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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


SHED, Daniel a.1620


SHEDWATER, Robert b.1503


SHEFFIELD, Alexander de b.1334
SHEFFIELD, Anne a.1618
SHEFFIELD, Anne a.1607
SHEFFIELD, Anne b.1496
SHEFFIELD, Bridget b.1505
SHEFFIELD, Charles b.1585
SHEFFIELD, Dorothy a.1600
SHEFFIELD, Douglas b.1598
SHEFFIELD, Edmund b.1592
SHEFFIELD, Edmund Earl of Mulgrave b.1611
SHEFFIELD, Edmund Lord Sheffield b.1521
SHEFFIELD, Edmund Earl of Mulgrave b.1565
SHEFFIELD, Edward b.1490
SHEFFIELD, Eleanor b.1542
SHEFFIELD, Elizabeth b.1545
SHEFFIELD, Elizabeth b.1589
SHEFFIELD, Elizabeth b.1499
SHEFFIELD, Elizabeth b.1563
SHEFFIELD, Frances b.1540
SHEFFIELD, Frances b.1595
SHEFFIELD, George b.1601
SHEFFIELD, Jane b.1493
SHEFFIELD, John a.1615
SHEFFIELD, John a.1614
SHEFFIELD, John K.B. b.1586
SHEFFIELD, John Duke of Buckingham b.1647
SHEFFIELD, John Lord Sheffield b.1538
SHEFFIELD, John de Knight b.1325
SHEFFIELD, Lincoln b.1775
SHEFFIELD, Magdalen b.1588
SHEFFIELD, Margaret b.1502
SHEFFIELD, Margaret de b.1331
SHEFFIELD, Martha a.1616
SHEFFIELD, Mary b.1591
SHEFFIELD, Mary Ann b.1836
SHEFFIELD, Mrs. Deliverance b.1605
SHEFFIELD, Nicholas de b.1329
SHEFFIELD, Philip b.1594
SHEFFIELD, Rachel b.1660
SHEFFIELD, Robert Knight b.1462
SHEFFIELD, Robert Knight b.1487
SHEFFIELD, Sampson b.1570
SHEFFIELD, Sarah b.1660
SHEFFIELD, Thomas a.1619
SHEFFIELD, Thomas b.1585
SHEFFIELD, Thomas de b.1323
SHEFFIELD, Thomas de Knight b.1295
SHEFFIELD, Triphena a.1603
SHEFFIELD, Ursula b.1605
SHEFFIELD, William b.1597
SHEFFIELD, William b.1543
SHEFFIELD, William de b.1327


SHELDON, Abraham a.1624
SHELDON, Anne b.1631
SHELDON, Anne b.1532
SHELDON, Ephraim a.1728
SHELDON, Godfrey b.1599
SHELDON, Goditha b.1546
SHELDON, John a.1628
SHELDON, Katherine b.1540
SHELDON, Martha E. b.1833
SHELDON, N.N. b.1634
SHELDON, N.N. b.1626
SHELDON, Philippe b.1534
SHELDON, Ralph Esquire b.1537
SHELDON, Ralph a.1642
SHELDON, Ralph b.1515
SHELDON, Susannah b.1740
SHELDON, William Esquire b.1589
SHELDON, William b.1543
SHELDON, William Esquire b.1500
SHELDON, William a.1623


SHELLAM, Samuel b.1578


SHELLEY, Alice b.1353
SHELLEY, Bridget b.1544
SHELLEY, Edward b.1507
SHELLEY, Eleanor b.1532
SHELLEY, Elizabeth b.1534
SHELLEY, Francis Knight b.1509
SHELLEY, Hannah a.1637
SHELLEY, John a.1642
SHELLEY, John b.1541
SHELLEY, John Esquire b.1501
SHELLEY, John b.1330
SHELLEY, Katherine b.1512
SHELLEY, Margaret b.1550
SHELLEY, Mary a.1639
SHELLEY, Mary b.1536
SHELLEY, Nicholas b.1332
SHELLEY, Richard b.1547
SHELLEY, Richard Knight b.1505
SHELLEY, Richard b.1338
SHELLEY, Robert b.1612
SHELLEY, Thomas b.1503
SHELLEY, Thomas Knight b.1335
SHELLEY, Thomas b.1305
SHELLEY, William Esquire b.1538
SHELLEY, William Knight b.1479


SHELTON, Alice b.1554
SHELTON, Alice b.1538
SHELTON, Alice b.1447
SHELTON, Alice b.1483
SHELTON, Amy b.1500
SHELTON, Anne a.1573
SHELTON, Anne b.1534
SHELTON, Anne b.1516
SHELTON, Anne b.1539
SHELTON, Audrey b.1568
SHELTON, Barbara a.1578
SHELTON, Edward b.1564
SHELTON, Edward b.1562
SHELTON, Eleanor de b.1302
SHELTON, Elizabeth b.1502
SHELTON, Elizabeth b.1473
SHELTON, Eunice b.1765
SHELTON, Gabriella b.1508
SHELTON, Henry a.1577
SHELTON, John Knight b.1559
SHELTON, John Knight b.1504
SHELTON, John Esquire a.1406
SHELTON, John Knight b.1475
SHELTON, Margaret b.1556
SHELTON, Margaret b.1571
SHELTON, Margaret b.1513
SHELTON, Margery b.1519
SHELTON, Mary a.1581
SHELTON, Mary b.1542
SHELTON, Mary b.1519
SHELTON, Ralph Knight b.1560
SHELTON, Ralph Esquire b.1506
SHELTON, Ralph Esquire b.1477
SHELTON, Ralph Knight b.1431
SHELTON, Ralph Knight b.1530
SHELTON, Richard b.1480
SHELTON, Selah b.1770
SHELTON, Thomas Esquire b.1558
SHELTON, Thomas Gentleman b.1548
SHELTON, Thomas b.1510
SHELTON, William a.1575


SHENTON, Sarah a.1609


SHEPHERD, Agnes b.1575
SHEPHERD, Alice b.1577
SHEPHERD, George b.1583
SHEPHERD, Jane b.1582
SHEPHERD, Margery b.1579
SHEPHERD, Stephen b.1597
SHEPHERD, Thomas b.1585
SHEPHERD, William b.1575
SHEPHERD, William b.1550


SHEPPARD, Abigail a.1627
SHEPPARD, Albert Young b.1845
SHEPPARD, Alice b.1551
SHEPPARD, Alice b.1868
SHEPPARD, Anna b.1663
SHEPPARD, Anna b.1852
SHEPPARD, Anne b.1539
SHEPPARD, Annes b.1511
SHEPPARD, Bridget b.1655
SHEPPARD, Catherine b.1545
SHEPPARD, Charles b.1864
SHEPPARD, Constance a.1578
SHEPPARD, Constance b.1557
SHEPPARD, David b.1712
SHEPPARD, Deborah a.1631
SHEPPARD, Edmund a.1551
SHEPPARD, Edmund a.1547
SHEPPARD, Edmund a.1541
SHEPPARD, Edmund b.1475
SHEPPARD, Edward a.1596
SHEPPARD, Elioni b.1727
SHEPPARD, Elizabeth b.1562
SHEPPARD, Elizabeth b.1538
SHEPPARD, Elizabeth a.1621
SHEPPARD, Elizabeth a.1707
SHEPPARD, Elizabeth b.1557
SHEPPARD, Elizabeth b.1640
SHEPPARD, Ellen b.1509
SHEPPARD, Elmer b.1885
SHEPPARD, Emily b.1858
SHEPPARD, Francis M. b.1847
SHEPPARD, George b.1816
SHEPPARD, George b.1500
SHEPPARD, Henry a.1560
SHEPPARD, Jane b.1546
SHEPPARD, Jane b.1567
SHEPPARD, Jane b.1564
SHEPPARD, John b.1596
SHEPPARD, John b.1513
SHEPPARD, John b.1775
SHEPPARD, John a.1623
SHEPPARD, John b.1541
SHEPPARD, John b.1652
SHEPPARD, John b.1531
SHEPPARD, John b.1501
SHEPPARD, John W. b.1818
SHEPPARD, Judith b.1559
SHEPPARD, Margaret b.1666
SHEPPARD, Margaret b.1669
SHEPPARD, Margaret b.1537
SHEPPARD, Margaret b.1507
SHEPPARD, Marget Matilda b.1872
SHEPPARD, Marinda E. b.1880
SHEPPARD, Martha b.1740
SHEPPARD, Mary b.1591
SHEPPARD, Mary b.1513
SHEPPARD, Mary A. b.1861
SHEPPARD, Matilda b.1820
SHEPPARD, N.N. a.1553
SHEPPARD, Olive b.1555
SHEPPARD, Ralph b.1554
SHEPPARD, Rebecca b.1650
SHEPPARD, Richard a.1580
SHEPPARD, Richard a.1542
SHEPPARD, Robert b.1535
SHEPPARD, Robert b.1505
SHEPPARD, Rose a.1549
SHEPPARD, Ruth b.1662
SHEPPARD, Sarah b.1757
SHEPPARD, Sarah b.1635
SHEPPARD, Sarah Abigail a.1821
SHEPPARD, Thomas a.1582
SHEPPARD, Thomas b.1633
SHEPPARD, Thomas b.1605
SHEPPARD, Thomas a.1658
SHEPPARD, Thomas b.1635
SHEPPARD, Thomas Gentleman b.1549
SHEPPARD, Thomas Gentleman b.1515
SHEPPARD, Thomas b.1533
SHEPPARD, Thomas b.1503
SHEPPARD, Thomasine a.1592
SHEPPARD, Victoria Jane b.1850
SHEPPARD, William a.1660
SHEPPARD, William b.1544
SHEPPARD, William b.1822
SHEPPARD, William Henry b.1855


SHEPPY, Margaret b.1500


SHERBURNE, Agnes b.1430
SHERBURNE, Alice b.1410
SHERBURNE, Alice b.1350
SHERBURNE, Elizabeth b.1638
SHERBURNE, Elizabeth b.1416
SHERBURNE, Isabel b.1412
SHERBURNE, Isabel b.1427
SHERBURNE, James b.1414
SHERBURNE, Joan de b.1361
SHERBURNE, John b.1406
SHERBURNE, Mabel b.1419
SHERBURNE, Margaret de b.1357
SHERBURNE, Nicholas b.1408
SHERBURNE, Richard b.1402
SHERBURNE, Richard Esquire b.1381
SHERBURNE, Richard de b.1359
SHERBURNE, Richard de Knight b.1331
SHERBURNE, Robert b.1404
SHERBURNE, Robert b.1435


SHERINGTON, Grace b.1559
SHERINGTON, Henry Knight b.1528
SHERINGTON, Olive b.1556
SHERINGTON, Ursula b.1554


SHERMAN, Abial b.1664
SHERMAN, Abigail b.1688
SHERMAN, Abigail b.1648
SHERMAN, Ann b.1697
SHERMAN, Anna b.1581
SHERMAN, Anne a.1601
SHERMAN, Benjamin b.1662
SHERMAN, Benjamin b.1702
SHERMAN, Benoni b.1700
SHERMAN, Bezaleel a.1611
SHERMAN, Bezaleel a.1640
SHERMAN, Daniel b.1669
SHERMAN, Daniel a.1642
SHERMAN, David b.1665
SHERMAN, Ebenezer b.1695
SHERMAN, Edmund b.1647
SHERMAN, Edmund a.1599
SHERMAN, Edmund b.1572
SHERMAN, Edmund b.1577
SHERMAN, Electa R. b.1775
SHERMAN, Elizabeth b.1650
SHERMAN, Elizabeth b.1679
SHERMAN, Grace a.1616
SHERMAN, Grace b.1659
SHERMAN, Grace b.1676
SHERMAN, Hester b.1662
SHERMAN, Hester a.1606
SHERMAN, James b.1654
SHERMAN, Joan a.1603
SHERMAN, Joanna b.1652
SHERMAN, John b.1651
SHERMAN, John b.1660
SHERMAN, John a.1614
SHERMAN, Mary b.1657
SHERMAN, Mary b.1666
SHERMAN, Mary b.1697
SHERMAN, Mary b.1638
SHERMAN, Matthew b.1645
SHERMAN, Mercy b.1667
SHERMAN, Nathan b.1721
SHERMAN, Nathaniel b.1656
SHERMAN, Nathaniel b.1659
SHERMAN, Rebecca b.1703
SHERMAN, Richard a.1608
SHERMAN, Ruth b.1730
SHERMAN, Samuel a.1646
SHERMAN, Samuel a.1618
SHERMAN, Samuel a.1644
SHERMAN, Samuel b.1664
SHERMAN, Samuel b.1661
SHERMAN, Samuel b.1601
SHERMAN, Samuel b.1641
SHERMAN, Samuel b.1681
SHERMAN, Samuel b.1707
SHERMAN, Sarah b.1653
SHERMAN, Sarah b.1681
SHERMAN, Sarah b.1673
SHERMAN, Sarah b.1730
SHERMAN, Susanna b.1670
SHERMAN, Theophilus b.1643


SHERRATT, Hugh b.1600


SHERSHAW, Robert b.1595


SHERWIN, John b.1644
SHERWIN, Rachel Knight b.1804


SHERWOOD, Abigail b.1646
SHERWOOD, Alice b.1357
SHERWOOD, Andrew b.1677
SHERWOOD, Anna a.1619
SHERWOOD, Daniel b.1665
SHERWOOD, Elizabeth b.1646
SHERWOOD, Henry b.1332
SHERWOOD, Isaac b.1648
SHERWOOD, Jabez b.1671
SHERWOOD, Jane b.1611
SHERWOOD, John b.1683
SHERWOOD, John b.1652
SHERWOOD, John b.1665
SHERWOOD, Jonathan b.1673
SHERWOOD, Joseph b.1663
SHERWOOD, Margaret b.1613
SHERWOOD, Margaret b.1647
SHERWOOD, Mary b.1649
SHERWOOD, Mary b.1667
SHERWOOD, Mary b.1638
SHERWOOD, Matthew b.1644
SHERWOOD, Nathaniel b.1669
SHERWOOD, Rebecca a.1622
SHERWOOD, Rose a.1620
SHERWOOD, Ruth b.1680
SHERWOOD, Ruth b.1642
SHERWOOD, Samuel b.1675
SHERWOOD, Sarah a.1617
SHERWOOD, Sarah b.1644
SHERWOOD, Stephen b.1661
SHERWOOD, Stephen b.1640
SHERWOOD, Thomas b.1656
SHERWOOD, Thomas b.1618
SHERWOOD, Thomas b.1586
SHERWOOD, Thomas b.1624
SHERWOOD, Thomasine a.1615


SHEWMAKE, Arnold b.1645


SHIELDS, Thomas b.1745


SHINALL, Joseph M. b.1850
SHINALL, Mary b.1876


SHINE, Edwin W. b.1861
SHINE, George E. b.1863
SHINE, John S. b.1837


SHINN, Mary b.1699


SHIPLEY, John b.1637


SHIPMAN, Deborah b.1691
SHIPMAN, Fanny b.1783


SHIPPE, John b.1570


SHIPTON, John b.1548
SHIPTON, Mrs. Alice b.1560


SHIRLEY, Alice b.1461
SHIRLEY, Anne b.1552
SHIRLEY, Anne b.1455
SHIRLEY, Anne b.1568
SHIRLEY, Baldwin b.1477
SHIRLEY, Beatrice b.1417
SHIRLEY, Cassandra b.1540
SHIRLEY, Cecily b.1582
SHIRLEY, Charles Knight b.1623
SHIRLEY, Dorothy b.1562
SHIRLEY, Edward b.1543
SHIRLEY, Eleanor b.1516
SHIRLEY, Eleanor b.1475
SHIRLEY, Eleanor b.1525
SHIRLEY, Elizabeth b.1549
SHIRLEY, Elizabeth b.1647
SHIRLEY, Elizabeth Nun b.1564
SHIRLEY, Elizabeth b.1388
SHIRLEY, Francis Sheriff of Leicestershire b.1515
SHIRLEY, George b.1589
SHIRLEY, George Knight b.1559
SHIRLEY, Henry b.1471
SHIRLEY, Henry Knight b.1591
SHIRLEY, Hugh b.1467
SHIRLEY, Hugh Knight b.1361
SHIRLEY, Isabel b.1395
SHIRLEY, Jane b.1473
SHIRLEY, Joan b.1397
SHIRLEY, John b.1566
SHIRLEY, John Esquire b.1537
SHIRLEY, John b.1587
SHIRLEY, John Esquire b.1429
SHIRLEY, Lettice b.1618
SHIRLEY, Margaret b.1463
SHIRLEY, Mary b.1593
SHIRLEY, Nicholas b.1479
SHIRLEY, Nichole b.1393
SHIRLEY, Ralph b.1546
SHIRLEY, Ralph Knight b.1457
SHIRLEY, Ralph b.1495
SHIRLEY, Ralph b.1560
SHIRLEY, Ralph Knight b.1391
SHIRLEY, Ralph Esquire b.1410
SHIRLEY, Richard b.1469
SHIRLEY, Robert Knight b.1627
SHIRLEY, Robert b.1465
SHIRLEY, Thomas b.1459
SHIRLEY, Thomas b.1570
SHIRLEY, Thomas Knight b.1595
SHIRLEY, Thomas Knight b.1339


SHORE, Abigail b.1653
SHORE, Abigail a.1647
SHORE, Anna b.1663
SHORE, Elizabeth b.1657
SHORE, James a.1651
SHORE, Jonathan a.1649
SHORE, Jonathan a.1643
SHORE, Maurice Tasker b.1896
SHORE, Sampson b.1620
SHORE, Sampson a.1645
SHORE, Susanna b.1660


SHORES, Judith b.1687
SHORES, Sarah b.1717


SHORESWORTH, Margaret de b.1274
SHORESWORTH, Robert de b.1248


SHORT, Hannah b.1682
SHORT, Sarah b.1659


SHORTEN, Mary a.1789


SHORTER, John Esquire b.1660


SHORTWELL, Elizabeth b.1725


SHOTTESBROOK, Eleanor b.1419
SHOTTESBROOK, Elizabeth b.1410
SHOTTESBROOK, Robert Knight b.1385


SHOULDHAM, William Esquire b.1532


SHOYSWELL, Agnes b.1402


SHUCKBURGH, Anthony Esquire b.1530
SHUCKBURGH, Balthazar b.1439
SHUCKBURGH, Balthazar b.1503
SHUCKBURGH, Benedict b.1538
SHUCKBURGH, Christopher Esquire b.1320
SHUCKBURGH, Elizabeth b.1568
SHUCKBURGH, Francis b.1544
SHUCKBURGH, George b.1548
SHUCKBURGH, Jasper b.1437
SHUCKBURGH, Jasper b.1499
SHUCKBURGH, John b.1340
SHUCKBURGH, John b.1360
SHUCKBURGH, John b.1532
SHUCKBURGH, Margaret b.1535
SHUCKBURGH, Matthew b.1546
SHUCKBURGH, Melchior b.1441
SHUCKBURGH, Melchior b.1501
SHUCKBURGH, Thomas b.1542
SHUCKBURGH, Thomas b.1528
SHUCKBURGH, Thomas b.1410
SHUCKBURGH, Thomas b.1435
SHUCKBURGH, Thomas Esquire b.1462
SHUCKBURGH, Thomas Esquire b.1495
SHUCKBURGH, William b.1412
SHUCKBURGH, William b.1540
SHUCKBURGH, William b.1497
SHUCKBURGH, William b.1493
SHUCKBURGH, William b.1385


SHUPP, Susanna b.1792


SHURTLEFF, William b.1624


SHUTE, Edward Esquire b.1585


SIBBALD, Isabella b.1426


SIBLEY, Abigail a.1659
SIBLEY, Hannah a.1651
SIBLEY, John a.1648
SIBLEY, John b.1616
SIBLEY, Joseph b.1655
SIBLEY, Mary a.1644
SIBLEY, Rachel a.1646
SIBLEY, Samuel a.1657
SIBLEY, Sarah a.1642
SIBLEY, William a.1653


SIBTHORPE, Elizabeth b.1569
SIBTHORPE, Elizabeth a.1598


SICILY, Beatrix de b.1260
SICILY, Constance de b.1154
SICILY, Constance of b.1249
SICILY, Matilda de b.1070
SICILY, Roger I de Count of Sicily b.1031
SICILY, Roger III de King of Sicily b.1095
SICILY, Simon de Count of Sicily b.1093
SICILY, William II de King of Sicily b.1154


SICKLEMORE, Edmund b.1526


SIDDINGTON, Emmot b.1445


SIDDOWAY, Henry Ralph b.1905


SIDNAM, Honor b.1554
SIDNAM, Humphrey b.1530


SIGTRYGGSSON, Olaf "Kvaaran" King of Dublin b.922


SIGURDSDOTTIR, Ragnhild b.830


SIGURDSSON, Brusi Earl of Orkney b.987
SIGURDSSON, Einar Earl of Orkney b.985
SIGURDSSON, Halfdan b.990
SIGURDSSON, Harald "Hardrada" King of Norway b.1015
SIGURDSSON, Harde Knut King of Denmark b.802
SIGURDSSON, Ragnar "Lodbrok" b.756
SIGURDSSON, Somerled Earl of Orkney b.990
SIGURDSSON, Thorfinn II Earl of Caithness b.1009


SIHTRICSSON, Olaf King of Dublin b.995


SIKES, Helen b.1905
SIKES, Rebecca b.1640
SIKES, Victory b.1649


SILESIA, Boleslav I of b.1128
SILESIA, Mieszko I of b.1131


SILK, Martha b.1690


SILSBY, Margaret b.1684


SILVER, Abigail b.1719
SILVER, Thomas b.1658


SIMBREY, Thomas b.1601


SIMKINSON, Dorothy b.1557
SIMKINSON, John b.1530
SIMKINSON, Thomas b.1555


SIMMONS, Agnes Bethal b.1889
SIMMONS, Alfred Jethro b.1902
SIMMONS, Elizabeth b.1825
SIMMONS, Jethro b.1857
SIMMONS, Mary b.1774
SIMMONS, Mary Annies b.1886
SIMMONS, Mittie Exer b.1897
SIMMONS, N.N. b.1904
SIMMONS, Nellie Rebecca b.1892
SIMMONS, Theodocia b.1894
SIMMONS, William Reuben b.1887


SIMNETT, Joan b.1584


SIMONS, Ruth b.1729
SIMONS, Sarah b.1767


SIMONTON, Christian b.1746
SIMONTON, Marie b.1825


SIMPSON, Abigail b.1675
SIMPSON, Alice b.1533
SIMPSON, David M. b.1852
SIMPSON, Hannah b.1798
SIMPSON, Henry b.1698
SIMPSON, James b.1681
SIMPSON, John b.1578
SIMPSON, Katherine b.1631
SIMPSON, Peter b.1650
SIMPSON, Priscilla a.1633
SIMPSON, Sarah a.1637
SIMPSON, Sydrach a.1635
SIMPSON, Sydrach a.1601
SIMPSON, Thomas b.1655


SIMSON, Mary a.1627
SIMSON, Robert b.1601


SINCLAIR, Alexander b.1463
SINCLAIR, Arthur b.1475
SINCLAIR, Beatrix b.1389
SINCLAIR, Eleanor b.1457
SINCLAIR, Elizabeth b.1460
SINCLAIR, Elizabeth b.1400
SINCLAIR, Elizabeth b.1378
SINCLAIR, George Earl of Caithness b.1635
SINCLAIR, George b.1465
SINCLAIR, Henry Earl of Orkney b.1375
SINCLAIR, Henry Earl of Orkney b.1348
SINCLAIR, Katherine b.1458
SINCLAIR, Margaret b.1461
SINCLAIR, Margaret b.1328
SINCLAIR, Mariot b.1473
SINCLAIR, Marjory b.1471
SINCLAIR, Mary b.1382
SINCLAIR, Oliver Knight b.1454
SINCLAIR, Robert b.1467
SINCLAIR, Susan b.1469
SINCLAIR, William Earl of Caithness b.1455
SINCLAIR, William Earl of Orkney b.1408
SINCLAIR, William Lord of Rosslyn b.1283
SINCLAIR, William Lord of Rosslyn b.1312


SINGER, Judith b.1747


SINGLETARY, Eunice b.1642
SINGLETARY, Nathaniel b.1644


SINGLETON, Joan de b.1265
SINGLETON, Maud de b.1184


SIRKMAN, Henry b.1616


SISSELL, Joan a.1562
SISSELL, Maurice b.1536


SISSON, Margaret b.1545


SITSILT, Jevan ap b.1080
SITSILT, Meuric ap b.1120


SIVEREAU, Marie b.1569


SIWARD, Richard b.1240


SIZELAND, Mary b.1784


SKEEL, Abigail a.1686
SKEEL, Elizabeth a.1683
SKEEL, Ephraim a.1689
SKEEL, Hannah a.1678
SKEEL, John a.1715
SKEEL, John a.1679
SKEEL, John a.1678
SKEEL, John b.1640
SKEEL, Thomas a.1681


SKEFFINGTON, Elizabeth b.1559
SKEFFINGTON, John Esquire b.1534
SKEFFINGTON, William Knight b.1562


SKELTON, John b.1388
SKELTON, John Knight b.1362
SKELTON, Nicholas b.1337
SKELTON, Richard Sheriff of Cumberland b.1386


SKENARD, Jane b.1465


SKEPPER, Bridget b.1552
SKEPPER, Edward Gentleman b.1553
SKEPPER, Elizabeth b.1593
SKEPPER, Elizabeth b.1626
SKEPPER, George b.1556
SKEPPER, Jane a.1601
SKEPPER, Jane a.1635
SKEPPER, John Gentleman a.1595
SKEPPER, John a.1628
SKEPPER, Katherine a.1637
SKEPPER, Lucy a.1589
SKEPPER, Mary b.1599
SKEPPER, Mary a.1629
SKEPPER, Richard b.1495
SKEPPER, Richard a.1590
SKEPPER, Theophilus a.1633
SKEPPER, Theophilus a.1631
SKEPPER, Thomas b.1555
SKEPPER, William a.1597


SKERNE, Thomasine b.1524


SKERRY, Ann b.1669
SKERRY, Elizabeth a.1678
SKERRY, Elizabeth a.1638
SKERRY, Ephraim a.1686
SKERRY, Ephraim a.1643
SKERRY, Francis b.1666
SKERRY, Henry b.1680
SKERRY, Henry b.1606
SKERRY, Henry a.1635
SKERRY, John b.1683
SKERRY, John a.1649
SKERRY, Mary b.1673
SKERRY, Mary a.1640
SKERRY, Priscilla b.1671
SKERRY, Samuel a.1676
SKERRY, Sarah b.1689


SKIDMORE, Dorothy b.1633
SKIDMORE, Elizabeth b.1542
SKIDMORE, Elizabeth b.1592
SKIDMORE, Jedidah b.1630
SKIDMORE, John b.1726
SKIDMORE, John b.1510
SKIDMORE, John b.1584
SKIDMORE, John b.1643
SKIDMORE, Margery b.1586
SKIDMORE, Mary b.1590
SKIDMORE, Richard b.1540
SKIDMORE, Richard a.1638
SKIDMORE, Richard b.1580
SKIDMORE, Thomas b.1588
SKIDMORE, Thomas b.1628
SKIDMORE, Thomas b.1605
SKIDMORE, William b.1582
SKIDMORE, William b.1545


SKIFFE, Abigail b.1677
SKIFFE, Abigail b.1727
SKIFFE, Abigail b.1666
SKIFFE, Bathsheba b.1648
SKIFFE, Benjamin b.1691
SKIFFE, Benjamin b.1655
SKIFFE, Beulah b.1686
SKIFFE, Deborah b.1668
SKIFFE, Elizabeth b.1686
SKIFFE, Elizabeth b.1729
SKIFFE, Hannah b.1688
SKIFFE, Hannah b.1725
SKIFFE, Hepzibah b.1681
SKIFFE, James b.1689
SKIFFE, James b.1638
SKIFFE, James b.1610
SKIFFE, Jemima b.1722
SKIFFE, John b.1705
SKIFFE, John b.1683
SKIFFE, Joseph b.1709
SKIFFE, Joseph b.1720
SKIFFE, Lydia b.1675
SKIFFE, Mary b.1695
SKIFFE, Mary b.1650
SKIFFE, Mary b.1671
SKIFFE, Mercy b.1701
SKIFFE, Miriam b.1653
SKIFFE, N.N. b.1681
SKIFFE, Nathan b.1690
SKIFFE, Nathan b.1658
SKIFFE, Nathaniel b.1692
SKIFFE, Nathaniel b.1645
SKIFFE, Patience b.1683
SKIFFE, Patience b.1653
SKIFFE, Ruth b.1718
SKIFFE, Samuel b.1703
SKIFFE, Sarah b.1700
SKIFFE, Sarah b.1679
SKIFFE, Sarah b.1646
SKIFFE, Stephen b.1693
SKIFFE, Stephen b.1695
SKIFFE, Stephen b.1685
SKIFFE, Stephen b.1641
SKIFFE, Zerviah b.1734


SKILLINGS, Abigail b.1652
SKILLINGS, Benjamin b.1664
SKILLINGS, Deborah b.1648
SKILLINGS, John b.1645
SKILLINGS, Joseph b.1656
SKILLINGS, Margaret b.1625
SKILLINGS, Thomas b.1643
SKILLINGS, Thomas b.1619


SKINNER, Aaron b.1713
SKINNER, Abraham b.1681
SKINNER, Alice b.1640
SKINNER, Ann b.1639
SKINNER, Ann b.1700
SKINNER, Ann b.1753
SKINNER, Anne b.1572
SKINNER, Bethiah b.1736
SKINNER, Charles W. b.1851
SKINNER, Daniel b.1705
SKINNER, Darius Calvin b.1828
SKINNER, Dorothy b.1738
SKINNER, Elizabeth b.1669
SKINNER, Elizabeth b.1738
SKINNER, Elsie Crane b.1879
SKINNER, Jane a.1611
SKINNER, Joanna b.1707
SKINNER, John b.1641
SKINNER, John b.1703
SKINNER, John b.1675
SKINNER, John b.1577
SKINNER, John b.1612
SKINNER, Joseph b.1673
SKINNER, Joseph b.1643
SKINNER, Joseph b.1741
SKINNER, Joseph b.1734
SKINNER, Joseph b.1710
SKINNER, Lucy b.1749
SKINNER, Margery b.1583
SKINNER, Mark N. b.1888
SKINNER, Mary b.1637
SKINNER, Mary b.1667
SKINNER, Mrs. Anne b.1647
SKINNER, Rachel b.1586
SKINNER, Richard b.1646
SKINNER, Richard b.1580
SKINNER, Richard Crane b.1884
SKINNER, Ruth b.1730
SKINNER, Sarah b.1697
SKINNER, Sarah b.1747
SKINNER, William b.1743
SKINNER, William b.1574
SKINNER, William b.1546


SKIPPON, Philip Lord Skippon b.1598


SKIPTON, Cecily of Lady of Skipton b.1130


SKIPWITH, Agnes b.1486
SKIPWITH, Alice b.1461
SKIPWITH, Anne b.1543
SKIPWITH, Anne b.1528
SKIPWITH, Bridget b.1525
SKIPWITH, Dorothy b.1533
SKIPWITH, Edward a.1654
SKIPWITH, Elizabeth b.1536
SKIPWITH, Elizabeth b.1530
SKIPWITH, Elizabeth b.1482
SKIPWITH, Frances b.1538
SKIPWITH, George b.1537
SKIPWITH, Henry Knight b.1590
SKIPWITH, Henry Esquire b.1539
SKIPWITH, Jane b.1535
SKIPWITH, Joan b.1458
SKIPWITH, John Esquire b.1527
SKIPWITH, John Knight b.1455
SKIPWITH, Katherine b.1484
SKIPWITH, Lionel b.1522
SKIPWITH, Mabel b.1546
SKIPWITH, Margaret b.1523
SKIPWITH, Mary b.1549
SKIPWITH, Mary b.1531
SKIPWITH, Richard Knight b.1540
SKIPWITH, Susan b.1650
SKIPWITH, Thomas Knight b.1395
SKIPWITH, Thomas Knight a.1652
SKIPWITH, Thomas Knight a.1619
SKIPWITH, William Knight b.1510
SKIPWITH, William Knight b.1417
SKIPWITH, William Knight b.1488


SKLERAINA, Maria b.925
SKLERAINA, N.N. b.1005
SKLERAINA, Theophana b.957


SKLEROS, Bardas b.931
SKLEROS, Basileios b.980
SKLEROS, Constantine b.928
SKLEROS, Munir b.900
SKLEROS, Romanus b.955


SKOGAN, Alice b.1279


SKORY, Anne a.1597


SKULLE, Thomas b.1437
SKULLE, Walter Knight b.1400


SKURRIE, Margaret b.1593


SKUTE, Magdalena b.1660


SKYNNER, Joseph b.1588


SLADE, Christopher b.1688
SLADE, Jane b.1588


SLANEY, Anne b.1590
SLANEY, Stephen Esquire b.1564


SLANY, Frances b.1590


SLATER, Barbara b.1615
SLATER, Rhea b.1920


SLAWSON, John b.1641


SLEE, Robert b.1564


SLINGSBY, Elizabeth a.1618
SLINGSBY, Henry Esquire a.1620
SLINGSBY, William a.1622
SLINGSBY, William Knight b.1562


SLOAN, Samuel F. b.1826


SLOCUM, Ellen Jane b.1837
SLOCUM, N.N. b.1635


SLOREY, Anne b.1496


SLOSS, Anna b.1737


SLOUGH, Hasadiah a.1648
SLOUGH, James b.1649
SLOUGH, William b.1612


SLUMAN, Abigail b.1680
SLUMAN, Charity b.1713
SLUMAN, David b.1715
SLUMAN, Dorothy b.1740
SLUMAN, Elizabeth b.1677
SLUMAN, Joseph b.1710
SLUMAN, Joshua b.1717
SLUMAN, Margaret b.1708
SLUMAN, Mary b.1672
SLUMAN, Mary b.1742
SLUMAN, Rebecca b.1682
SLUMAN, Sarah b.1704
SLUMAN, Sarah b.1670
SLUMAN, Thomas b.1706
SLUMAN, Thomas b.1674
SLUMAN, Thomas b.1647


SLYE, Eleanor a.1603
SLYE, Elizabeth b.1613
SLYE, Elizabeth a.1619
SLYE, George a.1617
SLYE, George b.1577
SLYE, John a.1600
SLYE, Robert a.1627
SLYE, Sarah a.1615
SLYE, Susanna a.1609
SLYE, Thomas a.1611


SMALBROKE, Richard b.1538


SMALL, Abigail b.1708
SMALL, Alice b.1674
SMALL, Amaziah R. b.1829
SMALL, Ann b.1633
SMALL, Anna b.1745
SMALL, Anna b.1694
SMALL, Benjamin b.1667
SMALL, Benjamin a.1716
SMALL, Daniel b.1699
SMALL, Daniel b.1670
SMALL, Ebenezer b.1760
SMALL, Edmond a.1630
SMALL, Edward b.1653
SMALL, Edward b.1706
SMALL, Edward b.1598
SMALL, Edward D. b.1863
SMALL, Elisha a.1711
SMALL, Elizabeth b.1671
SMALL, Elizabeth b.1677
SMALL, Elizabeth a.1627
SMALL, Elizabeth a.1632
SMALL, Fannie M. b.1860
SMALL, Francis b.1686
SMALL, Francis b.1659
SMALL, Francis a.1625
SMALL, George b.1623
SMALL, Isaac b.1696
SMALL, John b.1704
SMALL, Joseph b.1696
SMALL, Joseph b.1643
SMALL, Mary b.1724
SMALL, Mary b.1656
SMALL, Mary a.1629
SMALL, Priscilla Mary b.1859
SMALL, Samuel b.1664
SMALL, William a.1634
SMALL, Zilpah b.1794


SMALLADGE, Jane b.1798


SMALLEY, Alice b.1727
SMALLEY, Bathsheba b.1724
SMALLEY, Daniel a.1734
SMALLEY, Daniel b.1693
SMALLEY, Elizabeth b.1716
SMALLEY, Francis b.1721
SMALLEY, Hannah b.1641
SMALLEY, Issac b.1647
SMALLEY, John b.1644
SMALLEY, John b.1613
SMALLEY, Mary b.1647
SMALLEY, Rachel b.1728
SMALLEY, Ruth b.1719
SMALLEY, Samuel b.1689
SMALLEY, Sarah b.1722


SMART, Adrian b.1539


SMEAD, Elizabeth b.1662


SMEDLEY, James b.1650
SMEDLEY, John b.1646


SMERSOLL, John b.1539


SMITH, Abigail b.1656
SMITH, Abigail b.1737
SMITH, Abigail b.1676
SMITH, Abigail b.1765
SMITH, Abigail b.1744
SMITH, Abigail b.1701
SMITH, Abigail a.1638
SMITH, Abigail b.1691
SMITH, Abigail b.1683
SMITH, Abigail b.1696
SMITH, Abigail b.1722
SMITH, Abigail b.1739
SMITH, Abigail b.1691
SMITH, Abraham a.1738
SMITH, Abraham b.1668
SMITH, Adam b.1670
SMITH, Agnes b.1590
SMITH, Agnes b.1564
SMITH, Alice b.1629
SMITH, Alice b.1868
SMITH, Alice a.1597
SMITH, Alma Walker b.1856
SMITH, Alvin b.1798
SMITH, Amy b.1515
SMITH, Amye b.1575
SMITH, Ann b.1599
SMITH, Ann b.1633
SMITH, Ann a.1728
SMITH, Ann b.1663
SMITH, Ann b.1614
SMITH, Anna b.1638
SMITH, Anna b.1708
SMITH, Anne b.1590
SMITH, Anne b.1695
SMITH, Anne b.1518
SMITH, Anne b.1488
SMITH, Anne b.1570
SMITH, Anne a.1622
SMITH, Anne b.1633
SMITH, Anthony b.1613
SMITH, Asael b.1773
SMITH, Asael b.1744
SMITH, Asenath b.1762
SMITH, Bathsheba Kate b.1844
SMITH, Benajah b.1704
SMITH, Benjamin b.1633
SMITH, Benjamin b.1711
SMITH, Benjamin b.1700
SMITH, Benjamin b.1712
SMITH, Benjamin b.1612
SMITH, Benjamin b.1659
SMITH, Beriah b.1716
SMITH, Bethia b.1724
SMITH, Betty b.1758
SMITH, Bridget a.1629
SMITH, Bridget a.1593
SMITH, Bridget b.1526
SMITH, Caroline Clara b.1820
SMITH, Catherine b.1812
SMITH, Charles Warren b.1879
SMITH, Chileab b.1635
SMITH, Christopher b.1443
SMITH, Christopher b.1622
SMITH, Clare a.1551
SMITH, Clement b.1550
SMITH, Clement Knight b.1495
SMITH, Damaris b.1706
SMITH, Daniel b.1635
SMITH, Daniel b.1700
SMITH, Daniel b.1760
SMITH, David b.1702
SMITH, David b.1761
SMITH, David Asael b.1879
SMITH, Deborah b.1645
SMITH, Deborah b.1737
SMITH, Deborah b.1766
SMITH, Desire b.1703
SMITH, Don Carlos b.1874
SMITH, Don Carlos b.1816
SMITH, Donnette b.1872
SMITH, Dorcas b.1687
SMITH, Dorcas b.1650
SMITH, Dorothy b.1565
SMITH, Dorothy b.1524
SMITH, Dorothy b.1536
SMITH, Ebenezer b.1714
SMITH, Ebenezer b.1699
SMITH, Ebenezer b.1740
SMITH, Ebenezer b.1653
SMITH, Ebenezer b.1675
SMITH, Ebenezer b.1646
SMITH, Edith Eleanor b.1894
SMITH, Edmund b.1497
SMITH, Edward Esquire a.1630
SMITH, Edward b.1503
SMITH, Edward b.1654
SMITH, Eleanor a.1711
SMITH, Elias Wesley b.1886
SMITH, Eliza Ann b.1803
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1671
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1602
SMITH, Elizabeth a.1592
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1626
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1650
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1730
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1704
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1641
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1532
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1444
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1663
SMITH, Elizabeth a.1750
SMITH, Elizabeth a.1649
SMITH, Elizabeth a.1672
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1662
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1700
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1726
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1710
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1626
SMITH, Elizabeth a.1627
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1506
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1650
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1693
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1595
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1592
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1636
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1714
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1648
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1663
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1724
SMITH, Elizabeth Otis b.1779
SMITH, Ellen Ann b.1853
SMITH, Elsie Louise b.1891
SMITH, Emily Jane b.1888
SMITH, Emma Elizabeth b.1853
SMITH, Ephraim b.1810
SMITH, Erasmus Esquire a.1611
SMITH, Erasmus Esquire b.1538
SMITH, Esther b.1706
SMITH, Esther b.1672
SMITH, Esther b.1708
SMITH, Eunice a.1739
SMITH, Eunice b.1743
SMITH, Evelyn P. b.1869
SMITH, Ezra Chase b.1876
SMITH, Frances b.1605
SMITH, Frances a.1610
SMITH, Frances b.1539
SMITH, Frances b.1599
SMITH, Francis b.1602
SMITH, Francis Knight b.1570
SMITH, Francis Sheriff of Leicestershire b.1522
SMITH, Francis b.1658
SMITH, Francis b.1618
SMITH, George b.1652
SMITH, George b.1658
SMITH, George b.1541
SMITH, George b.1528
SMITH, George b.1616
SMITH, George b.1481
SMITH, George Albert b.1870
SMITH, George Albert b.1842
SMITH, George Albert b.1817
SMITH, George Carlos b.1881
SMITH, George Stillman b.1781
SMITH, George W. b.1807
SMITH, Gilbert b.1457
SMITH, Giles b.1533
SMITH, Grace b.1596
SMITH, Hannah b.1635
SMITH, Hannah b.1647
SMITH, Hannah b.1713
SMITH, Hannah b.1858
SMITH, Hannah b.1737
SMITH, Hannah a.1612
SMITH, Hannah b.1633
SMITH, Hannah b.1662
SMITH, Hannah b.1672
SMITH, Hannah b.1644
SMITH, Harriet b.1847
SMITH, Henry b.1597
SMITH, Henry a.1552
SMITH, Henry b.1673
SMITH, Henry b.1632
SMITH, Henry a.1734
SMITH, Hugh b.1530
SMITH, Hugh b.1439
SMITH, Hugh b.1616
SMITH, Hurlin R. b.1870
SMITH, Hyrum b.1800
SMITH, Ichabod a.1755
SMITH, Ichabod b.1708
SMITH, Ichabod b.1661
SMITH, Ida M. b.1865
SMITH, Ignatius b.1726
SMITH, Isaac b.1719
SMITH, Isaac b.1694
SMITH, Jacob b.1722
SMITH, Jacob b.1691
SMITH, James a.1654
SMITH, James b.1693
SMITH, James b.1655
SMITH, Jane b.1431
SMITH, Jane b.1710
SMITH, Jane b.1774
SMITH, Jasiel b.1700
SMITH, Jemima b.1709
SMITH, Jemima b.1665
SMITH, Jemima b.1732
SMITH, Jesse b.1768
SMITH, Joan b.1482
SMITH, Joan b.1501
SMITH, Joan b.1594
SMITH, Joanna b.1650
SMITH, John b.1638
SMITH, John b.1623
SMITH, John b.1640
SMITH, John b.1476
SMITH, John Knight b.1470
SMITH, John b.1466
SMITH, John b.1441
SMITH, John b.1395
SMITH, John b.1499
SMITH, John b.1661
SMITH, John b.1847
SMITH, John b.1781
SMITH, John a.1653
SMITH, John a.1647
SMITH, John b.1622
SMITH, John b.1596
SMITH, John b.1658
SMITH, John b.1632
SMITH, John b.1665
SMITH, John a.1732
SMITH, John a.1731
SMITH, John b.1672
SMITH, John b.1697
SMITH, John a.1822
SMITH, John b.1630
SMITH, John b.1712
SMITH, John b.1600
SMITH, John b.1490
SMITH, John b.1618
SMITH, John b.1641
SMITH, John b.1624
SMITH, John b.1672
SMITH, John a.1652
SMITH, John a.1656
SMITH, John b.1690
SMITH, John b.1614
SMITH, John b.1729
SMITH, John Henry b.1868
SMITH, John Henry b.1848
SMITH, John Lyman b.1823
SMITH, Jonathan a.1635
SMITH, Joseph b.1691
SMITH, Joseph Jr. b.1805
SMITH, Joseph Sr. b.1771
SMITH, Joseph b.1655
SMITH, Joseph a.1751
SMITH, Joseph b.1637
SMITH, Joseph a.1850
SMITH, Joseph b.1685
SMITH, Joseph b.1662
SMITH, Joseph a.1625
SMITH, Joseph b.1667
SMITH, Joseph Fielding b.1876
SMITH, Joseph Fielding b.1838
SMITH, Joseph Hyrum b.1871
SMITH, Joseph Otis b.1772
SMITH, Joshua b.1658
SMITH, Judith b.1629
SMITH, Judith b.1665
SMITH, Julina Clarissa b.1884
SMITH, Katherine Nun b.1490
SMITH, Keziah b.1742
SMITH, Keziah b.1702
SMITH, Lemuel b.1736
SMITH, Leonard b.1497
SMITH, Lillie Francis b.1921
SMITH, Lorin Farr b.1872
SMITH, Lucy b.1526
SMITH, Lucy b.1821
SMITH, Lucy b.1741
SMITH, Lucy D. Platte b.1862
SMITH, Lydia b.1643
SMITH, Lydia b.1777
SMITH, Lydia b.1685
SMITH, Lydia b.1741
SMITH, Mabel b.1605
SMITH, Magdalen b.1543
SMITH, Margaret b.1433
SMITH, Margaret a.1577
SMITH, Margaret b.1614
SMITH, Margaret Mackall b.1788
SMITH, Margery b.1575
SMITH, Martha b.1679
SMITH, Martha b.1648
SMITH, Martha b.1534
SMITH, Martha b.1649
SMITH, Martha b.1696
SMITH, Martha b.1704
SMITH, Martha Ann b.1841
SMITH, Mary b.1629
SMITH, Mary b.1727
SMITH, Mary a.1621
SMITH, Mary b.1707
SMITH, Mary b.1624
SMITH, Mary b.1600
SMITH, Mary a.1558
SMITH, Mary b.1492
SMITH, Mary b.1670
SMITH, Mary b.1642
SMITH, Mary b.1775
SMITH, Mary b.1741
SMITH, Mary b.1710
SMITH, Mary b.1642
SMITH, Mary b.1721
SMITH, Mary a.1607
SMITH, Mary b.1663
SMITH, Mary b.1639
SMITH, Mary b.1767
SMITH, Mary b.1685
SMITH, Mary b.1658
SMITH, Mary b.1630
SMITH, Mary a.1630
SMITH, Mary a.1628
SMITH, Mary b.1766
SMITH, Mary b.1694
SMITH, Mary b.1672
SMITH, Mary b.1710
SMITH, Mary b.1617
SMITH, Mary b.1735
SMITH, Mary b.1658
SMITH, Mary b.1728
SMITH, Mary b.1647
SMITH, Mary b.1727
SMITH, Mary A. b.1848
SMITH, Mary Ann b.1853
SMITH, Mary Sophronia b.1869
SMITH, Matthias b.1697
SMITH, Mehitable a.1742
SMITH, Mercy b.1731
SMITH, Mercy a.1646
SMITH, Mercy b.1679
SMITH, Mercy b.1698
SMITH, Mercy Josephine b.1867
SMITH, Millicent b.1435
SMITH, Mrs. Deborah b.1660
SMITH, Mrs. Elizabeth b.1689
SMITH, N.N. b.1816
SMITH, N.N. b.1797
SMITH, Nancy Clarabell b.1886
SMITH, Nathan b.1673
SMITH, Nathan b.1656
SMITH, Nathan a.1689
SMITH, Nathaniel b.1675
SMITH, Nathaniel Libby b.1883
SMITH, Nehemiah b.1677
SMITH, Nehemiah b.1641
SMITH, Nicholas b.1629
SMITH, Nicholas b.1660
SMITH, Oren b.1768
SMITH, Patience b.1767
SMITH, Phebe b.1716
SMITH, Philip a.1630
SMITH, Philip a.1632
SMITH, Philippa b.1622
SMITH, Polycarpus b.1733
SMITH, Priscilla b.1769
SMITH, Priscilla b.1693
SMITH, Prudence b.1691
SMITH, Rachael b.1890
SMITH, Rachel b.1741
SMITH, Rachel b.1754
SMITH, Rachel b.1703
SMITH, Ralph b.1605
SMITH, Rebecca a.1596
SMITH, Rebecca a.1630
SMITH, Rebecca b.1697
SMITH, Rebecca b.1731
SMITH, Rebecca b.1676
SMITH, Remember b.1689
SMITH, Rhoda b.1718
SMITH, Rhoda b.1772
SMITH, Richard b.1624
SMITH, Richard a.1617
SMITH, Richard b.1583
SMITH, Richard b.1585
SMITH, Richard b.1740
SMITH, Robert b.1445
SMITH, Robert b.1697
SMITH, Robert b.1723
SMITH, Robert b.1611
SMITH, Rose b.1874
SMITH, Ruth b.1639
SMITH, Ruth b.1682
SMITH, Samuel a.1626
SMITH, Samuel b.1602
SMITH, Samuel b.1650
SMITH, Samuel b.1777
SMITH, Samuel b.1651
SMITH, Samuel a.1736
SMITH, Samuel b.1681
SMITH, Samuel b.1647
SMITH, Samuel b.1691
SMITH, Samuel a.1639
SMITH, Samuel b.1720
SMITH, Samuel b.1769
SMITH, Samuel b.1688
SMITH, Samuel b.1666
SMITH, Samuel b.1644
SMITH, Samuel Harrison b.1808
SMITH, Samuel Norris b.1809
SMITH, Sarah b.1725
SMITH, Sarah b.1638
SMITH, Sarah b.1652
SMITH, Sarah b.1643
SMITH, Sarah b.1683
SMITH, Sarah b.1789
SMITH, Sarah b.1704
SMITH, Sarah b.1642
SMITH, Sarah b.1660
SMITH, Sarah b.1749
SMITH, Sarah b.1691
SMITH, Sarah b.1701
SMITH, Sarah b.1686
SMITH, Sarah b.1643
SMITH, Sarah b.1864
SMITH, Sarah b.1696
SMITH, Sarah b.1746
SMITH, Sarah b.1664
SMITH, Sarah b.1693
SMITH, Sarah b.1717
SMITH, Sarah b.1645
SMITH, Shubael b.1666
SMITH, Shubael b.1702
SMITH, Shubael b.1654
SMITH, Shubael b.1699
SMITH, Shubael b.1733
SMITH, Silas b.1779
SMITH, Simon b.1725
SMITH, Sophronia b.1803
SMITH, Stephen b.1785
SMITH, Stephen b.1710
SMITH, Stephen b.1635
SMITH, Stephen b.1735
SMITH, Stephen b.1763
SMITH, Stephen b.1739
SMITH, Susanna b.1690
SMITH, Susanna b.1745
SMITH, Susanna b.1728
SMITH, Susanna b.1783
SMITH, Susanna a.1719
SMITH, Susanna b.1699
SMITH, Susanna a.1619
SMITH, Susanna b.1697
SMITH, Susanna b.1669
SMITH, Susanna b.1681
SMITH, Susanna b.1700
SMITH, Susanne b.1604
SMITH, Tamesen b.1671
SMITH, Thomas b.1627
SMITH, Thomas a.1596
SMITH, Thomas Knight a.1602
SMITH, Thomas Knight b.1556
SMITH, Thomas b.1706
SMITH, Thomas b.1747
SMITH, Thomas Knight b.1599
SMITH, Thomas Knight a.1555
SMITH, Thomas b.1500
SMITH, Thomas Knight b.1463
SMITH, Thomas b.1437
SMITH, Thomas Esquire b.1524
SMITH, Thomas b.1667
SMITH, Thomas b.1595
SMITH, Thomas b.1712
SMITH, Thomas b.1612
SMITH, Thomas b.1705
SMITH, Thomas b.1610
SMITH, Thomas b.1648
SMITH, Thomas b.1631
SMITH, Thomas b.1658
SMITH, Thomas b.1540
SMITH, Thomas b.1691
SMITH, Thomas b.1665
SMITH, Thomas b.1718
SMITH, Thomas Garside a.1845
SMITH, Thomas Garside a.1827
SMITH, Tirzah Priscilla b.1888
SMITH, Ursula b.1520
SMITH, Vera Inez b.1904
SMITH, Virginia b.1865
SMITH, Wait b.1645
SMITH, William b.1601
SMITH, William Knight a.1600
SMITH, William b.1552
SMITH, William b.1505
SMITH, William Knight b.1550
SMITH, William a.1557
SMITH, William b.1537
SMITH, William b.1529
SMITH, William b.1811
SMITH, William b.1746
SMITH, William b.1707
SMITH, William b.1667
SMITH, William b.1790
SMITH, William b.1866
SMITH, William b.1824
SMITH, William b.1835
SMITH, William b.1698
SMITH, William b.1570
SMITH, William b.1633
SMITH, William Ellis b.1767
SMITH, Willis b.1815
SMITH, Winslow Farr b.1881

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