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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


DRESSER, Alvin Emerson b.1888
DRESSER, Alvin Emerson b.1857
DRESSER, Anna Deborah b.1900
DRESSER, Dorothy Leighton b.1884
DRESSER, Edmund Wallace b.1882
DRESSER, Edmund Wallace b.1882
DRESSER, Erwin Graves b.1888
DRESSER, Helen W. b.1880
DRESSER, Hope Frances b.1889
DRESSER, Jacob b.1710
DRESSER, Kenneth Bartlett b.1891
DRESSER, Lawrence Wallace b.1904
DRESSER, Mehitable b.1694
DRESSER, Phillip M. b.1898
DRESSER, Ruth Clement b.1893


DREUX, Adelaide de b.1156
DREUX, Agnes de b.1194
DREUX, Alix de Vicomtesse de Chateaudun b.1255
DREUX, Alix de b.1145
DREUX, Alix de b.1189
DREUX, Arthur de b.1220
DREUX, Jean I de Count of Dreux b.1215
DREUX, Jean II "Le Bon" de Count of Dreux b.1265
DREUX, Jeanne de b.1267
DREUX, Philippe de b.1187
DREUX, Robert de Vicomte de Chateaudun b.1218
DREUX, Robert I de Count of Dreux b.1122
DREUX, Robert II de Count of Dreux b.1154
DREUX, Robert III de Count of Dreux b.1185
DREUX, Robert IV de Count of Dreux b.1241
DREUX, Yolande de b.1196
DREUX, Yolande de Countess of Montfort b.1263
DREUX, Yolande de b.1212
DREUX, Yolande de b.1218


DREW, Alexander b.1785
DREW, Charity b.1721
DREW, Consider b.1745
DREW, Dorothy b.1565
DREW, Elizabeth b.1838
DREW, Ellis b.1769
DREW, Isaac b.1736
DREW, James b.1630
DREW, John b.1773
DREW, John b.1712
DREW, Lucia b.1771
DREW, Mitchell Nebraska b.1868
DREW, Otis b.1775
DREW, Pelham b.1778
DREW, Rebecca b.1716
DREW, Thomas b.1665
DREW, William b.1627


DRIBY, Alice de b.1283
DRIBY, Alice de Lady of Bytham b.1340
DRIBY, Beatrix de b.1247
DRIBY, Hugh de b.1245
DRIBY, John de b.1338
DRIBY, John de b.1280
DRIBY, John de Esquire b.1311
DRIBY, Robert de b.1278
DRIBY, Robert de Knight b.1249
DRIBY, Simon de Knight b.1276
DRIBY, Simon de b.1220


DRISKO, Elizabeth a.1757


DRONSFIELD, Agnes b.1369
DRONSFIELD, Isabel b.1366
DRONSFIELD, John b.1335
DRONSFIELD, William Knight b.1363


DROPE, Robert Lord Mayor of London b.1440


DROWN, Samuel b.1676


DRUMMOND, Anabella Queen of Scotland b.1352
DRUMMOND, Andrew b.1565
DRUMMOND, Andrew Knight b.1568
DRUMMOND, Beatrix b.1592
DRUMMOND, Christina b.1600
DRUMMOND, Dougal Bishop of Dunblane b.1365
DRUMMOND, Elizabeth b.1399
DRUMMOND, Elizabeth b.1561
DRUMMOND, Eupheme b.1476
DRUMMOND, George b.1551
DRUMMOND, George b.1495
DRUMMOND, George b.1529
DRUMMOND, Henry b.1559
DRUMMOND, James b.1568
DRUMMOND, James b.1468
DRUMMOND, Jane b.1594
DRUMMOND, Janet b.1563
DRUMMOND, John b.1408
DRUMMOND, John b.1555
DRUMMOND, John Knight b.1245
DRUMMOND, John b.1590
DRUMMOND, John Knight b.1332
DRUMMOND, John Dean of Dunblane b.1425
DRUMMOND, John Knight b.1326
DRUMMOND, John Knight b.1360
DRUMMOND, John b.1465
DRUMMOND, Katherine b.1553
DRUMMOND, Malcolm b.1165
DRUMMOND, Malcolm Knight b.1276
DRUMMOND, Malcolm Knight b.1422
DRUMMOND, Malcolm Knight b.1357
DRUMMOND, Malcolm Knight b.1300
DRUMMOND, Malcolm "Beg" b.1195
DRUMMOND, Margaret b.1405
DRUMMOND, Margaret b.1476
DRUMMOND, Margaret b.1354
DRUMMOND, Margaret b.1274
DRUMMOND, Margaret b.1598
DRUMMOND, Margaret b.1330
DRUMMOND, Maurice Knight b.1328
DRUMMOND, N.N. b.1403
DRUMMOND, Robert b.1401
DRUMMOND, Sybil b.1557
DRUMMOND, Thomas b.1596
DRUMMOND, Walter b.1333
DRUMMOND, Walter Knight b.1397
DRUMMOND, Walter b.1430
DRUMMOND, William b.1532
DRUMMOND, William b.1362
DRUMMOND, William b.1455
DRUMMOND, Zilphia b.1822


DRURY, Alice b.1288
DRURY, Anne b.1546
DRURY, Anne b.1523
DRURY, Anne b.1488
DRURY, Bridget b.1554
DRURY, Bridget b.1534
DRURY, Bridget b.1494
DRURY, Caleb b.1688
DRURY, Diana a.1580
DRURY, Dorothy b.1557
DRURY, Dorothy b.1537
DRURY, Dorothy b.1608
DRURY, Dru Knight b.1531
DRURY, Ebenezer a.1733
DRURY, Elizabeth b.1544
DRURY, Elizabeth b.1579
DRURY, Elizabeth b.1548
DRURY, Elizabeth b.1529
DRURY, Elizabeth b.1701
DRURY, Elizabeth b.1676
DRURY, Elizabeth b.1497
DRURY, Elizabeth b.1404
DRURY, Elizabeth b.1581
DRURY, Esther b.1717
DRURY, Etheldreda b.1558
DRURY, Felice b.1447
DRURY, Frances b.1576
DRURY, Frances b.1532
DRURY, Henry b.1550
DRURY, Henry b.1539
DRURY, Henry Esquire b.1248
DRURY, Henry Esquire b.1400
DRURY, Hugh b.1674
DRURY, Hugh b.1616
DRURY, Jane b.1561
DRURY, John b.1580
DRURY, John b.1246
DRURY, John b.1221
DRURY, John b.1693
DRURY, John b.1678
DRURY, John b.1646
DRURY, John Esquire b.1280
DRURY, John b.1368
DRURY, John b.1455
DRURY, Katherine b.1444
DRURY, Lydia b.1697
DRURY, Lydia b.1670
DRURY, Margery b.1393
DRURY, Mary b.1547
DRURY, Mary b.1526
DRURY, Mary b.1699
DRURY, Mary b.1672
DRURY, Matilda b.1284
DRURY, Mercy b.1677
DRURY, Micah b.1704
DRURY, Nicholas Knight b.1320
DRURY, Nicholas Esquire b.1365
DRURY, Nigel b.1282
DRURY, Rachel b.1695
DRURY, Robert b.1555
DRURY, Robert Knight b.1574
DRURY, Robert Esquire b.1525
DRURY, Robert Knight b.1491
DRURY, Robert Knight b.1450
DRURY, Roger b.1541
DRURY, Roger b.1250
DRURY, Roger Rector of Bradfield b.1286
DRURY, Roger Knight b.1315
DRURY, Roger Knight b.1362
DRURY, Roger b.1458
DRURY, Roger Esquire b.1408
DRURY, Susan a.1582
DRURY, Susan b.1549
DRURY, Thomas b.1551
DRURY, Thomas b.1690
DRURY, Thomas b.1668
DRURY, Uriah b.1707
DRURY, Ursula b.1500
DRURY, William Knight b.1395
DRURY, William Knight b.1550
DRURY, William Lord Justice of Ireland b.1527
DRURY, William Knight b.1486
DRURY, William b.1453
DRURY, Winifred b.1552


DRYDEN, Anthony b.1551
DRYDEN, Bridget b.1567
DRYDEN, David Esquire b.1498
DRYDEN, Dorothy b.1599
DRYDEN, Edward b.1555
DRYDEN, Elizabeth b.1596
DRYDEN, Elizabeth b.1605
DRYDEN, Elizabeth b.1565
DRYDEN, Emme b.1574
DRYDEN, Erasmus b.1593
DRYDEN, Erasmus Knight b.1553
DRYDEN, George Gentleman b.1557
DRYDEN, Isabel b.1527
DRYDEN, John Knight b.1581
DRYDEN, John a.1603
DRYDEN, John b.1559
DRYDEN, John Esquire b.1525
DRYDEN, Mary b.1584
DRYDEN, Mary b.1563
DRYDEN, Nicholas Gentleman b.1571
DRYDEN, Stephen Gentleman b.1569
DRYDEN, Susan b.1587
DRYDEN, Susanna a.1607
DRYDEN, Thomas b.1523
DRYDEN, Thomas Gentleman b.1561
DRYDEN, William b.1590
DRYDEN, William b.1473


DUDLEY, Abiel b.1710
DUDLEY, Abigail b.1654
DUDLEY, Abigail b.1708
DUDLEY, Abigail b.1667
DUDLEY, Alice a.1603
DUDLEY, Ambrose Earl of Warwick b.1528
DUDLEY, Andrew Knight b.1504
DUDLEY, Ann b.1641
DUDLEY, Anne a.1612
DUDLEY, Barzillai b.1725
DUDLEY, Byley b.1647
DUDLEY, Cyprian b.1715
DUDLEY, Daniel b.1681
DUDLEY, Deborah b.1645
DUDLEY, Deborah b.1701
DUDLEY, Deborah b.1647
DUDLEY, Deborah b.1670
DUDLEY, Dorothy b.1662
DUDLEY, Dorothy b.1527
DUDLEY, Edmund Esquire b.1462
DUDLEY, Elizabeth b.1652
DUDLEY, Elizabeth b.1468
DUDLEY, Elizabeth b.1498
DUDLEY, Elizabeth a.1600
DUDLEY, Elizabeth b.1530
DUDLEY, Elizabeth b.1679
DUDLEY, Esther b.1723
DUDLEY, George Knight b.1525
DUDLEY, Gideon b.1706
DUDLEY, Guildford b.1539
DUDLEY, Helen a.1606
DUDLEY, Helen a.1595
DUDLEY, Henry Knight b.1534
DUDLEY, Henry Knight b.1523
DUDLEY, Henry Knight b.1519
DUDLEY, Humphrey b.1423
DUDLEY, Israel b.1704
DUDLEY, James b.1664
DUDLEY, Jane b.1494
DUDLEY, Jemima b.1720
DUDLEY, Jerome b.1506
DUDLEY, Joan a.1602
DUDLEY, John a.1635
DUDLEY, John Duke of Northumberland b.1502
DUDLEY, John Earl of Warwick b.1526
DUDLEY, John Esquire b.1462
DUDLEY, John Esquire b.1430
DUDLEY, John b.1648
DUDLEY, Joseph b.1647
DUDLEY, Joseph b.1712
DUDLEY, Joseph b.1643
DUDLEY, Joseph b.1674
DUDLEY, Joseph b.1669
DUDLEY, Katherine b.1536
DUDLEY, Margaret b.1637
DUDLEY, Margaret b.1523
DUDLEY, Margaret b.1492
DUDLEY, Mary b.1650
DUDLEY, Mary b.1646
DUDLEY, Mary b.1530
DUDLEY, Mary a.1580
DUDLEY, Mary b.1662
DUDLEY, Mehitable b.1684
DUDLEY, Mehitable b.1718
DUDLEY, Mercy a.1621
DUDLEY, Miles a.1597
DUDLEY, Moses b.1714
DUDLEY, Oliver b.1436
DUDLEY, Patience a.1614
DUDLEY, Paul b.1650
DUDLEY, Rebecca b.1658
DUDLEY, Richard b.1490
DUDLEY, Robert Earl of Leicester b.1532
DUDLEY, Roger b.1549
DUDLEY, Ruth b.1645
DUDLEY, Samuel a.1639
DUDLEY, Samuel b.1666
DUDLEY, Samuel a.1608
DUDLEY, Samuel b.1672
DUDLEY, Sarah a.1620
DUDLEY, Sarah b.1699
DUDLEY, Sarah b.1676
DUDLEY, Stephen b.1660
DUDLEY, Theophilus b.1644
DUDLEY, Thomas b.1648
DUDLEY, Thomas a.1634
DUDLEY, Thomas b.1605
DUDLEY, Thomas b.1486
DUDLEY, Thomas b.1524
DUDLEY, Thomas b.1521
DUDLEY, Thomas a.1576
DUDLEY, Timothy b.1656
DUDLEY, William a.1569
DUDLEY, William a.1609
DUDLEY, William b.1665
DUDLEY, William b.1639


DUFFER, Nancy b.1795


DUKAINA, Anna b.1068
DUKAINA, Irene b.1084
DUKAINA, Irene b.1066
DUKAINA, Maria b.1141


DUKAS, Andronicus I b.983
DUKAS, Andronicus II b.1036
DUKAS, Constantine b.1038
DUKAS, Constantine X Basileus of the East b.1008
DUKAS, Ioannes b.1010
DUKAS, Michael b.1061


DUKE, Elizabeth b.1609


DUKES, Jesse b.1803


DUMARY, Thomas a.1690


DUMBLETON, Rebecca b.1667


DUMMER, Joan b.1619
DUMMER, Margaret b.1623


DUNBAR, Ada of b.1191
DUNBAR, Adam of b.1108
DUNBAR, Aethelreda of b.1071
DUNBAR, Agnes b.1345
DUNBAR, Agnes of b.1225
DUNBAR, Agnes of b.1155
DUNBAR, Alan of b.1106
DUNBAR, Alexander of Knight b.1248
DUNBAR, Alexander of Knight b.1280
DUNBAR, Archibald b.1405
DUNBAR, Colin b.1371
DUNBAR, Constantine of b.1154
DUNBAR, David Knight b.1348
DUNBAR, David Knight b.1382
DUNBAR, Dolfin of Lord of Carlisle b.1067
DUNBAR, Edgar of b.1112
DUNBAR, Edward of b.1110
DUNBAR, Elizabeth b.1426
DUNBAR, Elizabeth b.1376
DUNBAR, Ethreda of b.1063
DUNBAR, Eupheme b.1408
DUNBAR, Euphemia of b.1246
DUNBAR, Gavin Knight b.1368
DUNBAR, George b.1397
DUNBAR, George Earl of Dunbar b.1366
DUNBAR, George Earl of Dunbar b.1336
DUNBAR, Gospatric II of Earl of Dunbar b.1073
DUNBAR, Gospatric III of Earl of Dunbar b.1106
DUNBAR, Gospatric of b.1109
DUNBAR, Gravelda of b.1075
DUNBAR, Gunnild of b.1112
DUNBAR, Hectreda of b.1115
DUNBAR, Isabel of b.1222
DUNBAR, Janet b.1400
DUNBAR, John b.1379
DUNBAR, John Earl of Moray b.1339
DUNBAR, John de Earl of Fife b.1320
DUNBAR, John of Knight b.1244
DUNBAR, Juliana of b.1115
DUNBAR, Margaret of b.1104
DUNBAR, Marjorie b.1386
DUNBAR, Marjorie b.1402
DUNBAR, Mary b.1660
DUNBAR, Matilda of b.1065
DUNBAR, N.N. of b.1118
DUNBAR, Patrick b.1373
DUNBAR, Patrick Knight b.1342
DUNBAR, Patrick b.1420
DUNBAR, Patrick Knight b.1314
DUNBAR, Patrick b.1395
DUNBAR, Patrick of b.1131
DUNBAR, Patrick of Earl of Dunbar b.1213
DUNBAR, Patrick of Earl of Dunbar b.1275
DUNBAR, Patrick of Earl of Dunbar b.1185
DUNBAR, Patrick of Earl of Dunbar b.1152
DUNBAR, Patrick of Earl of Dunbar b.1242
DUNBAR, Robert of Knight b.1189
DUNBAR, Thomas Earl of Moray b.1390
DUNBAR, Waltheof of Rector of Dunbar b.1217
DUNBAR, Waltheof of Earl of Dunbar b.1129
DUNBAR, Waltheof of Lord of Allerdale b.1069
DUNBAR, William of b.1187


DUNCAN, Moroni b.1850


DUNCH, Anne b.1608
DUNCH, Arabella a.1706
DUNCH, Catherine a.1705
DUNCH, Dorothy a.1610
DUNCH, Edmund b.1677
DUNCH, Edmund a.1581
DUNCH, Edmund Esquire b.1551
DUNCH, Edmund Lord Burnell a.1602
DUNCH, Elizabeth a.1703
DUNCH, Elizabeth b.1585
DUNCH, Elizabeth b.1634
DUNCH, Elizabeth b.1587
DUNCH, Harriet a.1704
DUNCH, Henry b.1606
DUNCH, Henry a.1649
DUNCH, Hermes a.1648
DUNCH, Hungerford Knight a.1638
DUNCH, Katherine b.1612
DUNCH, Lucy a.1631
DUNCH, Mary b.1600
DUNCH, Mary a.1579
DUNCH, Samuel Sheriff of Berkshire b.1592
DUNCH, Walter b.1615
DUNCH, Walter a.1640
DUNCH, Walter a.1584
DUNCH, William a.1604
DUNCH, William Knight a.1578


DUNDAS, James de b.1375


DUNFORD, Mollie b.1862


DUNHAM, Abigail b.1771
DUNHAM, Esther b.1657
DUNHAM, Ichabod b.1702
DUNHAM, John Knight b.1474
DUNHAM, John b.1649


DUNK, Thomas b.1629


DUNKHORN, Sarah b.1551


DUNKLEY, Sarah Sophia b.1878


DUNLAP, James a.1738


DUNNAM, Leo Woodbury b.1906


DUNSTANVILLE, Alan de b.1190
DUNSTANVILLE, Alan I de b.1108
DUNSTANVILLE, Alan II de b.1140
DUNSTANVILLE, Alice de b.1138
DUNSTANVILLE, Denise de b.1140
DUNSTANVILLE, Emme de b.1145
DUNSTANVILLE, Joan de b.1148
DUNSTANVILLE, Maud de b.1142
DUNSTANVILLE, Nicholas de b.1151
DUNSTANVILLE, Pernel de b.1248
DUNSTANVILLE, Reginald de b.1080
DUNSTANVILLE, Reginald de Earl of Cornwall b.1118
DUNSTANVILLE, Robert de b.1106
DUNSTANVILLE, Walter de b.1136


DUNSTER, Dorothy b.1619
DUNSTER, Elizabeth a.1619
DUNSTER, Mary a.1629


DUNTON, Ruth b.1670


DUPEE, John b.1688


DUPER, Hannah b.1627


DUPIRREY, Rachel b.1605


DUPLEIX dit SYLVAIN, Claude b.1690


DUPUIS, Angelique b.1692
DUPUIS, Louise Marguerite b.1704


DURANT, David b.1714
DURANT, Elizabeth b.1662
DURANT, John b.1260
DURANT, Mary b.1656
DURANT, Maud b.1339
DURANT, Richard b.1285
DURANT, Thomas b.1310


DURENTINE, Mary b.1700


DURFEE, Miles Horton b.1882


DURFEY, Susanna b.1727


DURGIN, William b.1643


DURHAM, Caroline Louisa b.1807
DURHAM, Henry de b.1253
DURHAM, Isabel de b.1261
DURHAM, Isabel de b.1238
DURHAM, Joan de b.1278
DURHAM, Joan de b.1255
DURHAM, John b.1326
DURHAM, John de b.1259
DURHAM, John de b.1276
DURHAM, John de b.1299
DURHAM, Margaret b.1322
DURHAM, Margery de b.1257
DURHAM, Maud de b.1324
DURHAM, Robert de b.1080
DURHAM, Sabine de b.1263
DURHAM, Thomas de Sheriff of London b.1210
DURHAM, William de Sheriff of London b.1231


DURIN, Jane b.1647


DURLAN, John b.1631


DURSTON, William b.1589


DURWARD, Alan Earl of Atholl b.1203
DURWARD, Anne b.1241
DURWARD, Ermengarde b.1228
DURWARD, Isabel b.1380


DUSTON, Isabel de b.1222
DUSTON, Joan de b.1226
DUSTON, Rose de b.1224
DUSTON, William de b.1164
DUSTON, William de b.1190


DUTCH, Alice b.1637
DUTCH, Barbara a.1677
DUTCH, Christian a.1689
DUTCH, Esther b.1639
DUTCH, Grace a.1629
DUTCH, Grace a.1633
DUTCH, Hezekiah b.1647
DUTCH, John b.1631
DUTCH, Margaret b.1624
DUTCH, Mary b.1643
DUTCH, Mary a.1627
DUTCH, Osman b.1590
DUTCH, Robert b.1621
DUTCH, Samuel b.1645
DUTCH, Susanna a.1683
DUTCH, Susanna a.1679
DUTCH, Susanna b.1632
DUTCH, William a.1635
DUTCH, William b.1631


DUTTON, Adam b.1181
DUTTON, Agnes b.1431
DUTTON, Agnes b.1321
DUTTON, Alice b.1183
DUTTON, Alice de b.1253
DUTTON, Alice de b.1398
DUTTON, Anne b.1532
DUTTON, Anne b.1443
DUTTON, Anne b.1552
DUTTON, Arnold b.1440
DUTTON, Edward de b.1373
DUTTON, Eleanor b.1460
DUTTON, Eleanor b.1451
DUTTON, Elizabeth b.1390
DUTTON, Elizabeth b.1447
DUTTON, Elizabeth b.1435
DUTTON, Ellen b.1433
DUTTON, Geoffrey de b.1207
DUTTON, Geoffrey de b.1270
DUTTON, Hamon de b.1251
DUTTON, Hugh Esquire b.1502
DUTTON, Hugh b.1275
DUTTON, Hugh de Knight b.1276
DUTTON, Hugh de Knight b.1230
DUTTON, Hugh de b.1145
DUTTON, Hugh de Knight b.1175
DUTTON, Isabel b.1445
DUTTON, John b.1538
DUTTON, John b.1453
DUTTON, John b.1429
DUTTON, John b.1179
DUTTON, John Knight b.1402
DUTTON, Katherine b.1310
DUTTON, Katherine de b.1242
DUTTON, Lawrence Knight b.1339
DUTTON, Margaret b.1449
DUTTON, Margaret b.1425
DUTTON, Margaret de b.1255
DUTTON, Margaret de b.1227
DUTTON, Maud b.1427
DUTTON, Peter Esquire b.1441
DUTTON, Peter b.1426
DUTTON, Polly b.1785
DUTTON, Rebecca b.1686
DUTTON, Robert b.1437
DUTTON, Robert de Knight b.1236
DUTTON, Roger b.1423
DUTTON, Thomas Knight b.1421
DUTTON, Thomas b.1177
DUTTON, Thomas de b.1233
DUTTON, Thomas de Sheriff of Cheshire b.1205


DUTY, Eunice b.1745
DUTY, Mark b.1746
DUTY, Mary b.1743
DUTY, Moses b.1742
DUTY, Moses b.1715
DUTY, Samuel b.1696
DUTY, Sarah b.1752
DUTY, William a.1748


DUXFORD, Dorothy b.1535
DUXFORD, James b.1533
DUXFORD, Joan b.1565
DUXFORD, John b.1539
DUXFORD, John b.1510
DUXFORD, Katherine b.1568
DUXFORD, Nicholas b.1563
DUXFORD, Richard b.1537
DUXFORD, William b.1571


DWIGHT, Abigail a.1630
DWIGHT, Deborah a.1629
DWIGHT, Dorothy b.1702
DWIGHT, Hannah a.1626
DWIGHT, John b.1672
DWIGHT, John b.1675
DWIGHT, John a.1603
DWIGHT, John a.1629
DWIGHT, John a.1599
DWIGHT, Judith a.1593
DWIGHT, Lydia a.1632
DWIGHT, Mary b.1635
DWIGHT, Nathaniel b.1606
DWIGHT, Nicholas a.1601
DWIGHT, Sarah b.1638
DWIGHT, Thomas b.1612
DWIGHT, Thomasine b.1591
DWIGHT, Timothy b.1670
DWIGHT, Timothy b.1609
DWIGHT, Timothy b.1631
DWIGHT, William a.1595
DWIGHT, William b.1565


DWYWE, Gwair ap b.599


DYAL, Eloise b.1902
DYAL, Samuel E. b.1818


DYALL, Elizabeth b.1224
DYALL, Timothy Esquire b.1200


DYCSONNE, Anna a.1542


DYER, Abigail b.1695
DYER, Abigail b.1647
DYER, Abigail b.1732
DYER, Abigail b.1731
DYER, Ambrose b.1709
DYER, Amos Whitten b.1813
DYER, Ann b.1674
DYER, Anna b.1729
DYER, Anna b.1762
DYER, Anne b.1575
DYER, Anne b.1699
DYER, Anthony b.1720
DYER, Barrett b.1678
DYER, Bartlett b.1855
DYER, Benjamin b.1688
DYER, Benjamin b.1733
DYER, Benjamin b.1700
DYER, Benjamin b.1653
DYER, Benjamin b.1743
DYER, Benjamin b.1737
DYER, Betsey b.1774
DYER, Charles b.1650
DYER, Christopher b.1722
DYER, Clara b.1786
DYER, Ebenezer b.1698
DYER, Ebenezer b.1697
DYER, Edward b.1670
DYER, Elisha b.1711
DYER, Elisha b.1707
DYER, Elisha b.1672
DYER, Elizabeth b.1671
DYER, Elizabeth b.1579
DYER, Elizabeth b.1625
DYER, Elizabeth b.1663
DYER, Elmira Guptill b.1850
DYER, Ephraim b.1758
DYER, Ephraim b.1727
DYER, Eunice b.1783
DYER, Frances b.1548
DYER, Francis Esquire b.1567
DYER, Fred b.1858
DYER, George a.1735
DYER, George b.1593
DYER, Hannah b.1684
DYER, Hannah b.1717
DYER, Hannah b.1692
DYER, Hannah b.1793
DYER, Hazel M. b.1899
DYER, Henry b.1701
DYER, Henry b.1645
DYER, Henry b.1676
DYER, Henry b.1717
DYER, Henry b.1693
DYER, Henry b.1766
DYER, Ira b.1785
DYER, Isaac b.1734
DYER, Isabel b.1729
DYER, Isabel b.1695
DYER, James b.1721
DYER, Jane b.1542
DYER, Joan b.1571
DYER, John b.1541
DYER, John b.1692
DYER, John b.1711
DYER, John b.1697
DYER, John b.1643
DYER, John b.1745
DYER, John Wallace b.1842
DYER, Jonas b.1709
DYER, Jonathan b.1692
DYER, Joseph b.1686
DYER, Joseph b.1719
DYER, Joseph b.1779
DYER, Joseph b.1653
DYER, Joseph b.1734
DYER, Joseph b.1732
DYER, Joseph b.1702
DYER, Judah b.1701
DYER, Lemuel b.1725
DYER, Levi b.1731
DYER, Levi b.1800
DYER, Lucius b.1799
DYER, Lucretia A. b.1861
DYER, Lucretia A. b.1845
DYER, Lucy b.1770
DYER, Lydia b.1688
DYER, Lydia b.1796
DYER, Mahershallalhashbaz b.1642
DYER, Margaret b.1545
DYER, Margaret a.1610
DYER, Margaret b.1696
DYER, Mary b.1696
DYER, Mary b.1690
DYER, Mary b.1698
DYER, Mary b.1767
DYER, Mary b.1727
DYER, Mary b.1680
DYER, Mary b.1622
DYER, Mary b.1779
DYER, Mary b.1704
DYER, Mary b.1641
DYER, Mary b.1736
DYER, Mary b.1647
DYER, Mehitable b.1700
DYER, N.N. b.1637
DYER, Nathaniel b.1667
DYER, Nicholas a.1606
DYER, Reuben b.1719
DYER, Samuel b.1699
DYER, Samuel b.1724
DYER, Samuel b.1665
DYER, Samuel b.1698
DYER, Samuel a.1635
DYER, Sarah b.1702
DYER, Sarah b.1708
DYER, Sarah b.1649
DYER, Sarah b.1738
DYER, Sarah b.1792
DYER, Stephen b.1567
DYER, Susanna b.1781
DYER, Thomas Knight b.1508
DYER, Thomas b.1693
DYER, Thomas b.1651
DYER, Thomas b.1645
DYER, Thomas b.1612
DYER, Thomas b.1694
DYER, William b.1715
DYER, William b.1693
DYER, William b.1580
DYER, William b.1770
DYER, William a.1634
DYER, William b.1640
DYER, William a.1609
DYER, William b.1690
DYER, William b.1663


DYESS, William Cooper b.1879


DYKEMAN, Alexander b.1845
DYKEMAN, Almon L. b.1915
DYKEMAN, Corrine G. b.1891
DYKEMAN, Emery G. b.1893
DYKEMAN, George Warren b.1868
DYKEMAN, Lillie May b.1872
DYKEMAN, Nancy A. b.1873


DYLIAUNDRAC, Vaelduf ap b.421


DYMOCK, Eleanor b.1563


DYMOKE, Alice b.1497
DYMOKE, Anne b.1564
DYMOKE, Anne b.1466
DYMOKE, Anne b.1458
DYMOKE, Anne b.1500
DYMOKE, Arthur b.1554
DYMOKE, Arthur b.1510
DYMOKE, Charles b.1573
DYMOKE, Charles Knight b.1538
DYMOKE, Dorothy b.1542
DYMOKE, Edward Knight b.1558
DYMOKE, Edward b.1556
DYMOKE, Edward Knight b.1507
DYMOKE, Elizabeth b.1396
DYMOKE, Elizabeth b.1540
DYMOKE, Englesia b.1385
DYMOKE, Frances b.1550
DYMOKE, Francis b.1548
DYMOKE, Henry b.1268
DYMOKE, Jane b.1469
DYMOKE, John b.1560
DYMOKE, John Knight b.1355
DYMOKE, John b.1294
DYMOKE, John Knight b.1320
DYMOKE, Katherine b.1546
DYMOKE, Lionel Knight b.1463
DYMOKE, Margaret b.1566
DYMOKE, Margaret b.1489
DYMOKE, Margaret b.1534
DYMOKE, Margaret b.1504
DYMOKE, Mary b.1568
DYMOKE, Maud b.1492
DYMOKE, Nicholas a.1570
DYMOKE, Nicholas b.1402
DYMOKE, Philip Knight b.1399
DYMOKE, Robert b.1559
DYMOKE, Robert Knight b.1536
DYMOKE, Robert Knight b.1460
DYMOKE, Roger b.1358
DYMOKE, Sarah b.1544
DYMOKE, Susan b.1552
DYMOKE, Tailboys a.1562
DYMOKE, Thomas K.B. b.1353
DYMOKE, Thomas Knight b.1428
DYMOKE, Ursula b.1486
DYMOKE, Walter b.1360


DYNEWELL, Anne b.1515
DYNEWELL, James b.1511
DYNEWELL, Jane b.1513
DYNEWELL, William b.1485


DYNNE, Amy b.1547
DYNNE, Butts a.1552
DYNNE, Cecily b.1512
DYNNE, Elizabeth b.1524
DYNNE, Erasmus b.1543
DYNNE, George a.1557
DYNNE, Henry b.1482
DYNNE, John a.1540
DYNNE, John a.1554
DYNNE, Mary b.1510
DYNNE, Robert Esquire b.1508
DYNNE, Thomas a.1541
DYNNE, William b.1545
DYNNE, Winifred b.1549


EAGER, Hasadiah b.1715
EAGER, Martha b.1693


EAMES, Abigail b.1666
EAMES, Anne b.1596
EAMES, Anthony b.1592
EAMES, Caleb b.1708
EAMES, Elizabeth a.1624
EAMES, Gershom b.1649
EAMES, John a.1586
EAMES, John a.1619
EAMES, Justus a.1627
EAMES, Margery a.1630
EAMES, Mark b.1617
EAMES, Martha b.1654
EAMES, Millicent b.1616
EAMES, Persis a.1621
EAMES, Richard b.1589
EAMES, Thomas b.1560
EAMES, Thomas b.1618


EARDLEY, John Gentleman b.1581


EARL, John b.1667
EARL, Susan b.1790


EARLE, Annis b.1567
EARLE, William a.1561


EAST, David b.1642
EAST, William b.1618


EASTES, Darlene L. b.1892
EASTES, John Watson b.1856
EASTES, Lucille A. b.1893


EASTHAM, Phebe b.1738


EASTMAN, Abigail b.1783
EASTMAN, Benjamin b.1652
EASTMAN, Phillip b.1644
EASTMAN, Ruth b.1662


EASTWELL, Maud de b.1210


EATON, Abigail b.1736
EATON, Abigail a.1757
EATON, Alice b.1533
EATON, Alice b.1564
EATON, Almon b.1816
EATON, Amasa b.1802
EATON, Ann b.1652
EATON, Anne b.1570
EATON, Anne b.1588
EATON, Anne a.1623
EATON, Benjamin b.1723
EATON, Benjamin b.1683
EATON, Benjamin b.1628
EATON, Benjamin b.1766
EATON, Benjamin b.1878
EATON, Benjamin b.1699
EATON, Benjamin b.1664
EATON, Benjamin b.1742
EATON, Benjamin b.1685
EATON, Byron Segers b.1884
EATON, Daniel a.1762
EATON, Daniel a.1635
EATON, Daniel a.1633
EATON, Daniel b.1710
EATON, Daniel b.1704
EATON, David b.1709
EATON, Doral Irvin b.1912
EATON, Dorcas b.1688
EATON, Ebenezer b.1727
EATON, Ebenezer b.1673
EATON, Eliakim b.1742
EATON, Elijah b.1784
EATON, Elijah b.1740
EATON, Elisha b.1705
EATON, Elizabeth b.1871
EATON, Elizabeth b.1707
EATON, Elizabeth a.1624
EATON, Elizabeth a.1754
EATON, Elizabeth a.1599
EATON, Elizabeth a.1630
EATON, Elizabeth b.1650
EATON, Elmer Beckwith b.1869
EATON, Ephraim b.1663
EATON, Ernest b.1875
EATON, Esther b.1643
EATON, Ethel Minerva b.1890
EATON, Eunice Marsale b.1906
EATON, Eva b.1893
EATON, Fidelia b.1823
EATON, Frances b.1819
EATON, Francis a.1596
EATON, Francis a.1746
EATON, Francis b.1703
EATON, Fuller b.1786
EATON, Grace b.1677
EATON, Gwenna E. b.1920
EATON, Hannah b.1731
EATON, Hannah a.1760
EATON, Hannah b.1693
EATON, Hannah a.1632
EATON, Hannah b.1749
EATON, Hester a.1638
EATON, Hiram b.1799
EATON, Irvin b.1879
EATON, Jabez b.1694
EATON, Jacob b.1765
EATON, James b.1691
EATON, Jane b.1568
EATON, Jeremiah Moulton a.1752
EATON, Joan b.1526
EATON, Job a.1596
EATON, Job a.1639
EATON, John b.1710
EATON, John b.1645
EATON, John b.1740
EATON, John b.1737
EATON, John b.1697
EATON, John a.1755
EATON, John b.1498
EATON, John b.1566
EATON, John a.1590
EATON, John b.1645
EATON, John b.1620
EATON, John b.1687
EATON, John b.1665
EATON, John Burton b.1872
EATON, John Segers b.1842
EATON, Jonas b.1714
EATON, Jonas b.1676
EATON, Jonas b.1680
EATON, Jonas b.1738
EATON, Jonathan b.1634
EATON, Jonathan b.1698
EATON, Joseph b.1717
EATON, Joseph b.1681
EATON, Joseph b.1775
EATON, Joseph b.1805
EATON, Joseph a.1760
EATON, Joseph b.1661
EATON, Joseph a.1726
EATON, Joseph Orlando Beckwith b.1839
EATON, Joseph Walker b.1864
EATON, Joshua b.1721
EATON, Joshua b.1715
EATON, Lewis b.1882
EATON, Louisa b.1807
EATON, Luther a.1762
EATON, Lydia b.1758
EATON, Maltiah b.1747
EATON, Margaret b.1530
EATON, Martha b.1648
EATON, Martha b.1695
EATON, Martha a.1723
EATON, Martha b.1767
EATON, Mary b.1719
EATON, Mary b.1753
EATON, Mary b.1739
EATON, Mary b.1701
EATON, Mary b.1626
EATON, Mary b.1536
EATON, Mary b.1562
EATON, Mary b.1656
EATON, Mary b.1685
EATON, Mary b.1710
EATON, Mary b.1643
EATON, Mary Elva b.1904
EATON, Mehitable b.1707
EATON, Mehitable b.1743
EATON, Mercy a.1685
EATON, Minerva Lucinda b.1836
EATON, N.N. b.1631
EATON, Nathan a.1767
EATON, Nathaniel a.1610
EATON, Noah b.1678
EATON, Noah b.1708
EATON, Noah a.1758
EATON, Noah b.1733
EATON, Orlando Henson b.1867
EATON, Osee b.1781
EATON, Phebe b.1712
EATON, Phebe b.1690
EATON, Rachel b.1626
EATON, Rachel a.1606
EATON, Rebecca b.1675
EATON, Richard a.1594
EATON, Richard a.1628
EATON, Ruth b.1745
EATON, Ruth a.1759
EATON, Ruth a.1637
EATON, Ruth a.1729
EATON, Samuel b.1619
EATON, Samuel a.1628
EATON, Samuel a.1608
EATON, Samuel b.1659
EATON, Samuel b.1692
EATON, Sarah b.1670
EATON, Sarah b.1695
EATON, Sarah a.1629
EATON, Sarah b.1650
EATON, Sarah a.1603
EATON, Sarah b.1632
EATON, Sarah b.1654
EATON, Sarah b.1713
EATON, Silas b.1750
EATON, Squire b.1769
EATON, Stephen b.1689
EATON, Susanna b.1743
EATON, Sylvanus b.1812
EATON, Sylvanus b.1734
EATON, Thankful b.1735
EATON, Theophilus a.1631
EATON, Theophilus b.1590
EATON, Thomas b.1679
EATON, Thomas b.1528
EATON, Thomas a.1601
EATON, Thomas a.1592
EATON, Thomas a.1626
EATON, Thomas b.1560
EATON, Thomas b.1647
EATON, Thomas b.1701
EATON, Verne b.1888
EATON, William b.1667
EATON, William b.1797
EATON, William b.1691
EATON, William b.1756
EATON, William b.1717
EATON, William b.1689
EATON, Zera b.1888

Surname List