.1643
SPENCER, Peter b.1755
SPENCER, Peter b.1711
SPENCER, Rachel b.1728
SPENCER, Rachel a.1637
SPENCER, Rebecca a.1737
SPENCER, Rebecca b.1660
SPENCER, Rebecca Ann b.1986
SPENCER, Richard a.1631
SPENCER, Richard Esquire a.1593
SPENCER, Richard Knight b.1566
SPENCER, Richard b.1477
SPENCER, Richard a.1580
SPENCER, Richard a.1608
SPENCER, Robert a.1635
SPENCER, Robert a.1580
SPENCER, Robert b.1543
SPENCER, Robert a.1629
SPENCER, Robert Lord Spencer a.1666
SPENCER, Robert Earl of Sunderland b.1701
SPENCER, Robert b.1700
SPENCER, Robert Lord Spencer b.1570
SPENCER, Robert Earl of Sunderland b.1641
SPENCER, Robert a.1619
SPENCER, Robert Knight b.1435
SPENCER, Robert b.1471
SPENCER, Robert Gentleman b.1463
SPENCER, Rose b.1594
SPENCER, Rose b.1517
SPENCER, Rose a.1623
SPENCER, Ruby b.1892
SPENCER, Ruth b.1757
SPENCER, Ruth b.1654
SPENCER, Samuel b.1643
SPENCER, Samuel b.1650
SPENCER, Samuel b.1638
SPENCER, Sarah b.1714
SPENCER, Sarah b.1646
SPENCER, Sarah b.1644
SPENCER, Sarah b.1635
SPENCER, Selecte b.1796
SPENCER, Sophia b.1791
SPENCER, Stephen b.1732
SPENCER, Susanna b.1730
SPENCER, Susanna b.1638
SPENCER, Theron b.1792
SPENCER, Thomas b.1514
SPENCER, Thomas a.1633
SPENCER, Thomas Knight b.1581
SPENCER, Thomas b.1440
SPENCER, Thomas Esquire b.1464
SPENCER, Thomas Esquire b.1548
SPENCER, Thomas b.1494
SPENCER, Thomas b.1469
SPENCER, Thomas b.1679
SPENCER, Thomas b.1596
SPENCER, Thomas b.1641
SPENCER, Thomas b.1648
SPENCER, Thomas a.1571
SPENCER, Thomas a.1607
SPENCER, Timothy b.1652
SPENCER, Ursula b.1399
SPENCER, Vera b.1921
SPENCER, Verda b.1900
SPENCER, Viola b.1895
SPENCER, William b.1699
SPENCER, William Esquire a.1632
SPENCER, William b.1545
SPENCER, William a.1576
SPENCER, William a.1630
SPENCER, William Lord Spencer a.1592
SPENCER, William Knight b.1556
SPENCER, William Knight b.1492
SPENCER, William b.1631
SPENCER, William Esquire b.1442
SPENCER, William b.1656
SPENCER, William b.1545
SPENCER, William a.1601
SPENCER, William Collinson b.1851
SPENCER, Zachariah b.1741


SPERRY, Anna b.1696
SPERRY, Ebenezer a.1663
SPERRY, Esther b.1654
SPERRY, John b.1649
SPERRY, Nathaniel b.1656


SPILEMAN, Edith b.1142
SPILEMAN, N.N. b.1140
SPILEMAN, Richard b.1116


SPILLER, Mary b.1706


SPINDELOW, Anna b.1700


SPINNEY, Hannah b.1656
SPINNEY, Hannah b.1701
SPINNEY, James b.1662
SPINNEY, John b.1668
SPINNEY, Joseph b.1703
SPINNEY, Margery b.1707
SPINNEY, Margery b.1694
SPINNEY, Mercy b.1690
SPINNEY, Samuel b.1658
SPINNEY, Thomas b.1630
SPINNEY, Thomas b.1705
SPINNEY, Thomas b.1665


SPINNING, Mary b.1638


SPOFFORD, Elizabeth b.1702
SPOFFORD, Mercy b.1748


SPOLETO, Alard of b.690
SPOLETO, Amadeus of b.925
SPOLETO, Anscaris II of b.916
SPOLETO, Bertila of b.859
SPOLETO, Bonifacio of Duke of Spoleto b.900
SPOLETO, Garnier of b.716
SPOLETO, Gui I of Duke of Spoleto b.814
SPOLETO, Gui II of King of Italy b.835
SPOLETO, Guilla of b.925
SPOLETO, N.N. of b.950
SPOLETO, N.N. of b.715
SPOLETO, Rotilde of b.840
SPOLETO, Suppo of Margrave of Spoleto b.834
SPOLETO, Theobald of b.923
SPOLETO, Willa of b.928


SPONHEIM, Matilda of b.1130
SPONHEIM, Richarda von b.1070


SPOONER, Nathaniel b.1709
SPOONER, Thomas b.1721


SPRAGUE, Alice b.1597
SPRAGUE, Anthony b.1663
SPRAGUE, Anthony a.1636
SPRAGUE, Benjamin b.1665
SPRAGUE, Christopher b.1606
SPRAGUE, Deborah b.1670
SPRAGUE, Dorcas b.1672
SPRAGUE, Edward b.1663
SPRAGUE, Edward b.1600
SPRAGUE, Edward b.1569
SPRAGUE, Elizabeth b.1669
SPRAGUE, Elizabeth b.1704
SPRAGUE, Elizabeth b.1676
SPRAGUE, Hannah b.1668
SPRAGUE, Hannah a.1655
SPRAGUE, James b.1678
SPRAGUE, Jeremiah b.1682
SPRAGUE, Jerusha b.1712
SPRAGUE, Joanna a.1645
SPRAGUE, John b.1652
SPRAGUE, John a.1624
SPRAGUE, John a.1638
SPRAGUE, John b.1667
SPRAGUE, John b.1656
SPRAGUE, Jonathan b.1656
SPRAGUE, Jonathan a.1625
SPRAGUE, Jonathan a.1648
SPRAGUE, Jonathan a.1642
SPRAGUE, Josiah b.1680
SPRAGUE, Lydia b.1653
SPRAGUE, Mary b.1661
SPRAGUE, Mary a.1634
SPRAGUE, Mary a.1652
SPRAGUE, Mary A. b.1798
SPRAGUE, Matthew b.1688
SPRAGUE, N.N. b.1708
SPRAGUE, Persis a.1643
SPRAGUE, Phineas b.1666
SPRAGUE, Phineas a.1637
SPRAGUE, Ralph b.1595
SPRAGUE, Rebecca b.1696
SPRAGUE, Richard b.1628
SPRAGUE, Richard b.1603
SPRAGUE, Richard b.1685
SPRAGUE, Samuel b.1659
SPRAGUE, Samuel a.1632
SPRAGUE, Samuel a.1640
SPRAGUE, Samuel b.1672
SPRAGUE, Sarah b.1673
SPRAGUE, Sarah b.1674
SPRAGUE, Thomas b.1513
SPRAGUE, William a.1650
SPRAGUE, William b.1609
SPRAGUE, Winifred b.1673


SPRATT, Amy b.1670


SPRIGGE, Joshua b.1622


SPRING, Abiah b.1676
SPRING, Adelbert G. b.1846
SPRING, Albert Augustine b.1842
SPRING, Albert Leroy b.1892
SPRING, Almeda b.1837
SPRING, Alpheus b.1739
SPRING, Alpheus b.1789
SPRING, Angelo Mortimer b.1855
SPRING, Ann b.1691
SPRING, Ann b.1671
SPRING, Anne a.1611
SPRING, Anne b.1554
SPRING, Anne b.1494
SPRING, Arthur David b.1890
SPRING, Augusta Adeline b.1844
SPRING, Bertha B. b.1875
SPRING, Bertram Herbert b.1868
SPRING, Betsey W. b.1787
SPRING, Bridget b.1616
SPRING, Bridget b.1524
SPRING, Bridget b.1527
SPRING, Bridget b.1511
SPRING, Catherine a.1624
SPRING, Cecily b.1466
SPRING, Charles b.1866
SPRING, Converse b.1734
SPRING, Converse M. b.1791
SPRING, Dorothy a.1622
SPRING, Dorothy b.1556
SPRING, Dorothy b.1522
SPRING, Eliza b.1806
SPRING, Elizabeth a.1621
SPRING, Elizabeth b.1520
SPRING, Elizabeth b.1551
SPRING, Elizabeth a.1583
SPRING, Elizabeth b.1702
SPRING, Elizabeth b.1659
SPRING, Elizabeth b.1773
SPRING, Elizabeth Marian b.1893
SPRING, Emily b.1829
SPRING, Evelyn b.1914
SPRING, Fayette O. b.1917
SPRING, Florence Minnie b.1886
SPRING, Frances a.1619
SPRING, Frances b.1527
SPRING, Frances b.1521
SPRING, Frank A. b.1879
SPRING, Franklin Frederick b.1898
SPRING, Frederick John b.1867
SPRING, George E. b.1884
SPRING, George H. b.1888
SPRING, Goleno Dustin b.1859
SPRING, Grace M. b.1896
SPRING, Grisell b.1525
SPRING, Hattie b.1884
SPRING, Helen Marion b.1839
SPRING, Henry Priest b.1541
SPRING, Henry b.1545
SPRING, Henry b.1628
SPRING, Henry b.1662
SPRING, Henry b.1692
SPRING, Henry b.1768
SPRING, Henry b.1720
SPRING, Henry E. b.1890
SPRING, Herbert Eugene b.1848
SPRING, Horace Bertram b.1802
SPRING, James b.1457
SPRING, Jedidiah b.1730
SPRING, Jerome b.1533
SPRING, Joan b.1557
SPRING, Joan a.1579
SPRING, John Esquire b.1559
SPRING, John b.1535
SPRING, John Knight b.1497
SPRING, John b.1732
SPRING, John b.1630
SPRING, John a.1587
SPRING, John Clark b.1804
SPRING, Josiah b.1718
SPRING, Josiah Converse b.1764
SPRING, Judith a.1579
SPRING, Keziah b.1722
SPRING, Kitty b.1875
SPRING, Liba Granger b.1786
SPRING, Lillian A. b.1882
SPRING, Lottie A. b.1877
SPRING, Luke b.1770
SPRING, Lydia b.1728
SPRING, Lydia b.1686
SPRING, Margaret b.1562
SPRING, Marian b.1463
SPRING, Marshall b.1742
SPRING, Mary b.1529
SPRING, Mary b.1724
SPRING, Mary b.1624
SPRING, Mary b.1799
SPRING, Mary Ann b.1799
SPRING, Mary B. b.1875
SPRING, Mary Justina b.1870
SPRING, Mary Sophronia b.1831
SPRING, Mehitable b.1700
SPRING, Mehitable b.1674
SPRING, Mercy Amelia b.1761
SPRING, Mercy Amelia b.1809
SPRING, N.N. b.1812
SPRING, Nellie G. b.1873
SPRING, Nicholas b.1531
SPRING, Rebecca b.1548
SPRING, Reuben A. b.1841
SPRING, Robert b.1484
SPRING, Robert b.1537
SPRING, Robert Esquire b.1499
SPRING, Robert b.1554
SPRING, Robert b.1520
SPRING, Roland LeRoy b.1916
SPRING, Rose b.1502
SPRING, Sally b.1797
SPRING, Samuel b.1727
SPRING, Sarah b.1736
SPRING, Sarah b.1695
SPRING, Sarah G. b.1796
SPRING, Seymour B. b.1862
SPRING, Silas b.1766
SPRING, Silas M. b.1880
SPRING, Solon Almer b.1857
SPRING, Stephen b.1539
SPRING, Susannah b.1705
SPRING, Sylvia b.1834
SPRING, Thomas b.1487
SPRING, Thomas Esquire b.1519
SPRING, Thomas b.1400
SPRING, Thomas b.1454
SPRING, Thomas b.1430
SPRING, Thomas Esquire b.1474
SPRING, Thomas b.1673
SPRING, Thomas b.1795
SPRING, Vivian b.1919
SPRING, William b.1490
SPRING, William a.1612
SPRING, William Knight a.1614
SPRING, William Knight a.1589
SPRING, William Sheriff of Suffolk b.1524
SPRING, William b.1460
SPRING, William b.1633

Surname List