Genealogy Club of Newtown, Connecticut

Genealogy Club of Newtown, Connecticut

25 Main Street
Newtown, CT 06470
203 426 4533 (information)

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Meetings of the Genealogy Club of Newtown
C. H. Booth Library
25 Main Street
Newtown, CT 06470
2nd Wednesday of every month,
Sept. thru June at 7:00 p.m
There are no meetings during July and August
The speakers are co-sponsored by the C.H. Booth Library
and the Genealogy Club of Newtown

Programs for 2022 - 2023 Club Year

All meetings will be virtual via Zoom until further notice.
Register to participate by sending an email at least two days before the meeting with
your name, address, phone number, and email address to [email protected]
You will then receive an email invitation to join the meeting.

September 14 - Michael Cassara - One-Name Studies: What They Are & How They Can Help Your Research
October 12 - Brynna O'Sullivan - Trace Your Connecticut Revolutionary Roots
November 9 - Marian Wood - Bring Family History Alive in Bite-Sized Projects
December 14 - Holiday Party and Raffle

Programs for 2021 - 2022 Club Year

All meetings will be virtual via Zoom until further notice.
Register to participate by sending an email at least two days before the meeting with
your name, address, phone number, and email address to [email protected]
You will then receive an email invitation to join the meeting.

September 8 - Michael Cassara - Putting Things in Their Place: Paying it Forward in the Digital Age
October 13 - Brynna O'Sullivan - I Know There Was a Wiil, But Where Is It?
November 10 - Judy Russell - A Genealogists Guide to Women and the Law
December 8 - Holiday Party and Raffle
January 12 - Toni McKeen - Organizing Genealogical Data, Documents, and Photos - rescheduled to June 8
January 12 - Marian Wood - Genealogical Clues and Cousin Bait on FindaGrave
February 9 - Diana Elder - Jurisdictions Explained: Finding New Avenues of Research for Your Family
March 9 - Toni McKeen - Finding Your Family and Yourself in the 1950 Census
April 13 - Al Fiacre - Researching Your Immigrant Ancestors
May 11 - Nick Bellantoni - And So the Tomb Remains
June 8 - rescheduled from January - Toni McKeen - Organizing Genealogical Data, Documents, and Photos

Programs for 2020 - 2021 Club Year

All meetings for 2020-2021 will be virtual via Zoom.
Register to participate by sending an email at least two days before the meeting with
your name, address, phone number, and email address to [email protected]
You will then receive an email invitation to join the meeting.

September 9 - Toni McKeen - Documenting This Historic Time
October 14 - Alec Feretti - Reclaim the Records
November 11 - Al Fiacre - Resources of the Godfrey Library
December 9 - Holiday Party and Virtual Raffle
January 13 - Bryna O'Sullivan - Researching Your Civil War Ancestors
February 10 - Michael Cassara - Top Ten Tech Tools for Genealogy
March 10 - Pam Eagleson - Grandma's Treasure Chest: Investigating and Evaluating Family Artifacts
April 14 - Peggy Jude - Use DNA to Find Your Roots
May 12 - Lisa Alzo - Ten Ways to Jumpstart Your Eastern European Research
June 9 - Kelly Bodami - Navigating Modern NY Records 1880-Present

Programs for 2019 - 2020 Club Year

September 11 - Marian Wood - Getting the Most Out of Free HeritageQuest Databases
October 9 - Toni McKeen - Files, Folders, or Piles of Papers? Organizing Your Research
November 13 - Joel Levitt - The Tree of Lives
December 11 - Holiday Party and Raffle
January 8 - US Census Bureau speakers Becca and Greg - The 2020 Census
February 12 - Toni McKeen - All About the US Census
March 11 - Penny Hartzell - Letís Get to the PointÖof Entry
April 8 - Al Fiacre - Pre-Revolutionary War German Immigration - Cancelled due to Covid-19
May 13 - Marian Wood - Cancelled due to Covid-19
June 10 - The Mayflower Society - Cancelled due to Covid-19

Programs for 2018 - 2019 Club Year

September 12 - Penny Hartzell - The Ten Best Free Genealogy Websites
October 10 - Marian Wood - Genealogy 101: Back to Basics
November 14 - Toni McKeen - Why Can't I Find...
December 12 - Holiday Party and Raffle with short member presentations
January 9 - Paul Hadzima - Researching in the Old Kingdom of Hungary
February 13 - Bea Morgan - Tour of the Genealogy Room
March 8 - Marian Wood - Click & Connect: Social Media for #GENEALOGY
April 10 - Paul Hadzima - Researching New Jersey Ancestors
May 8 - Penny Hartzell - Researching New York: The State and The Big Apple
June 12 - Toni McKeen - Navigating Ships' Manifests

Programs for 2017 - 2018 Club Year

September 13 - Penny Hartzell - Attach Your Branch to the Family Tree
October 11 - Marty Podskoch - The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
November 8 - Marian Wood - Fee or Free Genealogy; Frugal Research and When it Pays to Pay
December 13 - Holiday Party and Raffle
January 10 - Webinar with Melissa A. Johnson - Dual Citizenship
February 14 - Toni McKeen - Those All Important Military Records
March 14 - Audrey DeBlasio - Planning a Trip to the Land of Your Ancestors
April 11 - Kay Sheldon - I Found Out I'm a Swede - What Do I Do Now?
May 9 - Marian Wood - Find Clues, Find Answers - The Genealogical Proof Standard
June 6 - Toni McKeen - The Immigrant Experience

Programs for 2016 - 2017 Club Year

September 14 - Marian Wood - Planning a Future for Your Relatives Past
October 12 - Penny Hartzell - Researching in New York: The State and the City
November 9 - Nora Galvin - DNA: An Overview of the Three Most Well-Known Testing Companies
December 7 - Holiday Traditions of Italy, Ireland, and Poland plus Holiday Party and Holiday Raffle
January 11 - Maryann Legrow of the French Canadian Genealogy Society of Tolland, CT
February 8 - Bryna O'Sullivan - Genealogy from the Attic: How to Organize What You Have and Build Your Family Tree
March 8 - Philip Hayes - Digitizing and Managing Your Photo Collection
April 12 - Gerry Garry & Julianne - Bringing Genealogy to Life Through Sight, Sound, and Motion
May 10 - Toni McKeen - Finding Your Female Ancestors
June 14 - Jack Scully - The Story of My Uncle: John Powell Sully. World War I Research

Programs for 2015 - 2016 Club Year

September 9 - Philip Hayes - Evernote - Your Genealogy Research Assistant
October 14 - David Perkins of the Sons of the American Revolution
November 18 - Toni McKeen - Researching and Ordering Naturalization Records
December 9 - Dan Cruson - An Anthology of Christmas and Holiday Raffle
January 13 - Marian Wood - Researching Jewish Ancestors
February 10 - Jolene Mullen - Probate Records in Genealogy Research
March 9 - Heather Young of the Godfrey Library
April 13 - Francoise Lampe - German Research
May 11 - Brigid Guertin - Executive Director of the Danbury Museum & Historical Society
Preservation Policies and Procedures for the at Home Procrastinator
June 8 - Toni McKeen - The New

Schedule is subject to change; for information 203 426 4533

The Genealogy Club of Newtown was inaugurated September 12, 2001. Genealogist Harlan Jessup envisioned a club where interested genealogists could share experiences and learn from one another. The club supports the efforts of the Cyrenius H. Booth Library in the area of genealogy and assists in the upkeep of the library's genealogy room collection.

The Genealogy Club meets at the Cyrenius H. Booth Library at 7 p.m. the second Wednesday of each month except July & August.  All are welcome to attend.

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A complete manuscript index is located at

On the Articles page, information on nineteen families is shared from Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness research. Since this information is supplied by volunteers and/or family research, always check for accuracy.

New! An index of Births, Marriages, and Deaths that occurred in the years 1850 to 1895 in Newtown, CT is now available to search online. Every effort was made to accurately transcribe the BMD records, though some names were not legible. Researchers please enter a ? into the name field, review the associated pdf file, and if you can, provide an update by clicking on the Suggest Update button on the page! The BMD index can be found at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets .

Also new! The 1890s Newtown Death Database is also now available online! This database can be found on the Growing up in Willow Creek blog.

Thank you to Bob Pittman who has ensured that all the interments of St. Rose Cemetery are on Findagrave!

Over 1,000 microfilms from Austria to WWII are on permant loan to the LDS Family History Center in Newtown, CT. A database of these films by specific locality has been developed to assist patrons in their research. Please check this list of films that are housed locally before ordering from the Family History Library in Utah.

Database of Newtown Deaths 1890 - 1899 is now available at the library, at the Town Historian's office, or through Random Acts at [email protected].  This database includes date of death, age at death, marital status, place of birth, cause of death, occupation, parents' names, and in most cases mother's maiden name. Indexes of obituaries appearing in The Newtown Bee through 2010 are available in the C. H. Booth Library genealogy room or through Random Acts at [email protected] Recent obits now give parents' names and mothers' maiden names.

The 1890 Census Substitute for Newtown was developed by utilizing school records, the Grand List and voter registration lists for 1890. The 1890 Census Substitute is now featured on this Web site in the four 1890 databases as well as residing in the C. H. Booth Library's genealogy room.

The Newtown Oral History Project has produced three volumes of Newtown Remembered: An oral history of the 20th century. Sponsored by the Newtown Historical Society and the Friends of the C. H. Booth Library, these volumes contain stories by and about Newtown residents. History books give us information on events and dates; oral histories help us to understand how events actually affected the people in the community. These volumes can be borrowed from the C. H. Booth Library.

The C. H. Booth Library genealogy room has indexes for the Newtown Bee's vital records from 1889-1953, Newtown Congregational Church Records 1715-1946, Mayflower Families, Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Family histories of Newtown families, and much more. It is definitely worth a research trip to the Booth Library if you have Newtown area ancestors.

25 Main Street, Newtown, Connecticut 06470
phone: 203 426-4533

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