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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


GALLY, Jacob b.1510


GALPHIN, Henry E. b.1868


GALPIN, Benjamin b.1654
GALPIN, Deborah b.1656
GALPIN, Esther b.1658
GALPIN, Esther b.1682
GALPIN, Hannah b.1679
GALPIN, Jeremiah b.1675
GALPIN, John b.1676
GALPIN, John b.1648
GALPIN, Joseph b.1652
GALPIN, Mary b.1680
GALPIN, Moses b.1673
GALPIN, Phillip b.1621
GALPIN, Ruth b.1684
GALPIN, Samuel b.1687
GALPIN, Samuel b.1650
GALPIN, Sarah b.1677
GALPIN, Susanna b.1678


GAM, David Knight b.1355
GAM, Gwladys b.1389
GAM, Mallt b.1197
GAM, Margred b.1381
GAM, Morgan b.1199
GAM, Morgan b.1170
GAM, Morgan Knight b.1379
GAM, N.N. b.1386
GAM, Thomas b.1384


GAMAGE, Anne b.1482
GAMAGE, Barbara b.1565
GAMAGE, Edmund b.1512
GAMAGE, Elizabeth b.1474
GAMAGE, Elizabeth b.1521
GAMAGE, Gilbert Knight b.1334
GAMAGE, Jane b.1478
GAMAGE, John Knight b.1429
GAMAGE, John b.1506
GAMAGE, Katherine b.1484
GAMAGE, Katherine b.1508
GAMAGE, Margaret b.1476
GAMAGE, Margaret b.1404
GAMAGE, Margaret b.1518
GAMAGE, Mary b.1516
GAMAGE, Morgan Knight b.1451
GAMAGE, Morgan b.1514
GAMAGE, Robert Knight b.1510
GAMAGE, Roger b.1363
GAMAGE, Thomas Knight b.1407
GAMAGE, Thomas Knight b.1480
GAMAGE, Wenllian b.1487
GAMAGE, William Knight b.1295
GAMAGE, William Knight b.1370
GAMAGE, William b.1552


GANNETT, Deborah b.1691
GANNETT, Hannah b.1684
GANNETT, Joseph b.1693
GANNETT, Joseph b.1686
GANNETT, Joseph b.1648
GANNETT, Matthew b.1688


GANT, Agnes de b.1112
GANT, Alice de b.1076
GANT, Alice de b.1145
GANT, Alice de b.1116
GANT, Avice de b.1154
GANT, Baldwin de b.1124
GANT, Ellen de b.1184
GANT, Emma de b.1078
GANT, Gilbert de b.1074
GANT, Gilbert I de b.1040
GANT, Gilbert II de Earl of Lincoln b.1118
GANT, Gilbert III de Earl of Lincoln b.1180
GANT, Gilbert IV de Knight b.1209
GANT, Gilbert V de Lord Gaunt b.1248
GANT, Gunnora de b.1206
GANT, Hawise de b.1246
GANT, Henry de b.1175
GANT, Juliane de b.1202
GANT, Juliane de b.1250
GANT, Margaret de b.1244
GANT, Matilda de b.1114
GANT, Maurice de b.1173
GANT, N.N. de b.1072
GANT, Nichole de b.1252
GANT, Robert de Dean of York b.1084
GANT, Robert de b.1204
GANT, Robert de b.1130
GANT, Stephen de b.1182
GANT, Walter de b.1080


GARBRAND, Susan b.1598


GARDE, John a.1618


GARDINER, David b.1691
GARDINER, Elizabeth b.1704
GARDINER, Hannah b.1699
GARDINER, John b.1693
GARDINER, John b.1661
GARDINER, Joseph b.1697
GARDINER, Mary b.1522
GARDINER, Mary b.1702
GARDINER, Mary b.1482
GARDINER, Mary b.1638
GARDINER, Mary b.1724
GARDINER, Richard Lord Mayor of London b.1445
GARDINER, Robert Knight b.1539
GARDINER, Samuel b.1695


GARDIOL, Marianne Catherine b.1834


GARDNER, Abigail b.1664
GARDNER, Abigail a.1680
GARDNER, Abigail b.1682
GARDNER, Alice a.1559
GARDNER, Andrew a.1674
GARDNER, Andrew b.1642
GARDNER, Benjamin b.1656
GARDNER, Charles Walter b.1862
GARDNER, Deborah b.1624
GARDNER, Elizabeth b.1715
GARDNER, Erle Stanley b.1889
GARDNER, Esther b.1659
GARDNER, Esther a.1672
GARDNER, Eugene Merrill b.1865
GARDNER, George b.1616
GARDNER, Hannah b.1655
GARDNER, Hannah b.1644
GARDNER, Hattie May b.1867
GARDNER, Henry b.1658
GARDNER, James b.1630
GARDNER, Joan b.1550
GARDNER, John b.1623
GARDNER, John b.1652
GARDNER, Joseph b.1630
GARDNER, Kenneth Drake b.1901
GARDNER, Lucy b.1678
GARDNER, M. V. b.1875
GARDNER, Malcolm Argyle b.1881
GARDNER, Malcolm Pleasant b.1852
GARDNER, Mehitable b.1669
GARDNER, Miriam b.1634
GARDNER, N.N. b.1686
GARDNER, Ola b.1886
GARDNER, Rebecca b.1666
GARDNER, Rebecca b.1647
GARDNER, Richard b.1632
GARDNER, Richard b.1625
GARDNER, Ruth b.1661
GARDNER, Samuel b.1625
GARDNER, Sarah a.1671
GARDNER, Sarah b.1628
GARDNER, Seeth a.1636
GARDNER, Thomas b.1614
GARDNER, Thomas b.1592
GARDNER, Thomas a.1684
GARDNER, Walter H. b.1887
GARDNER, Walter Pinkham b.1832


GARFIELD, Abigail b.1764
GARFIELD, Abigail b.1685
GARFIELD, Abigail b.1666
GARFIELD, Abigail b.1646
GARFIELD, Abraham b.1748
GARFIELD, Abram b.1799
GARFIELD, Anna b.1724
GARFIELD, Anna b.1683
GARFIELD, Anna b.1658
GARFIELD, Benjamin b.1669
GARFIELD, Benjamin b.1643
GARFIELD, Betsey b.1797
GARFIELD, Daniel b.1760
GARFIELD, Daniel b.1683
GARFIELD, Daniel b.1670
GARFIELD, Deborah b.1662
GARFIELD, Edward b.1664
GARFIELD, Edward b.1528
GARFIELD, Edward a.1583
GARFIELD, Elisha b.1769
GARFIELD, Elisha b.1728
GARFIELD, Elizabeth b.1773
GARFIELD, Elizabeth b.1708
GARFIELD, Elizabeth b.1679
GARFIELD, Elizabeth b.1553
GARFIELD, Elizabeth a.1596
GARFIELD, Elizabeth b.1676
GARFIELD, Elizabeth b.1659
GARFIELD, Enoch b.1766
GARFIELD, Enoch b.1730
GARFIELD, Ephraim b.1649
GARFIELD, Eunice b.1710
GARFIELD, Grace b.1688
GARFIELD, Hannah a.1755
GARFIELD, Hannah b.1730
GARFIELD, Hannah b.1781
GARFIELD, Hannah b.1750
GARFIELD, Henry a.1593
GARFIELD, Isaac b.1717
GARFIELD, James b.1827
GARFIELD, James Abram b.1831
GARFIELD, Jerusha b.1677
GARFIELD, John b.1771
GARFIELD, John b.1718
GARFIELD, John b.1680
GARFIELD, John b.1560
GARFIELD, John b.1646
GARFIELD, John b.1664
GARFIELD, Jonathan b.1672
GARFIELD, Jonathan a.1611
GARFIELD, Joseph b.1758
GARFIELD, Joseph b.1637
GARFIELD, Josiah b.1762
GARFIELD, Lucy b.1785
GARFIELD, Lucy b.1725
GARFIELD, Lucy b.1754
GARFIELD, Lydia b.1668
GARFIELD, Margaret a.1589
GARFIELD, Mary b.1824
GARFIELD, Mary b.1695
GARFIELD, Mary b.1562
GARFIELD, Mary b.1653
GARFIELD, Mehitable b.1821
GARFIELD, Mehitable b.1687
GARFIELD, Mercy b.1722
GARFIELD, Mercy b.1674
GARFIELD, Polly b.1795
GARFIELD, Rachel b.1656
GARFIELD, Rebecca b.1770
GARFIELD, Rebecca b.1745
GARFIELD, Rebecca b.1683
GARFIELD, Rebecca b.1640
GARFIELD, Ruth b.1666
GARFIELD, Samuel b.1757
GARFIELD, Samuel b.1720
GARFIELD, Samuel b.1690
GARFIELD, Samuel b.1644
GARFIELD, Samuel a.1613
GARFIELD, Sarah b.1674
GARFIELD, Sarah a.1591
GARFIELD, Sarah a.1616
GARFIELD, Sarah b.1655
GARFIELD, Silas b.1776
GARFIELD, Solomon b.1779
GARFIELD, Solomon b.1743
GARFIELD, Thankful b.1715
GARFIELD, Thomas b.1822
GARFIELD, Thomas b.1801
GARFIELD, Thomas b.1773
GARFIELD, Thomas b.1713
GARFIELD, Thomas a.1585
GARFIELD, Thomas b.1557
GARFIELD, Thomas b.1680
GARFIELD, William a.1587


GARGRAVE, Thomas Knight b.1500


GARIS, Mary b.1803


GARLAND, Anthony b.1539
GARLAND, Elizabeth b.1674
GARLAND, Esther b.1679
GARLAND, Jacob b.1656
GARLAND, John b.1675
GARLAND, John b.1655
GARLAND, John b.1620
GARLAND, Mary b.1683
GARLAND, Peter b.1659
GARLAND, Peter b.1623
GARLAND, Peter b.1595
GARLAND, Peter b.1681
GARLAND, Ruth b.1569
GARLAND, Sarah b.1685


GARLANDE, Adam de b.1044
GARLANDE, Agnes de b.1095
GARLANDE, Anseau de Seneschal of France b.1069
GARLANDE, Gilbert de b.1074
GARLANDE, Guillaume de b.1071


GARLANTE, Edith b.1610


GARLINGE, Joan b.1555


GARMAN, Richard b.1535


GARMENT, Alice b.1602


GARNETT, Judith b.1608


GARNETTE, Alina b.1171
GARNETTE, Annora de b.1113
GARNETTE, Benedict de b.1088
GARNETTE, Robert de b.1115
GARNETTE, Roger de b.1117


GARNEYS, Edmund b.1445
GARNEYS, Margaret b.1518
GARNEYS, Nicholas Esquire b.1546
GARNEYS, Thomas Esquire b.1422


GARNSEY, Beriah b.1715
GARNSEY, Ebenezer b.1687
GARNSEY, Elizabeth b.1682
GARNSEY, Elizabeth b.1705
GARNSEY, Experience b.1715
GARNSEY, Hannah b.1676
GARNSEY, Hannah b.1718
GARNSEY, Henry b.1623
GARNSEY, Henry b.1679
GARNSEY, John b.1696
GARNSEY, John b.1684
GARNSEY, John b.1648
GARNSEY, John b.1711
GARNSEY, Joseph b.1650
GARNSEY, Joseph b.1689
GARNSEY, Joseph b.1721
GARNSEY, Mary b.1692
GARNSEY, Mary b.1707
GARNSEY, Mehitable b.1673
GARNSEY, Mehitable b.1709
GARNSEY, Patience b.1716
GARNSEY, Samuel b.1703
GARNSEY, Sarah b.1690
GARNSEY, Sarah b.1701
GARNSEY, Seth b.1698
GARNSEY, Thankful b.1712
GARNSEY, Waitstill b.1694


GARRARD, George Esquire b.1559


GARRED, Katherine a.1605
GARRED, Margaret a.1597
GARRED, Mary a.1593
GARRED, Thomas a.1595
GARRED, Thomas a.1562


GARROLD, Rose b.1540


GARSHALE, Elizabeth b.1320
GARSHALE, Robert de b.1225
GARSHALE, Robert de b.1195
GARSHALE, Robert de b.1285
GARSHALE, Thomas de Knight b.1255


GARTH, Jane b.1554


GARVICE, Elizabeth b.1710


GARY, Arthur a.1599
GARY, Deborah b.1676
GARY, Dorcas b.1678
GARY, Elizabeth b.1661
GARY, Hannah b.1671
GARY, Hannah b.1659
GARY, James b.1574
GARY, John b.1582
GARY, John a.1601
GARY, Jonas a.1578
GARY, Lucy a.1567
GARY, Margaret a.1581
GARY, Mary b.1661
GARY, N.N. b.1569
GARY, Nathaniel b.1663
GARY, Nathaniel b.1565
GARY, Nathaniel b.1631
GARY, Rebecca b.1669
GARY, Samuel b.1673
GARY, Samuel b.1572
GARY, Samuel b.1638
GARY, Sarah b.1665
GARY, William b.1667
GARY, William a.1576
GARY, William a.1570
GARY, William b.1540
GARY, William a.1628


GASCARYK, Elizabeth b.1439
GASCARYK, William Lord of Middle Soyle b.1415


GASCOGNE, Arnold de Count of Antarac b.883
GASCOGNE, Ascibella de b.886
GASCOGNE, Garcia Sanchez de Count of Gascony b.855
GASCOGNE, Garsenda de b.914
GASCOGNE, Guillaume de Count of Fezenzac b.892
GASCOGNE, Sancho Garces de Count of Gascony b.880


GASCOIGNE, Agnes b.1382
GASCOIGNE, Agnes b.1459
GASCOIGNE, Alice b.1413
GASCOIGNE, Alice b.1390
GASCOIGNE, Anne b.1505
GASCOIGNE, Anne b.1401
GASCOIGNE, Anne b.1479
GASCOIGNE, Anne b.1350
GASCOIGNE, Anne b.1440
GASCOIGNE, Barbara b.1517
GASCOIGNE, Bridget b.1528
GASCOIGNE, Dorothy b.1525
GASCOIGNE, Dorothy b.1481
GASCOIGNE, Eleanor b.1482
GASCOIGNE, Elizabeth b.1499
GASCOIGNE, Elizabeth b.1461
GASCOIGNE, Elizabeth b.1410
GASCOIGNE, Elizabeth b.1352
GASCOIGNE, Elizabeth b.1475
GASCOIGNE, Elizabeth b.1392
GASCOIGNE, Francis b.1548
GASCOIGNE, Francis b.1519
GASCOIGNE, George b.1502
GASCOIGNE, Henry Knight b.1517
GASCOIGNE, Henry Knight b.1495
GASCOIGNE, Henry b.1407
GASCOIGNE, Henry b.1472
GASCOIGNE, Humphrey b.1453
GASCOIGNE, Isabel b.1596
GASCOIGNE, Joan b.1480
GASCOIGNE, Joan b.1463
GASCOIGNE, Joan b.1431
GASCOIGNE, Joan b.1486
GASCOIGNE, John b.1520
GASCOIGNE, John Priest b.1455
GASCOIGNE, John b.1433
GASCOIGNE, John b.1477
GASCOIGNE, Katherine b.1398
GASCOIGNE, Margaret b.1541
GASCOIGNE, Margaret b.1491
GASCOIGNE, Margaret b.1437
GASCOIGNE, Margaret b.1457
GASCOIGNE, Margaret b.1470
GASCOIGNE, Marmaduke b.1497
GASCOIGNE, Maud b.1484
GASCOIGNE, Nicholas b.1358
GASCOIGNE, Ralph b.1435
GASCOIGNE, Richard b.1543
GASCOIGNE, Richard b.1355
GASCOIGNE, Robert b.1429
GASCOIGNE, Robert b.1430
GASCOIGNE, Swythen b.1523
GASCOIGNE, Thomas b.1545
GASCOIGNE, Thomas b.1521
GASCOIGNE, Thomas b.1474
GASCOIGNE, Thomas b.1388
GASCOIGNE, William b.1539
GASCOIGNE, William Knight b.1515
GASCOIGNE, William Knight b.1493
GASCOIGNE, William Knight b.1372
GASCOIGNE, William Knight b.1404
GASCOIGNE, William Knight b.1427
GASCOIGNE, William Knight b.1469
GASCOIGNE, William Knight b.1451
GASCOIGNE, William b.1270
GASCOIGNE, William b.1295
GASCOIGNE, William Knight b.1348
GASCOIGNE, William b.1320


GASHET, Hannah b.1707


GASPYE, Margaret b.1595


GASSETT, Emily A. b.1875
GASSETT, Mary C. b.1880
GASSETT, William George b.1869
GASSETT, William H. b.1843


GASTON, Deaun Orlando b.1919
GASTON, Elizabeth b.1796
GASTON, James Wylton b.1906
GASTON, Maurice Carlyle b.1889
GASTON, William Van b.1917


GATE, Geoffrey Knight b.1427
GATE, Hamo atte b.1344
GATE, Joan atte b.1369


GATER, Judith a.1589


GATES, Abigail b.1736
GATES, Abigail b.1715
GATES, Asa b.1777
GATES, Cyrus b.1732
GATES, Daniel b.1738
GATES, Daniel b.1707
GATES, Daniel b.1680
GATES, Daniel b.1751
GATES, David b.1709
GATES, Edward b.1547
GATES, Elizabeth b.1582
GATES, Elizabeth b.1546
GATES, Ephraim b.1724
GATES, Frances b.1552
GATES, George b.1677
GATES, George b.1635
GATES, Hannah b.1744
GATES, Hannah b.1787
GATES, Hannah b.1689
GATES, Hannah b.1714
GATES, Henry Knight b.1555
GATES, Henry Knight b.1520
GATES, James b.1785
GATES, Jesse b.1734
GATES, Joan b.1478
GATES, John b.1548
GATES, John b.1668
GATES, John b.1776
GATES, John b.1678
GATES, John Shepard b.1745
GATES, Joseph a.1748
GATES, Joseph b.1716
GATES, Joseph b.1662
GATES, Judah b.1727
GATES, Katherine b.1553
GATES, Lucy b.1578
GATES, Lucy b.1779
GATES, Lydia b.1732
GATES, Mary b.1544
GATES, Mary b.1719
GATES, Mary b.1674
GATES, Mary b.1698
GATES, Mary a.1636
GATES, Nathan a.1736
GATES, Polly b.1789
GATES, Rebecca b.1711
GATES, Robert b.1580
GATES, Ruth b.1721
GATES, Samuel b.1683
GATES, Sarah b.1670
GATES, Shepard b.1780
GATES, Susanna b.1753
GATES, Thomas b.1665
GATES, William b.1550
GATES, William b.1782


GATESDEN, Aldulf de b.1165
GATESDEN, Joan de b.1268
GATESDEN, John Knight b.1300
GATESDEN, John de b.1195
GATESDEN, John de b.1220
GATESDEN, John de Knight b.1210
GATESDEN, John de b.1230
GATESDEN, Margaret de b.1254
GATESDEN, Margaret de b.1246
GATESDEN, Peter de b.1197
GATESDEN, Richard de b.1199


GATINAIS, Adele de b.849
GATINAIS, Aubri-Geoffrey of the Comte de Gatinois b.1000
GATINAIS, Geoffrey de Comte de Gatinais b.880
GATINAIS, Geoffrey III of the Comte de Gatinois b.970
GATINAIS, Gerberge de b.913


GATLEY, Mary b.1560


GATTENSBY, John b.1632


GAUDEN, John Bishop of Worcester b.1605


GAULT, William b.1608


GAUNT, Lydia a.1636


GAUTHIER, Viter Seigneur de Dampierre b.1047


GAVESTON, Amy de b.1310
GAVESTON, Ernaud de Knight b.1260
GAVESTON, Joan de b.1312
GAVESTON, Piers de Earl of Cornwall b.1283


GAWDY, Anne a.1602
GAWDY, Bacon a.1600
GAWDY, Bassingborne a.1596
GAWDY, Bassingborne Knight b.1560
GAWDY, Bassingborne Gentleman b.1534
GAWDY, Dorothy a.1597
GAWDY, Elizabeth b.1569
GAWDY, Frances a.1604
GAWDY, Francis Knight b.1528
GAWDY, Philip b.1562


GAWKROGER, Abraham b.1618
GAWKROGER, Abraham a.1574
GAWKROGER, Agnes b.1508
GAWKROGER, Agnes a.1544
GAWKROGER, Anne a.1614
GAWKROGER, Edmund a.1555
GAWKROGER, Elizabeth a.1546
GAWKROGER, George a.1542
GAWKROGER, George a.1551
GAWKROGER, Grace a.1558
GAWKROGER, Isaac a.1576
GAWKROGER, James a.1578
GAWKROGER, James b.1540
GAWKROGER, Jennet b.1504
GAWKROGER, Joan a.1540
GAWKROGER, John b.1411
GAWKROGER, John b.1463
GAWKROGER, John b.1537
GAWKROGER, John b.1500
GAWKROGER, Judith a.1580
GAWKROGER, Martha b.1622
GAWKROGER, Martha b.1620
GAWKROGER, Martha b.1608
GAWKROGER, Mary a.1613
GAWKROGER, Priscilla a.1590
GAWKROGER, Richard b.1435
GAWKROGER, Richard b.1535
GAWKROGER, Richard b.1506
GAWKROGER, Richard b.1465
GAWKROGER, Samuel a.1583
GAWKROGER, Sarah a.1572
GAWKROGER, Sarah b.1616
GAWKROGER, William b.1467


GAWSELL, Frances b.1595


GAWTHORPE, Jane de b.1275
GAWTHORPE, John de b.1250


GAY, Abiel b.1649
GAY, Adam de b.1164
GAY, Aline de b.1166
GAY, Amos b.1801
GAY, Cecily de b.1168
GAY, Eleazer b.1677
GAY, Eleazer b.1647
GAY, Hannah b.1656
GAY, Hezekiah b.1640
GAY, Jemima b.1733
GAY, Joanna b.1645
GAY, John b.1651
GAY, John b.1612
GAY, John b.1687
GAY, Jonathan b.1653
GAY, Judith b.1649
GAY, Lydia b.1685
GAY, Nathaniel b.1643
GAY, Philip de b.1143
GAY, Samuel b.1639
GAY, Stephen de b.1105


GAYLARD, Abigail b.1855
GAYLARD, Annie b.1887
GAYLARD, Benjamin F. b.1883
GAYLARD, Callie Ray b.1911
GAYLARD, Claude O. b.1913
GAYLARD, Daniel b.1847
GAYLARD, Dora E. b.1881
GAYLARD, Edna V. b.1909
GAYLARD, Ella E. b.1876
GAYLARD, Freddie b.1889
GAYLARD, George B. b.1892
GAYLARD, Henry Nathan b.1876
GAYLARD, Jennie b.1892
GAYLARD, John b.1889
GAYLARD, John W. b.1844
GAYLARD, Keren b.1849
GAYLARD, Laura J. b.1879
GAYLARD, Leroy b.1919
GAYLARD, Margaret Bell b.1890
GAYLARD, Mary b.1885
GAYLARD, Mary b.1851
GAYLARD, Mary A. b.1877
GAYLARD, Mary Julia b.1858
GAYLARD, Myrta J. b.1889
GAYLARD, Nathan b.1882
GAYLARD, Nathan Adville b.1852
GAYLARD, Nathan Richard b.1820
GAYLARD, Oni Bell b.1887
GAYLARD, Robert b.1884
GAYLARD, Ruby b.1899
GAYLARD, Ruthie L. b.1884
GAYLARD, Sarah Victoria b.1840
GAYLARD, Thomas Lee b.1862
GAYLARD, Thomas M. b.1843
GAYLARD, William Washington b.1879


GAYLORD, Abigail b.1653
GAYLORD, Agnes a.1574
GAYLORD, Alice a.1594
GAYLORD, Benjamin b.1655
GAYLORD, Catherine a.1576
GAYLORD, Christopher b.1536
GAYLORD, Edith a.1588
GAYLORD, Edmund b.1587
GAYLORD, Edmund b.1542
GAYLORD, Edna M. b.1870
GAYLORD, Eleazer b.1662
GAYLORD, Elizabeth a.1581
GAYLORD, Elizabeth b.1546
GAYLORD, Elizabeth b.1683
GAYLORD, Elizabeth b.1753
GAYLORD, Elizabeth b.1615
GAYLORD, Elizabeth b.1647
GAYLORD, Francis C. b.1846
GAYLORD, George a.1583
GAYLORD, Hugh b.1534
GAYLORD, Isaac b.1657
GAYLORD, Jennette b.1868
GAYLORD, Joan a.1579
GAYLORD, Joanna b.1653
GAYLORD, John a.1577
GAYLORD, John b.1540
GAYLORD, John a.1621
GAYLORD, Joseph b.1649
GAYLORD, Joseph a.1624
GAYLORD, Lyman F. b.1886
GAYLORD, Martha b.1660
GAYLORD, Mary b.1651
GAYLORD, Mary b.1544
GAYLORD, Mary b.1700
GAYLORD, Mary b.1649
GAYLORD, Nicholas b.1508
GAYLORD, Richard a.1591
GAYLORD, Ruth b.1686
GAYLORD, Samuel b.1696
GAYLORD, Samuel b.1657
GAYLORD, Samuel a.1619
GAYLORD, Sarah b.1665
GAYLORD, Sarah b.1652
GAYLORD, Thankful b.1705
GAYLORD, Walter b.1626
GAYLORD, William b.1538
GAYLORD, William a.1617
GAYLORD, William a.1582


GAYMER, Andrew a.1600
GAYMER, Bridget a.1609
GAYMER, Elizabeth a.1596
GAYMER, Frances a.1611
GAYMER, Francis a.1613
GAYMER, James a.1604
GAYMER, John b.1592
GAYMER, Judith a.1607
GAYMER, Lydia a.1602
GAYMER, Richard a.1605
GAYMER, Richard b.1565
GAYMER, Sarah a.1594


GEAR, Elizabeth b.1745


GEARING, Daniel a.1761
GEARING, Dorcas a.1770
GEARING, Edward b.1721
GEARING, Edward a.1751
GEARING, Jabesh a.1765
GEARING, Jabez a.1755
GEARING, Joseph a.1758
GEARING, Mary a.1752
GEARING, Mercy a.1756


GEDDING, Agnes b.1433
GEDDING, Catherine b.1298
GEDDING, Constance b.1423
GEDDING, Edmund b.1429
GEDDING, Helen b.1325
GEDDING, Isabel b.1427
GEDDING, Jane b.1300
GEDDING, John b.1415
GEDDING, John b.1392
GEDDING, John b.1273
GEDDING, Margaret b.1436
GEDDING, Margery b.1466
GEDDING, Nicholas b.1431
GEDDING, Robert b.1444
GEDDING, Thomas Esquire b.1390
GEDDING, William b.1425
GEDDING, William Esquire b.1360


GEDGE, James Esquire b.1515
GEDGE, Jane b.1542
GEDGE, Joan b.1545
GEDGE, Mary b.1540
GEDGE, Robert b.1490


GEE, Hannah b.1664
GEE, John b.1662
GEE, John b.1635
GEE, Martha b.1666
GEE, Mary b.1660


GEERING, Simon b.1581


GELL, Bridget a.1612
GELL, Eleanor a.1620
GELL, Elizabeth a.1617
GELL, John Knight a.1613
GELL, John Knight b.1593
GELL, Millicent a.1611
GELL, William a.1615


GELYBRAND, Eleanor b.1542


GEMYES, Anthony b.1580


GENEVA, Aimon I of b.1063
GENEVA, Aimon II of Count of Geneva b.1248
GENEVA, Amadeus I of b.1100
GENEVA, Beatrix of b.1156
GENEVA, Eleanor de b.1258
GENEVA, Gerald I of b.1012
GENEVA, Guillaume I of b.1140
GENEVA, Jeanne of b.1042
GENEVA, Margaret of b.1180
GENEVA, N.N. of Count of Geneva b.988


GENEVILLE, Beatrice de Nun of Aconbury b.1287
GENEVILLE, Catherine de b.1267
GENEVILLE, Gautier de b.1257
GENEVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1253
GENEVILLE, Geoffrey de Justiciar of Ireland b.1227
GENEVILLE, Guillaume de b.1270
GENEVILLE, Jean de b.1259
GENEVILLE, Jeanne de b.1265
GENEVILLE, Joan de Baroness Geneville b.1286
GENEVILLE, Maud de Nun of Aconbury b.1291
GENEVILLE, Nicholas de b.1263
GENEVILLE, Piers de Knight b.1255
GENEVILLE, Simon de b.1261
GENEVILLE, William de b.1275


GENEVRE, Piers de b.1222


GENTLEMAN, Susan b.1597


GEORGE, Dorothy b.1582
GEORGE, John b.1665
GEORGE, John b.1606
GEORGE, Mary b.1573
GEORGE, Mary a.1645
GEORGE, Peter b.1613
GEORGE, Ruth b.1646
GEORGE, Susanna b.1631


GEPIDAE, Austrigusa of the b.514


GERARD, Alice b.1490
GERARD, Anne b.1522
GERARD, Anne b.1509
GERARD, Catherine b.1518
GERARD, Charles Lord Gerard b.1634
GERARD, Constance b.1511
GERARD, Constance b.1402
GERARD, Dorothy b.1561
GERARD, Dutton Lord Gerard b.1613
GERARD, Edmund b.1440
GERARD, Elizabeth b.1520
GERARD, Elizabeth b.1514
GERARD, Ellen b.1520
GERARD, Gilbert b.1485
GERARD, Hugh b.1411
GERARD, Isabel b.1485
GERARD, James Esquire b.1483
GERARD, Jane b.1481
GERARD, Jennet b.1517
GERARD, Joan b.1483
GERARD, John b.1567
GERARD, John b.1409
GERARD, John b.1287
GERARD, John b.1365
GERARD, John b.1318
GERARD, John Esquire b.1381
GERARD, Katherine b.1538
GERARD, Lawrence b.1442
GERARD, Margaret b.1516
GERARD, Margaret b.1433
GERARD, Martha b.1564
GERARD, Mary b.1632
GERARD, Mary b.1557
GERARD, Miles b.1505
GERARD, Peter b.1493
GERARD, Peter Knight b.1406
GERARD, Peter Knight b.1341
GERARD, Peter Esquire b.1460
GERARD, Ralph b.1496
GERARD, Richard b.1414
GERARD, Richard b.1491
GERARD, Richard b.1507
GERARD, Richard b.1316
GERARD, Robert b.1489
GERARD, Robert b.1407
GERARD, Roger b.1438
GERARD, Roger b.1487
GERARD, Seth b.1445
GERARD, Susanna b.1634
GERARD, Thomas Knight b.1487
GERARD, Thomas Knight b.1559
GERARD, Thomas Knight b.1536
GERARD, Thomas Knight b.1512
GERARD, Thomas Knight b.1431
GERARD, Thomas Knight b.1380
GERARD, Thomas Knight b.1436
GERARD, Thomas b.1314
GERARD, Thomas Knight b.1360
GERARD, Thomas Esquire b.1481
GERARD, William Gentleman b.1514
GERARD, William Knight b.1405
GERARD, William b.1255
GERARD, William b.1285
GERARD, William b.1322
GERARD, William Gentleman b.1459


GERBRUG, Agnes b.1319


GERE, Anne b.1598


GERGACZ, Katalin b.1807


GERMANY, Adelaide of Abbess of Quedlinburg b.1045
GERMANY, Beatrix of b.1022
GERMANY, Gisela of b.1048
GERMANY, Judith of b.1047
GERMANY, Matilda of b.1044
GERMANY, Matilda of b.1019


GERNET, Benet b.1135
GERNET, Joan b.1269


GERNON, Alice de b.1243
GERNON, Anne b.1400
GERNON, Elizabeth b.1325
GERNON, Joan b.1327
GERNON, John Knight b.1314
GERNON, John Knight b.1287
GERNON, John Knight b.1262
GERNON, John b.1296
GERNON, Margaret b.1470
GERNON, Margaret b.1345
GERNON, Margaret b.1300
GERNON, Margaret de b.1246
GERNON, Ralph de Knight b.1217
GERNON, Ranulph IV de Earl of Chester b.1101
GERNON, Richard b.1180
GERNON, Richard de b.1253
GERNON, Roger b.1215
GERNON, William de Knight b.1250


GERRETT, Ursula b.1593


GERRISH, William b.1620


GERVAS, John b.1230
GERVAS, John b.1255


GESEMUTH, Adam de Knight b.1239




GETCHEL, Abel a.1726


GEVAUDAN, Almodis de b.969
GEVAUDAN, Berenger de Vicomte de Gevaudan b.1026
GEVAUDAN, Gilbert de Vicomte de Carlat b.1053
GEVAUDAN, Richard II de Count of Gevaudan b.1005
GEVAUDAN, Richard III de Vicomte de Lodeve b.1050
GEVAUDAN, Stephen de Count of Gevaudan b.945


GEYNES, Ralph b.1555


GHEEN, Ann Alice b.1827


GHENT, Wenemar de b.1075


GIBBARD, Rebecca b.1650


GIBBON, Mary b.1591
GIBBON, Matthew b.1563
GIBBON, Matthew a.1596
GIBBON, Philip b.1560
GIBBON, Thomas Esquire b.1535
GIBBON, Thomas Esquire a.1594


GIBBONS, Andrew Smith b.1825
GIBBONS, Elizabeth b.1620
GIBBONS, George b.1604
GIBBONS, James b.1648
GIBBONS, Josephine b.1860
GIBBONS, Sarah Stacy b.1725


GIBBS, Abigail b.1785
GIBBS, Abigail b.1691
GIBBS, Abigail b.1705
GIBBS, Abigail b.1717
GIBBS, Abigail b.1677
GIBBS, Alice b.1693
GIBBS, Ann b.1567
GIBBS, Anne b.1710
GIBBS, Barnabas b.1722
GIBBS, Barnabas b.1684
GIBBS, Benjamin b.1717
GIBBS, Benjamin b.1673
GIBBS, Bethia b.1655
GIBBS, Bethiah b.1675
GIBBS, Caleb b.1710
GIBBS, Caleb b.1681
GIBBS, Cornelius b.1691
GIBBS, Cynthia b.1777
GIBBS, Deborah b.1774
GIBBS, Deborah b.1718
GIBBS, Deborah b.1724
GIBBS, Ebenezer b.1687
GIBBS, Elizabeth b.1721
GIBBS, Elizabeth b.1712
GIBBS, Esther b.1672
GIBBS, Experience b.1703
GIBBS, Hannah b.1701
GIBBS, Isaac b.1670
GIBBS, Isabella b.1464
GIBBS, Jabez b.1727
GIBBS, Jabez b.1689
GIBBS, Jane b.1714
GIBBS, Jane b.1720
GIBBS, Jane b.1697
GIBBS, Jedidah b.1707
GIBBS, Job b.1724
GIBBS, Job b.1676
GIBBS, Job b.1655
GIBBS, John b.1637
GIBBS, John b.1699
GIBBS, John b.1735
GIBBS, John b.1644
GIBBS, John b.1670
GIBBS, Joseph b.1782
GIBBS, Joshua b.1724
GIBBS, Joshua b.1690
GIBBS, Joshua b.1679
GIBBS, Josiah b.1729
GIBBS, Martha b.1699
GIBBS, Mary b.1757
GIBBS, Mary b.1779
GIBBS, Mary b.1677
GIBBS, Mary b.1657
GIBBS, Mary b.1652
GIBBS, Mercy b.1695
GIBBS, N.N. b.1693
GIBBS, Nathaniel b.1732
GIBBS, Patience b.1719
GIBBS, Pelham Ellis b.1789
GIBBS, Prudence b.1689
GIBBS, Reliance b.1719
GIBBS, Remember b.1714
GIBBS, Reuben b.1753
GIBBS, Reuben b.1723
GIBBS, Samuel b.1725
GIBBS, Samuel b.1687
GIBBS, Samuel b.1649
GIBBS, Sarah b.1682
GIBBS, Sarah b.1652
GIBBS, Silvanus b.1702
GIBBS, Susannah b.1712
GIBBS, Thomas a.1748
GIBBS, Thomas b.1750
GIBBS, Thomas b.1679
GIBBS, Thomas b.1646
GIBBS, Thomas b.1615
GIBBS, Unton b.1609
GIBBS, Warren b.1685
GIBBS, William b.1761


GIBSON, Ann b.1686
GIBSON, Aquila b.1683
GIBSON, Aquila b.1674
GIBSON, Aquila a.1663
GIBSON, Benjamin b.1678
GIBSON, Christopher b.1600
GIBSON, David b.1691
GIBSON, Dorothy b.1660
GIBSON, Eleanor b.1682
GIBSON, Eleanor Lavinia b.1827
GIBSON, Elizabeth b.1680
GIBSON, Enoch b.1840
GIBSON, Gamaliel b.1696
GIBSON, Hannah b.1673
GIBSON, James b.1676
GIBSON, Jenet b.1545
GIBSON, Leonard William b.1806
GIBSON, Leonard William b.1828
GIBSON, Margaret b.1687
GIBSON, Mary b.1835
GIBSON, Mary b.1782
GIBSON, Mary b.1637
GIBSON, Mary T. b.1879
GIBSON, Mehitable b.1693
GIBSON, Melville Livingston b.1909
GIBSON, Mercy b.1688
GIBSON, Priscilla b.1667
GIBSON, Purchase b.1664
GIBSON, Rebecca b.1680
GIBSON, Richard b.1830
GIBSON, Robert Henry b.1859
GIBSON, Sarah b.1833
GIBSON, Sarah b.1666
GIBSON, Susie Mae b.1897
GIBSON, Thomas Frederick b.1857
GIBSON, William b.1683
GIBSON, William b.1677
GIBSON, William b.1670
GIBSON, William b.1635
GIBSON, William b.1649

Surname List