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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


GIBTHORPE, Katherine b.1424
GIBTHORPE, William Knight b.1399


GIDDINGS, Abigail b.1650
GIDDINGS, Abigail b.1707
GIDDINGS, Andrew b.1735
GIDDINGS, Benjamin b.1710
GIDDINGS, Benjamin b.1709
GIDDINGS, Elizabeth b.1699
GIDDINGS, Elizabeth b.1667
GIDDINGS, George a.1609
GIDDINGS, George b.1664
GIDDINGS, George b.1714
GIDDINGS, Jacob b.1714
GIDDINGS, James b.1641
GIDDINGS, Jane b.1711
GIDDINGS, Jane b.1670
GIDDINGS, Job b.1677
GIDDINGS, John b.1698
GIDDINGS, John b.1675
GIDDINGS, John b.1638
GIDDINGS, Joseph b.1646
GIDDINGS, Joshua b.1681
GIDDINGS, Lucretia b.1725
GIDDINGS, Lydia b.1692
GIDDINGS, Mary b.1695
GIDDINGS, Mary b.1653
GIDDINGS, Mary b.1686
GIDDINGS, Mercy b.1731
GIDDINGS, Rebecca b.1730
GIDDINGS, Rebecca b.1648
GIDDINGS, Robert b.1700
GIDDINGS, Robinson b.1727
GIDDINGS, Samuel b.1644
GIDDINGS, Sarah b.1672
GIDDINGS, Solomon b.1679
GIDDINGS, Thomas b.1683
GIDDINGS, Thomas b.1636
GIDDINGS, William b.1733
GIDDINGS, Zebulon b.1703


GIFFARD, Agatha b.1230
GIFFARD, Alexander Knight b.1218
GIFFARD, Alice b.1234
GIFFARD, Berta b.1227
GIFFARD, Eleanor b.1275
GIFFARD, Elias I b.1045
GIFFARD, Elias II b.1095
GIFFARD, Elias III b.1142
GIFFARD, Elias IV b.1184
GIFFARD, Elizabeth b.1517
GIFFARD, Elizabeth b.1279
GIFFARD, Gilbert b.1137
GIFFARD, Gilbert b.1190
GIFFARD, Godfrey Bishop of Worcester b.1221
GIFFARD, Hugh b.1222
GIFFARD, Hugh b.1180
GIFFARD, Isabel b.1219
GIFFARD, Jane b.1527
GIFFARD, John Lord Giffard b.1287
GIFFARD, John Lord Giffard b.1232
GIFFARD, Katherine b.1271
GIFFARD, Letitia b.1232
GIFFARD, Mabel Abbess of Shaftesbury b.1224
GIFFARD, Mabel b.1223
GIFFARD, Mabel b.1190
GIFFARD, Matilda b.1185
GIFFARD, Matilda b.1216
GIFFARD, Maud b.1277
GIFFARD, Maud b.1228
GIFFARD, N.N. b.1100
GIFFARD, Osbert b.1180
GIFFARD, Osbert Knight b.1188
GIFFARD, Osbert b.996
GIFFARD, Richard b.1145
GIFFARD, Rohese b.1037
GIFFARD, Walter Archbishop of York b.1219
GIFFARD, Walter b.1147
GIFFARD, Walter Earl of Buckingham b.1040
GIFFARD, Walter Count of Longueville b.991
GIFFARD, William Sheriff of Norfolk b.1226
GIFFARD, William Bishop of Winchester b.1043


GIFFORD, Alice b.1348
GIFFORD, Alice b.1527
GIFFORD, Anna L. b.1867
GIFFORD, Anne b.1563
GIFFORD, Anne b.1547
GIFFORD, Anne b.1440
GIFFORD, Anne b.1530
GIFFORD, Cecily a.1573
GIFFORD, Chrysogona b.1548
GIFFORD, Dorothy b.1515
GIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1545
GIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1507
GIFFORD, Elizabeth b.1567
GIFFORD, Euphemia b.1351
GIFFORD, Frances b.1522
GIFFORD, Francis b.1561
GIFFORD, George Knight b.1550
GIFFORD, George Knight b.1533
GIFFORD, Hannah b.1670
GIFFORD, Hugh b.1130
GIFFORD, Hugh Knight b.1220
GIFFORD, Hugh Knight b.1322
GIFFORD, Jane b.1557
GIFFORD, Janet b.1343
GIFFORD, Jerome b.1505
GIFFORD, Joan b.1480
GIFFORD, Joan b.1521
GIFFORD, John b.1551
GIFFORD, John b.1192
GIFFORD, John Sheriff of Staffordshire b.1535
GIFFORD, John Knight b.1260
GIFFORD, John Knight b.1295
GIFFORD, John Esquire b.1523
GIFFORD, John a.1576
GIFFORD, John b.1543
GIFFORD, John Knight b.1456
GIFFORD, John Knight b.1300
GIFFORD, John Esquire b.1502
GIFFORD, Jonas a.1584
GIFFORD, Katherine b.1544
GIFFORD, Margaret b.1205
GIFFORD, Margaret b.1345
GIFFORD, Mary b.1553
GIFFORD, Mary b.1536
GIFFORD, Mary a.1581
GIFFORD, Millicent b.1547
GIFFORD, Nicholas b.1415
GIFFORD, Osbert Knight b.1194
GIFFORD, Richard b.1559
GIFFORD, Richard b.1525
GIFFORD, Richard a.1571
GIFFORD, Robert a.1578
GIFFORD, Robert b.1605
GIFFORD, Robert de b.1095
GIFFORD, Samuel b.1668
GIFFORD, Thomas Esquire b.1408
GIFFORD, Thomas a.1569
GIFFORD, Thomas b.1382
GIFFORD, Ursula b.1502
GIFFORD, William b.1555
GIFFORD, William b.1196
GIFFORD, William b.1165
GIFFORD, William b.1693
GIFFORD, William Knight b.1482
GIFFORD, William b.1656


GIGGES, Anne b.1490
GIGGES, Robert Esquire b.1465


GIGNEY, Sybil de b.1118


GILBERT, Adrian b.1543
GILBERT, Anne a.1583
GILBERT, Benjamin b.1664
GILBERT, Benjamin b.1670
GILBERT, Clere b.1589
GILBERT, Dorothy b.1541
GILBERT, Eleazer b.1649
GILBERT, Elizabeth b.1610
GILBERT, Elizabeth a.1575
GILBERT, Elizabeth b.1645
GILBERT, Giles a.1573
GILBERT, Giles b.1535
GILBERT, Giles b.1627
GILBERT, Hannah a.1653
GILBERT, Henry b.1580
GILBERT, Humphrey Knight b.1537
GILBERT, Humphrey b.1616
GILBERT, Isabella b.1457
GILBERT, Jane b.1647
GILBERT, Joan a.1581
GILBERT, Joan a.1603
GILBERT, John Knight b.1535
GILBERT, John b.1583
GILBERT, John a.1577
GILBERT, John a.1614
GILBERT, John a.1580
GILBERT, John b.1678
GILBERT, John a.1644
GILBERT, Joseph b.1666
GILBERT, Joseph b.1625
GILBERT, Katherine b.1540
GILBERT, Katherine b.1586
GILBERT, Marie Anne b.1673
GILBERT, Mary a.1604
GILBERT, Mary b.1622
GILBERT, Mary a.1603
GILBERT, Mary b.1641
GILBERT, Mary b.1651
GILBERT, Matthew a.1655
GILBERT, Matthew b.1615
GILBERT, Obadiah b.1661
GILBERT, Obadiah a.1629
GILBERT, Otho b.1546
GILBERT, Otho b.1513
GILBERT, Rebecca a.1649
GILBERT, Samuel a.1657
GILBERT, Sarah b.1659
GILBERT, Sarah b.1651
GILBERT, Sarah a.1646
GILBERT, Susanna a.1584
GILBERT, Temperance b.1594
GILBERT, Thomas b.1643
GILBERT, Thomas b.1612
GILBERT, William Gentleman b.1555


GILBERTSON, Magnus Earl of Caithness b.1230


GILBRIDESSON, Magnus Earl of Caithness b.1179


GILBYE, Mary b.1589


GILDERSLEEVE, Elizabeth b.1622


GILES, Alice b.1570
GILES, Ann b.1702
GILES, John b.1677
GILES, Sarah b.1711


GILKEY, Abigail b.1753


GILL, Benjamin b.1690
GILL, Benjamin b.1691
GILL, Benjamin b.1662
GILL, Edward Esquire b.1540
GILL, Elizabeth b.1647
GILL, Elizabeth b.1646
GILL, Francis b.1574
GILL, Isaac b.1665
GILL, Jemima b.1722
GILL, John b.1647
GILL, John b.1621
GILL, Joshua Dennis b.1875
GILL, Mary b.1687
GILL, Millard G. b.1915
GILL, Moses b.1685
GILL, Moses b.1656
GILL, Phebe b.1650
GILL, Ruby A. b.1913
GILL, Samuel b.1651
GILL, Sarah b.1688
GILL, Sarah b.1719
GILL, Sarah b.1654
GILL, William b.1645




GILLESPIE, Alpheus Monterville b.1854
GILLESPIE, Andrew Jackson b.1839
GILLESPIE, Andrew James b.1805
GILLESPIE, Annie Belle b.1926
GILLESPIE, Annie Viola b.1920
GILLESPIE, Dacy W. b.1834
GILLESPIE, Eleanor Emerett b.1857
GILLESPIE, Elizabeth B. b.1845
GILLESPIE, Elizabeth M. b.1831
GILLESPIE, Elizabeth Rankin b.1818
GILLESPIE, Ellen Louise b.1904
GILLESPIE, Emma Sedina b.1859
GILLESPIE, Francis Israel b.1857
GILLESPIE, Frank E. b.1906
GILLESPIE, Frank Elic b.1885
GILLESPIE, Frank Narient b.1922
GILLESPIE, Franklin David b.1857
GILLESPIE, Gilbert Bryan b.1899
GILLESPIE, Gilbert Leo b.1924
GILLESPIE, James M. b.1827
GILLESPIE, James McDonald b.1801
GILLESPIE, James William b.1905
GILLESPIE, John b.1803
GILLESPIE, John b.1843
GILLESPIE, John b.1839
GILLESPIE, John Dee b.1908
GILLESPIE, Joseph Hemphill b.1919
GILLESPIE, Josiah Bankson b.1849
GILLESPIE, Josiah Randall b.1812
GILLESPIE, Lillie Birdell b.1924
GILLESPIE, Lucinda b.1821
GILLESPIE, Martha L. b.1841
GILLESPIE, Mary b.1814
GILLESPIE, Mary Elizabeth b.1852
GILLESPIE, Nancy b.1810
GILLESPIE, Orinda b.1847
GILLESPIE, Paton b.1854
GILLESPIE, Preston Doraso b.1863
GILLESPIE, Rhoda Birdell b.1902
GILLESPIE, Robert b.1807
GILLESPIE, Robert b.1769
GILLESPIE, Robert b.1865
GILLESPIE, Robert Hemphill Jr. b.1854
GILLESPIE, Robert Hemphill b.1829
GILLESPIE, Robert Narient b.1895
GILLESPIE, Robert William b.1918
GILLESPIE, Roger William b.1930
GILLESPIE, Samuel b.1851
GILLESPIE, Sarah E. b.1836
GILLESPIE, Sarah Hemphill b.1816
GILLESPIE, Temperance Lucinda b.1861
GILLESPIE, William Moore b.1832


GILLETTE, Abigail b.1663
GILLETTE, Abigail a.1646
GILLETTE, Amanda Lucy b.1812
GILLETTE, Anna b.1639
GILLETTE, Cornelius b.1665
GILLETTE, Cornelius b.1636
GILLETTE, Daniel b.1678
GILLETTE, David W. b.1771
GILLETTE, Hester b.1671
GILLETTE, Jeremiah b.1648
GILLETTE, Joanna b.1676
GILLETTE, John b.1644
GILLETTE, John b.1610
GILLETTE, Jonathan b.1607
GILLETTE, Jonathan b.1634
GILLETTE, Joseph a.1641
GILLETTE, Josiah a.1650
GILLETTE, Laura b.1791
GILLETTE, Mary b.1668
GILLETTE, Mary b.1638
GILLETTE, Priscilla b.1661
GILLETTE, Priscilla b.1659
GILLETTE, Samuel a.1643
GILLETTE, Sarah b.1673
GILLETTE, Susie Emily b.1880


GILLEY, Elisha Bunker b.1807


GILLINGHAM, Elizabeth b.1663


GILLIS, James Porter b.1821


GILLMAN, Godethe b.1586


GILLOW, John b.1641


GILMAN, John a.1638
GILMAN, Mary b.1606


GIMEGES, Hugh de b.1210
GIMEGES, Idonea de b.1235


GIPPES, Richard b.1540


GIRDLER, Deborah a.1696


GIRLING, Mary b.1553


GIRLINGTON, Anne b.1535
GIRLINGTON, Anthony b.1504
GIRLINGTON, Elizabeth b.1497
GIRLINGTON, Isabel b.1499
GIRLINGTON, Katherine b.1501
GIRLINGTON, Nicholas Esquire b.1493
GIRLINGTON, William b.1495
GIRLINGTON, William b.1465


GISBURN, Alice b.1364


GISORS, Margaret b.1320


GISSING, Thomas de Knight b.1290


GITTINS, Anne b.1593


GLADWIN, Alfred b.1821


GLADWYN, Alice b.1527
GLADWYN, Joan b.1530
GLADWYN, John b.1470
GLADWYN, John b.1532
GLADWYN, John b.1520
GLADWYN, Robert b.1524
GLADWYN, Robert b.1495
GLADWYN, Thomas b.1522


GLANE, Ida of b.1075
GLANE, Pierre of Count of Glane b.1050


GLANVILLE, Adam de b.1148
GLANVILLE, Agnes de b.1158
GLANVILLE, Amabel de b.1153
GLANVILLE, Bartholomew de Sheriff of Suffolk b.1145
GLANVILLE, Emma de b.1208
GLANVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1204
GLANVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1174
GLANVILLE, Gerard de b.1126
GLANVILLE, Gilbert de Bishop of Rochester b.1153
GLANVILLE, Hawise de b.1157
GLANVILLE, Hervey de b.1062
GLANVILLE, Hervey de b.1115
GLANVILLE, Hervey de Knight b.1090
GLANVILLE, Maud de b.1151
GLANVILLE, Ranulf de b.1035
GLANVILLE, Ranulf de Chief Justiciar of England b.1129
GLANVILLE, Robert de b.1060
GLANVILLE, Robert de b.1124
GLANVILLE, Roger de Sheriff of Northumberland b.1121
GLANVILLE, Stephen de b.1172
GLANVILLE, William de b.1088
GLANVILLE, William de b.1170
GLANVILLE, William de b.1118


GLASCOCK, Alice b.1585
GLASCOCK, Martha b.1560


GLASS, Amy a.1618
GLASS, Henry a.1624
GLASS, Henry a.1614
GLASS, James b.1616
GLASS, James b.1591
GLASS, Joan a.1629
GLASS, Joan a.1627
GLASS, Mary a.1618
GLASS, Peter a.1631
GLASS, Richard b.1621
GLASS, Roger a.1623
GLASS, Thamzen a.1635


GLASSHOWSE, Henry de b.1268
GLASSHOWSE, Matilda de b.1293


GLEASON, Anna b.1794
GLEASON, Bezaleel b.1735
GLEASON, Charles b.1799
GLEASON, Deborah b.1705
GLEASON, Eunice b.1812
GLEASON, Henry b.1792
GLEASON, Isaac b.1770
GLEASON, Martha T. b.1786
GLEASON, Mary b.1682
GLEASON, Patty b.1796
GLEASON, Sally b.1801
GLEASON, Tryphena b.1768


GLEIBERG, Ermentrude of b.967
GLEIBERG, Gerberga of b.972


GLEMHAM, Anne b.1539
GLEMHAM, Anne a.1589
GLEMHAM, Anne b.1474
GLEMHAM, Arthur b.1531
GLEMHAM, Cecily a.1594
GLEMHAM, Charles b.1537
GLEMHAM, Christopher Knight b.1501
GLEMHAM, Dorothy b.1517
GLEMHAM, Edward Esquire b.1504
GLEMHAM, Elizabeth b.1512
GLEMHAM, Elizabeth b.1599
GLEMHAM, Elizabeth b.1535
GLEMHAM, Elizabeth b.1568
GLEMHAM, Elizabeth b.1479
GLEMHAM, Francis b.1508
GLEMHAM, Henry Bishop of St. Asaph b.1596
GLEMHAM, Henry Knight b.1561
GLEMHAM, Henry b.1476
GLEMHAM, John Knight b.1470
GLEMHAM, John Esquire b.1436
GLEMHAM, Katherine b.1543
GLEMHAM, Katherine b.1468
GLEMHAM, Margaret Maria b.1546
GLEMHAM, Mary b.1591
GLEMHAM, Mary b.1541
GLEMHAM, Thomas b.1571
GLEMHAM, Thomas a.1564
GLEMHAM, Thomas Esquire b.1533
GLEMHAM, Thomas Knight b.1587
GLEMHAM, William b.1472


GLEN, Isabel b.1385


GLENURCHY, Mariota of b.1332


GLIDDEN, Jane b.1845


GLINES, John b.1703


GLINN, Hannah b.1613


GLOUCESTER, Amice of Countess of Gloucester b.1160
GLOUCESTER, Anne of Countess of Stafford b.1383
GLOUCESTER, Christiana de b.1110
GLOUCESTER, Elizabeth de Nun b.1311
GLOUCESTER, Henry de b.1279
GLOUCESTER, Humphrey of b.1382
GLOUCESTER, Isabel of Nun b.1386
GLOUCESTER, Isabel of Countess of Gloucester b.1169
GLOUCESTER, Joan de b.1309
GLOUCESTER, Joan of b.1385
GLOUCESTER, John de Sheriff of London b.1307
GLOUCESTER, Mabel of b.1141
GLOUCESTER, Mabel of b.1155
GLOUCESTER, Philippa of b.1388
GLOUCESTER, Robert of b.1151
GLOUCESTER, Thomas de b.1305
GLOUCESTER, Walter de Knight b.1304
GLOUCESTER, William de b.1254


GLOVER, Abigail b.1652
GLOVER, Elizabeth b.1676
GLOVER, Hannah b.1672
GLOVER, Mary b.1880
GLOVER, Nancy b.1790
GLOVER, Nathaniel b.1633
GLOVER, Priscilla b.1631
GLOVER, Sarah b.1626


GLUMLEY, Alice b.1565


GLYN, Jane b.1623
GLYN, Johanna b.1290


GOADE, Abigail a.1619
GOADE, Elizabeth a.1621
GOADE, John a.1616
GOADE, John b.1590
GOADE, Thomas a.1617


GOBAUD, Guy b.1283


GOBERT, Anne a.1593


GOBION, Elizabeth b.1287
GOBION, Hawise b.1282
GOBION, Hugh b.1226
GOBION, Hugh b.1090
GOBION, Hugh Sheriff of Northampton b.1115
GOBION, Hugh Knight b.1212
GOBION, Joan b.1248
GOBION, Margery b.1204
GOBION, Muriel b.1144
GOBION, Richard b.1247
GOBION, Richard b.1244
GOBION, Richard b.1206
GOBION, Richard b.1140
GOBION, Richard b.1175
GOBION, Simon b.1142
GOBION, William b.1209


GOBLE, Daniel a.1641


GODBERTSON, Godbert b.1590
GODBERTSON, Samuel b.1622


GODBOLD, Elizabeth b.1588


GODDARD, Abigail b.1761
GODDARD, Abigail b.1737
GODDARD, Agnes b.1388
GODDARD, Alice b.1438
GODDARD, Anne b.1511
GODDARD, Anthony b.1565
GODDARD, Benjamin b.1755
GODDARD, Benjamin b.1704
GODDARD, Benjamin b.1650
GODDARD, Benjamin a.1632
GODDARD, Benjamin b.1668
GODDARD, Betty b.1748
GODDARD, Cecily b.1396
GODDARD, Christian b.1570
GODDARD, David b.1706
GODDARD, Deborah b.1693
GODDARD, Ebenezer b.1753
GODDARD, Ebenezer b.1714
GODDARD, Ebenezer b.1712
GODDARD, Ebenezer b.1696
GODDARD, Edward b.1759
GODDARD, Edward b.1698
GODDARD, Edward Gentleman b.1622
GODDARD, Edward b.1675
GODDARD, Edward Esquire b.1584
GODDARD, Elizabeth b.1681
GODDARD, Elizabeth b.1670
GODDARD, Elizabeth b.1440
GODDARD, Elizabeth b.1643
GODDARD, Elizabeth b.1624
GODDARD, Elizabeth b.1582
GODDARD, Elizabeth b.1617
GODDARD, Elizabeth b.1714
GODDARD, Esther b.1751
GODDARD, Francis b.1616
GODDARD, Hannah b.1736
GODDARD, Hepzibah a.1723
GODDARD, James b.1685
GODDARD, James b.1556
GODDARD, James b.1615
GODDARD, Jane b.1514
GODDARD, Jane b.1710
GODDARD, Jane b.1706
GODDARD, Joan b.1476
GODDARD, John b.1386
GODDARD, John Knight b.1346
GODDARD, John b.1698
GODDARD, John b.1432
GODDARD, John b.1368
GODDARD, John b.1393
GODDARD, John b.1463
GODDARD, John b.1517
GODDARD, John Gentleman b.1465
GODDARD, John b.1641
GODDARD, John b.1608
GODDARD, John b.1614
GODDARD, Joseph b.1682
GODDARD, Joseph a.1656
GODDARD, Josiah a.1630
GODDARD, Josiah b.1701
GODDARD, Josiah b.1672
GODDARD, Martha b.1739
GODDARD, Martha b.1647
GODDARD, Martha b.1619
GODDARD, Mary b.1744
GODDARD, Mary b.1711
GODDARD, Mary b.1645
GODDARD, N.N. b.1468
GODDARD, N.N. b.1552
GODDARD, Priscilla b.1618
GODDARD, Rachel b.1699
GODDARD, Richard b.1436
GODDARD, Richard b.1428
GODDARD, Richard b.1471
GODDARD, Richard b.1586
GODDARD, Richard Esquire b.1554
GODDARD, Richard b.1625
GODDARD, Robert b.1689
GODDARD, Robert a.1662
GODDARD, Samuel b.1759
GODDARD, Samuel b.1712
GODDARD, Samuel b.1709
GODDARD, Simon b.1702
GODDARD, Sophia b.1746
GODDARD, Susanna b.1742
GODDARD, Susanna b.1700
GODDARD, Sybil b.1741
GODDARD, Thomas b.1563
GODDARD, Thomas Gentleman b.1523
GODDARD, Thomas Esquire b.1520
GODDARD, Thomas Esquire b.1580
GODDARD, Thomas b.1620
GODDARD, Thomas b.1667
GODDARD, Vincent b.1561
GODDARD, Walter Gentleman b.1430
GODDARD, William b.1568
GODDARD, William b.1720
GODDARD, William b.1709
GODDARD, William b.1434
GODDARD, William b.1473
GODDARD, William b.1704
GODDARD, William a.1654
GODDARD, William a.1627


GODERD, Edmond b.1311
GODERD, Joan b.1314
GODERD, John b.1270
GODERD, John b.1320
GODERD, Margery b.1317
GODERD, N.N. b.1370


GODERVILLE, Walter de b.1230




GODFREY, Agnes b.1332
GODFREY, Alice b.1658
GODFREY, Ann b.1630
GODFREY, Charles b.1648
GODFREY, Charlotte b.1679
GODFREY, Elizabeth b.1683
GODFREY, Elizabeth a.1606
GODFREY, Elizabeth b.1622
GODFREY, Elizabeth b.1627
GODFREY, Francis a.1681
GODFREY, Francis a.1613
GODFREY, Francis b.1600
GODFREY, Fred b.1856
GODFREY, Griselda a.1611
GODFREY, James b.1677
GODFREY, Jane a.1608
GODFREY, John a.1615
GODFREY, Joseph Esquire b.1579
GODFREY, Mary a.1605
GODFREY, N.N. b.1369
GODFREY, Richard b.1651
GODFREY, Sarah b.1649
GODFREY, William a.1607
GODFREY, Willoughby a.1609


GODOLPHIN, Alexander b.1303
GODOLPHIN, Alexander Knight b.1278
GODOLPHIN, Andrew b.1281
GODOLPHIN, David b.1300
GODOLPHIN, Edward b.1254
GODOLPHIN, Engriene b.1284
GODOLPHIN, James b.1520
GODOLPHIN, Joan b.1309
GODOLPHIN, Margaret b.1306
GODOLPHIN, William b.1312


GODSON, Ellinor b.1587


GODWIN, Giles b.1573


GODWINESON, Gyrth Earl of East Anglia b.1032
GODWINESON, Harold II King of England b.1022
GODWINESON, Leofwine Earl of Kent b.1034
GODWINESON, Sweyn Earl of Mercia b.1024
GODWINESON, Tostig Earl of Northumbria b.1026
GODWINESON, Wulfnoth b.1030


GOEL, Ascelin b.1075
GOEL, Robert b.1101


GOFF, Abbie M. b.1879
GOFF, Abbie Mae b.1883
GOFF, Abigail Susan b.1905
GOFF, Anna Bell b.1897
GOFF, Arrabica b.1758
GOFF, Arthur Lawrence b.1887
GOFF, Arthur Lawrence b.1888
GOFF, Bernard Dickson b.1915
GOFF, Bren M. b.1884
GOFF, Catherine b.1803
GOFF, Christiana b.1838
GOFF, Christianna Lugenia b.1860
GOFF, Civil b.1756
GOFF, Cleo Earsel b.1913
GOFF, Cooper b.1881
GOFF, Curtis B. b.1924
GOFF, Deborah b.1669
GOFF, Della b.1889
GOFF, Dora Ann b.1842
GOFF, Doris Lorraine b.1918
GOFF, E. K. b.1910
GOFF, Elizabeth b.1786
GOFF, Elizabeth R. b.1840
GOFF, Elkanah b.1848
GOFF, Gabriella B. b.1881
GOFF, Gertrude b.1916
GOFF, Helen Adel b.1914
GOFF, Hinton Larimore b.1891
GOFF, Howard B. b.1907
GOFF, Ira William b.1911
GOFF, Irvin b.1909
GOFF, James A. b.1795
GOFF, James E. b.1877
GOFF, Jane D. b.1836
GOFF, Jennie b.1776
GOFF, John b.1689
GOFF, John b.1717
GOFF, John b.1752
GOFF, John b.1780
GOFF, John D. b.1915
GOFF, John Edward b.1875
GOFF, John Henry b.1883
GOFF, John Morgan b.1828
GOFF, Lura N. b.1880
GOFF, Margaret Vashti b.1890
GOFF, Martha b.1697
GOFF, Mary Elizabeth b.1854
GOFF, Mary Elizabeth b.1830
GOFF, Nancy b.1792
GOFF, Naomi b.1691
GOFF, Nathan Richard b.1876
GOFF, Nooney Moniver b.1893
GOFF, Ota Lee b.1901
GOFF, Pearl G. b.1895
GOFF, Rachel b.1725
GOFF, Russell Basil b.1895
GOFF, Sadie Irene b.1904
GOFF, Sonny b.1920
GOFF, Sophronia A. b.1845
GOFF, Susanna b.1605
GOFF, Thomas b.1754
GOFF, Thomas b.1778
GOFF, Walter R. b.1891
GOFF, Walter Thomas b.1886
GOFF, Warren b.1832
GOFF, William b.1761
GOFF, William Cooper b.1800
GOFF, William Cooper b.1834
GOFF, William Howell b.1920
GOFF, William Howell b.1887
GOFF, William Melvin b.1903
GOFF, William Melvin b.1878
GOFF, William O'Brien b.1693
GOFF, William Vann b.1851
GOFF, Wilmer H. b.1913


GOFFE, Lydia b.1628
GOFFE, Martha b.1648
GOFFE, Mary b.1570
GOFFE, Robert b.1642
GOFFE, Thomas b.1644
GOFFE, William b.1650
GOFFE, William b.1605


GOLAFRE, John Knight b.1358


GOLBORNE, John de b.1370
GOLBORNE, Margaret de b.1396


GOLD, Abel b.1727
GOLD, Abigail b.1796
GOLD, Abigail b.1754
GOLD, Abigail b.1721
GOLD, Abigail b.1687
GOLD, Abigail b.1665
GOLD, Abraham b.1803
GOLD, Abraham b.1766
GOLD, Abraham b.1730
GOLD, Abraham b.1732
GOLD, Anna b.1829
GOLD, Anna b.1794
GOLD, Anne b.1768
GOLD, Daniel b.1807
GOLD, Daniel b.1776
GOLD, Daniel b.1717
GOLD, Deborah b.1763
GOLD, Deborah b.1659
GOLD, Elizabeth b.1834
GOLD, Elizabeth b.1790
GOLD, Elizabeth b.1759
GOLD, Esther b.1719
GOLD, Hezekiah b.1756
GOLD, Hezekiah a.1695
GOLD, Jason b.1802
GOLD, Jason b.1771
GOLD, John b.1688
GOLD, John b.1684
GOLD, John Burr b.1792
GOLD, John Burr b.1761
GOLD, Katherine b.1800
GOLD, Martha b.1668
GOLD, Mary b.1832
GOLD, Nancy b.1831
GOLD, Nathan b.1690
GOLD, Nathan b.1663
GOLD, Nathan b.1623
GOLD, Polly b.1798
GOLD, Sally b.1810
GOLD, Samuel b.1692
GOLD, Sarah a.1696
GOLD, Sarah b.1661
GOLD, Sarah Burr b.1828
GOLD, Sybil b.1527


GOLDHAM, Susannah b.1635


GOLDHATCH, Alice a.1587
GOLDHATCH, Richard b.1589
GOLDHATCH, Robert b.1593
GOLDHATCH, Robert b.1555
GOLDHATCH, William b.1591


GOLDING, Mary b.1680
GOLDING, Thomas Knight b.1522


GOLDINGHAM, Alexander Knight b.1353
GOLDINGHAM, Anne b.1547
GOLDINGHAM, Cecily b.1414
GOLDINGHAM, Christopher b.1553
GOLDINGHAM, Christopher Esquire b.1557
GOLDINGHAM, Dorothy b.1551
GOLDINGHAM, Edward a.1582
GOLDINGHAM, Eleanor b.1417
GOLDINGHAM, Elizabeth a.1584
GOLDINGHAM, Francis b.1549
GOLDINGHAM, Jane b.1505
GOLDINGHAM, John b.1520
GOLDINGHAM, John b.1293
GOLDINGHAM, John b.1386
GOLDINGHAM, John Knight b.1323
GOLDINGHAM, John de b.1261
GOLDINGHAM, Judith b.1545
GOLDINGHAM, Margaret b.1405
GOLDINGHAM, Mary a.1587
GOLDINGHAM, Matilda de b.1254
GOLDINGHAM, Peter de b.1229
GOLDINGHAM, Sarah b.1556
GOLDINGHAM, Walter Knight b.1383
GOLDINGHAM, William de b.1236


GOLDINGTON, Joan de b.1158
GOLDINGTON, John de b.1335
GOLDINGTON, Piers de b.1156
GOLDINGTON, Piers de b.1129
GOLDINGTON, Thomas b.1400




GOLDSMITH, Mary b.1652
GOLDSMITH, Richard b.1624
GOLDSMITH, Thomas b.1627


GOLDSTONE, Ann a.1615
GOLDSTONE, Edward a.1589
GOLDSTONE, Henry a.1591
GOLDSTONE, Jane b.1550
GOLDSTONE, Jane a.1593
GOLDSTONE, Margaret b.1556
GOLDSTONE, Martha b.1553
GOLDSTONE, Mary a.1620
GOLDSTONE, Mary a.1585
GOLDSTONE, Richard a.1561
GOLDSTONE, Richard b.1524
GOLDSTONE, Roman a.1583
GOLDSTONE, Roman b.1540
GOLDSTONE, Thomas a.1587
GOLDSTONE, Thomasine a.1565
GOLDSTONE, Ursula a.1559
GOLDSTONE, William a.1582
GOLDSTONE, William Knight b.1562


GOLDTHWAITE, Lydia b.1812
GOLDTHWAITE, Thomas b.1610


GOLDWELL, Emmeline b.1550


GOLDWYER, George b.1617


GOLDYNG, George b.1558


GOLLOPP, Susanna b.1604


GOMEZ, Sancha b.960


GONILLON, Catherine de b.1696
GONILLON, Georges b.1700
GONILLON, Jean Louis de b.1666
GONILLON, Jeanne de b.1694
GONILLON, Marie Josephe de b.1698


GONNE, Mary b.1597


GONSON, Avice b.1516


GONVILLE, Jane b.1405


GONZALEZ, Fernando b.860
GONZALEZ, Hermengildo b.910
GONZALEZ, Menendo b.970
GONZALEZ, Munio b.986
GONZALEZ, Munio Count of Asturias b.1028
GONZALEZ, Osorio b.1166
GONZALEZ, Pelayo b.905
GONZALEZ, Ramiro b.907


GOOCH, Elizabeth b.1632
GOOCH, Hannah b.1668
GOOCH, James b.1666
GOOCH, James b.1629
GOOCH, John b.1626
GOOCH, John b.1598
GOOCH, Ruth b.1624


GOOD, Margery b.1571


GOODALE, Abraham b.1632
GOODALE, Ann b.1621
GOODALE, Elijah b.1753
GOODALE, Elizabeth b.1620
GOODALE, Elizabeth b.1636
GOODALE, Hannah a.1645
GOODALE, Isaac b.1633
GOODALE, Jacob a.1641
GOODALE, Martha b.1651
GOODALE, Mary b.1630
GOODALE, Mrs. Rachel b.1700
GOODALE, Robert b.1604
GOODALE, Sarah b.1638
GOODALE, Zachariah a.1640


GOODALL, Edith Elizabeth b.1877
GOODALL, Helen Edith b.1906
GOODALL, James b.1847
GOODALL, James Wiggin b.1902
GOODALL, John Cyrus b.1871
GOODALL, Richard b.1530
GOODALL, Richard Norman b.1904
GOODALL, Sampson b.1576


GOODDAY, Robert b.1545


GOODE, Anne b.1573
GOODE, Henry b.1540


GOODEN, Seaborn b.1649


GOODENOW, Daniel b.1707
GOODENOW, Deborah a.1638
GOODENOW, Dorothy b.1668
GOODENOW, Dorothy b.1614
GOODENOW, Ebenezer b.1677
GOODENOW, Edmund b.1661
GOODENOW, Edmund b.1611
GOODENOW, Edward b.1742
GOODENOW, Elizabeth b.1672
GOODENOW, Elizabeth a.1632
GOODENOW, Hannah b.1657
GOODENOW, Hannah b.1639
GOODENOW, John b.1670
GOODENOW, John b.1540
GOODENOW, John b.1596
GOODENOW, John b.1635
GOODENOW, Joseph b.1674
GOODENOW, Joseph b.1645
GOODENOW, Julian b.1571
GOODENOW, Lydia b.1678
GOODENOW, Mary b.1659
GOODENOW, Mary b.1640
GOODENOW, Mehitable b.1738
GOODENOW, Mercy b.1680
GOODENOW, N.N. a.1636
GOODENOW, Nathaniel b.1603
GOODENOW, Ralph b.1594
GOODENOW, Sarah b.1666
GOODENOW, Sarah b.1663
GOODENOW, Sarah b.1643
GOODENOW, Sarah b.1730
GOODENOW, Simon b.1599
GOODENOW, Thomas b.1606
GOODENOW, Thomas b.1569
GOODENOW, Thomas a.1637
GOODENOW, Ursula b.1609
GOODENOW, William b.1567


GOODHUE, Benjamin b.1690
GOODHUE, Benjamin b.1707
GOODHUE, David b.1703
GOODHUE, Ebenezer b.1685
GOODHUE, Elizabeth b.1675
GOODHUE, Elizabeth b.1697
GOODHUE, Elizabeth b.1729
GOODHUE, Elizabeth b.1680
GOODHUE, Grace Anna b.1879
GOODHUE, Hannah b.1681
GOODHUE, Hannah b.1699
GOODHUE, John b.1678
GOODHUE, John b.1693
GOODHUE, Jonathan a.1705
GOODHUE, Joseph b.1687
GOODHUE, Joseph b.1662
GOODHUE, Joseph b.1639
GOODHUE, Joseph b.1701
GOODHUE, Margery b.1670
GOODHUE, Mary b.1664
GOODHUE, Mary b.1647
GOODHUE, Mary b.1690
GOODHUE, Mary b.1730
GOODHUE, Sarah b.1668
GOODHUE, Sarah b.1695
GOODHUE, Susanna b.1672
GOODHUE, William b.1643
GOODHUE, William b.1612
GOODHUE, William b.1688
GOODHUE, William b.1666


GOODING, Matthew b.1695


GOODMAN, Anne b.1580
GOODMAN, Henry b.1851
GOODMAN, Margaret b.1616
GOODMAN, William Ezra b.1871


GOODRICH, Abigail b.1662
GOODRICH, David b.1667
GOODRICH, Elizabeth b.1657
GOODRICH, Elizabeth b.1595
GOODRICH, Elizabeth b.1645
GOODRICH, Ephraim b.1663
GOODRICH, Hannah b.1787
GOODRICH, Hannah b.1659
GOODRICH, Henry a.1619
GOODRICH, Henry a.1584
GOODRICH, Jeremy a.1627
GOODRICH, John b.1653
GOODRICH, John b.1574
GOODRICH, John a.1623
GOODRICH, John b.1647
GOODRICH, Jonathan b.1665
GOODRICH, Jonathan b.1657
GOODRICH, Joseph b.1653
GOODRICH, Mary b.1651
GOODRICH, Mary b.1650
GOODRICH, N.N. b.1670
GOODRICH, Robert a.1577
GOODRICH, Sarah b.1649
GOODRICH, Susan a.1591
GOODRICH, William b.1660
GOODRICH, William b.1649
GOODRICH, William b.1617
GOODRICH, William a.1580
GOODRICH, William b.1545
GOODRICH, William a.1622

Surname List