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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


DAYNES, Castle b.1749


DAYTON, Abraham b.1653
DAYTON, Alice b.1676
DAYTON, Alice a.1620
DAYTON, Beriah b.1672
DAYTON, Caleb b.1659
DAYTON, Daniel b.1657
DAYTON, Elizabeth b.1654
DAYTON, Ellen a.1626
DAYTON, Isaac b.1655
DAYTON, Jacob b.1657
DAYTON, Margaret b.1663
DAYTON, Phebe b.1699
DAYTON, Ralph b.1649
DAYTON, Ralph a.1618
DAYTON, Ralph b.1588
DAYTON, Robert b.1660
DAYTON, Robert a.1629
DAYTON, Samuel b.1651
DAYTON, Samuel b.1666
DAYTON, Samuel a.1624
DAYTON, Sarah b.1716


DEALE, Abiah b.1662
DEALE, Theophilus b.1664
DEALE, William b.1635


DEAN, Abigail b.1784
DEAN, Ashbel b.1763
DEAN, Jonathan a.1693
DEAN, Sarah b.1642


DEANDON, Mabel de b.1241


DEANE, Abel b.1733
DEANE, Abiel a.1700
DEANE, Abijah b.1727
DEANE, Ann b.1744
DEANE, Anna b.1709
DEANE, Benjamin b.1651
DEANE, Benjamin b.1725
DEANE, Benjamin b.1699
DEANE, Bethia b.1697
DEANE, Damaris b.1689
DEANE, David b.1712
DEANE, Deborah b.1675
DEANE, Ebenezer b.1719
DEANE, Ebenezer b.1701
DEANE, Eleanor b.1568
DEANE, Eleanor b.1604
DEANE, Elijah b.1742
DEANE, Elizabeth b.1629
DEANE, Elizabeth b.1687
DEANE, Elizabeth b.1714
DEANE, Elizabeth b.1606
DEANE, Elizabeth b.1650
DEANE, Elizabeth b.1676
DEANE, Elizabeth b.1695
DEANE, Ephraim b.1694
DEANE, Ezra b.1649
DEANE, Hannah b.1672
DEANE, Hannah b.1707
DEANE, Hannah b.1682
DEANE, Isaac b.1706
DEANE, Isaac b.1598
DEANE, Isaac b.1652
DEANE, Isaac b.1735
DEANE, Israel b.1643
DEANE, Israel b.1685
DEANE, Israel b.1685
DEANE, James b.1645
DEANE, Joan b.1570
DEANE, Joan b.1592
DEANE, John b.1705
DEANE, John b.1640
DEANE, John b.1670
DEANE, John b.1600
DEANE, John b.1674
DEANE, Jonas b.1660
DEANE, Joseph b.1716
DEANE, Joseph b.1642
DEANE, Joseph b.1738
DEANE, Josiah b.1707
DEANE, Katherine b.1677
DEANE, Lydia b.1680
DEANE, Lydia b.1704
DEANE, Lydia b.1746
DEANE, Margaret a.1592
DEANE, Margery b.1609
DEANE, Mary b.1702
DEANE, Mary b.1640
DEANE, Mary b.1680
DEANE, Mary b.1687
DEANE, Mehitable b.1671
DEANE, Mehitable b.1697
DEANE, Mercy b.1683
DEANE, Mercy b.1665
DEANE, Miriam b.1631
DEANE, N.N. b.1647
DEANE, N.N. b.1638
DEANE, Naomi b.1681
DEANE, Nathan b.1704
DEANE, Nathaniel b.1647
DEANE, Samuel b.1700
DEANE, Samuel b.1667
DEANE, Sarah b.1694
DEANE, Sarah b.1711
DEANE, Sarah b.1668
DEANE, Sarah b.1692
DEANE, Sarah b.1731
DEANE, Seth b.1740
DEANE, Silence b.1729
DEANE, Stephen b.1600
DEANE, Susan b.1602
DEANE, Susanna b.1634
DEANE, Susanna b.1683
DEANE, Thomas b.1691
DEANE, Thomas b.1673
DEANE, Thomas b.1671
DEANE, Thomas b.1596
DEANE, Thomas b.1638
DEANE, Walter b.1540
DEANE, Walter a.1612
DEANE, William Esquire b.1536
DEANE, William b.1702
DEANE, William b.1594
DEANE, William b.1566
DEANE, Zipporah b.1703


DEARE, Edward b.1635




DEATH, Henry b.1528


DEBENHAM, Elizabeth b.1435
DEBENHAM, Gilbert Knight b.1432
DEBENHAM, Gilbert Knight b.1408


DECATUR, Frederick M. b.1859


DECOSTER, Hannah b.1784
DECOSTER, Roger b.1782


DEDGE, Eliza b.1829
DEDGE, Meniza b.1841


DEERING, Elizabeth b.1670
DEERING, Hannah b.1655
DEERING, Mary b.1653
DEERING, Rachel b.1659
DEERING, Roger b.1698
DEERING, Samuel b.1658
DEERING, Samuel b.1622
DEERING, Sarah b.1662
DEERING, Sarah b.1657


DEES, Mary Alvira b.1875




DEIGHTON, Anne b.1572
DEIGHTON, Damaris a.1616
DEIGHTON, Frances a.1611
DEIGHTON, Geoffrey de b.1210
DEIGHTON, Henry de b.1232
DEIGHTON, Jane a.1609
DEIGHTON, John b.1606
DEIGHTON, John a.1607
DEIGHTON, John a.1568
DEIGHTON, Katherine a.1614
DEIGHTON, Margaret de b.1260
DEIGHTON, Mary b.1618
DEIGHTON, N.N. b.1623
DEIGHTON, Nathaniel b.1575
DEIGHTON, Samuel b.1570
DEIGHTON, Thomas b.1540
DEIGHTON, Thomas a.1621
DEIGHTON, Thomas de b.1235


DEINCOURT, Ada b.1119
DEINCOURT, Albreda b.1222
DEINCOURT, Alice Baroness Deincourt b.1404
DEINCOURT, Aline b.1142
DEINCOURT, Basilia b.1117
DEINCOURT, Edmund Lord Deincourt b.1249
DEINCOURT, Elizabeth b.1355
DEINCOURT, Isabel b.1277
DEINCOURT, John Lord Deincourt b.1382
DEINCOURT, John I b.1140
DEINCOURT, John II Knight b.1211
DEINCOURT, John III b.1275
DEINCOURT, Margaret b.1405
DEINCOURT, Margaret b.1279
DEINCOURT, Margaret b.1339
DEINCOURT, Oliver b.1144
DEINCOURT, Oliver I b.1162
DEINCOURT, Oliver II b.1185
DEINCOURT, Ralph b.1380
DEINCOURT, Ralph b.1089
DEINCOURT, Robert Knight b.1364
DEINCOURT, Walter b.1148
DEINCOURT, Walter II b.1115
DEINCOURT, William Lord Deincourt b.1402
DEINCOURT, William b.1086
DEINCOURT, William Lord Deincourt b.1358
DEINCOURT, William Lord Deincourt b.1299
DEINCOURT, William Knight b.1332


DEIPTT, Ann b.1705
DEIPTT, Elizabeth b.1724
DEIPTT, Jane b.1724
DEIPTT, John b.1703
DEIPTT, John b.1674
DEIPTT, Peter b.1701


DEIVILLE, Adam b.1241
DEIVILLE, Christian b.1278
DEIVILLE, Elena b.1237
DEIVILLE, Elizabeth b.1301
DEIVILLE, Joan b.1315
DEIVILLE, John Knight b.1166
DEIVILLE, John Knight b.1246
DEIVILLE, John Knight b.1276
DEIVILLE, Juliana b.1213
DEIVILLE, Margaret b.1299
DEIVILLE, Margery b.1138
DEIVILLE, Nicholas b.1169
DEIVILLE, Richard b.1085
DEIVILLE, Robert Knight b.1297
DEIVILLE, Robert Knight b.1205
DEIVILLE, Robert I b.1105
DEIVILLE, Robert II b.1135
DEIVILLE, Thomas b.1279


DELANO, Amy b.1713
DELANO, Arvilla F. b.1833
DELANO, Barnabas b.1718
DELANO, Bethiah b.1690
DELANO, Elizabeth b.1722
DELANO, Elizabeth b.1740
DELANO, Esther b.1698
DELANO, Jabez b.1682
DELANO, Jabez b.1708
DELANO, Jane b.1706
DELANO, Jethro b.1701
DELANO, Jethro b.1732
DELANO, Jonathan b.1714
DELANO, Jonathan b.1715
DELANO, Jonathan b.1648
DELANO, Jonathan b.1680
DELANO, Mary b.1683
DELANO, Mary b.1712
DELANO, Mercy b.1686
DELANO, Nathan b.1688
DELANO, Nathan b.1711
DELANO, Nathaniel b.1695
DELANO, Philip a.1603
DELANO, Sarah b.1729
DELANO, Sarah b.1685
DELANO, Sarah b.1706
DELANO, Silvanus b.1720
DELANO, Susanna b.1692
DELANO, Susanna b.1724
DELANO, Thomas b.1704
DELANO, Thomas b.1726
DELANO, Timothy b.1729


DELL, Agnes b.1547
DELL, Anne b.1572
DELL, Ralph b.1596


DELLYS, Elizabeth b.1710


DeLUDE, Arthur b.1904
DeLUDE, James D. b.1928


DeLUNG, Richard Arfaxad b.1838


DELVES, Anne b.1407
DELVES, Beatrice de b.1382
DELVES, Elizabeth b.1462
DELVES, Elizabeth b.1409
DELVES, Elizabeth b.1448
DELVES, Ellen de b.1378
DELVES, Helen b.1465
DELVES, Henry Esquire b.1451
DELVES, Henry b.1420
DELVES, Henry de Knight b.1320
DELVES, Joan b.1413
DELVES, Joan b.1454
DELVES, Johanna de b.1348
DELVES, John Knight b.1440
DELVES, John Knight b.1418
DELVES, John de Sheriff of Stafford b.1346
DELVES, John de Sheriff of Stafford b.1380
DELVES, John de Knight b.1318
DELVES, John de b.1270
DELVES, Margaret b.1458
DELVES, Margaret b.1405
DELVES, Margery b.1411
DELVES, Matilda de b.1376
DELVES, Ralph Esquire b.1442
DELVES, Richard Rector of Warrington b.1445
DELVES, Richard b.1415
DELVES, Richard de Esquire b.1295


DEMAN, Elizabeth b.1730


DEMING, David b.1652
DEMING, Ebenezer b.1655
DEMING, Hannah b.1643
DEMING, John b.1638
DEMING, John b.1610
DEMING, Jonathan b.1639
DEMING, Mary b.1648
DEMING, Mercy b.1650
DEMING, Rachel b.1644
DEMING, Samuel b.1646
DEMING, Sarah b.1641
DEMING, Sarah b.1682


DEMOSTHEN, Angeline M. b.1913


DENBIGH, Robert de b.1248


DENBOW, Richard b.1668


DENEBAUD, Elizabeth b.1419
DENEBAUD, John b.1350
DENEBAUD, John Knight b.1385
DENEBAUD, Thomas b.1320
DENEBAUD, William b.1280


DENHAM, Joseph b.1626
DENHAM, Mary b.1582


DENISON, Charles A. b.1838
DENISON, Daniel b.1671
DENISON, Daniel a.1612
DENISON, Deborah b.1654
DENISON, Edward a.1616
DENISON, Elizabeth b.1642
DENISON, Elizabeth b.1652
DENISON, Frankie D. b.1875
DENISON, George a.1609
DENISON, George a.1620
DENISON, John b.1690
DENISON, John b.1665
DENISON, John b.1640
DENISON, John a.1605
DENISON, John b.1650
DENISON, John b.1613
DENISON, Martha b.1668
DENISON, Mary b.1651
DENISON, Mary a.1654
DENISON, Mary b.1656
DENISON, Mercy b.1718
DENISON, Priscilla b.1648
DENISON, Ruth b.1654
DENISON, Sarah a.1615
DENISON, Sarah b.1659
DENISON, William a.1606
DENISON, William a.1571
DENISON, William b.1664


DENMAN, Anne b.1582
DENMAN, Barbara b.1585
DENMAN, Christian b.1556
DENMAN, Francis b.1535
DENMAN, Nicholas Esquire b.1505
DENMAN, Philip b.1646
DENMAN, William b.1574


DENMARK, Anne of b.1574
DENMARK, Ingeborg of b.1175
DENMARK, James b.1666
DENMARK, Margaret of b.1456


DENNE, Elizabeth b.1619


DENNEN, Nicholas b.1642


DENNETT, Alexander b.1660
DENNETT, Grace b.1674


DENNINGTON, Agnes de b.1277
DENNINGTON, Andrew de b.1249
DENNINGTON, Robert de b.1225
DENNINGTON, Simon de b.1282
DENNINGTON, William de b.1253


DENNIS, Agnes b.1673
DENNIS, Alison b.1544
DENNIS, Ann b.1626
DENNIS, Elizabeth a.1752
DENNIS, Frances b.1548
DENNIS, Henry b.1553
DENNIS, Hugh Esquire b.1520
DENNIS, John b.1542
DENNIS, John Devereux a.1739
DENNIS, Mary b.1641
DENNIS, Mary b.1660
DENNIS, Walter b.1546
DENNIS, William b.1550


DENNY, Anne b.1570
DENNY, Anthony b.1567
DENNY, Anthony Knight b.1501
DENNY, Arthur a.1563
DENNY, Arthur b.1549
DENNY, Barbara a.1606
DENNY, Douglas b.1544
DENNY, Edmund Knight b.1461
DENNY, Edward Earl of Norwich b.1569
DENNY, Edward Knight b.1547
DENNY, Elizabeth b.1491
DENNY, Elizabeth b.1517
DENNY, Etheldred b.1527
DENNY, Florence b.1855
DENNY, Gertrude b.1521
DENNY, Henry b.1572
DENNY, Henry Knight b.1540
DENNY, Honora b.1591
DENNY, Honora b.1542
DENNY, John Esquire b.1524
DENNY, Joyce b.1506
DENNY, Katherine b.1565
DENNY, Margaret b.1568
DENNY, Martha b.1503
DENNY, Mary b.1497
DENNY, Mary b.1539
DENNY, Mary a.1598
DENNY, Robert b.1564
DENNY, Thomas Esquire b.1494
DENNY, Ursula b.1519


DENNYS, Alice b.1441
DENNYS, Anne b.1472
DENNYS, Henry le b.1235
DENNYS, Margaret le b.1260


DENSLOW, Joan b.1627


DENSTON, Felice b.1420
DENSTON, William Esquire b.1395


DENT, John b.1560
DENT, Julia Boggs b.1826


DENTON, Abigail b.1660
DENTON, Alexander de Knight b.1228
DENTON, Alice b.1472
DENTON, Anne b.1508
DENTON, Anne b.1476
DENTON, Clement b.1682
DENTON, Isabel b.1504
DENTON, Jane b.1506
DENTON, John b.1500
DENTON, John Esquire b.1440
DENTON, Margaret de b.1253
DENTON, Susan Nun b.1511
DENTON, Thomas b.1502
DENTON, Thomas Esquire b.1474


DENYS, Agnes b.1368
DENYS, Alice b.1385
DENYS, Alice b.1455
DENYS, Anne b.1467
DENYS, Anne b.1501
DENYS, Bridget b.1513
DENYS, Eleanor b.1509
DENYS, Emme b.1453
DENYS, Francis b.1505
DENYS, Francis b.1458
DENYS, Gilbert Sheriff of Gloucestershire b.1352
DENYS, Hugh b.1445
DENYS, Isabel b.1447
DENYS, Isabel b.1507
DENYS, Jane b.1449
DENYS, Jane b.1477
DENYS, John b.1515
DENYS, John b.1474
DENYS, John b.1433
DENYS, Katherine b.1480
DENYS, Katherine b.1503
DENYS, Margaret Nun b.1413
DENYS, Margaret b.1511
DENYS, Mary Nun b.1517
DENYS, Matilda b.1407
DENYS, Maurice Knight b.1495
DENYS, Maurice b.1451
DENYS, Maurice Sheriff of Gloucestershire b.1409
DENYS, Richard Priest b.1416
DENYS, Richard b.1472
DENYS, Thomas b.1499
DENYS, Walter b.1540
DENYS, Walter Knight b.1493
DENYS, Walter Knight b.1431
DENYS, William b.1411
DENYS, William b.1497
DENYS, William b.1327
DENYS, William Knight b.1470


DENZELL, Anne b.1516


DEPEDEN, John Knight b.1344


DERBY, David b.1698
DERBY, Edward b.1691
DERBY, Edward b.1688
DERBY, Edward b.1665
DERBY, Jonathan b.1698
DERBY, Joseph P. b.1811
DERBY, Mary b.1644
DERBY, N.N. b.1596
DERBY, Samuel b.1689
DERBY, Sarah b.1693
DERBY, Thomas b.1657


DEREHAUGH, Agnes b.1503
DEREHAUGH, Alice b.1449
DEREHAUGH, Alice a.1583
DEREHAUGH, Anne b.1580
DEREHAUGH, Bridget b.1594
DEREHAUGH, Dorothy b.1592
DEREHAUGH, Edmund a.1582
DEREHAUGH, Elizabeth b.1614
DEREHAUGH, Elizabeth b.1447
DEREHAUGH, Isabel b.1539
DEREHAUGH, Joan a.1541
DEREHAUGH, John b.1472
DEREHAUGH, John b.1445
DEREHAUGH, John b.1533
DEREHAUGH, John a.1585
DEREHAUGH, Julian b.1537
DEREHAUGH, Margaret b.1530
DEREHAUGH, Mary a.1547
DEREHAUGH, Mary a.1581
DEREHAUGH, Reginald a.1556
DEREHAUGH, Robert b.1418
DEREHAUGH, Robert b.1475
DEREHAUGH, Robert b.1505
DEREHAUGH, Robert b.1470
DEREHAUGH, Samuel b.1596
DEREHAUGH, Susan a.1587
DEREHAUGH, Thomas b.1590
DEREHAUGH, Thomas b.1500
DEREHAUGH, William Gentleman b.1559


DERHAM, Elizabeth b.1464
DERHAM, John b.1466
DERHAM, Thomas Esquire b.1440


DERIFIELD, Ann b.1615


DERING, Anne b.1532
DERING, Anthony a.1603
DERING, Anthony b.1620
DERING, Anthony Esquire b.1537
DERING, Anthony Knight b.1561
DERING, Bathshira a.1609
DERING, Bennett b.1535
DERING, Bennett a.1568
DERING, Charles a.1606
DERING, Christopher a.1611
DERING, Christopher Esquire b.1550
DERING, Dorothy b.1600
DERING, Edward b.1539
DERING, Edward a.1575
DERING, Edward Knight b.1598
DERING, Edward Knight b.1625
DERING, Elizabeth b.1572
DERING, Elizabeth a.1627
DERING, Frances b.1613
DERING, George a.1569
DERING, Henry b.1601
DERING, Jane b.1604
DERING, Jane a.1563
DERING, John b.1615
DERING, John Esquire b.1541
DERING, John Esquire b.1503
DERING, Margaret b.1544
DERING, Margaret a.1607
DERING, Martha b.1547
DERING, Nicholas a.1605
DERING, Richard a.1579
DERING, Richard Esquire b.1530
DERING, Robert b.1599
DERING, Tabitha a.1609
DERING, Thomas a.1617
DERING, Thomas a.1565
DERING, Twisden a.1566


DERLAVESTON, Alina de b.1145
DERLAVESTON, Emma de b.1150
DERLAVESTON, Orm "le Guidon" de b.1090
DERLAVESTON, Petronilla de b.1185
DERLAVESTON, Ralph de b.1147
DERLAVESTON, Richard de b.1065


DERNFORD, Joan b.1474
DERNFORD, Stephen b.1390


DERRICK, John b.1668


DERRINGTON, Francis Bertram b.1867


DESBOROUGH, Abigail b.1649
DESBOROUGH, Agnes b.1526
DESBOROUGH, Alice a.1574
DESBOROUGH, Alice b.1516
DESBOROUGH, Anna a.1613
DESBOROUGH, Elenor b.1524
DESBOROUGH, Elizabeth b.1627
DESBOROUGH, Elizabeth b.1529
DESBOROUGH, Elizabeth b.1554
DESBOROUGH, George a.1573
DESBOROUGH, Hannah b.1645
DESBOROUGH, Henry a.1578
DESBOROUGH, Henry b.1552
DESBOROUGH, Henry b.1520
DESBOROUGH, Henry a.1611
DESBOROUGH, Jeffrey b.1522
DESBOROUGH, Joan a.1627
DESBOROUGH, John a.1571
DESBOROUGH, John a.1629
DESBOROUGH, John a.1618
DESBOROUGH, John b.1518
DESBOROUGH, John b.1490
DESBOROUGH, John b.1546
DESBOROUGH, John a.1626
DESBOROUGH, Justina a.1631
DESBOROUGH, Margaret a.1622
DESBOROUGH, Margaret b.1548
DESBOROUGH, Mary a.1582
DESBOROUGH, Mary a.1625
DESBOROUGH, Mary a.1617
DESBOROUGH, Mary b.1634
DESBOROUGH, Mary a.1616
DESBOROUGH, Mary b.1641
DESBOROUGH, Nicholas a.1583
DESBOROUGH, Nicholas a.1614
DESBOROUGH, Peter a.1581
DESBOROUGH, Peter b.1633
DESBOROUGH, Phebe a.1615
DESBOROUGH, Phebe a.1646
DESBOROUGH, Richard b.1556
DESBOROUGH, Samuel a.1571
DESBOROUGH, Sarah a.1620
DESBOROUGH, Sarah b.1643
DESBOROUGH, Thomas b.1522
DESBOROUGH, Walter b.1585
DESBOROUGH, Walter a.1621
DESBOROUGH, William b.1550
DESBOROUGH, William a.1618


DESEYN, Barbara b.1580


DESKINS, Eliza J. b.1879
DESKINS, Elizabeth b.1877
DESKINS, Emma b.1892
DESKINS, Francis Marion b.1851
DESKINS, George Franklin b.1883
DESKINS, John Albert b.1856
DESKINS, Lafayette b.1873
DESKINS, Lydia Maggie b.1897
DESKINS, Martha Louise b.1890
DESKINS, Mary Louise b.1877
DESKINS, Rebecca E. b.1889
DESKINS, Sarah b.1881
DESKINS, William Patton b.1876


DESMAREST, Marguerite Vincent a.1733


DESPENSER, Adam le Knight b.1230
DESPENSER, Aline le b.1294
DESPENSER, Anne le b.1363
DESPENSER, Aymer le b.1150
DESPENSER, Cecily le b.1371
DESPENSER, Edward le b.1369
DESPENSER, Edward le Lord le Despenser b.1336
DESPENSER, Edward le Knight b.1310
DESPENSER, Eleanor le Nun b.1314
DESPENSER, Eleanor le b.1259
DESPENSER, Elizabeth le b.1297
DESPENSER, Elizabeth le b.1398
DESPENSER, Elizabeth le b.1365
DESPENSER, Elizabeth le b.1325
DESPENSER, Geoffrey le b.1144
DESPENSER, Geoffrey le b.1196
DESPENSER, Gilbert le b.1342
DESPENSER, Gilbert le Knight b.1320
DESPENSER, Hawise le b.1345
DESPENSER, Henry le Bishop of Norwich b.1340
DESPENSER, Hugh le b.1375
DESPENSER, Hugh le Lord le Despenser b.1308
DESPENSER, Hugh le b.1339
DESPENSER, Hugh le b.1186
DESPENSER, Hugh le Justiciar of England b.1220
DESPENSER, Hugh le Earl of Winchester b.1261
DESPENSER, Hugh le Lord le Despenser b.1286
DESPENSER, Isabel le b.1400
DESPENSER, Isabel le b.1292
DESPENSER, Isabel le b.1312
DESPENSER, Joan le Nun b.1316
DESPENSER, Joan le b.1367
DESPENSER, Joan le b.1265
DESPENSER, John le b.1369
DESPENSER, John le b.1322
DESPENSER, Juliane le b.1183
DESPENSER, Margaret le Nun b.1318
DESPENSER, Margaret le b.1290
DESPENSER, Margaret le b.1260
DESPENSER, Margaret le b.1367
DESPENSER, Margery le Lady Ros b.1397
DESPENSER, Muriel le b.1188
DESPENSER, Pernel le b.1210
DESPENSER, Philip le Knight b.1365
DESPENSER, Philip le Knight b.1288
DESPENSER, Philip le Lord Despenser a.1342
DESPENSER, Philip le Knight b.1313
DESPENSER, Richard le Lord Despenser b.1396
DESPENSER, Robert le b.1372
DESPENSER, Rohese le b.1190
DESPENSER, Thomas le Earl of Gloucester b.1373
DESPENSER, Thomas le Knight b.1337
DESPENSER, Thomas le b.1193
DESPENSER, Thomas le b.1165


DETHICK, Isabel b.1371


DEVENISH, Faith b.1510


DEVERELL, Alice a.1601
DEVERELL, Bridget a.1599
DEVERELL, Grisell a.1596
DEVERELL, Jane a.1591
DEVERELL, Mary a.1587
DEVERELL, Ralph a.1593
DEVERELL, Robert b.1559
DEVERELL, Sybel a.1594


DEVEREUX, Anne b.1491
DEVEREUX, Anne b.1537
DEVEREUX, Anne b.1434
DEVEREUX, Dorothy b.1601
DEVEREUX, Dorothy b.1564
DEVEREUX, Elizabeth b.1546
DEVEREUX, Elizabeth b.1456
DEVEREUX, Elizabeth b.1410
DEVEREUX, Frances b.1599
DEVEREUX, Francis b.1573
DEVEREUX, George Knight b.1542
DEVEREUX, Henry a.1595
DEVEREUX, Henry b.1510
DEVEREUX, Joan de b.1380
DEVEREUX, John Lord Ferrers of Chartley b.1463
DEVEREUX, John de Lord Devereux b.1382
DEVEREUX, John de Lord Devereux b.1332
DEVEREUX, Penelope b.1562
DEVEREUX, Richard Knight b.1512
DEVEREUX, Robert Earl of Essex a.1591
DEVEREUX, Robert Earl of Essex b.1566
DEVEREUX, Walter a.1593
DEVEREUX, Walter Esquire a.1570
DEVEREUX, Walter Viscount Hereford b.1489
DEVEREUX, Walter Earl of Essex b.1539
DEVEREUX, Walter Esquire b.1387
DEVEREUX, Walter Lord Ferrers of Chartley b.1432
DEVEREUX, Walter Knight b.1408
DEVEREUX, Walter Knight b.1365
DEVEREUX, William Knight b.1515


DEVEROIS, William Lord Deverois b.1292


DEVOTION, Mary a.1648


DEWEY, Ann b.1643
DEWEY, Ebenezer b.1679
DEWEY, Israel b.1645
DEWEY, Thomas b.1664
DEWEY, Zerviah b.1726


DEWING, Jonathan b.1692


DeWOLF, Benjamin b.1695


DEWSBURY, Esther b.1613


DEWYAS, John Knight b.1244


DEXTER, Abigail b.1712
DEXTER, Abigail b.1674
DEXTER, Alice b.1635
DEXTER, Ann b.1641
DEXTER, Elizabeth b.1637
DEXTER, John b.1703
DEXTER, John b.1671
DEXTER, John b.1639
DEXTER, Lydia b.1702
DEXTER, Mary b.1705
DEXTER, Mary b.1617
DEXTER, Nathan b.1722
DEXTER, Richard b.1714
DEXTER, Richard b.1606
DEXTER, Richard b.1676
DEXTER, Ruth b.1706
DEXTER, Sarah b.1699
DEXTER, Sarah b.1644
DEXTER, Sarah b.1674
DEXTER, Susanna b.1710
DEXTER, Timothy b.1715
DEXTER, William b.1707


DEYNSELL, Elizabeth b.1439


DIAMOND, Aholiab b.1650
DIAMOND, Aholiab b.1679
DIAMOND, Benjamin a.1689
DIAMOND, Edward a.1687
DIAMOND, Edward b.1642
DIAMOND, Hannah b.1694
DIAMOND, Joseph a.1687
DIAMOND, Mary b.1672
DIAMOND, Mary b.1741
DIAMOND, Mary b.1670
DIAMOND, Rebecca b.1675
DIAMOND, Richard a.1687
DIAMOND, Thomas b.1684
DIAMOND, William b.1671


DIBBLE, Abigail b.1667
DIBBLE, Diana b.1827
DIBBLE, Ebenezer a.1641
DIBBLE, Eliza Ann b.1829
DIBBLE, Elizabeth b.1693
DIBBLE, Hepzibah b.1669
DIBBLE, Hepzibah a.1642
DIBBLE, Israel b.1637
DIBBLE, Joanna b.1672
DIBBLE, Mindwell b.1680
DIBBLE, Miriam a.1645
DIBBLE, Patience b.1687
DIBBLE, Phebe a.1716
DIBBLE, Samuel b.1677
DIBBLE, Samuel b.1675
DIBBLE, Samuel a.1644
DIBBLE, Thankful b.1685
DIBBLE, Thomas b.1647
DIBBLE, Thomas b.1613


DICHFIELD, John b.1559


DICHONS, Alice b.1474


DICKEN, Susannah b.1714


DICKERMAN, Abigail b.1670
DICKERMAN, Abraham b.1673
DICKERMAN, Abraham b.1634
DICKERMAN, Hannah b.1665
DICKERMAN, Hannah b.1622
DICKERMAN, Isaac b.1677
DICKERMAN, Isaac b.1637
DICKERMAN, John b.1628
DICKERMAN, Mary b.1660
DICKERMAN, Rebecca b.1679
DICKERMAN, Ruth b.1668
DICKERMAN, Sarah b.1663
DICKERMAN, Thomas b.1625
DICKERMAN, Thomas b.1595


DICKERSON, Daniel b.1695
DICKERSON, Elizabeth b.1693
DICKERSON, Nathaniel b.1697
DICKERSON, Sybil b.1699
DICKERSON, Thomas b.1652


DICKINSON, Abigail b.1662
DICKINSON, Ann a.1636
DICKINSON, Ann b.1604
DICKINSON, Azariah b.1648
DICKINSON, Charity b.1776
DICKINSON, Elizabeth a.1628
DICKINSON, Elizabeth b.1652
DICKINSON, Hannah b.1671
DICKINSON, Hezekiah b.1646
DICKINSON, Jabez b.1660
DICKINSON, James b.1640
DICKINSON, James b.1675
DICKINSON, John a.1624
DICKINSON, John b.1648
DICKINSON, John b.1642
DICKINSON, John b.1615
DICKINSON, Joseph a.1630
DICKINSON, Joseph b.1654
DICKINSON, Lydia b.1662
DICKINSON, Martha b.1649
DICKINSON, Mary b.1642
DICKINSON, Mary b.1640
DICKINSON, Mehitable b.1667
DICKINSON, Mercy b.1646
DICKINSON, Mercy b.1657
DICKINSON, Nathaniel a.1601
DICKINSON, Nathaniel a.1627
DICKINSON, Nehemiah b.1643
DICKINSON, Obadiah b.1641
DICKINSON, Phebe b.1657
DICKINSON, Samuel b.1638
DICKINSON, Samuel a.1634
DICKINSON, Samuel b.1665
DICKINSON, Sarah b.1644
DICKINSON, Thomas b.1655
DICKINSON, Thomas b.1614
DICKINSON, Thomas a.1632
DICKINSON, Thomas b.1554
DICKINSON, Thomas b.1694


DICKLEY, Robert b.1528


DICKS, Andrew b.1829
DICKS, Ann b.1785
DICKS, Ann b.1809
DICKS, Davy b.1880
DICKS, Elizabeth b.1825
DICKS, Elizabeth b.1803
DICKS, Isaac b.1833
DICKS, James b.1836
DICKS, James b.1813
DICKS, Jane b.1818
DICKS, John b.1782
DICKS, Joseph b.1819
DICKS, Joseph b.1811
DICKS, Josias b.1780
DICKS, Martha b.1805
DICKS, Martin b.1831
DICKS, Mary b.1815
DICKS, N.N. b.1845
DICKS, Nancy b.1778
DICKS, Sarah b.1821
DICKS, Thomas b.1807
DICKS, William b.1776
DICKS, William b.1754
DICKS, William b.1817
DICKS, William Gaston b.1822


DICKSON, Hannah b.1774
DICKSON, John Henry b.1853
DICKSON, William b.1739


DIESSEN, Berthold II von Count of Diessen b.1015
DIESSEN, Berthold III von Count of Diessen b.1040
DIESSEN, Berthold IV von Count of Diessen b.1080
DIESSEN, Friedrich I von b.975
DIESSEN, Friedrich II von Count of Diessen b.1010
DIESSEN, Haziga von Countess of Diessen b.1034
DIESSEN, Otto I von Count of Diessen b.1012
DIESSEN, Ute von b.1038


DIGBY, Abigail b.1614
DIGBY, Abigail b.1616
DIGBY, Agnes b.1468
DIGBY, Agnes b.1499
DIGBY, Alice b.1494
DIGBY, Alice b.1495
DIGBY, Alice b.1531
DIGBY, Ambrose b.1528
DIGBY, Anne b.1643
DIGBY, Anne b.1492
DIGBY, Anthony b.1515
DIGBY, Benjamin b.1479
DIGBY, Diana a.1637
DIGBY, Dorothy b.1503
DIGBY, Dudley a.1551
DIGBY, Edward a.1539
DIGBY, Elizabeth b.1486
DIGBY, Elizabeth a.1584
DIGBY, Elizabeth a.1585
DIGBY, Essex Bishop of Dromore a.1611
DIGBY, Everard b.1500
DIGBY, Everard b.1415
DIGBY, Everard b.1545
DIGBY, Everard Esquire b.1440
DIGBY, Everard Knight b.1470
DIGBY, Francis b.1640
DIGBY, George a.1635
DIGBY, George Earl of Bristol b.1612
DIGBY, George a.1600
DIGBY, George Knight a.1549
DIGBY, Gerald a.1603
DIGBY, Isabel b.1526
DIGBY, John b.1617
DIGBY, John Earl of Bristol a.1634
DIGBY, John Knight b.1513
DIGBY, John b.1602
DIGBY, John Esquire b.1525
DIGBY, John a.1580
DIGBY, John a.1572
DIGBY, John Knight b.1464
DIGBY, John Earl of Bristol b.1586
DIGBY, Katherine b.1510
DIGBY, Kenelm Sheriff of Rutland b.1512
DIGBY, Lettice a.1604
DIGBY, Libaeus b.1528
DIGBY, Libaeus Knight b.1476
DIGBY, Mabel b.1609
DIGBY, Margaret b.1534
DIGBY, Margery b.1524
DIGBY, Mary a.1610
DIGBY, Philip b.1613
DIGBY, Philip a.1577
DIGBY, Reginald a.1553
DIGBY, Reginald Esquire b.1497
DIGBY, Robert Lord Digby of Geashill a.1599
DIGBY, Robert Knight a.1575
DIGBY, Rowland b.1497
DIGBY, Rowland b.1540
DIGBY, Rowland b.1472
DIGBY, Sarah b.1493
DIGBY, Simon b.1490
DIGBY, Simon Knight b.1466
DIGBY, Simon b.1607
DIGBY, Simon a.1552
DIGBY, Simon Esquire b.1516
DIGBY, Thomas Knight b.1474
DIGBY, Thomas b.1502
DIGBY, William b.1523
DIGBY, William Esquire b.1488


DIGGES, Anne b.1616
DIGGES, Anne b.1543
DIGGES, Anne b.1657
DIGGES, Aymer b.1416
DIGGES, Cecily b.1384
DIGGES, Dudley b.1614
DIGGES, Dudley Knight b.1583
DIGGES, Edmund Rector of Stone b.1320
DIGGES, Edward Governor of Virginia a.1621
DIGGES, Elizabeth a.1617
DIGGES, Elizabeth b.1382
DIGGES, Francis a.1620
DIGGES, Herbert a.1628
DIGGES, Isabel b.1463
DIGGES, Isabel Nun b.1393
DIGGES, James Esquire b.1472
DIGGES, Joan b.1462
DIGGES, Joan b.1390
DIGGES, John b.1612
DIGGES, John b.1499
DIGGES, John b.1318
DIGGES, John b.1289
DIGGES, John Esquire b.1440
DIGGES, John Esquire b.1414
DIGGES, John Esquire b.1387
DIGGES, John Esquire b.1347
DIGGES, Leonard a.1622
DIGGES, Leonard b.1588
DIGGES, Leonard Esquire b.1510
DIGGES, Mary b.1625
DIGGES, Mary b.1541
DIGGES, Richard a.1631
DIGGES, Roger Esquire b.1316
DIGGES, Sarah b.1549
DIGGES, Thomas b.1610
DIGGES, Thomas Esquire b.1546
DIGGES, Thomas b.1421
DIGGES, Thomas b.1314
DIGGES, William b.1443
DIGGES, William b.1418


DIHARS, Jean b.1665


DIKEMAN, Bette b.1742


DILKE, Anna b.1536
DILKE, Anne b.1593
DILKE, Anthony b.1590
DILKE, Clement Gentleman a.1596
DILKE, Dorothy b.1562
DILKE, Edward b.1534
DILKE, George b.1558
DILKE, John b.1538
DILKE, Mary b.1599
DILKE, Richard b.1570
DILKE, Richard b.1532
DILKE, Roger b.1602
DILKE, Susan b.1605
DILKE, Thomas b.1507
DILKE, Thomas Knight b.1567
DILKE, William Gentleman b.1560

Surname List