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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


DILLINGHAM, Abigail b.1733
DILLINGHAM, Oseth a.1622


DILLON, James Earl of Roscommon b.1605
DILLON, Robert Earl of Roscommon b.1579
DILLON, Wentworth Earl of Roscommon b.1637


DIMBLEBY, Andrew a.1622
DIMBLEBY, Hester b.1620
DIMBLEBY, Roger a.1624
DIMBLEBY, Roger a.1623
DIMBLEBY, Roger b.1589


DIMMOCK, Bathsheba a.1733
DIMMOCK, Benjamin b.1739
DIMMOCK, Benjamin b.1680
DIMMOCK, Bethia a.1730
DIMMOCK, Daniel b.1710
DIMMOCK, David a.1704
DIMMOCK, Desire a.1737
DIMMOCK, Ebenezer b.1715
DIMMOCK, Hannah b.1729
DIMMOCK, Isaac b.1743
DIMMOCK, Israel b.1712
DIMMOCK, Jabez b.1697
DIMMOCK, Joanna b.1682
DIMMOCK, Joanna b.1708
DIMMOCK, John b.1748
DIMMOCK, John b.1731
DIMMOCK, John b.1705
DIMMOCK, John b.1666
DIMMOCK, Joseph b.1733
DIMMOCK, Joseph b.1675
DIMMOCK, Mary a.1727
DIMMOCK, Mehitable a.1642
DIMMOCK, Mehitable b.1677
DIMMOCK, Mehitable b.1711
DIMMOCK, Mercy a.1724
DIMMOCK, N.N. b.1641
DIMMOCK, N.N. b.1641
DIMMOCK, Samuel b.1702
DIMMOCK, Shubael b.1707
DIMMOCK, Shubael a.1644
DIMMOCK, Shubael a.1706
DIMMOCK, Shubael b.1672
DIMMOCK, Silence b.1700
DIMMOCK, Susanna b.1637
DIMMOCK, Sybil b.1737
DIMMOCK, Thankful b.1684
DIMMOCK, Thomas b.1604
DIMMOCK, Thomas b.1664
DIMMOCK, Timothy b.1745
DIMMOCK, Timothy b.1703
DIMMOCK, Timothy a.1639
DIMMOCK, Timothy b.1668


DIMON, Abigail b.1652
DIMON, Elizabeth b.1655
DIMON, Hannah b.1650
DIMON, James b.1648
DIMON, John b.1663
DIMON, Ruth b.1658
DIMON, Sarah b.1646
DIMON, Thomas b.1660
DIMON, Thomas b.1620


DINAN, Alan de b.1157
DINAN, Alan de b.1093
DINAN, Emma de b.1130
DINAN, Geoffrey de b.1119
DINAN, Geoffrey de b.1145
DINAN, Geoffrey de Sire of Dinan b.1069
DINAN, Gervais de b.1179
DINAN, Gervais de b.1073
DINAN, Hamon I de b.987
DINAN, Hamon II de b.1012
DINAN, Hawise de b.1149
DINAN, Hodierna de Abbess of Saint-Georges de Rennes b.1024
DINAN, Josselin de b.1014
DINAN, Josselin de b.1123
DINAN, Junkeneus de Archbishop of Dol b.1018
DINAN, Oliver I de b.1042
DINAN, Oliver II de b.1091
DINAN, Oliver III de b.1121
DINAN, Oliver IV de b.1170
DINAN, Rivallon de b.1071
DINAN, Roland de b.1132
DINAN, Sybil de b.1147


DINELY, Edward b.1451
DINELY, Elizabeth b.1501
DINELY, Robert Knight b.1580
DINELY, Thomas b.1478


DINGLEY, Mary b.1633


DINHAM, Charles b.1469
DINHAM, Charles b.1410
DINHAM, Charles Esquire b.1443
DINHAM, Elizabeth b.1449
DINHAM, Geoffrey de b.1276
DINHAM, Geoffrey de Knight b.1200
DINHAM, Joan b.1456
DINHAM, Joan de b.1311
DINHAM, Joan de b.1248
DINHAM, Joan de b.1368
DINHAM, John Lord Dinham b.1435
DINHAM, John Lord Dinham b.1406
DINHAM, John de Knight b.1295
DINHAM, John de Knight b.1359
DINHAM, John de Knight b.1317
DINHAM, Josce de Knight b.1274
DINHAM, Katherine b.1453
DINHAM, Margaret b.1446
DINHAM, Muriel b.1385
DINHAM, Oliver Rector of Tawstock b.1440
DINHAM, Oliver de Knight b.1240
DINHAM, Oliver de Knight b.1298
DINHAM, Philippe b.1408
DINHAM, Roger Esquire b.1437


DINSMORE, George D. b.1816
DINSMORE, John b.1745
DINSMORE, Maria b.1800
DINSMORE, Statira b.1805


DISNEY, Anne b.1567
DISNEY, Daniel Sheriff of Lincoln b.1542
DISNEY, Elizabeth b.1574
DISNEY, Esther b.1540
DISNEY, Henry Knight b.1569
DISNEY, Hester b.1571
DISNEY, Humphrey b.1552
DISNEY, Isaac b.1558
DISNEY, John b.1554
DISNEY, Judith b.1556
DISNEY, Judith b.1546
DISNEY, Richard Esquire b.1512
DISNEY, Sarah b.1536
DISNEY, Sirach b.1550
DISNEY, Susan b.1544
DISNEY, William b.1538
DISNEY, Zachary b.1548


DIVE, Anne b.1532
DIVE, Anne b.1512
DIVE, Christopher b.1514
DIVE, Dorothy b.1488
DIVE, Eleanor b.1522
DIVE, Elizabeth b.1530
DIVE, Elizabeth b.1535
DIVE, George b.1524
DIVE, Henry b.1529
DIVE, Humphrey b.1545
DIVE, Isabel b.1510
DIVE, John b.1519
DIVE, John a.1601
DIVE, John Knight b.1539
DIVE, John b.1491
DIVE, John Knight b.1464
DIVE, Katherine b.1534
DIVE, Katherine b.1532
DIVE, Lewis b.1542
DIVE, Lewis Knight a.1599
DIVE, Lewis b.1508
DIVE, Mary b.1537
DIVE, Thomas b.1517
DIVE, William b.1527
DIVE, William Esquire b.1486


DIVES, Hugh de b.1175
DIVES, Maud de b.1177
DIVES, Ralph de b.1179
DIVES, William de b.1144


DIVOLL, Hannah b.1667
DIVOLL, John b.1664
DIVOLL, John b.1640
DIVOLL, John b.1696
DIVOLL, Josiah b.1669
DIVOLL, William b.1672


DIX, Mary b.1639
DIX, Rebecca b.1641
DIX, William b.1523


DIXEY, Abigail a.1636
DIXEY, Anna a.1638
DIXEY, Elizabeth a.1641
DIXEY, John a.1639
DIXEY, Mary a.1645
DIXEY, Mary b.1634
DIXEY, Sarah a.1643
DIXEY, William b.1607


DIXIE, Wolstan Lord Mayor of London b.1525


DIXON, Anne b.1689
DIXON, Hannah b.1684
DIXON, Mary b.1679
DIXON, Peter b.1692
DIXON, Peter b.1655


DMITRIEVNA, Ljubava b.1100


DOANE, Abigail b.1631
DOANE, Abigail b.1680
DOANE, Apphia b.1670
DOANE, Constant b.1670
DOANE, Daniel b.1666
DOANE, Daniel b.1637
DOANE, Ebenezer b.1676
DOANE, Ephraim b.1644
DOANE, Hepzibah b.1684
DOANE, Hezekiah b.1672
DOANE, Israel b.1672
DOANE, John b.1634
DOANE, John b.1590
DOANE, Joseph b.1668
DOANE, Lydia b.1627
DOANE, Martha b.1603
DOANE, N.N. b.1664
DOANE, Nathaniel b.1678
DOANE, Nehemiah b.1680
DOANE, Patience b.1682
DOANE, Patience b.1668
DOANE, Rebecca b.1675
DOANE, Ruhamah b.1685
DOANE, Ruth b.1682
DOANE, Sarah b.1699
DOANE, Thomas b.1674


DOBSON, Isabella a.1555


DODD, Charity a.1717
DODD, Joseph b.1669
DODD, Mary a.1712
DODD, Sarah a.1690
DODD, Thomas a.1692
DODD, Thomas b.1667
DODD, Thomas b.1642


DODDINGTON, William Esquire b.1398


DODDISCOMBE, Agnes b.1329
DODDISCOMBE, Emma b.1379
DODDISCOMBE, John Knight b.1350


DODGE, Amy b.1682
DODGE, Ananiah b.1672
DODGE, Andrew b.1676
DODGE, Anne b.1566
DODGE, Anne b.1674
DODGE, Antipas b.1677
DODGE, Daniel b.1677
DODGE, Deborah b.1674
DODGE, Deborah b.1685
DODGE, Deliverance b.1661
DODGE, Ebenezer b.1670
DODGE, Edith b.1681
DODGE, Edward a.1687
DODGE, Edward b.1647
DODGE, Elinor b.1697
DODGE, Elisha b.1688
DODGE, Elizabeth b.1695
DODGE, Elizabeth b.1673
DODGE, Hannah a.1692
DODGE, Hannah a.1671
DODGE, Hannah a.1669
DODGE, Hannah b.1642
DODGE, Hannah a.1671
DODGE, Jabez b.1687
DODGE, John b.1662
DODGE, John a.1631
DODGE, John b.1661
DODGE, John b.1574
DODGE, John a.1642
DODGE, John a.1636
DODGE, Jonathan b.1679
DODGE, Jonathan b.1676
DODGE, Joseph b.1670
DODGE, Joseph b.1650
DODGE, Joshua b.1693
DODGE, Joshua a.1669
DODGE, Josiah b.1665
DODGE, Josiah b.1688
DODGE, Josiah b.1644
DODGE, Margery a.1630
DODGE, Margery a.1640
DODGE, Mark a.1694
DODGE, Martha a.1674
DODGE, Martha b.1673
DODGE, Mary b.1672
DODGE, Mary b.1672
DODGE, Mary b.1680
DODGE, Mary b.1575
DODGE, Mary b.1610
DODGE, Mary b.1675
DODGE, Mary b.1666
DODGE, Mary a.1635
DODGE, Michael a.1646
DODGE, Michael b.1608
DODGE, Parker b.1689
DODGE, Rebecca b.1686
DODGE, Richard b.1670
DODGE, Richard a.1629
DODGE, Richard a.1643
DODGE, Richard b.1604
DODGE, Richard a.1650
DODGE, Robert b.1686
DODGE, Ruth b.1685
DODGE, Samuel b.1692
DODGE, Samuel b.1668
DODGE, Samuel b.1645
DODGE, Sarah b.1667
DODGE, Sarah a.1678
DODGE, Sarah a.1668
DODGE, Sarah a.1641
DODGE, William b.1679
DODGE, William b.1664
DODGE, William b.1665
DODGE, William a.1606
DODGE, William a.1640
DODGE, William a.1644
DODGE, Zebulon b.1716


DODGEN, Wilson b.1836


DODINGTON, Henry b.1545


DOGGETT, Hannah b.1693
DOGGETT, Hannah b.1646
DOGGETT, Isaac b.1692
DOGGETT, John b.1642
DOGGETT, Margaret b.1672
DOGGETT, Mary b.1687
DOGGETT, Rebecca b.1655
DOGGETT, Samuel b.1685
DOGGETT, Samuel b.1683
DOGGETT, Samuel b.1652
DOGGETT, Sarah b.1689
DOGGETT, Sarah b.1649
DOGGETT, Thomas b.1607


DOL, Alan of Dapifer of Dol b.1057
DOL, Alan of Dapifer of Dol b.1037
DOL, Flaald of Dapifer of Dol b.1016
DOL, Flaald of Dapifer of Dol b.1059
DOL, Geldouin I de b.1095
DOL, Guillaume de Abbot of Saint-Florent b.1045
DOL, Hawise de b.1093
DOL, Jean de Seigneur of Dol b.1047
DOL, Jeanne de b.1125
DOL, Rhiwallon I of Seigneur of Dol b.1021
DOL, Rhiwallon II de b.1068
DOL, Rhiwallon of Monk b.1061


DOLBERE, Mary a.1607




DOLLIVER, Paul b.1685
DOLLIVER, Peter a.1755
DOLLIVER, Samuel b.1627


DOLTE, Agnes b.1475


DOMESDAY, John b.1536


DOMFRONT, Adeline de b.1025
DOMFRONT, Warin de Comte du Perche b.1003


DOMMART, Aenor de b.1138


DOMVILLE, Ellen de b.1365
DOMVILLE, Isabella de b.1359
DOMVILLE, John de b.1362
DOMVILLE, John de b.1329
DOMVILLE, John de b.1294
DOMVILLE, Margery de b.1368
DOMVILLE, Mathew de b.1326
DOMVILLE, Matilda de b.1371
DOMVILLE, Robert de b.1332
DOMVILLE, Roger de b.1269


DONALDSON, Mary b.1791


DONE, Anne b.1534
DONE, Anne b.1407
DONE, Beatrice b.1278
DONE, Cecily b.1450
DONE, Elinor b.1412
DONE, Elizabeth b.1444
DONE, Emma b.1243
DONE, Henry b.1281
DONE, Hugh b.1210
DONE, James Esquire b.1509
DONE, Jane b.1452
DONE, John b.1385
DONE, John Knight b.1419
DONE, John b.1358
DONE, John Knight b.1442
DONE, Margaret b.1335
DONE, Margery b.1446
DONE, Mary b.1415
DONE, Richard b.1455
DONE, Richard b.1332
DONE, Richard b.1301
DONE, Richard b.1276
DONE, Richard Esquire b.1372
DONE, Richard b.1234
DONE, Richard b.1185
DONE, Richard b.1253
DONE, Robert b.1448


DONINGTON, Margaret b.1504


DONJON, Frederic du Seigneur du Donjon b.1078
DONJON, Guy du b.1103
DONJON, Hawise du b.1105


DONNELL, Abigail b.1680
DONNELL, Alice b.1687
DONNELL, Benjamin b.1648
DONNELL, Benjamin b.1670
DONNELL, Elizabeth b.1692
DONNELL, Elizabeth b.1684
DONNELL, Hannah b.1666
DONNELL, Henry b.1605
DONNELL, James b.1704
DONNELL, Jemima b.1692
DONNELL, Joanna b.1698
DONNELL, John b.1639
DONNELL, John b.1660
DONNELL, Margaret b.1654
DONNELL, Mary b.1642
DONNELL, Mary b.1689
DONNELL, Mary b.1705
DONNELL, Nathaniel b.1689
DONNELL, Nathaniel b.1651
DONNELL, Nathaniel b.1674
DONNELL, Rebecca b.1686
DONNELL, Samuel b.1682
DONNELL, Samuel b.1645
DONNELL, Sarah b.1663
DONNELL, Thomas b.1636
DONNELL, Thomas b.1682
DONNELL, William b.1685
DONNELL, William b.1683




DONZY, Agnes de b.1107
DONZY, Geoffroy III de b.1104
DONZY, Herve II de b.1050


DOOLEY, Margaret b.1556


DOOLITTLE, Abraham b.1649
DOOLITTLE, Elizabeth b.1652
DOOLITTLE, Hannah Sena a.1780
DOOLITTLE, John b.1605


DORCHESTER, Anthony b.1618
DORCHESTER, Benjamin b.1651
DORCHESTER, Hester b.1656
DORCHESTER, James b.1648
DORCHESTER, John b.1644
DORCHESTER, John b.1375
DORCHESTER, Mary b.1646
DORCHESTER, Sarah b.1652
DORCHESTER, William b.1760


DORE, Thomas b.1550


DORESLOWE, Gamel de b.1151
DORESLOWE, Petronilla de b.1176


DOREWARD, Blanche b.1399
DOREWARD, Elizabeth b.1444
DOREWARD, Joan b.1422
DOREWARD, John Esquire b.1427
DOREWARD, John Sheriff of Essex b.1345
DOREWARD, John Knight b.1395
DOREWARD, John Esquire b.1370
DOREWARD, Margaret b.1401
DOREWARD, Margaret b.1465
DOREWARD, Ralph Priest b.1403
DOREWARD, Richard b.1406
DOREWARD, William b.1320
DOREWARD, William Esquire b.1432
DOREWARD, William Esquire b.1397


DORMAN, Anne b.1527
DORMAN, Benjamin b.1673
DORMAN, Edmund b.1636
DORMAN, Hannah b.1677
DORMAN, John b.1668
DORMAN, Joseph b.1669
DORMAN, Mary b.1680
DORMAN, N.N. b.1671
DORMAN, Samuel b.1666
DORMAN, Texas Ann b.1877


DORMANY, Sarah Elizabeth b.1870


DORMER, Anne b.1539
DORMER, Anthony Esquire a.1589
DORMER, Catherine b.1557
DORMER, Charles Earl of Carnarvon b.1632
DORMER, Dorothy a.1577
DORMER, Elizabeth b.1537
DORMER, Elizabeth b.1614
DORMER, Francis a.1615
DORMER, Francis b.1565
DORMER, Grissell a.1554
DORMER, Henry a.1587
DORMER, Jane b.1541
DORMER, John a.1581
DORMER, Magdalen a.1579
DORMER, Margaret a.1562
DORMER, Mary a.1583
DORMER, Mary a.1553
DORMER, Richard b.1613
DORMER, Richard b.1559
DORMER, Robert a.1590
DORMER, Robert Earl of Carnarvon a.1610
DORMER, Robert Lord Dormer a.1552
DORMER, Roger b.1547
DORMER, Thomas b.1544
DORMER, William a.1612
DORMER, William a.1580
DORMER, William Knight a.1586
DORMER, William Knight b.1525


DORNEY, Elizabeth b.1605
DORNEY, Elizabeth b.1584
DORNEY, Michael b.1580
DORNEY, Thomas a.1608


DORR, Chester L. b.1894
DORR, Edward b.1648
DORR, Mary Ann b.1854


DORSEY, Sarah b.1650


DOTEN, Elizabeth b.1778


DOTTER, Gilda Helen b.1914


DOTY, Desire b.1644
DOTY, Edward b.1636
DOTY, Edward b.1599
DOTY, Elizabeth b.1725
DOTY, Elizabeth b.1646
DOTY, Hannah b.1675
DOTY, Isaac b.1648
DOTY, John b.1638
DOTY, Joseph b.1651
DOTY, Martha b.1672
DOTY, Mary b.1654
DOTY, Mercy b.1756
DOTY, Samuel b.1642
DOTY, Thomas b.1704
DOTY, Thomas b.1640
DOTY, Thomas b.1679


DOUGHTY, James b.1625
DOUGHTY, Patience b.1686


DOUGLAS, Abiah b.1675
DOUGLAS, Agnes b.1373
DOUGLAS, Alexander de Vicar of Elgin b.1179
DOUGLAS, Alfred W. b.1833
DOUGLAS, Alice M. b.1876
DOUGLAS, Alison b.1461
DOUGLAS, Andrew Knight b.1272
DOUGLAS, Andrew Knight b.1210
DOUGLAS, Ann b.1680
DOUGLAS, Ann b.1635
DOUGLAS, Anne b.1447
DOUGLAS, Aquilla Francis b.1825
DOUGLAS, Aralinda b.1840
DOUGLAS, Archibald Knight b.1600
DOUGLAS, Archibald b.1482
DOUGLAS, Archibald Earl of Douglas b.1325
DOUGLAS, Archibald Earl of Moray b.1424
DOUGLAS, Archibald Earl of Douglas b.1390
DOUGLAS, Archibald Earl of Angus b.1445
DOUGLAS, Archibald Earl of Douglas b.1369
DOUGLAS, Archibald Earl of Angus b.1489
DOUGLAS, Archibald Knight b.1296
DOUGLAS, Archibald de Knight b.1175
DOUGLAS, Barbara b.1270
DOUGLAS, Beatrix b.1418
DOUGLAS, Brice de Bishop of Moray b.1177
DOUGLAS, Christian b.1565
DOUGLAS, Christian b.1590
DOUGLAS, David b.1426
DOUGLAS, Dorothy b.1718
DOUGLAS, Egidia b.1459
DOUGLAS, Eleanor b.1317
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth b.1455
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth b.1477
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth b.1426
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth b.1426
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth a.1637
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth b.1641
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth b.1669
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth b.1393
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth b.1401
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth b.1316
DOUGLAS, Ellis H. b.1871
DOUGLAS, Freskin de b.1185
DOUGLAS, Gavin Bishop of Dunkeld b.1473
DOUGLAS, George b.1469
DOUGLAS, George Earl of Angus b.1421
DOUGLAS, George Earl of Angus b.1376
DOUGLAS, Gille b.1390
DOUGLAS, Helen b.1396
DOUGLAS, Henry b.1432
DOUGLAS, Henry Knight b.1346
DOUGLAS, Henry de b.1181
DOUGLAS, Hugh Earl of Ormond b.1428
DOUGLAS, Hugh Priest b.1293
DOUGLAS, Hugh b.1235
DOUGLAS, Hugh de b.1183
DOUGLAS, Isabel b.1456
DOUGLAS, Isabel Countess of Mar b.1360
DOUGLAS, Isabella b.1449
DOUGLAS, Jacoba b.1376
DOUGLAS, James Earl of Angus b.1419
DOUGLAS, James Earl of Douglas b.1424
DOUGLAS, James Earl of Morton b.1488
DOUGLAS, James Earl of Douglas b.1371
DOUGLAS, James Earl of Douglas b.1358
DOUGLAS, James Knight b.1335
DOUGLAS, James Lord Dalkeith b.1374
DOUGLAS, James Knight b.1308
DOUGLAS, James Knight b.1270
DOUGLAS, James "The Good" Knight b.1268
DOUGLAS, Jane b.1453
DOUGLAS, Janet b.1479
DOUGLAS, Janet b.1420
DOUGLAS, Janet b.1498
DOUGLAS, Joanna b.1319
DOUGLAS, John b.1451
DOUGLAS, John b.1430
DOUGLAS, John b.1332
DOUGLAS, John b.1319
DOUGLAS, John Knight b.1304
DOUGLAS, John b.1658
DOUGLAS, Laura b.1873
DOUGLAS, Mabel T. b.1893
DOUGLAS, Margaret b.1457
DOUGLAS, Margaret b.1416
DOUGLAS, Margaret b.1429
DOUGLAS, Margaret b.1515
DOUGLAS, Margaret b.1792
DOUGLAS, Marion b.1475
DOUGLAS, Marjory b.1379
DOUGLAS, Marshal E. b.1869
DOUGLAS, Mary b.1399
DOUGLAS, Matilda Elizabeth b.1835
DOUGLAS, N.N. b.1316
DOUGLAS, N.N. b.1408
DOUGLAS, Nicholas b.1350
DOUGLAS, Rebecca b.1678
DOUGLAS, Richard b.1682
DOUGLAS, Robert Knight b.1430
DOUGLAS, Robert a.1639
DOUGLAS, Robert b.1790
DOUGLAS, Samuel b.1684
DOUGLAS, Sarah b.1671
DOUGLAS, Sarah b.1643
DOUGLAS, Sarah b.1679
DOUGLAS, Thomas b.1342
DOUGLAS, Thomas a.1715
DOUGLAS, Thomas Alfred b.1804
DOUGLAS, Willelma b.1266
DOUGLAS, William b.1424
DOUGLAS, William Knight b.1471
DOUGLAS, William Knight b.1293
DOUGLAS, William Earl of Douglas b.1422
DOUGLAS, William Earl of Douglas b.1424
DOUGLAS, William b.1338
DOUGLAS, William b.1673
DOUGLAS, William b.1609
DOUGLAS, William b.1645
DOUGLAS, William Earl of Douglas b.1321
DOUGLAS, William b.1377
DOUGLAS, William Earl of Angus b.1398
DOUGLAS, William b.1240
DOUGLAS, William Earl of Atholl b.1301
DOUGLAS, William Knight b.1364
DOUGLAS, William "Le Hardi" Knight b.1238
DOUGLAS, William "Longleg" Knight b.1204
DOUGLAS, William de Knight b.1150


DOUNTON, Mary b.1647


DOVER, Fulbert I de b.1050
DOVER, Fulbert II de b.1174
DOVER, Hugh de Sheriff of Kent b.1100
DOVER, Isabel de b.1220
DOVER, John de Lord of Chilham b.1141
DOVER, Lorette de b.1222
DOVER, Ralf de b.1137
DOVER, Richard de b.1250
DOVER, Richard de Lord of Chilham b.1224
DOVER, Rohese de b.1200
DOVER, William de b.1139
DOVER, William de b.1102


DOW, John b.1769
DOW, Martha b.1673
DOW, Samuel b.1662
DOW, Thomas b.1602


DOWD, Abraham b.1697
DOWD, John b.1691
DOWD, Thomas b.1648


DOWELL, Elizabeth a.1609


DOWNE, Mrs. Jane b.1570
DOWNE, Rebecca a.1617


DOWNER, Robert b.1650


DOWNES, Abigail b.1565
DOWNES, Dive Esquire b.1563
DOWNES, Dorothy a.1592
DOWNES, Ebenezer b.1690
DOWNES, Edmund b.1250
DOWNES, Elizabeth b.1568
DOWNES, Francis b.1561
DOWNES, Francis Gentleman b.1530
DOWNES, Gershom b.1681
DOWNES, Joan b.1553
DOWNES, John a.1605
DOWNES, Lewis b.1595
DOWNES, Martha b.1694
DOWNES, Mary a.1603
DOWNES, Maud b.1274
DOWNES, Robert b.1465
DOWNES, Robert b.1200
DOWNES, Robert b.1252
DOWNES, Robert b.1225
DOWNES, Samuel b.1692
DOWNES, Thomas a.1589
DOWNES, Thomas b.1688
DOWNES, Thomas b.1654
DOWNES, William b.1696
DOWNES, William b.1255


DOWNING, Abigail b.1592
DOWNING, Abigail a.1617
DOWNING, Adam a.1630
DOWNING, Anne a.1595
DOWNING, Anne b.1674
DOWNING, Anne a.1633
DOWNING, Barnaby b.1546
DOWNING, Benjamin a.1594
DOWNING, Charles b.1668
DOWNING, David b.1677
DOWNING, Dorcas a.1626
DOWNING, Dorcas a.1641
DOWNING, Elnathan b.1583
DOWNING, Emmanuel a.1585
DOWNING, Frances b.1658
DOWNING, George b.1520
DOWNING, George b.1552
DOWNING, George Knight b.1656
DOWNING, George Knight b.1623
DOWNING, Hannah b.1650
DOWNING, Hannah a.1703
DOWNING, James b.1615
DOWNING, John b.1548
DOWNING, John a.1640
DOWNING, John a.1708
DOWNING, Joseph b.1589
DOWNING, Joshua b.1580
DOWNING, Joshua a.1627
DOWNING, Lucy a.1665
DOWNING, Lucy a.1625
DOWNING, Lucy b.1706
DOWNING, Margaret b.1550
DOWNING, Martha a.1637
DOWNING, Mary b.1671
DOWNING, Mary b.1618
DOWNING, Naomi b.1590
DOWNING, Nathaniel Gentleman a.1587
DOWNING, Olaf May b.1881
DOWNING, Philadelphia b.1660
DOWNING, Priscilla b.1661
DOWNING, Rebecca a.1624
DOWNING, Robert a.1629
DOWNING, Samuel a.1620
DOWNING, Susan b.1621
DOWNING, Susan a.1578
DOWNING, William b.1554
DOWNING, William b.1663


DOWNS, Ebenezer b.1667
DOWNS, Hannah b.1671


DOWRISH, Alice b.1491
DOWRISH, Anne b.1570
DOWRISH, Dorothy b.1572
DOWRISH, Elizabeth b.1574
DOWRISH, Elizabeth b.1489
DOWRISH, Elizabeth b.1546
DOWRISH, Grace b.1544
DOWRISH, Hugh b.1548
DOWRISH, Jane b.1521
DOWRISH, Jane b.1554
DOWRISH, Katherine b.1485
DOWRISH, Margaret b.1512
DOWRISH, Margaret b.1577
DOWRISH, Mary b.1514
DOWRISH, Peter b.1487
DOWRISH, Richard b.1430
DOWRISH, Robert b.1518
DOWRISH, Robert b.1551
DOWRISH, Thomas b.1568
DOWRISH, Thomas b.1399
DOWRISH, Thomas b.1423
DOWRISH, Thomas b.1478
DOWRISH, Thomas Esquire b.1516
DOWRISH, Walter b.1426
DOWRISH, Walter Esquire b.1542


DOWSE, Elizabeth b.1647


DOWSETT, Agnes b.1523
DOWSETT, Alice a.1564
DOWSETT, Avice a.1561
DOWSETT, Eleanor b.1473
DOWSETT, Elizabeth b.1467
DOWSETT, Elizabeth b.1566
DOWSETT, Gabriel b.1568
DOWSETT, George b.1527
DOWSETT, George b.1572
DOWSETT, Henry b.1491
DOWSETT, Joan b.1469
DOWSETT, Joan b.1612
DOWSETT, John b.1475
DOWSETT, John b.1437
DOWSETT, John b.1520
DOWSETT, John b.1489
DOWSETT, Katherine b.1471
DOWSETT, Katherine b.1574
DOWSETT, Margaret b.1465
DOWSETT, Nathaniel b.1529
DOWSETT, Robert b.1493
DOWSETT, Robert b.1463
DOWSETT, Robert b.1515
DOWSETT, Thomas b.1517
DOWSETT, Thomas b.1608
DOWSETT, Thomasine b.1610
DOWSETT, William b.1525
DOWSETT, William b.1570


DOWSING, Anne b.1520


DOYLE, Annie Elizabeth b.1860
DOYLE, Bartholomew b.1700
DOYLE, Elizabeth a.1730


DOYLEY, Anne b.1569
DOYLEY, Anne b.1588
DOYLEY, Cope Knight b.1573
DOYLEY, Dorcas a.1582
DOYLEY, Dorothy b.1548
DOYLEY, Elizabeth b.1504
DOYLEY, Elizabeth b.1556
DOYLEY, Elizabeth b.1580
DOYLEY, Francis b.1554
DOYLEY, Henry b.1550
DOYLEY, Joan b.1411
DOYLEY, John b.1442
DOYLEY, John b.1508
DOYLEY, John a.1578
DOYLEY, John Esquire b.1544
DOYLEY, Josias a.1575
DOYLEY, Katherine b.1506
DOYLEY, Margaret b.1511
DOYLEY, Margery a.1577
DOYLEY, Mary a.1584
DOYLEY, Phyllis b.1552
DOYLEY, Priscilla a.1594
DOYLEY, Robert b.1514
DOYLEY, Robert Knight b.1542
DOYLEY, Sybil b.1502
DOYLEY, Thomas b.1546
DOYLEY, Thomas b.1475
DOYLEY, William b.1409
DOYLEY, William b.1479


DRAKE, Abiel b.1734
DRAKE, Abigail b.1648
DRAKE, Alpheus b.1782
DRAKE, Amy b.1666
DRAKE, Anne b.1636
DRAKE, Asa b.1799
DRAKE, Asa b.1765
DRAKE, Benjamin b.1700
DRAKE, Benjamin b.1677
DRAKE, Bernard Knight b.1529
DRAKE, Bethiah b.1742
DRAKE, Bethuel b.1763
DRAKE, Bezer b.1780
DRAKE, Daniel b.1730
DRAKE, Dexter King b.1833
DRAKE, Dorothy b.1617
DRAKE, Ebenezer b.1803
DRAKE, Ebenezer b.1696
DRAKE, Ebenezer b.1796
DRAKE, Ebenezer b.1754
DRAKE, Ebenezer Edwin b.1825
DRAKE, Elizabeth b.1664
DRAKE, Elizabeth b.1654
DRAKE, Elizabeth b.1626
DRAKE, Elizabeth b.1719
DRAKE, Elizabeth a.1625
DRAKE, Elizabeth b.1668
DRAKE, Emily Bird b.1841
DRAKE, Enoch b.1683
DRAKE, Enoch b.1767
DRAKE, Enoch b.1655
DRAKE, Esther a.1618
DRAKE, Esther b.1791
DRAKE, Eunice b.1757
DRAKE, Eunice Dean b.1839
DRAKE, Experience b.1683
DRAKE, Francis Knight b.1540
DRAKE, George b.1624
DRAKE, Gertrude b.1628
DRAKE, Hannah b.1653
DRAKE, Hannah b.1695
DRAKE, Hannah b.1785
DRAKE, Helen b.1561
DRAKE, Helen b.1622
DRAKE, Henry b.1632
DRAKE, Hepzibah b.1659
DRAKE, Hester b.1662
DRAKE, Hezekiah b.1736
DRAKE, Hugh b.1567
DRAKE, Isaac b.1773
DRAKE, Isabel a.1558
DRAKE, Jacob b.1683
DRAKE, Jacob a.1622
DRAKE, Jane b.1634
DRAKE, Jane b.1825
DRAKE, Jane b.1793
DRAKE, Jane b.1655
DRAKE, Jane b.1730
DRAKE, Jason Walker b.1823
DRAKE, Jemima b.1770
DRAKE, Jemima b.1756
DRAKE, Jeremy b.1796
DRAKE, Joan b.1499
DRAKE, Job b.1678
DRAKE, Job b.1651
DRAKE, Job b.1652
DRAKE, Job a.1620
DRAKE, John b.1649
DRAKE, John a.1616
DRAKE, John b.1591
DRAKE, John Esquire b.1500
DRAKE, John b.1564
DRAKE, John Knight b.1620
DRAKE, John Knight b.1591
DRAKE, John b.1711
DRAKE, John b.1657
DRAKE, John b.1685
DRAKE, John b.1694
DRAKE, John b.1659
DRAKE, John b.1757
DRAKE, John b.1751
DRAKE, John b.1723
DRAKE, Joseph b.1674
DRAKE, Joseph b.1657
DRAKE, Joseph b.1737
DRAKE, Joseph b.1706
DRAKE, Joseph b.1663
DRAKE, Joseph b.1727
DRAKE, Joseph b.1698
DRAKE, Keziah b.1772
DRAKE, Levi Fairbanks b.1808
DRAKE, Lucy b.1821
DRAKE, Lucy b.1789
DRAKE, Lydia b.1661
DRAKE, Margaret b.1559
DRAKE, Martha b.1682
DRAKE, Martha b.1787
DRAKE, Mary b.1680
DRAKE, Mary b.1666
DRAKE, Mary b.1649
DRAKE, Mary b.1557
DRAKE, Mary b.1593
DRAKE, Mary b.1618
DRAKE, Mary a.1632
DRAKE, Mary b.1790
DRAKE, Mary Ames b.1819
DRAKE, Mercy b.1725
DRAKE, Mindwell b.1671
DRAKE, Moses b.1797
DRAKE, N.N. b.1750
DRAKE, Nathan b.1787
DRAKE, Nathan b.1733
DRAKE, Nathan b.1760
DRAKE, Nathan Walker b.1827
DRAKE, Nathaniel b.1685
DRAKE, Nathaniel b.1612
DRAKE, Nelson b.1829
DRAKE, Olive b.1835
DRAKE, Orson b.1806
DRAKE, Pamelia b.1813
DRAKE, Patience b.1754
DRAKE, Prudence b.1688
DRAKE, Rachel b.1657
DRAKE, Rachel b.1680
DRAKE, Rebecca b.1831
DRAKE, Richard b.1535
DRAKE, Richard b.1717
DRAKE, Robert Esquire b.1532
DRAKE, Robert b.1723
DRAKE, Ruth b.1657
DRAKE, Samuel b.1688
DRAKE, Samuel b.1700
DRAKE, Sarah b.1686
DRAKE, Sarah b.1681
DRAKE, Sarah b.1703
DRAKE, Sarah b.1704
DRAKE, Sarah Ann b.1837
DRAKE, Silence b.1756
DRAKE, Simon b.1659
DRAKE, Stephen b.1775
DRAKE, Susanna b.1775
DRAKE, Sybil b.1814
DRAKE, Thomas a.1630
DRAKE, Thomas b.1552
DRAKE, Thomas b.1709
DRAKE, Thomas b.1657
DRAKE, Thomas b.1635
DRAKE, Thomas b.1691
DRAKE, Thomas b.1739
DRAKE, Vashti b.1792
DRAKE, William b.1596
DRAKE, William b.1746
DRAKE, William b.1715
DRAKE, William b.1661
DRAKE, Zilpha b.1805


DRAKELOW, Eleanor b.1378
DRAKELOW, Thomas Knight b.1353


DRAPER, Agnes b.1550
DRAPER, Christopher Knight b.1562
DRAPER, Judith b.1713
DRAPER, Mary b.1626
DRAPER, Mrs. Margaret b.1535


DRAYCOTE, Philip de Knight b.1240
DRAYCOTE, Richard de Knight b.1215
DRAYCOTE, Richard de Sheriff of Lincoln b.1265


DRAYCOTT, Frances b.1659
DRAYCOTT, Philip Esquire b.1656
DRAYCOTT, Richard Knight b.1630


DRAYNER, Mrs. Mary b.1560


DRAYTON, Alice de b.1165
DRAYTON, Anne b.1449
DRAYTON, Baldwin de Knight b.1223
DRAYTON, Elizabeth b.1413
DRAYTON, Henry de Knight b.1198
DRAYTON, John Knight b.1379
DRAYTON, John de Knight b.1254
DRAYTON, John de Knight b.1317
DRAYTON, Katherine de b.1319
DRAYTON, Simon de Knight b.1283

Surname List