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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


FRAMLINGHAM, Anne b.1566
FRAMLINGHAM, Charles Knight b.1539
FRAMLINGHAM, Clement b.1563


FRANCE, Adele of b.1005
FRANCE, Agnes of b.1260
FRANCE, Alais of b.1149
FRANCE, Alais of Countess of Ponthieu b.1160
FRANCE, Alais of b.1009
FRANCE, Alphonse of b.1211
FRANCE, Blanche of b.1294
FRANCE, Blanche of b.1240
FRANCE, Blanche of b.1280
FRANCE, Blanche of b.1254
FRANCE, Cecile of b.1097
FRANCE, Charles IV of King of France b.1296
FRANCE, Charles of b.945
FRANCE, Constance of b.1078
FRANCE, Constance of b.1124
FRANCE, Etienne of b.1224
FRANCE, Florus of b.1095
FRANCE, Francis II of King of France b.1544
FRANCE, Gisele of b.969
FRANCE, Hedwig of b.975
FRANCE, Henri I of King of France b.1007
FRANCE, Henri of Archbishop of Rheims b.1121
FRANCE, Hugh "Magnus" of Duke of France b.1057
FRANCE, Isabel of Abbess of Longchamp b.1224
FRANCE, Isabella of b.1242
FRANCE, Isabella of b.1389
FRANCE, Isabella of b.1292
FRANCE, Jean I of King of France b.1316
FRANCE, Jean of Duke of Touraine b.1398
FRANCE, Jean of Count of Valois b.1250
FRANCE, Jean of b.1247
FRANCE, Jean of b.1211
FRANCE, Jeanne of b.1343
FRANCE, Jeanne of b.1312
FRANCE, Katherine of Queen of England b.1401
FRANCE, Lothaire IV of b.941
FRANCE, Louis IV "d'Outre-Mer" of King of France b.920
FRANCE, Louis IX of King of France b.1215
FRANCE, Louis of b.1265
FRANCE, Louis of b.1243
FRANCE, Louis of b.948
FRANCE, Louis VI "The Fat" of King of France b.1081
FRANCE, Louis VII of King of France b.1120
FRANCE, Louis VIII "The Lion" of King of France b.1187
FRANCE, Louis X of King of France b.1289
FRANCE, Louis XI of King of France b.1423
FRANCE, Louis XII of King of France b.1462
FRANCE, Marguerite of b.1288
FRANCE, Marguerite of b.1258
FRANCE, Marguerite of Countess of Vexin b.1157
FRANCE, Marguerite of b.1278
FRANCE, Marie of b.1198
FRANCE, Marie of b.1145
FRANCE, Matilda of b.943
FRANCE, N.N. of b.1213
FRANCE, Philip I of King of France b.1053
FRANCE, Philippe Auguste II of King of France b.1165
FRANCE, Philippe III "The Bold" of King of France b.1245
FRANCE, Philippe IV "The Fair" of King of France b.1268
FRANCE, Philippe of b.1125
FRANCE, Philippe of Count of Mante b.1093
FRANCE, Philippe of b.1222
FRANCE, Philippe of b.1209
FRANCE, Philippe of Count of Clermont b.1200
FRANCE, Philippe V of King of France b.1291
FRANCE, Philippe VI of King of France b.1293
FRANCE, Pierre of Count of Blois b.1252
FRANCE, Pierre of Seigneur de Courtenay b.1127
FRANCE, Robert II "The Pious" of King of France b.972
FRANCE, Robert of b.1298
FRANCE, Robert of b.1269
FRANCE, Robert of Count of Clermont b.1256


FRANCEIS, John b.1266
FRANCEIS, John le b.1220
FRANCEIS, Robert b.1286
FRANCEIS, Robert de b.1170
FRANCEIS, William le b.1246
FRANCEIS, William le b.1195


FRANCES, Barbara b.1520


FRANCIS, Alice b.1392
FRANCIS, Andrew b.1495
FRANCIS, Anne b.1396
FRANCIS, Cecily b.1398
FRANCIS, Hannah b.1680
FRANCIS, Henry b.1322
FRANCIS, Isabel b.1390
FRANCIS, Jane b.1366
FRANCIS, Joan b.1384
FRANCIS, John b.1362
FRANCIS, John b.1304
FRANCIS, John b.1586
FRANCIS, Joyce b.1388
FRANCIS, Margaret b.1426
FRANCIS, Margaret b.1368
FRANCIS, Margery b.1385
FRANCIS, Mary b.1394
FRANCIS, Robert Knight b.1386
FRANCIS, Robert Knight b.1342
FRANCIS, Robert Sheriff of Derbyshire b.1360
FRANCIS, Simon b.1364
FRANCIS, Thomas b.1382
FRANCIS, William b.1508


FRANK, Margery b.1554


FRANKE, Margaret b.1327
FRANKE, Nicholas b.1302


FRANKLIN, Abigail b.1811
FRANKLIN, Elizabeth b.1714
FRANKLIN, James b.1650
FRANKLIN, Jane b.1480
FRANKLIN, Minnie Elizabeth b.1875
FRANKLIN, Richard b.1595
FRANKLIN, Thomas b.1455
FRANKLIN, William Knight b.1626
FRANKLIN, William b.1608


FRANKS, Anna Sarah b.1876
FRANKS, Benjamin Franklin b.1874
FRANKS, Ella b.1879
FRANKS, George Washington b.1872
FRANKS, John b.1834
FRANKS, John Samuel Meacham b.1869


FRARY, Hannah b.1656
FRARY, Hannah b.1659
FRARY, John a.1631
FRARY, Samson b.1635
FRARY, Samuel b.1674
FRARY, Theophilus b.1629


FRASER, Adam b.1176
FRASER, Agnes b.1367
FRASER, Alexander b.1370
FRASER, Alexander Sheriff of Aberdeen b.1345
FRASER, Alexander Chamberlain of Scotland b.1265
FRASER, Andrew b.1213
FRASER, Bernard b.1178
FRASER, Eda b.1145
FRASER, Gilbert b.1125
FRASER, Gilbert Knight b.1180
FRASER, Hugh b.1375
FRASER, Hugh b.1325
FRASER, Janet b.1510
FRASER, Joanna b.1285
FRASER, John b.1207
FRASER, Margaret b.1278
FRASER, N.N. b.1266
FRASER, Richard Knight b.1230
FRASER, Simon Knight b.1210
FRASER, Simon b.1234
FRASER, Simon Knight b.1257
FRASER, Simon b.1120
FRASER, Thomas b.1259
FRASER, Udard b.1151
FRASER, William Bishop of St. Andrews b.1218


FRAUNCEYS, Adam b.1309
FRAUNCEYS, Adam Lord Mayor of London b.1334
FRAUNCEYS, Adam Knight b.1364
FRAUNCEYS, Agnes b.1388
FRAUNCEYS, Eleanor b.1348
FRAUNCEYS, Elizabeth b.1392
FRAUNCEYS, Gilbert le b.1220
FRAUNCEYS, Hugh Knight b.1388
FRAUNCEYS, Isabel b.1413
FRAUNCEYS, John b.1386
FRAUNCEYS, Matilda b.1360
FRAUNCEYS, Nicholas b.1390
FRAUNCEYS, Richard b.1323
FRAUNCEYS, Robert b.1362
FRAUNCEYS, Thomasine Nun b.1394


FRAWSELL, Inez Alma b.1887


FRAY, Agnes b.1443
FRAY, Elizabeth b.1441
FRAY, John Chief Baron of the Exchequer b.1400
FRAY, Katherine b.1437
FRAY, Margaret b.1439


FRAYLE, Samuel b.1646


FRAZIER, Charles b.1836
FRAZIER, Mary b.1704


FREAK, John b.1638


FRECHEVILLE, Christian b.1633
FRECHEVILLE, Elizabeth a.1605
FRECHEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1554
FRECHEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1635
FRECHEVILLE, Frances b.1556
FRECHEVILLE, Frances b.1638
FRECHEVILLE, Gervase b.1559
FRECHEVILLE, John a.1578
FRECHEVILLE, John Esquire b.1489
FRECHEVILLE, John Lord Frescheville b.1606
FRECHEVILLE, Margaret a.1608
FRECHEVILLE, Peter Esquire b.1534
FRECHEVILLE, Peter Knight b.1513
FRECHEVILLE, Peter Knight b.1575
FRECHEVILLE, Rosamond a.1576
FRECHEVILLE, Susanna b.1516


FRECKLETON, Ferdinand Knight b.1533


FREEBORNE, John b.1578


FREELOVE, John b.1700


FREEMAN, Agnes b.1542
FREEMAN, Alice a.1634
FREEMAN, Alice b.1594
FREEMAN, Alice b.1678
FREEMAN, Alice a.1619
FREEMAN, Alice a.1601
FREEMAN, Anne b.1595
FREEMAN, Bennett a.1622
FREEMAN, Edmund a.1620
FREEMAN, Edmund a.1596
FREEMAN, Edmund b.1567
FREEMAN, Elinor a.1603
FREEMAN, Elizabeth b.1648
FREEMAN, Elizabeth b.1671
FREEMAN, Elizabeth a.1609
FREEMAN, Elizabeth a.1624
FREEMAN, Ellen a.1592
FREEMAN, Harry E. b.1889
FREEMAN, Henry b.1626
FREEMAN, James b.1647
FREEMAN, John a.1633
FREEMAN, John a.1627
FREEMAN, John a.1606
FREEMAN, Joseph b.1645
FREEMAN, Mercy b.1673
FREEMAN, Mercy b.1702
FREEMAN, Nathaniel a.1629
FREEMAN, Patience b.1647
FREEMAN, Rebecca b.1650
FREEMAN, Robert b.1696
FREEMAN, Samuel a.1595
FREEMAN, Stephen b.1628
FREEMAN, Thomas b.1676
FREEMAN, Thomas b.1594
FREEMAN, William a.1598


FREESTON, George b.1557
FREESTON, William b.1525


FREETHY, Elizabeth b.1653


FREIRE, Angela b.1847
FREIRE, Jose b.1849
FREIRE, Maria a.1845
FREIRE, Rosa b.1851
FREIRE, Vicente b.1819


FREMINGHAM, Elizabeth b.1502


FRENCH, Abigail a.1702
FRENCH, Abigail a.1634
FRENCH, Abigail b.1669
FRENCH, Abner a.1762
FRENCH, Alice a.1541
FRENCH, Alice a.1577
FRENCH, Anne a.1724
FRENCH, Bridget a.1583
FRENCH, Catherine a.1805
FRENCH, Clemence a.1539
FRENCH, Deborah a.1696
FRENCH, Deborah a.1713
FRENCH, Deliverance b.1742
FRENCH, Deliverance b.1648
FRENCH, Dorcas a.1614
FRENCH, Ebenezer a.1699
FRENCH, Ebenezer a.1771
FRENCH, Ebenezer b.1658
FRENCH, Edward b.1601
FRENCH, Eli b.1789
FRENCH, Eliza a.1800
FRENCH, Elizabeth b.1629
FRENCH, Elizabeth a.1704
FRENCH, Elizabeth a.1580
FRENCH, Elizabeth b.1660
FRENCH, Elizabeth a.1726
FRENCH, Elizabeth b.1674
FRENCH, Elizabeth b.1650
FRENCH, Elizabeth b.1655
FRENCH, Ephraim b.1643
FRENCH, Eunice b.1757
FRENCH, Fraunce a.1588
FRENCH, Gamaliel a.1706
FRENCH, Gideon a.1761
FRENCH, Hannah b.1641
FRENCH, Hannah b.1643
FRENCH, Hannah a.1628
FRENCH, Hannah a.1658
FRENCH, Hannah a.1731
FRENCH, Hannah b.1670
FRENCH, Hannah b.1638
FRENCH, Hannah b.1644
FRENCH, Hepzibah b.1679
FRENCH, Jacob b.1640
FRENCH, James a.1759
FRENCH, Jeremiah b.1653
FRENCH, Jeremiah a.1624
FRENCH, Jeremiah b.1681
FRENCH, Jeremiah b.1712
FRENCH, Joan a.1570
FRENCH, John b.1671
FRENCH, John b.1635
FRENCH, John b.1631
FRENCH, John b.1649
FRENCH, John b.1719
FRENCH, John b.1637
FRENCH, John b.1652
FRENCH, Jonathan b.1722
FRENCH, Joseph b.1628
FRENCH, Joseph a.1733
FRENCH, Joseph b.1669
FRENCH, Lemuel b.1792
FRENCH, Lucy b.1796
FRENCH, Lydia b.1674
FRENCH, Lydia b.1670
FRENCH, Margaret a.1648
FRENCH, Margaret b.1755
FRENCH, Martha a.1711
FRENCH, Martha b.1654
FRENCH, Mary b.1639
FRENCH, Mary b.1632
FRENCH, Mary b.1714
FRENCH, Mary b.1662
FRENCH, Mary b.1646
FRENCH, Mary b.1663
FRENCH, Mary b.1663
FRENCH, Mary b.1642
FRENCH, Mary b.1753
FRENCH, Mary C. b.1756
FRENCH, Mercy a.1765
FRENCH, Mercy b.1646
FRENCH, Nathaniel a.1635
FRENCH, Patience b.1681
FRENCH, Phebe b.1667
FRENCH, Philip a.1625
FRENCH, Philip b.1647
FRENCH, Phillip Nelson b.1789
FRENCH, Phoebe a.1768
FRENCH, Phoebe b.1786
FRENCH, Rebecca b.1660
FRENCH, Rhoda b.1767
FRENCH, Richard b.1676
FRENCH, Robert a.1590
FRENCH, Robert a.1545
FRENCH, Sally Maria b.1798
FRENCH, Samuel b.1641
FRENCH, Samuel b.1648
FRENCH, Samuel b.1645
FRENCH, Samuel b.1633
FRENCH, Samuel a.1694
FRENCH, Samuel a.1631
FRENCH, Samuel a.1622
FRENCH, Samuel b.1655
FRENCH, Samuel b.1710
FRENCH, Samuel b.1687
FRENCH, Samuel b.1668
FRENCH, Samuel b.1667
FRENCH, Sarah b.1665
FRENCH, Sarah b.1633
FRENCH, Sarah b.1638
FRENCH, Sarah b.1715
FRENCH, Sarah a.1630
FRENCH, Sarah b.1650
FRENCH, Silas a.1773
FRENCH, Stephen b.1664
FRENCH, Stephen b.1635
FRENCH, Susanna b.1716
FRENCH, Thankful a.1708
FRENCH, Thomas b.1607
FRENCH, Thomas b.1635
FRENCH, Thomas a.1543
FRENCH, Thomas b.1513
FRENCH, Thomas a.1574
FRENCH, Thomas b.1651
FRENCH, Thomas a.1729
FRENCH, Thomas b.1532
FRENCH, Thomas b.1656
FRENCH, Thomas b.1618
FRENCH, William b.1603


FRENDE, Christian b.1570


FRENE, Hugh de Knight b.1277


FRERE, Edward b.1487


FRESSH, Christiana b.1368
FRESSH, John Mayor of London b.1340
FRESSH, Katherine b.1371
FRESSH, Margery b.1376


FRETEVAL, Agnes de b.1055
FRETEVAL, Fouchard de b.1031
FRETEVAL, Nivelon I de b.1005
FRETEVAL, Nivelon II de b.1057
FRETEVAL, Payn de b.1035


FREVILLE, Agatha de b.1140
FREVILLE, Alexander de Knight b.1257
FREVILLE, Baldwin de Knight b.1254
FREVILLE, Baldwin de Knight b.1197
FREVILLE, Baldwin I de b.1296
FREVILLE, Baldwin II de Knight b.1317
FREVILLE, Baldwin III de Knight b.1350
FREVILLE, Baldwin IV de Knight a.1368
FREVILLE, Baldwin V Knight b.1398
FREVILLE, Ela de b.1154
FREVILLE, Elizabeth b.1394
FREVILLE, Elizabeth de b.1288
FREVILLE, Isabel de b.1190
FREVILLE, Joyce b.1396
FREVILLE, Margaret b.1400
FREVILLE, Margaret de b.1291
FREVILLE, Richard b.1340
FREVILLE, Richard de Knight b.1238
FREVILLE, Richard de b.1137
FREVILLE, Roger de b.1110
FREVILLE, Roger de Knight b.1172
FREVILLE, Sybil de b.1150


FREYZELL, Agnes b.1319
FREYZELL, Richard Knight b.1294


FRIDLEIFSSON, Helgi "The Keen" b.796


FRIESLAND, Matilda of b.1020
FRIESLAND, Ragnhildis von b.868


FRISBEE, Andrew b.1791
FRISBEE, Hannah b.1669


FRISKNEY, Katherine b.1375


FRISTON, Alice b.1130
FRISTON, William b.1113


FRITH, Rebecca Ann b.1797


FRIULI, Eberhard of Margrave of Friuli b.805
FRIULI, Geila of b.595
FRIULI, Gisulf II of b.565
FRIULI, Grasulf I of Duke of Friuli b.540
FRIULI, Heilwig of b.848
FRIULI, Hunroch I of Margrave of Friuli b.775
FRIULI, Judith of b.844
FRIULI, N.N. of b.807
FRIULI, Unroch of b.840


FROBISHER, Martin Knight b.1535


FRODSHAM, Emma de b.1234
FRODSHAM, Margery de b.1236
FRODSHAM, Peter de b.1184
FRODSHAM, Robert de b.1209


FROGNAL, Alice b.1470
FROGNAL, Edmond b.1459
FROGNAL, Richard Knight b.1431


FROME, Isabella b.1383
FROME, Joan b.1386
FROME, John b.1339
FROME, Richard b.1341
FROME, William b.1307


FROST, Abigail b.1722
FROST, Abigail b.1680
FROST, Abraham a.1622
FROST, Alice b.1600
FROST, Alice a.1577
FROST, Alice a.1594
FROST, Ambrose a.1575
FROST, Anne a.1572
FROST, Anne a.1592
FROST, Anne a.1586
FROST, Audrey b.1532
FROST, Aurora L. b.1874
FROST, Bartholomew b.1678
FROST, Daniel a.1613
FROST, Daniel b.1686
FROST, Edmund b.1605
FROST, Edward a.1605
FROST, Edward a.1561
FROST, Eleanor b.1689
FROST, Elizabeth b.1725
FROST, Elizabeth b.1692
FROST, Elizabeth a.1614
FROST, Elizabeth b.1686
FROST, Elizabeth a.1585
FROST, Elizabeth a.1570
FROST, Elizabeth a.1588
FROST, Ephraim b.1647
FROST, Francis a.1580
FROST, Hannah b.1732
FROST, Hannah b.1754
FROST, Henry b.1538
FROST, Henry a.1568
FROST, Iranea b.1727
FROST, James b.1643
FROST, James b.1707
FROST, Jane b.1534
FROST, Jedediah b.1735
FROST, Jeremiah b.1730
FROST, John b.1716
FROST, John b.1667
FROST, John b.1635
FROST, John b.1530
FROST, John a.1564
FROST, John b.1536
FROST, John a.1610
FROST, John b.1690
FROST, Jonathan b.1751
FROST, Joseph b.1640
FROST, Joseph b.1650
FROST, Joshua a.1620
FROST, Katherine b.1681
FROST, Lydia b.1674
FROST, Lydia a.1618
FROST, Margaret b.1684
FROST, Mary b.1720
FROST, Mary b.1695
FROST, Mary a.1617
FROST, Mary b.1677
FROST, Mary b.1645
FROST, Mary b.1676
FROST, Mary b.1676
FROST, Mary a.1596
FROST, Mary a.1607
FROST, N.N. b.1540
FROST, Nathaniel b.1673
FROST, Nicholas b.1674
FROST, Nicholas b.1648
FROST, Philip a.1657
FROST, Rebecca b.1669
FROST, Roger b.1528
FROST, Samuel a.1624
FROST, Samuel b.1639
FROST, Sarah b.1677
FROST, Sarah b.1751
FROST, Susanna a.1626
FROST, Thomas b.1718
FROST, Thomas b.1660
FROST, Thomas b.1637
FROST, Thomas a.1616
FROST, Thomas a.1615
FROST, Thomasine a.1600
FROST, William b.1588
FROST, William b.1670
FROST, William b.1645
FROST, William b.1500
FROST, William a.1589


FROTHINGHAM, Samuel b.1645


FROWICK, Agnes b.1414
FROWICK, Agnes de Nun b.1323
FROWICK, Alice b.1412
FROWICK, Anketin de b.1280
FROWICK, Elizabeth b.1489
FROWICK, Elizabeth b.1408
FROWICK, Elizabeth b.1449
FROWICK, Elizabeth b.1428
FROWICK, Frideswide b.1497
FROWICK, Geoffrey de b.1202
FROWICK, Henry b.1495
FROWICK, Henry b.1410
FROWICK, Henry Knight b.1447
FROWICK, Henry de b.1344
FROWICK, Henry de b.1230
FROWICK, Henry de b.1296
FROWICK, Henry de Knight b.1345
FROWICK, Henry de Lord Mayor of London b.1380
FROWICK, Isabel b.1460
FROWICK, Janett de b.1282
FROWICK, Joan de b.1276
FROWICK, John de b.1227
FROWICK, John de b.1266
FROWICK, Laurence de b.1225
FROWICK, Laurence de Sheriff of London b.1200
FROWICK, Margaret b.1484
FROWICK, Margaret de Nun b.1274
FROWICK, Margaret de b.1318
FROWICK, Mary b.1491
FROWICK, Matilda de b.1326
FROWICK, Ralph de b.1175
FROWICK, Reginald de b.1260
FROWICK, Renald de b.1233
FROWICK, Richard de b.1384
FROWICK, Robert de b.1382
FROWICK, Roger de b.1264
FROWICK, Rosamund de b.1268
FROWICK, Sabine de Nun b.1278
FROWICK, Stephen de b.1272
FROWICK, Thomas Priest b.1493
FROWICK, Thomas Knight b.1457
FROWICK, Thomas Knight b.1423
FROWICK, Thomas de b.1262
FROWICK, Thomas de b.1378
FROWICK, Thomas de Knight b.1320
FROWICK, William b.1236
FROWICK, William de b.1270


FROXMER, Elizabeth b.1423
FROXMER, John Esquire b.1398


FRY, Bethia b.1653
FRY, Elizabeth b.1639
FRY, Elizabeth b.1619
FRY, Hannah b.1612
FRY, John b.1535
FRY, Mary b.1641
FRY, Mary b.1602
FRY, Mary b.1677
FRY, N.N. b.1577
FRY, Richard Knight b.1450
FRY, Sarah b.1677
FRY, Thomasine b.1609
FRY, William b.1605
FRY, Winifred b.1586


FRYE, John b.1421
FRYE, N.N. b.1446


FULCHER, Barbara b.1830
FULCHER, Douglas Jackson b.1791
FULCHER, Jane b.1821
FULCHER, Levi Franklin b.1825
FULCHER, Martha b.1823
FULCHER, Mary Ann b.1819
FULCHER, Nancy b.1828
FULCHER, William Jackson b.1834


FULFORD, Alice b.1440
FULFORD, Baldwin Knight b.1413
FULFORD, Humphrey Knight b.1466
FULFORD, John Canon of Exeter b.1438
FULFORD, Philip b.1473
FULFORD, Thomas b.1470
FULFORD, Thomas Knight b.1436
FULFORD, Thomasine b.1443
FULFORD, William b.1468


FULHAM, Mary b.1702


FULKS, Laura Fern b.1893


FULLER, Abigail b.1666
FULLER, Alfred Thaddeus b.1858
FULLER, Andrew b.1734
FULLER, Andrew Cornwall b.1757
FULLER, Ann a.1578
FULLER, Anna Louise b.1885
FULLER, Anne a.1747
FULLER, Anne b.1693
FULLER, Anne b.1640
FULLER, Anne b.1704
FULLER, Anne b.1671
FULLER, Araba Nilus b.1786
FULLER, Ariel b.1815
FULLER, Asenath b.1789
FULLER, Barnabas b.1659
FULLER, Benjamin b.1767
FULLER, Benjamin b.1666
FULLER, Benjamin b.1701
FULLER, Bridget b.1619
FULLER, Caleb a.1735
FULLER, Content b.1699
FULLER, Cordelia O. b.1849
FULLER, Cornelius b.1710
FULLER, David a.1734
FULLER, David b.1706
FULLER, Deborah b.1689
FULLER, Desire b.1671
FULLER, Ebenezer b.1689
FULLER, Edmund Warren b.1811
FULLER, Edward a.1575
FULLER, Edward b.1691
FULLER, Edward a.1722
FULLER, Edward b.1511
FULLER, Elisha b.1754
FULLER, Elizabeth b.1666
FULLER, Elizabeth b.1695
FULLER, Elizabeth a.1590
FULLER, Elizabeth b.1639
FULLER, Elizabeth b.1693
FULLER, Elizabeth b.1734
FULLER, Elizabeth b.1538
FULLER, Elizabeth b.1625
FULLER, Elizabeth b.1635
FULLER, Elizabeth b.1655
FULLER, Ellen J. b.1848
FULLER, Ely b.1782
FULLER, Ephraim b.1711
FULLER, Esther b.1724
FULLER, Eunice Elizabeth b.1872
FULLER, Eveline L. b.1851
FULLER, Experience b.1669
FULLER, Ezekiel b.1758
FULLER, Francis Walter b.1840
FULLER, Fred W. b.1875
FULLER, Hannah b.1671
FULLER, Hannah b.1713
FULLER, Hannah b.1636
FULLER, Hannah b.1718
FULLER, Hannah b.1724
FULLER, Huldah b.1762
FULLER, Isaac b.1675
FULLER, Isaac b.1776
FULLER, Jabez b.1698
FULLER, Jabez b.1663
FULLER, James Albert b.1832
FULLER, Jean b.1704
FULLER, Jerusha b.1737
FULLER, Joan b.1536
FULLER, Joanna b.1701
FULLER, Joel b.1786
FULLER, John b.1727
FULLER, John b.1692
FULLER, John b.1667
FULLER, John b.1775
FULLER, John a.1582
FULLER, John b.1643
FULLER, John b.1697
FULLER, John b.1656
FULLER, John b.1647
FULLER, Jonathan b.1696
FULLER, Jonathan b.1724
FULLER, Jonathan Beebe b.1769
FULLER, Joseph b.1661
FULLER, Joseph b.1700
FULLER, Joseph b.1652
FULLER, Joshua b.1778
FULLER, Joshua b.1731
FULLER, Leah a.1731
FULLER, Leverett A. b.1853
FULLER, Lucy b.1727
FULLER, Lydia b.1765
FULLER, Lydia a.1741
FULLER, Lydia b.1710
FULLER, Lydia b.1709
FULLER, Lydia b.1675
FULLER, Mariana b.1773
FULLER, Martha b.1793
FULLER, Mary b.1731
FULLER, Mary b.1722
FULLER, Mary b.1705
FULLER, Mary a.1595
FULLER, Mary b.1632
FULLER, Mary a.1644
FULLER, Mary b.1744
FULLER, Mary Adaline b.1845
FULLER, Mary Adaline b.1882
FULLER, Matthew b.1663
FULLER, Matthew b.1605
FULLER, Matthias b.1673
FULLER, Mehitable b.1732
FULLER, Mehitable b.1706
FULLER, Melvin C. b.1856
FULLER, Mercy b.1673
FULLER, Mercy b.1628
FULLER, Mercy b.1707
FULLER, Milton DeWitt b.1860
FULLER, Miriam b.1708
FULLER, N.N. b.1788
FULLER, N.N. b.1659
FULLER, Norman Colton b.1808
FULLER, Olive b.1777
FULLER, Orra b.1813
FULLER, Rachel b.1727
FULLER, Rebecca b.1768
FULLER, Reuben Colton b.1891
FULLER, Reuben Colton b.1843
FULLER, Robert b.1546
FULLER, Rosanna L. b.1847
FULLER, Samuel b.1624
FULLER, Samuel b.1703
FULLER, Samuel b.1791
FULLER, Samuel b.1630
FULLER, Samuel a.1580
FULLER, Samuel a.1638
FULLER, Samuel b.1608
FULLER, Samuel b.1682
FULLER, Samuel b.1676
FULLER, Sarah b.1737
FULLER, Sarah b.1762
FULLER, Sarah b.1674
FULLER, Sarah b.1654
FULLER, Sarah a.1641
FULLER, Sarah b.1720
FULLER, Shubael b.1721
FULLER, Shubael b.1685
FULLER, Solomon Lathrop b.1756
FULLER, Stephen b.1764
FULLER, Susanna b.1588
FULLER, Susannah b.1780
FULLER, Thankful b.1687
FULLER, Thankful b.1713
FULLER, Thirza b.1813
FULLER, Thomas a.1573
FULLER, Thomas b.1661
FULLER, Thomas b.1650
FULLER, Thomas b.1679
FULLER, Thomas b.1618
FULLER, Thomasine b.1540
FULLER, Timothy b.1669
FULLER, Walter b.1806
FULLER, Waterman b.1796
FULLER, William b.1729
FULLER, William b.1644
FULLER, William Ward b.1760
FULLER, Young b.1708
FULLER, Zerviah b.1716
FULLER, Zurviah Gleason b.1834


FULLETBY, Maud de b.1183
FULLETBY, William de b.1158


FULMER, Margaret b.1844


FULMERSTON, Frances b.1540


FULNETBY, Bartholomew b.1497
FULNETBY, Edward b.1494
FULNETBY, Everard b.1492
FULNETBY, Godfrey b.1488
FULNETBY, Jane b.1568
FULNETBY, John b.1455
FULNETBY, Katherine b.1490


FULSHAW, Henry b.1260


FULSHURST, Ralph b.1475


FULTHORPE, N.N. b.1450
FULTHORPE, Roger de b.1381
FULTHORPE, William Knight b.1364


FULWATER, Aquila b.1585
FULWATER, Elizabeth b.1577
FULWATER, Ezekiel b.1583
FULWATER, Henry b.1545
FULWATER, Isaac b.1581
FULWATER, Jacob b.1571
FULWATER, Joan a.1591
FULWATER, John b.1575
FULWATER, Mary b.1588
FULWATER, N.N. b.1598
FULWATER, N.N. b.1597
FULWATER, N.N. b.1579
FULWATER, N.N. b.1576
FULWATER, Sarah a.1573


FULWOOD, Joanna b.1390
FULWOOD, John b.1365


FURBER, William b.1646


FURBY, Jonathan b.1814


FURNEAUX, Dionisia de b.1308
FURNEAUX, Eleanor de b.1297
FURNEAUX, Hawise de b.1303
FURNEAUX, Henry de b.1293
FURNEAUX, Henry de b.1177
FURNEAUX, Joan de b.1299
FURNEAUX, John de b.1301
FURNEAUX, Margaret de b.1305
FURNEAUX, Matilda de b.1287
FURNEAUX, Matthew de b.1210
FURNEAUX, Matthew de Sheriff of Somerset b.1258
FURNEAUX, Simon de Knight b.1289
FURNEAUX, Thomas de b.1295
FURNEAUX, Walter de b.1291


FURNELL, Maud de b.1125
FURNELL, Robert de b.1100


FURNES, Adele de b.1060
FURNES, Herard de b.1035


FURNESS, David b.1666


FURNEYS, Ada de b.1144


FURNIVAL, Aline de b.1286
FURNIVAL, Christian de b.1260
FURNIVAL, Eleanor de b.1283
FURNIVAL, Eleanor de b.1258
FURNIVAL, Gerard de b.1230
FURNIVAL, Gerard de Knight b.1236
FURNIVAL, Gerard de Knight b.1203
FURNIVAL, Gerard de Knight b.1233
FURNIVAL, Gerard de b.1150
FURNIVAL, Gerard de b.1175
FURNIVAL, Joan de b.1324
FURNIVAL, Joan de b.1368
FURNIVAL, Katherine de b.1290
FURNIVAL, Lora de b.1270
FURNIVAL, Margaret de b.1320
FURNIVAL, Maud de b.1332
FURNIVAL, Maud de b.1296
FURNIVAL, N.N. de b.1228
FURNIVAL, Nicholas de b.1329
FURNIVAL, Thomas de Lord Furnival b.1322
FURNIVAL, Thomas de Lord Furnival b.1293
FURNIVAL, Thomas de Knight b.1201
FURNIVAL, Thomas de Knight b.1232
FURNIVAL, Thomas de Lord Furnival b.1260
FURNIVAL, William de Lord Furnival b.1326


FURSON, Thomas b.1610


FURTH, Elizabeth a.1572


FUSSELL, John b.1580


FUTRAL, Ida Mae b.1882


FYCHAN, Maelgwn b.1200


FYNDERNE, Isabel b.1385


FYTZ, Agnes b.1550
FYTZ, Edward b.1530
FYTZ, Francis b.1539
FYTZ, George b.1532
FYTZ, Grace b.1526
FYTZ, Honor b.1534
FYTZ, John Knight b.1556
FYTZ, John b.1528
FYTZ, John b.1499
FYTZ, Katherine b.1536
FYTZ, Margaret b.1524
FYTZ, Mary a.1596
FYTZ, Mary b.1542
FYTZ, Robert b.1504
FYTZ, Walter b.1473


GABOR, Elo b.1884


GADCOMB, Phebe W. b.1844


GAEL, Alan de b.1080
GAEL, Hardwin de b.1041
GAEL, Ralph "The Staller" de Earl of Norfolk b.1009
GAEL, Ralph I de Earl of Norfolk b.1039
GAEL, Ralph II de b.1078
GAEL, William de b.1076


GAGE, Agnes b.1547
GAGE, Alice b.1506
GAGE, Anne b.1623
GAGE, Anne b.1514
GAGE, Anthony b.1540
GAGE, Benjamin b.1642
GAGE, Cecily b.1517
GAGE, Daniel b.1639
GAGE, Edward Knight b.1626
GAGE, Edward b.1549
GAGE, Edward K.B. b.1504
GAGE, Elizabeth b.1620
GAGE, Elizabeth b.1577
GAGE, Elizabeth b.1508
GAGE, Elizabeth b.1578
GAGE, Elizabeth b.1675
GAGE, Frances b.1616
GAGE, George b.1544
GAGE, Henry Esquire b.1629
GAGE, Henry b.1555
GAGE, James b.1511
GAGE, John b.1614
GAGE, John b.1458
GAGE, John Esquire b.1537
GAGE, John K.G. b.1479
GAGE, John Knight b.1573
GAGE, John Knight b.1420
GAGE, John b.1724
GAGE, John a.1606
GAGE, Jonathan b.1646
GAGE, Josiah b.1648
GAGE, Lucy b.1557
GAGE, Margaret b.1559
GAGE, Margery b.1552
GAGE, Mary b.1575
GAGE, Mary b.1550
GAGE, Moses b.1668
GAGE, N.N. b.1676
GAGE, N.N. b.1676
GAGE, Nathaniel b.1644
GAGE, Penelope b.1618
GAGE, Philippa b.1538
GAGE, Richard b.1551
GAGE, Robert b.1554
GAGE, Robert Gentleman b.1520
GAGE, Samuel b.1637
GAGE, Thomas Esquire b.1542
GAGE, Thomas Knight b.1612
GAGE, William b.1523
GAGE, William Esquire b.1455


GAGER, Lydia b.1663
GAGER, Samuel b.1654


GAINES, Hester b.1663
GAINES, Samuel b.1697


GAINSFORD, Agnes b.1437
GAINSFORD, Anne b.1501
GAINSFORD, Audrey b.1522
GAINSFORD, Cecily Nun b.1518
GAINSFORD, Dorothy b.1514
GAINSFORD, George b.1478
GAINSFORD, George b.1465
GAINSFORD, Joan Nun b.1516
GAINSFORD, John b.1520
GAINSFORD, John Knight b.1467
GAINSFORD, John Knight b.1429
GAINSFORD, John Esquire b.1403
GAINSFORD, Julian b.1528
GAINSFORD, Katherine b.1496
GAINSFORD, Lettice b.1469
GAINSFORD, Mary b.1524
GAINSFORD, Mary b.1498
GAINSFORD, Nicholas b.1472
GAINSFORD, Otewell b.1475
GAINSFORD, Rose b.1504
GAINSFORD, Thomas b.1512
GAINSFORD, Ursula b.1526
GAINSFORD, William b.1432


GALBRAITH, Arthur de b.1200
GALBRAITH, Joan de b.1283
GALBRAITH, William de Knight b.1261
GALBRAITH, William de Knight b.1230


GALE, Abraham a.1674
GALE, Anna a.1676
GALE, Azor a.1669
GALE, Charity a.1683
GALE, Charity a.1664
GALE, Dorothy b.1530
GALE, Edmund a.1667
GALE, Edmund b.1640
GALE, Elizabeth b.1588
GALE, John b.1647
GALE, Mary a.1686
GALE, Mary b.1641
GALE, Miriam a.1671
GALE, Samuel a.1666
GALE, Sarah a.1666
GALE, Sarah b.1641
GALE, Ursula b.1531
GALE, William a.1679


GALEN, Louise A. b.1913


GALICIA, Ordono II of King of Galicia b.873


GALITHTLY, Henry b.1160


GALLARDON, Herve de b.1029
GALLARDON, Hildeburge "The Blessed" de b.1054


GALLOP, John a.1620


GALLOWAY, Ada of b.1197
GALLOWAY, Alan of Lord of Galloway b.1184
GALLOWAY, Aufrica of b.1110
GALLOWAY, Christiana of b.1213
GALLOWAY, Devorguilla of b.1197
GALLOWAY, Devorguilla of b.1193
GALLOWAY, Devorguilla of b.1215
GALLOWAY, Eve of b.1144
GALLOWAY, Fergus of b.1140
GALLOWAY, Fergus of Lord of Galloway b.1087
GALLOWAY, Gilbert of b.1120
GALLOWAY, Helen of b.1205
GALLOWAY, Lochlan of b.1133
GALLOWAY, N.N. of b.1207
GALLOWAY, N.N. of b.1189
GALLOWAY, N.N. of b.1137
GALLOWAY, Patrick of Earl of Atholl b.1212
GALLOWAY, Roland of Lord of Galloway b.1135
GALLOWAY, Thomas a.1684
GALLOWAY, Thomas of Earl of Atholl b.1186
GALLOWAY, Thomas of b.1211
GALLOWAY, Uchtred of b.1112

Surname List