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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


SCONE, John b.1649


SCOT, John b.1279


SCOTE, Joan b.1429


SCOTLAND, Ada of b.1164
SCOTLAND, Alexander I of b.1077
SCOTLAND, Alexander II of King of Scotland b.1198
SCOTLAND, Alexander III of King of Scotland b.1241
SCOTLAND, Alexander IV of b.1264
SCOTLAND, Aufrica of b.1157
SCOTLAND, Claricia of b.1116
SCOTLAND, David I "The Saint" of King of Scots b.1081
SCOTLAND, David of b.1270
SCOTLAND, Edgar of King of Scotland b.1074
SCOTLAND, Ermengard of b.1219
SCOTLAND, Hodierna of b.1120
SCOTLAND, Isabel of b.1165
SCOTLAND, Isabella of b.1205
SCOTLAND, Malcolm IV of King of Scotland b.1141
SCOTLAND, Malcolm of b.1114
SCOTLAND, Margaret of b.1261
SCOTLAND, Margaret of b.1201
SCOTLAND, Margaret of b.1180
SCOTLAND, Marjorie of b.1217
SCOTLAND, Marjory of b.1209
SCOTLAND, Mary of b.1084
SCOTLAND, Maud of Queen of England b.1079
SCOTLAND, Melmare of b.1039
SCOTLAND, William I "The Lion" of King of Scotland b.1142


SCOTT, Abigail b.1689
SCOTT, Alice b.1526
SCOTT, Ann b.1540
SCOTT, Anne b.1534
SCOTT, Anne b.1528
SCOTT, Anne b.1484
SCOTT, Catherine b.1508
SCOTT, Catherine b.1482
SCOTT, Dorothy a.1558
SCOTT, Ebenezer b.1712
SCOTT, Ebenezer b.1688
SCOTT, Edmund b.1612
SCOTT, Edward b.1486
SCOTT, Edward b.1546
SCOTT, Elizabeth b.1524
SCOTT, Elizabeth b.1489
SCOTT, Elizabeth a.1555
SCOTT, Elizabeth b.1629
SCOTT, George b.1520
SCOTT, Isabel b.1379
SCOTT, Isabel b.1459
SCOTT, Isabel b.1516
SCOTT, Jane a.1737
SCOTT, Joan b.1430
SCOTT, Joan b.1504
SCOTT, Joan a.1558
SCOTT, Joanna b.1678
SCOTT, Joanna b.1548
SCOTT, John Knight b.1480
SCOTT, John Knight b.1423
SCOTT, John b.1513
SCOTT, John b.1538
SCOTT, John a.1600
SCOTT, Joseph a.1685
SCOTT, Joseph b.1652
SCOTT, Joseph b.1659
SCOTT, Julian b.1560
SCOTT, Katherine b.1538
SCOTT, Katherine b.1570
SCOTT, Katherine b.1542
SCOTT, Lois b.1727
SCOTT, Margaret b.1454
SCOTT, Margaret b.1421
SCOTT, Margaret b.1427
SCOTT, Margaret a.1550
SCOTT, Mary b.1518
SCOTT, Mary b.1643
SCOTT, Mary b.1625
SCOTT, Mary b.1544
SCOTT, Mary b.1640
SCOTT, Michael b.1425
SCOTT, Mildred b.1510
SCOTT, Pashley b.1522
SCOTT, Reginald Knight b.1512
SCOTT, Richard Esquire b.1514
SCOTT, Richard b.1476
SCOTT, Richard a.1553
SCOTT, Richard b.1510
SCOTT, Richard a.1605
SCOTT, Robert b.1502
SCOTT, Robert b.1657
SCOTT, Sarah b.1691
SCOTT, Sarah b.1681
SCOTT, Sarah b.1627
SCOTT, Sarah b.1654
SCOTT, Susanna a.1552
SCOTT, Sybil b.1504
SCOTT, Thomas Knight b.1536
SCOTT, Thomas b.1433
SCOTT, Thomas b.1478
SCOTT, Thomas b.1500
SCOTT, Thomas b.1631
SCOTT, Thomas b.1599
SCOTT, Thomas b.1561
SCOTT, William b.1545
SCOTT, William Knight b.1456
SCOTT, William b.1506
SCOTT, William b.1427
SCOTT, William Esquire b.1393
SCOTT, William b.1450
SCOTT, William b.1507
SCOTT, William b.1645


SCOVEL, Martha b.1760


SCRIGGINS, Abigail b.1709


SCRIVENS, Richard b.1540


SCROPE, Adrian Knight b.1563
SCROPE, Adrian b.1527
SCROPE, Agnes b.1490
SCROPE, Agnes b.1445
SCROPE, Alice b.1501
SCROPE, Alice Baroness Scrope b.1481
SCROPE, Alice b.1457
SCROPE, Anne b.1517
SCROPE, Anne b.1486
SCROPE, Anne b.1428
SCROPE, Anne b.1485
SCROPE, Beatrice le b.1308
SCROPE, Constance le b.1310
SCROPE, Dorothy b.1474
SCROPE, Edward b.1539
SCROPE, Eleanor b.1488
SCROPE, Eleanor b.1543
SCROPE, Eleanor Nun b.1451
SCROPE, Eleanor b.1424
SCROPE, Eleanor b.1472
SCROPE, Elizabeth b.1431
SCROPE, Elizabeth b.1399
SCROPE, Elizabeth b.1541
SCROPE, Elizabeth b.1505
SCROPE, Elizabeth b.1482
SCROPE, Elizabeth b.1468
SCROPE, Elizabeth b.1439
SCROPE, Elizabeth b.1420
SCROPE, Elizabeth b.1468
SCROPE, Elizabeth le b.1399
SCROPE, Emmanuel Earl of Sunderland b.1584
SCROPE, Frances b.1483
SCROPE, Geoffrey Lord Scrope b.1474
SCROPE, Geoffrey le b.1324
SCROPE, Geoffrey le Knight b.1275
SCROPE, Geoffrey le Knight b.1342
SCROPE, Geoffrey le Knight b.1380
SCROPE, George b.1537
SCROPE, Henry Esquire b.1347
SCROPE, Henry Esquire b.1569
SCROPE, Henry b.1512
SCROPE, Henry Lord Scrope b.1534
SCROPE, Henry b.1530
SCROPE, Henry Lord Scrope b.1462
SCROPE, Henry Lord Scrope b.1480
SCROPE, Henry Lord Scrope b.1459
SCROPE, Henry Lord Scrope b.1418
SCROPE, Henry b.1419
SCROPE, Henry le b.1215
SCROPE, Henry le Knight b.1271
SCROPE, Henry le Lord Scrope b.1312
SCROPE, Henry le Lord Scrope b.1378
SCROPE, Isabel le b.1337
SCROPE, Ivette le b.1317
SCROPE, Jane b.1481
SCROPE, Joan b.1392
SCROPE, Joan b.1549
SCROPE, Joan b.1492
SCROPE, Joan le b.1366
SCROPE, Joan le b.1340
SCROPE, John b.1533
SCROPE, John Lord Scrope b.1515
SCROPE, John b.1519
SCROPE, John Esquire b.1495
SCROPE, John Esquire b.1422
SCROPE, John Lord Scrope b.1437
SCROPE, John le Knight b.1352
SCROPE, John le Knight b.1388
SCROPE, Katherine b.1547
SCROPE, Katherine b.1484
SCROPE, Katherine b.1479
SCROPE, Margaret b.1536
SCROPE, Margaret b.1522
SCROPE, Margaret b.1471
SCROPE, Margaret b.1441
SCROPE, Margaret b.1476
SCROPE, Mary b.1533
SCROPE, Mary b.1472
SCROPE, Mary b.1478
SCROPE, Maud le b.1392
SCROPE, Maud le b.1377
SCROPE, Philip le b.1172
SCROPE, Phyllis b.1561
SCROPE, Ralph b.1566
SCROPE, Ralph Esquire b.1524
SCROPE, Ralph Archdeacon of Northumberland b.1447
SCROPE, Ralph Lord Scrope b.1465
SCROPE, Richard b.1513
SCROPE, Richard b.1564
SCROPE, Richard Bishop of Carlisle b.1420
SCROPE, Richard Knight b.1443
SCROPE, Richard le b.1356
SCROPE, Richard le Lord Scrope b.1394
SCROPE, Richard le Archbishop of York b.1349
SCROPE, Richard le Lord Scrope b.1327
SCROPE, Robert b.1517
SCROPE, Robert Esquire b.1449
SCROPE, Robert le b.1147
SCROPE, Roger le Lord Scrope b.1352
SCROPE, Simon le b.1180
SCROPE, Stephen b.1470
SCROPE, Stephen le Knight b.1321
SCROPE, Stephen le Rector of Marske b.1279
SCROPE, Stephen le b.1323
SCROPE, Stephen le Knight b.1354
SCROPE, Stephen le Archdeacon of Richmond b.1383
SCROPE, Stephen le Lord Scrope b.1345
SCROPE, Thomas Knight b.1315
SCROPE, Thomas b.1545
SCROPE, Thomas Lord Scrope b.1566
SCROPE, Thomas Lord Scrope b.1426
SCROPE, Thomas Lord Scrope b.1459
SCROPE, Thomas le Esquire b.1396
SCROPE, William Archdeacon of Durham b.1393
SCROPE, William le Knight b.1319
SCROPE, William le Knight b.1320
SCROPE, William le Earl of Wiltshire b.1350
SCROPE, William le Knight b.1245


SCRUGGS, Rachel a.1627


SCRYMGEOUR, James b.1365


SCUDAMORE, Godfrey de b.1110
SCUDAMORE, Godfrey de b.1212
SCUDAMORE, John Esquire b.1600


SCUDDER, Alice b.1588
SCUDDER, Anne b.1713
SCUDDER, Benjamin b.1698
SCUDDER, Benjamin b.1668
SCUDDER, Bridget b.1584
SCUDDER, Clemence b.1674
SCUDDER, David b.1653
SCUDDER, Elizabeth b.1644
SCUDDER, Elizabeth a.1625
SCUDDER, Elizabeth a.1650
SCUDDER, Elizabeth b.1581
SCUDDER, Elizabeth b.1659
SCUDDER, Elizabeth b.1622
SCUDDER, Ezekiel b.1702
SCUDDER, Hannah a.1649
SCUDDER, Hannah a.1651
SCUDDER, Henry b.1582
SCUDDER, Henry b.1550
SCUDDER, Henry b.1627
SCUDDER, Isaac b.1706
SCUDDER, Isaac b.1657
SCUDDER, Isaiah b.1711
SCUDDER, Jacob b.1707
SCUDDER, Jane b.1594
SCUDDER, John b.1657
SCUDDER, John a.1618
SCUDDER, John b.1645
SCUDDER, John b.1590
SCUDDER, John b.1619
SCUDDER, Jonathan b.1657
SCUDDER, Martha b.1592
SCUDDER, Mary b.1648
SCUDDER, Mary b.1660
SCUDDER, Mary a.1648
SCUDDER, Mary b.1662
SCUDDER, Mercy b.1676
SCUDDER, Moses b.1658
SCUDDER, Moses b.1709
SCUDDER, Peter b.1715
SCUDDER, Rebecca b.1655
SCUDDER, Ruth b.1703
SCUDDER, Samuel b.1643
SCUDDER, Sarah a.1646
SCUDDER, Sarah b.1704
SCUDDER, Sarah b.1665
SCUDDER, Sarah b.1681
SCUDDER, Thomas a.1620
SCUDDER, Thomas a.1617
SCUDDER, Thomas b.1700
SCUDDER, Thomas b.1625
SCUDDER, Thomas b.1586
SCUDDER, Timothy b.1670
SCUDDER, William b.1617


SCULLARD, Dorothy a.1604
SCULLARD, Jane b.1615
SCULLARD, Joan a.1612
SCULLARD, John b.1547
SCULLARD, Margery a.1618
SCULLARD, Mary b.1607
SCULLARD, Peter a.1621
SCULLARD, Shadrack b.1577
SCULLARD, Thomas b.1609


SEABOLT, Levi Johnson b.1830


SEABORN, Deborah b.1745


SEABROOK, Alice a.1599
SEABROOK, Anne a.1605
SEABROOK, Damaris b.1602
SEABROOK, Jane a.1606
SEABROOK, John a.1607
SEABROOK, Mary a.1602
SEABROOK, N.N. b.1619
SEABROOK, Robert a.1602
SEABROOK, Robert b.1571
SEABROOK, Samuel a.1608
SEABROOK, Sarah b.1622
SEABROOK, Sarah a.1600
SEABROOK, Thomas a.1604


SEABURY, Hannah b.1668
SEABURY, Samuel b.1666


SEALIS, Richard a.1581


SEAMAN, Anne a.1587
SEAMAN, Charles a.1583
SEAMAN, Charles b.1559
SEAMAN, Elizabeth a.1597
SEAMAN, Jane a.1569
SEAMAN, John a.1561
SEAMAN, John a.1581
SEAMAN, Mary a.1585
SEAMAN, Mary a.1567
SEAMAN, Richard a.1563
SEAMAN, Sarah a.1599
SEAMAN, Sarah a.1573
SEAMAN, Thomas a.1571
SEAMAN, Thomas b.1538
SEAMAN, William a.1565


SEAMER, Elizabeth b.1585
SEAMER, Joan b.1405


SEARELL, Little John b.1555


SEARLE, Aaron a.1597
SEARLE, Abigail a.1612
SEARLE, Christopher a.1598
SEARLE, Deborah b.1693
SEARLE, Dorothy a.1603
SEARLE, Elizabeth b.1680
SEARLE, Isabel b.1520
SEARLE, Joanna b.1618
SEARLE, John a.1601
SEARLE, John a.1613
SEARLE, John b.1641
SEARLE, John b.1666
SEARLE, John b.1739
SEARLE, Joseph b.1671
SEARLE, Mary b.1668
SEARLE, Patience a.1599
SEARLE, Robert b.1576
SEARLE, Thomas b.1674
SEARLE, Thomas b.1641


SEARS, Benjamin b.1731
SEARS, Rebecca b.1661
SEARS, Richard b.1680


SEAVER, Elizabeth Hovey b.1796
SEAVER, Joseph b.1672


SEAVEY, Irving E. b.1910
SEAVEY, John D. b.1855
SEAVEY, Lawrence R. b.1921


SEBRIGHT, Edward Knight b.1585


SECKAR, Joan a.1565


SECKFORD, Cecily b.1500
SECKFORD, Christian b.1448
SECKFORD, Eleanor b.1443
SECKFORD, Elizabeth b.1450
SECKFORD, George b.1445
SECKFORD, George b.1400
SECKFORD, George de Knight b.1357
SECKFORD, John b.1447
SECKFORD, John de b.1265
SECKFORD, John de Knight b.1295
SECKFORD, John de Knight b.1325
SECKFORD, Thomas Esquire b.1493
SECKFORD, Thomas Esquire b.1444


SECOLE, John Esquire b.1502
SECOLE, N.N. b.1527


SEDGLEY, Elizabeth b.1724
SEDGLEY, Hannah b.1721
SEDGLEY, John b.1718
SEDGLEY, John b.1687
SEDGLEY, Mary b.1734
SEDGLEY, Robert b.1727
SEDGLEY, Sarah b.1731
SEDGLEY, Susannah b.1716


SEDGWICK, Elizabeth a.1570
SEDGWICK, Elizabeth a.1627
SEDGWICK, Francis a.1621
SEDGWICK, Hannah a.1624
SEDGWICK, Hannah a.1641
SEDGWICK, John a.1611
SEDGWICK, Margery b.1486
SEDGWICK, Martha a.1626
SEDGWICK, Mary a.1607
SEDGWICK, Nathaniel a.1629
SEDGWICK, Rebecca b.1632
SEDGWICK, Rebecca a.1617
SEDGWICK, Robert b.1646
SEDGWICK, Robert a.1613
SEDGWICK, Samuel a.1639
SEDGWICK, Sarah b.1630
SEDGWICK, Stephen a.1619
SEDGWICK, Thomas a.1623
SEDGWICK, Thomas a.1615
SEDGWICK, William a.1609
SEDGWICK, William b.1579
SEDGWICK, William b.1643


SEDLEY, Abigail a.1609
SEDLEY, Abigail a.1579
SEDLEY, Anne b.1596
SEDLEY, Bridget a.1608
SEDLEY, Charles Knight a.1639
SEDLEY, Elizabeth a.1646
SEDLEY, Elizabeth b.1539
SEDLEY, Henry Knight b.1623
SEDLEY, John Esquire a.1611
SEDLEY, John Knight b.1596
SEDLEY, Martin Gentleman b.1643
SEDLEY, Martin a.1612
SEDLEY, Martin Esquire a.1581
SEDLEY, Martin Gentleman b.1531
SEDLEY, Muriel a.1583
SEDLEY, Robert a.1578
SEDLEY, William Esquire a.1640
SEDLEY, William Knight a.1625
SEDLEY, William Knight b.1558


SEE, Christopher de la b.1442
SEE, Elizabeth de la b.1468
SEE, Joan de la b.1464
SEE, Margaret de la b.1452
SEE, Martin de la Knight b.1420


SEEBURG, Wichmann von b.1039


SEELEY, Amy b.1712
SEELEY, Andrew b.1597
SEELEY, Benjamin a.1744
SEELEY, Benjamin b.1720
SEELEY, Benjamin b.1657
SEELEY, David b.1676
SEELEY, Dorcas b.1650
SEELEY, Elizabeth b.1593
SEELEY, Elizabeth b.1678
SEELEY, Elizabeth b.1579
SEELEY, George a.1746
SEELEY, Henry a.1753
SEELEY, John b.1661
SEELEY, Jonas b.1653
SEELEY, Joseph b.1659
SEELEY, Mary b.1599
SEELEY, Mary b.1663
SEELEY, Mary b.1715
SEELEY, Nathaniel b.1651
SEELEY, Nathaniel a.1627
SEELEY, Nathaniel b.1682
SEELEY, Nehemiah b.1688
SEELEY, Nehemiah b.1708
SEELEY, Phebe b.1667
SEELEY, Rebecca b.1670
SEELEY, Remember a.1748
SEELEY, Robert a.1602
SEELEY, Robert b.1653
SEELEY, Robert b.1710
SEELEY, Robert b.1680
SEELEY, Sarah b.1665
SEELEY, Sarah b.1685
SEELEY, Sarah b.1718
SEELEY, Sarah b.1690
SEELEY, Thomas b.1535
SEELEY, Thomas Merifeld a.1750
SEELEY, William a.1595
SEELEY, William a.1564


SEFORD, Rose b.1570


SEGALL, Ada F. b.1878


SEGAR, Abigail b.1726
SEGAR, Alice b.1752
SEGAR, Alice b.1717
SEGAR, Bathsheba b.1732
SEGAR, Benjamin b.1770
SEGAR, Elizabeth b.1773
SEGAR, Elizabeth b.1729
SEGAR, Elizabeth b.1709
SEGAR, Experience b.1722
SEGAR, Hannah b.1725
SEGAR, Henry b.1686
SEGAR, John b.1712
SEGAR, John b.1684
SEGAR, John b.1756
SEGAR, Joseph b.1754
SEGAR, Joseph b.1723
SEGAR, Judith b.1719
SEGAR, Mary b.1761
SEGAR, Mary b.1715
SEGAR, Nancy b.1766
SEGAR, Samuel b.1768
SEGAR, Samuel b.1728
SEGAR, Sarah b.1776
SEGAR, Sarah b.1710
SEGAR, Susanna b.1720
SEGAR, Thomas b.1759
SEGAR, William b.1763


SEGERS, Minerva b.1809


SEGRAVE, Alice de b.1298
SEGRAVE, Alice de b.1232
SEGRAVE, Annabel de b.1263
SEGRAVE, Anne de Abbess of Barking b.1344
SEGRAVE, Christian de b.1295
SEGRAVE, Edmund b.1342
SEGRAVE, Edmund de b.1313
SEGRAVE, Eleanor de b.1288
SEGRAVE, Eleanor de b.1217
SEGRAVE, Eleanor de b.1270
SEGRAVE, Elizabeth de b.1318
SEGRAVE, Elizabeth de Baroness Segrave b.1338
SEGRAVE, Geoffrey de Knight b.1261
SEGRAVE, Gilbert de Bishop of London b.1267
SEGRAVE, Gilbert de b.1144
SEGRAVE, Gilbert de Knight b.1211
SEGRAVE, Henry de Knight b.1222
SEGRAVE, Hereward de b.1114
SEGRAVE, Hugh de Knight b.1350
SEGRAVE, Hugh de Knight b.1301
SEGRAVE, Hugo de b.1080
SEGRAVE, John de b.1315
SEGRAVE, John de b.1340
SEGRAVE, John de Knight b.1292
SEGRAVE, John de Knight b.1209
SEGRAVE, John de Lord Segrave b.1257
SEGRAVE, John de Lord Segrave b.1315
SEGRAVE, Margaret de b.1286
SEGRAVE, Maud de b.1295
SEGRAVE, Nicholas de Knight b.1259
SEGRAVE, Nicholas de Lord Segrave b.1238
SEGRAVE, Peter de Knight b.1265
SEGRAVE, Stephen de b.1318
SEGRAVE, Stephen de Lord Segrave b.1290
SEGRAVE, Stephen de Knight b.1214
SEGRAVE, Stephen de Sheriff of Northamptonshire b.1176
SEGRAVE, Thomas de b.1178
SEGRAVE, Thomas de b.1050


SEINTCLERE, John Knight b.1340


SEISYLL, Llywelyn ap King of Deheubarth b.960


SELBY, Amee b.1681
SELBY, Ann b.1699
SELBY, Charles b.1687
SELBY, Deborah b.1763
SELBY, Elizabeth b.1754
SELBY, James Wilson b.1747
SELBY, John b.1720
SELBY, Joseph b.1718
SELBY, Joshua Wilson b.1740
SELBY, Josiah Wilson b.1742
SELBY, Lingan Wilson b.1752
SELBY, Martha b.1745
SELBY, Martha a.1765
SELBY, Mary b.1758
SELBY, Mary b.1680
SELBY, Nancy b.1770
SELBY, Nathan b.1714
SELBY, Nathan b.1737
SELBY, Peggy b.1767
SELBY, Phillip b.1774
SELBY, Samuel b.1713
SELBY, Samuel b.1690
SELBY, Samuel b.1734
SELBY, Sarah b.1722
SELBY, Sarah b.1749
SELBY, Sarah b.1814
SELBY, Susannah b.1725
SELBY, Susannah b.1695
SELBY, Thomas b.1716
SELBY, Thomas b.1756
SELBY, William b.1639
SELBY, William b.1684
SELBY, William Magruder b.1709
SELBY, William Magruder b.1772
SELBY, William Wilson b.1732


SELDEN, Dorothy b.1582
SELDEN, Mary b.1689
SELDEN, Thomas a.1616


SELLECK, Nathaniel b.1678
SELLECK, Robert Gentleman b.1548


SELLIVANT, Daniel b.1629


SELMAN, Elizabeth a.1749


SEMER, George b.1570


SEMPILL, John Lord Sempill b.1465


SEMUR, Dalmas I de b.990
SEMUR, Eudes de b.1008
SEMUR, Geoffrey I de b.936
SEMUR, Geoffrey II de b.961
SEMUR, Geoffrey III de b.1027
SEMUR, Geoffrey III de b.1004
SEMUR, Helie de b.1017
SEMUR, Herve I de b.1006
SEMUR, Hugh de Abbot of Cluny b.1023
SEMUR, Joceran de b.913
SEMUR, Lambert de b.1012
SEMUR, Savaric de b.1047


SENDALL, Samuel b.1620


SENIOR, Mary b.1645


SENLIS, Pepin III de b.846


SENNETT, Stuart Linden b.1902


SENTER, William b.1652


SENTION, James b.1649
SENTION, Mark a.1633
SENTION, Matthias a.1628
SENTION, Matthias b.1602
SENTION, Mercy b.1644
SENTION, Samuel b.1639
SENTION, Thomas a.1631


SEPTVANS, Joan de b.1242
SEPTVANS, Robert de b.1118
SEPTVANS, Robert I de b.1143
SEPTVANS, Robert II de b.1173
SEPTVANS, Robert III de b.1196
SEPTVANS, Robert IV de Knight b.1220
SEPTVANS, Robert V de Knight b.1249


SERBIA, Helen of b.1112
SERBIA, Uros I of b.1080


SERGEAUX, Alice b.1384
SERGEAUX, Elizabeth b.1373
SERGEAUX, Emot b.1297
SERGEAUX, Joan b.1387
SERGEAUX, John b.1316
SERGEAUX, Philippe b.1381
SERGEAUX, Richard Knight b.1376
SERGEAUX, Richard Knight b.1339
SERGEAUX, Richard b.1285


SERINE, William b.1823


SESSIONS, David b.1718


SETON, Adam de b.1203
SETON, Alexander de Knight b.1157
SETON, Alexander de Knight b.1252
SETON, Alexander de Knight b.1311
SETON, Alexander de Lord Gordon b.1381
SETON, Alexander de Knight b.1280
SETON, Alexander de Knight b.1307
SETON, Barbara de b.1239
SETON, Bertram de b.1180
SETON, Christopher de Knight b.1249
SETON, Christopher de Knight b.1225
SETON, George Lord Seton b.1451
SETON, John de Knight b.1373
SETON, Katherine de b.1410
SETON, Margaret de b.1318
SETON, Marion b.1528
SETON, Marion b.1385
SETON, Philip de b.1120
SETON, Thomas de b.1314
SETON, William de b.1360
SETON, William de b.1308
SETON, William de Knight b.1398
SETON, William de Knight b.1338


SEVERANCE, Ethel L. b.1884
SEVERANCE, Hannah b.1714
SEVERANCE, Joseph b.1649




SEVERY, Hannah b.1705


SEVOR, Dicey M. b.1825


SEWARD, Abigail b.1700
SEWARD, Caleb b.1662
SEWARD, Chloe b.1731
SEWARD, Dinah b.1700
SEWARD, George b.1704
SEWARD, Hannah b.1702
SEWARD, Henry b.1674
SEWARD, John b.1697
SEWARD, John b.1654
SEWARD, Joseph b.1655
SEWARD, Mary b.1695
SEWARD, Mary b.1658


SEWARDSTONE, Adam de b.1138
SEWARDSTONE, Cecily de b.1163


SEWELL, Henry b.1639
SEWELL, Henry de b.1238
SEWELL, Philippa a.1629
SEWELL, Susanna b.1691
SEWELL, Thomas a.1588


SEXTON, Agnes b.1489
SEXTON, Agnes b.1502
SEXTON, Alice b.1493
SEXTON, Bridget b.1505
SEXTON, George b.1658
SEXTON, Joseph b.1666
SEXTON, Margaret b.1496
SEXTON, Margery b.1484
SEXTON, Mary b.1499
SEXTON, Mary b.1652
SEXTON, Robert b.1460
SEXTON, Rose b.1509
SEXTON, Thomas b.1486


SEYLIARD, Jane b.1558


SEYMOUR, Abigail b.1656
SEYMOUR, Anne b.1536
SEYMOUR, Arabella b.1619
SEYMOUR, Cecily b.1359
SEYMOUR, Charles Duke of Somerset b.1662
SEYMOUR, Charles Lord Seymour b.1621
SEYMOUR, Dorothy b.1503
SEYMOUR, Edmund Knight b.1335
SEYMOUR, Edward b.1628
SEYMOUR, Edward Lord Beauchamp a.1586
SEYMOUR, Edward Lord Beauchamp b.1561
SEYMOUR, Edward b.1548
SEYMOUR, Edward Earl of Hertford b.1537
SEYMOUR, Edward Duke of Somerset b.1501
SEYMOUR, Eleanor b.1487
SEYMOUR, Elizabeth b.1406
SEYMOUR, Elizabeth b.1658
SEYMOUR, Elizabeth b.1551
SEYMOUR, Elizabeth b.1488
SEYMOUR, Elizabeth b.1673
SEYMOUR, Elizabeth b.1663
SEYMOUR, Elizabeth b.1505
SEYMOUR, Frances a.1623
SEYMOUR, Frances b.1634
SEYMOUR, Francis Lord Seymour b.1590
SEYMOUR, Francis Duke of Somerset b.1658
SEYMOUR, Francis b.1655
SEYMOUR, George Sheriff of Wiltshire b.1480
SEYMOUR, Hannah b.1654
SEYMOUR, Henry Lord Beauchamp b.1626
SEYMOUR, Henry b.1539
SEYMOUR, Henry Sheriff of Hampshire b.1514
SEYMOUR, Honor a.1659
SEYMOUR, Honora b.1592
SEYMOUR, Humphrey Gentleman b.1435
SEYMOUR, Jane b.1637
SEYMOUR, Jane b.1543
SEYMOUR, Jane b.1486
SEYMOUR, Jane b.1511
SEYMOUR, John Duke of Somerset b.1632
SEYMOUR, John Esquire b.1425
SEYMOUR, John Knight b.1395
SEYMOUR, John Esquire b.1451
SEYMOUR, John b.1639
SEYMOUR, John b.1671
SEYMOUR, John b.1499
SEYMOUR, John Knight b.1476
SEYMOUR, Katherine b.1549
SEYMOUR, Katherine b.1490
SEYMOUR, Lettice b.1340
SEYMOUR, Margaret b.1541
SEYMOUR, Margaret b.1478
SEYMOUR, Margery b.1370
SEYMOUR, Mary b.1630
SEYMOUR, Mary b.1546
SEYMOUR, Mary a.1635
SEYMOUR, Mary b.1658
SEYMOUR, Matthew b.1669
SEYMOUR, Mercy a.1636
SEYMOUR, Mercy b.1666
SEYMOUR, Rebecca b.1676
SEYMOUR, Richard b.1330
SEYMOUR, Richard b.1428
SEYMOUR, Richard b.1645
SEYMOUR, Richard a.1605
SEYMOUR, Robert b.1352
SEYMOUR, Robert Lord Beauchamp b.1624
SEYMOUR, Robert Knight b.1482
SEYMOUR, Roger Esquire b.1431
SEYMOUR, Roger Esquire b.1370
SEYMOUR, Roger Knight b.1325
SEYMOUR, Sarah b.1658
SEYMOUR, Simon b.1480
SEYMOUR, Thomas b.1375
SEYMOUR, Thomas b.1660
SEYMOUR, Thomas Lord Seymour of Sudeley b.1508
SEYMOUR, Thomas a.1632
SEYMOUR, Thomas de Knight b.1305
SEYMOUR, William Lord Beauchamp b.1621
SEYMOUR, William Duke of Somerset b.1588
SEYMOUR, William b.1657
SEYMOUR, William K.B. b.1484
SEYMOUR, William Knight b.1349
SEYMOUR, Zechariah b.1642


SEYTON, Joan de b.1332
SEYTON, Nicholas Knight b.1275


SHAA, Edmund b.1491
SHAA, Etheldreda b.1488
SHAA, John Mayor of London b.1458
SHAA, Maud b.1486


SHAKERLEY, Grace b.1510
SHAKERLEY, Katherine b.1554
SHAKERLEY, Peter Esquire b.1520


SHAKESPEARE, Anne a.1571
SHAKESPEARE, Edmund a.1580
SHAKESPEARE, Gilbert a.1566
SHAKESPEARE, Hamnet a.1585
SHAKESPEARE, Joan a.1569
SHAKESPEARE, Joan a.1558
SHAKESPEARE, John b.1532
SHAKESPEARE, Judith a.1585
SHAKESPEARE, Lettice b.1596
SHAKESPEARE, Margaret a.1562
SHAKESPEARE, Richard a.1574
SHAKESPEARE, Susanna a.1583
SHAKESPEARE, William Gentleman a.1564


SHALLER, Michael b.1645


SHALOR, Marah b.1700


SHARDELOWE, Joan de b.1335


SHARESHULL, Agnes de b.1331
SHARESHULL, Elizabeth de b.1324
SHARESHULL, Joan de b.1328
SHARESHULL, Katherine de b.1322
SHARESHULL, William Knight b.1350
SHARESHULL, William de Knight b.1326
SHARESHULL, William de Knight b.1290


SHARP, Abigail b.1630
SHARP, Betsey Mariah b.1807
SHARP, Bridget b.1564
SHARP, David b.1782
SHARP, Edward a.1639
SHARP, Eliakim b.1752
SHARP, Elias a.1637
SHARP, Elizabeth b.1786
SHARP, Elizabeth b.1712
SHARP, Experience a.1641
SHARP, Hannah a.1647
SHARP, Hepzibah b.1785
SHARP, Jane Matilda b.1812
SHARP, Jesse b.1755
SHARP, John b.1750
SHARP, John b.1708
SHARP, John b.1790
SHARP, Lydia b.1748
SHARP, Lydia Ann b.1788
SHARP, Mary a.1640
SHARP, Mary b.1703
SHARP, Molly B. b.1806
SHARP, Nancy b.1793
SHARP, Nathaniel a.1644
SHARP, Richard b.1588
SHARP, Ruth b.1757
SHARP, Sally b.1777
SHARP, Samuel b.1593
SHARP, Sarah b.1760
SHARP, Thomas b.1746
SHARP, Thomas b.1670
SHARP, Thomas b.1702
SHARP, William b.1705
SHARP, William b.1780


SHARPE, Agnes b.1516
SHARPE, Alice b.1637
SHARPE, Anne b.1469
SHARPE, Christopher b.1457
SHARPE, Christopher Esquire b.1428
SHARPE, Edward b.1455
SHARPE, Henry b.1372
SHARPE, Isabel b.1463
SHARPE, Jane b.1466
SHARPE, Jane b.1426
SHARPE, Joane b.1450
SHARPE, John b.1424
SHARPE, John Knight b.1397
SHARPE, John Knight b.1460
SHARPE, Julian b.1496
SHARPE, Mary b.1607
SHARPE, Nicholas Esquire b.1422
SHARPE, Robert Esquire b.1430
SHARPE, Robert b.1614
SHARPE, Stephen b.1433
SHARPE, William b.1471


SHARPPY, Mary b.1596


SHATSWELL, Hannah b.1651
SHATSWELL, John b.1602
SHATSWELL, Lydia b.1642
SHATSWELL, Margaret b.1604
SHATSWELL, Mary b.1609
SHATSWELL, Mary b.1640
SHATSWELL, Sybil b.1607
SHATSWELL, Theophilus b.1612
SHATSWELL, William b.1575




SHATTUCK, Elizabeth b.1684
SHATTUCK, Samuel b.1649
SHATTUCK, Susanna b.1643


SHAW, Abigail b.1672
SHAW, Abraham b.1657
SHAW, Abraham b.1590
SHAW, Alice b.1666
SHAW, Ann a.1565
SHAW, Benjamin b.1670
SHAW, Bernice Lucetta b.1908
SHAW, Ebenezer b.1674
SHAW, Elizabeth b.1656
SHAW, George b.1669
SHAW, George Tinny b.1916
SHAW, Grace a.1568
SHAW, Grace a.1621
SHAW, Hannah b.1668
SHAW, Hezekiah David Jr. b.1909
SHAW, Jane b.1640
SHAW, John b.1654
SHAW, John a.1586
SHAW, John a.1628
SHAW, John a.1630
SHAW, Jonas b.1596
SHAW, Joseph b.1664
SHAW, Joseph a.1618
SHAW, Martha b.1599
SHAW, Martha a.1632
SHAW, Martha a.1623
SHAW, Mary b.1660
SHAW, Mary a.1626
SHAW, Nicholas b.1662
SHAW, Priscilla b.1707
SHAW, Rebecca b.1717
SHAW, Samuel b.1698
SHAW, Sarah a.1592
SHAW, Susan b.1594
SHAW, Susanna a.1617
SHAW, Sybil a.1573
SHAW, Sybil a.1571
SHAW, Thomas b.1535
SHAW, Thomas a.1585
SHAW, Thomas a.1563


SHAYLOR, Jemima b.1702
SHAYLOR, Sarah b.1706
SHAYLOR, Thomas b.1639




SHEAFE, Alexander a.1592
SHEAFE, Alexander a.1601
SHEAFE, Alexander a.1566
SHEAFE, Alice b.1541
SHEAFE, Ann a.1572
SHEAFE, Anna a.1591
SHEAFE, Anne b.1546
SHEAFE, Benjamin a.1577
SHEAFE, Dorothy b.1601
SHEAFE, Dorothy b.1503
SHEAFE, Dorothy a.1620
SHEAFE, Edmund b.1599
SHEAFE, Edmund a.1596
SHEAFE, Edmund Gentleman a.1560
SHEAFE, Edward a.1614
SHEAFE, Elizabeth a.1613
SHEAFE, Elizabeth a.1593
SHEAFE, Elizabeth a.1592
SHEAFE, Elizabeth a.1589
SHEAFE, Elizabeth a.1579
SHEAFE, Elizabeth b.1606
SHEAFE, Ellen a.1601
SHEAFE, Gervase b.1501
SHEAFE, Gibbon a.1623
SHEAFE, Grindall b.1607
SHEAFE, Harmon Gentleman b.1612
SHEAFE, Harmon a.1606
SHEAFE, Harmon a.1570
SHEAFE, Jacob a.1616
SHEAFE, Joan b.1534
SHEAFE, Joan b.1614
SHEAFE, Joan a.1582
SHEAFE, Joan a.1562
SHEAFE, John b.1498
SHEAFE, John a.1600
SHEAFE, John a.1565
SHEAFE, Katherine a.1596
SHEAFE, Katherine b.1536
SHEAFE, Katherine a.1584
SHEAFE, Katherine a.1564
SHEAFE, Margaret a.1614
SHEAFE, Margaret b.1540
SHEAFE, Margaret a.1598
SHEAFE, Margery b.1538
SHEAFE, Marie a.1590
SHEAFE, Mary a.1598
SHEAFE, Mary b.1507
SHEAFE, Mary b.1545
SHEAFE, Mary a.1620
SHEAFE, Mary a.1617
SHEAFE, Mary a.1593
SHEAFE, Mary a.1568
SHEAFE, Mary a.1625
SHEAFE, N.N. b.1609
SHEAFE, N.N. b.1605
SHEAFE, Rebecca b.1612
SHEAFE, Richard a.1612
SHEAFE, Richard b.1505
SHEAFE, Richard a.1595
SHEAFE, Richard b.1558
SHEAFE, Samuel a.1574
SHEAFE, Thomas a.1592
SHEAFE, Thomas b.1603
SHEAFE, Thomas b.1470
SHEAFE, Thomas a.1617
SHEAFE, Thomas a.1587
SHEAFE, Thomas Gentleman a.1587
SHEAFE, Thomas a.1562
SHEAFE, Thomas b.1532
SHEAFE, William a.1594
SHEAFE, William b.1597
SHEAFE, William b.1543
SHEAFE, William b.1575


SHEARS, Elizabeth b.1652


SHEATHER, Elizabeth b.1679
SHEATHER, Elizabeth b.1660
SHEATHER, Hannah b.1666
SHEATHER, Hannah b.1681
SHEATHER, John b.1685
SHEATHER, John b.1651
SHEATHER, John b.1625
SHEATHER, Mary b.1654
SHEATHER, Rachel b.1690
SHEATHER, Samuel b.1658
SHEATHER, Susannah b.1687

Surname List