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1901 Census

Census 1901 Placename Index

NWT Placenames on the 1901 Census
Sask Gen Web - Census

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Assinboia East/EstT-6552
Assiniboia West/Ouest T-6553
Assiniboia East/EstT-6553

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Placename NWT Provisional District Sec Twp Rge W Meridian
Fairmede Assiniboia East/Est 30 12 33 W 1
1884 Location. Mentions Rosedale S.D. 45 at 22-Tsp12-Rge 1-W2. Fairmede does not exist anymore. N of present day Kelso 32-11-33-W1 in the Moosomin area.
Fairville Assiniboia West/Ouest 10 18 23 W 2
1899 Location. See later name of Keystown for present location.
Feldman Lake Assiniboia West/Ouest
The census area covers Tsp 11-Rge 5-W4 which is a location in the province of Alberta. (The present day border of the 4th Meridian between the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta was not the same border used between provisional districts)
1901 census placename of St. Leonard St. Lenard [sic] St. Lenard does not exist anymore, the location is closest to present day Fenton at 32-46-25-W2 Fenton is not on the 1901 census.
Ferndale Assiniboia East/Est 16 16 30 W 1
1887 location. (Later location 20-16-30-W1)
File Hills Assiniboia East/Est 20 24 11 W 2
1900 Location. (later location 24-24-12-W2) File Hills does not exist anymore. The 1901 census location is S of present day Ituna 20,21-25-11-W2 and SW of Hubbard 1-25-10-W2
File Hills (Agency/Agence) & Muskowpehung (Agency/Agence) Assiniboia East/Est
Qu' Appelle Agency administers Piapots Reserve, and Muskowpetung's Reserve.
Fish Creek Saskatchewan
(1906 P.O. named Fish Creek is at 18-42A-1-W3; Present location is at 3-42-1-W3) There are no locations given on the 1901 census. Many of those in this community had river lots in the Fish Creek area at Tsp 42-Rge 1-W3.
Fishing Lake Assiniboia East/Est 6 33 11 W 2
1894 Location. (Present day location is at 12-33-12-W2)
Fleming Assiniboia East/Est 3 13 30 W 1
1884 Location and present day location.
Flett Springs
See Fletts Springs. Flett Springs actual spelling in 1901, more currently known as Fletts Springs.
Fletts Springs Saskatchewan 16 44 20 W 2
1895 Location. Present day location is at 9-44-20-W2 "Flett Springs" actual spelling on census, Fletts Springs more recent spelling.
Fletwode Assiniboia East/Est 25 11 4 W 2
1895 Location. Present day location is at 16-11-4-W2 "Fletwood" actual spelling on census, Fletwode more recent spelling.
See Fletwode. Fletwood actual spelling in 1901 for census, more currently known as Fletwode.
Foam Lake Assiniboia East/Est 28 30 11 W 2
1900 Location. Present day location is at 32-30-11-W2
Forest Farm Assiniboia East/Est 18 17 1 W 2
1884 Location. Later Location 30-17-1-W2 Forrest Farm [actual] does not exist anymore. It is N. of present day Burrows 6-16-1-W2 and NE of Whitewood 7-16-2-W2
Fort " La Corne
See" La Corne" Location 14 48 20 W 2 Fort A La Corne from c1750 to 1930 there have been trading posts at / near this location.
Fort Chipewayan See Athabaska
Fort Chipewyan HBC post early 1800s. NWC post late 1700s Northern Alberta
Fort Chipewyan Fort McMurray Athabaska, Unorganized Territories / Territoires Non Organis"s
Alberta Locations. The present day border of the 4th Meridian between Alberta and Saskatchewan was not the same border used between 1901 provisional districts
Fort McMurray See Athabaska

Fort Pelly
See Pelly. 1889 and present location is at 30 32 32 W 1 .
Fort Qu'Appelle Assiniboia East/Est 7 21 13 W 2
1880 Unsurveyed. (present day location is 7-21-13-W2 ) There have been three separate HBC Fort Qu'Appelle trading posts est between 1853 and 1917. 1901 census includes Tsp 20-Rge 13, 14-W2, Tsp 21-Rge 13, 14-W2, Tsp 22-Rge 14-W2. Includes Lebret at 2-21-13-W2. Near Pasqua Reserve Tsp 20-Rge 14-W2.
Fort Smith See Athabaska

Fort Vermillion See Athabaska

Fort William
Fort William included on Schedule 2 for Moose Jaw South/Sud
Foster Assiniboia West/Ouest
Census area covers Tsp 21-Rge 23 W 2, Tsp 22-Rge 23-W 2 and Reserve Tsp 21-Rge 23-W 2. Foster does not exist anymore, and the closest present day location is Kedleston at 34-21-23-W2.
See Foster
Fox Valley
Fox Valley at 26-17-26-W3 and Maple Creek at 15-11-26-W3 are the closest present day locations to the 1901 census place name of Big Stick Lake

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NWT Placenames on the 1901 Census
Sask Gen Web - Census

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