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Julia Brush Collection, Genealogy Club of Newtown, Connecticut

Genealogy Club of Newtown, Connecticut

25 Main Street
Newtown, CT 06470
203 426 4533 (information)

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The Julia Brush Collection is nationally recognized collection of over 900 volumes on the families and local history of neighboring Connecticut towns. Bequeathed to the C. H. Booth Library on the death of Julia Brush, nee Clark, in 1942, The collection has been continually expanded using money that was put into trust by a provision of the Brush will. To get information from these files, please contact us at [email protected].

Julia Brush Index of Family Names:

Abbot - John Abbot (1727 - )
Adams - See Abbot
Allen - See Hatch
Appleton - See Edmond
Baker - See Nichols
Baldwin - Caleb, early Town Clerk
Baldwin - Charles (1707-1783), Milford
Baldwin - See Hatch File
Baldwin - See Seeley File
Banks - John (1643-1685), Windsor, Fairfield
Barlow - Ancestry of Eulalie G. (Barlow) Miner
Barnum - Bible records - Wm Crofut, Robert Downs, etc.
Barnum - See Dibble
Barnum - See Tousey File
Barnum - See Weston File
Bassett - Seven Bassett deeds 1804-1845
Bassett - See Bennett File
Bates - Lyman, Samuel (1786-1859); ;letters, Mrs. David Bliss to Mrs. Alice Stanley
Beach - Deed, John Beach to Webb Tomlinson 1791
Beardsley - Bible records
Beebe - See Dibble
Beers - Five Letters from James B. Beers, ca 1863
Beers - Beers family deeds 1783-1815; handwritten genealogy of Beers family
Beers - Mary Louise Regan, Illinois Beers Families, 1980
Beers - See Sherman File
Bennett - John Bennett-Deborah Grover family
Berry - See Hatch
Betts -List of males in Betts genealogy
Blackman - Simon Blackman-Lucy Northrup chart; notebook
Blackman - Blackman, Adams, Crosby, Emerson, Sherman
Blackman - Bible Record James Leroy Blackman (1845)
Blackman - V.W. Willis Blackman Line, 1978
Booth - Family records
Botsford - Genealogy, bible records, deeds
Boughton - DAR application, genealogies
Bradley - See Baldwin
Brenner - Stephen R. Brennen, The Family of Joseph & Edith Brenner, 1995.
Brooks - Brooks Family Genealogy
Brooks - See Sibley file
Brush - George Rowan Brush Brush Family in America 1891; Brush lineage from Thomas Brush
Brush - Bible of Jarvis Brush; Clarke and Blackman lineage of Julia Brush
Buchecker - Marriage, baptism, church membership certificates of Francis & Eleonora C. (Mohr) Buchecker 1871-1878
Burr - See Hawley
Byington - See Hatch
Camp - Camp family notes; typescript genealogy, probate records; estate distribution, Joel Camp 1819
Chambers - Fourteen deeds of Asa & Thomas O. Chambers, 1782-1834
Clark - See Baldwin file; See Brush file
Clark - Fan chart ancestry of Robert Adams Clark b: Zoar 1832; birth records Eliza Clark
Clark - Letter re Clark family from Susan W. Abbott of Milford 1948;
Clark - Indenture from Daniel Clark binding Peter Lewis servant to Zachariah  Clark 1798
Clarke - See Brush file
Close - See Peck
Conkling - See Brush
Coultrip - Printed booklet on Coultrip-Cramblit lineage
Cramblit - See Coultrip
Crofut - See Barnum; see Downs
Crosby - See Blackman
Curtis - Deed to Moses Shepard and Matthew Curtis, 1795; deed to Hannah Judson Curtis from her father, David Judson, 1791; booklet, Matthew Curtiss, Jr. and his house.
Curtiss - Pedigree of Lt. Matthew Curtis, Jr., miscellaneous notes
Darling -Pedigree of Ernest Howard Darling, Hamilton, Ont.
Davis - See Hatch
Deforest - See Brush
Dibble - Handwritten descendants of Wakefield Dibble of Windsor, CT, including Ferry, Barnum, Beebe, Hoyt, and Smith families; DAR application by Mary Hawley Clark, des. of Capt. Ezra Dibble; translated Bible record of Samuel and Sarah (Trowbridge) Dibble; Van Buren Lamb, History of the Dibble Family.
Downs - See Barnum
Dunning - See Murray
Eaton - Maude Venice Gates, Eaton Genealogy, 1900
Edmond - See Booth
Emerson - See Blackman
Fairchild - Genealogy of Thomas Fairchild, 1670-1895
Fairman - See Hollister
Fancher - Booklet, correspondence and family group sheet
Farnham - Typescript lineage of John Farnham, d: 1700, to George Farnham, 1846-1925
Ferry - See Dibble
Floyd - See Brush File
Follett - See Sibley File
Folliott - See Brush File
Foot - See Johnson File
Foote - Joan W. Hantel The Ledger of Peter Foot (e) of Newtown, CT 1780-1805
Garnsey - Typescript genelaogy of Joseph Garnsey d: 1658
Gedney - Typescript genealogy of John Gedney of Salam, 1637
Gilbert - Gilbert and Guyer family notes; Hiram Gilbert genealogy 1885
Glover - Deed, John Glover to Daniel Glover 1768; Steve Glover A History of the Glovers of Hastings...1990
Goodsell - Lewis Goodsell, Goodsell-Hinman Family History  1973
Grandin - Ruth Beardsley Parker History of my Grandin and Beardsley Families and Related Lines 1998
Grumman - Genealogy of Grumman family; handwritten on wallpaper; corresp. re Grumman family
Gunn - See Botsford File
Hamilton - Myrtle M. Jillson genealogy of William Hamilton family
Hard - Benjamin Hard Gardner Genealogy of the Hard Family, 1953
Harrington - see Brush File
Harrison - Connie M. Keeling Some Descendants of Richard Harrison of New Haven  1978
Hatch - Corresp. Charles Lathrop Pack to Julia Brush re Hatch family
Hatch - Draft of portions of Hatch genealogy from Thomas Hatch of Dorchester
Hatch - Lineage of Charles Lathop Pack from Hon. Richard Treat of Wethersfield
Hatch - Genealogies of Baldwin, Byington, Abia, Davis, and Ebenezer Hatch
Hatch - Notes by Julia Brush re Hatch and Brush families
Hatch - Typescript drat re Joseph Hatch 1689-1750 family
Hatch - Typescript draft of Jonathan Hatch family of Barnstable; ancestry of Henry Reynolds Hatch
Hatch - Ltr Julia Brush to Charles Lathrop Peck re Falmouth homestead of Jonathan Hatch
Hatch - Drafts of Hatch genealogy
Hatch - Timothy Hatch of Falmouth and Kent, CT; Oliver Hatch children; Alice Gertrude Hatch
Hatch - Abijah Berry Hatch of Grande Isle, CT; Thomas and Judd family
Hatch - James Allen of Martha's Vineyard; notes on Berry family of New Hampshire
Hatch - Lemuel Hatch b 1735; Samuel Hatch b: 1736; Ebenezer Hatch b: 1765
Hawley - See Booth file
Hawley -Vital records of Holly/Holley family of Vermont
Hawley - Notebook on Hawley and Holly Families
Hawley - Description of Capt. John Holly of Stratford by Clifford A. Johnson of Newtown
Hawley - Joseph Hawley our Ancestor 1924 by Emily C. Hawley
Hawley - Lena Stockwell Veatch McFarland and Wanda Veatch Clark Family of Ira Hawley 1960
Hawley - Bond, Nichols Wheeler to Jabez Hawley 1822
Hawley - Marcus C. Hawley; Legrand Lewis 1826; will of Mary C. Hawley; passport Marcus Hawley
Hawley - Mary Hawley will and town meetings re establishment of C.H. Booth Library
Hawley - Bible record of Philo and Abigail (Burr) Hawley including James and Jastina Burr family
Hinman - See Goodsell File
Hollister - Timothy and Rebecca (Starr) Hollister (Bible Record) and misc. notes
Holly - See Hawley Files
Hopkins - See Edmond File
Horton - See Rockwell File
Hotchkiss - See Murray File
Hoyt - See Brush File; See Dibble File
Hoyt - Julia Brush notes on Hoyt, Haight, Hoit; Rusco, Sellick, Leach
Johnson - Deeds Ezra L. and William C. Johnson; military commissions to Dennis Kimberly
Johnson - Deeds of the Johnson family, 1754-1874
Johnson - Bills to Town of Newtown; sermons E.L. Johnson & Frederick Foot Johnson; poems
Johnson - Handwritten genealogy of the Johnson family
Johnson - Notes on genealogy of the Judson family
Judd - See Hatch file
Judson - See Hollister file; See Johnson file; See Curtis file
Keeler - Julia Brush correspondence Keeler, Wallace and Warren families
Ketchum - Julia Brush corres. re Ketchum family
Kimberly - See Johnson file
Knowles - See Edmond file
Leach - See Hoyt file
Lee - Julia Brush correspondence re Lee
Lewis -  See Brush file
Lockwood - Index Eliphalet Lockwood's account book, Norwalk 1771-89; Lockwood family
Lounsbury - See Palmer
Loveless - R.W. Loveless, Two Hundred American Ancestors
Lynes - See Barnum File
Lyon - Notes on Lyon family
Mallory - Notes on Mallory and Seymour families
Mansfield - See Sherman file
Marsh - Elise S. Bliss corres. re parentage of Sarah Proctor and Rachel Marsh
McEwen - See Beardsley File
Merrill - Elise S. Bliss corres. and notes on Merrill family
Merritt - Petition to Newtown selectmen re repair of Church Hill Road 1838; Merritt family deeds
Merritt - Abijah Merritt and Rhesa Foot deeds 1800-1848
Mills - Notes on Mills, Remington & Winchell familes
Miner - See Barlow file
Morehouse - Notes on Morehouse family
Morris - See Curtis file
Murray - Outline of Joseph and Hannah (Peterson) Murray of Newbury (now Brookfield, CT)
Nearing - See Murray File
Nichols - Julia Brush files on Nichols family; "A Description of the 'Castle'..." by Pamela Lane 1858
Nichols - Frederic Torry Ancestors and Descendants of Humphrey Nichols of Newark, New Jersey, 1917
Nichols - Outline of Nichols family to eight generations; Leon Nelson Nichols Nichols Families in America
Nichols - Research on application of Rosalie B. Smith to Colonial Dames includes Baker family info
Nichols - Julia Brush notes on Beach Nichols of Newtown
Northrop - See Murray file
Odell - See Brush file
Oliver - Bible Record of Laban N. Oliver
Ottley - See Woodruff
Pack - See Hatch file
Palmer - Search for David L. Palmer and parentage of Gabriel Palmer and Jemima, wife of Lounsbury
Patch - Corresp. and notes re Patch family by Mrs. David A. Bliss
Patchen - Corresp. and notes re Patchen family by Grace Patchen Leggett
Payne - See Edmond file
Pearce - See Rockwell file
Peck - See Johnson file
Pennoyer - "Albert A. Pennoyer Pedigree in America" 1920
Perce - D. B. Hitchcock, Pierce Genealogy 1979
Perry - Julia Brush notebook on Perry and related families
Platt - See Brush File
Plum - See Woodruff File
Porter - See Brush File
Porter - See Peck File
Prime - See Brush File
Prindle - Twenty-two Prindle family deeds 1769-1849
Proctor - See Marsh File
Raiser - Three deeds 1865-1878 and naturalization 1868 for Cereocus Raiser
Remington - See Mills File
Rhodes -William Rhodes of Wethersfield; Rhodes family of New York
Rich - See Sibley File
Rikert - Carroll Rikert Rikert Genealogy
Roberts - See Edmond File
Rockwell -Brush notes on Rockwell, Pearce and Horton
Ruscoe - See Hoyt File
Sanford - D. H. Van Hoosear notes on Sanford and related families
Scofield - See Wood file
Seeley - Descendants of Robert Seeley, 1977; ltr John T. Seeley to David Baldwin 1841
Selleck - Indexed notebook on Selleck family
Selleck - Notebook "B" on Selleck family
Selleck - Misc. papers, wills, other records of Selleck family
Sellick - See Hoyt File
Seymour- See Mallory File
Shepard - See Curtis File
Sherman - See Blackman File
Sherman - Charles L. Sherman account book 1837; family record from Bible Daniel Sherman 1753
Sherman - Monograph on "Sherman's Old Farm;" Rosalie Taliaferro Sherman to Samuel Sherman
Sherman - Julia Brush notes on Sherman families
Sherman - Walter S. Booth "Sherman Family" booklet 1900; newspaper clippings
Sherman - Deed Ephraim Adams to Nathan Sherman 1781
Sherwood - Notes on Sherwood families; biographies of William Wiloxson
Shove - Various notes on Shove families
Sibley - E. S. Bliss on Sibley, Rich, Follett and Brooks families
Smith- See Dibble File
Smith - Family of Rev. Henry Smith of Wethersfield; clipping on reunion of desc Henry Bagg Smith
Smith - See Taylor File
Starr - Notes on related families - Gregory, Taylor, Barnum, Hoyt
Stevens - E.S. Bliss notes on Stevens family
Stewart - Hilda Stewart My Stewart Genealogy  1970
Stillson - See Brush
Talmadge - See Taylor
Taylor - Robert Taylor of Windsor; Robert Talmadge family
Taylor - Bible Records Abel Seelye and Sarah Ann Smith Taylor; Daniel and Anna Smith
Thatcher - Josiah, see Banks
Tousey - Laura Barnum 1899 probate records; handwritten genealogy
Tousey - Zalmon Tousey, Jr., Oliver, Philo, Phebe 1793
Trent - See Hollister
Trowbridge - See Hollister
Van Bergen - 1919 Letters re Van Bergan
Wade - Jonathan Wade of Iwswich
Wakelee - Transcriptions from D.L. Jacobus Families of Old Fairfield
Wakeman - See Wakelee
Wallace - See Keeler
Warner - See Camp
Warren - See Keeler
Weston - Weston and Barnum families
Whittlesey -Newspaper clipping
Wilcoxson - See Sherwood
Wilson - Abner Wilson, Saratoga Co. NY
Winchell - See Mills
Winton - Bible Records, Zar Winton 1790-1876
Wood - David Van Hoosear corresp.  re Wood and Scofield Families
Woodruff - Plum, Gilbert, Ottley and other families






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