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1901 Census

Census 1901 Placename Index

NWT Placenames on the 1901 Census
Sask Gen Web - Census

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Assinboia East/EstT-6552
Assiniboia West/Ouest T-6553
Assiniboia East/EstT-6553

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Placename NWT Provisional District Sec Twp Rge W Meridian
Cannington Assiniboia East/Est 14 9 1 W 2
Cannington Manor established p.o. 1883 in Federal Electoral District of Assiniboia. Cowper 19-8-1-W2 in the Arcola area is the closest present day location to Cannington which does not exist anymore.
Canwood is not on the 1901 census. Canwood 26-50-5-W3 is close to Devil Lake which does not exist anymore.
Carievale Assiniboia East/Est 2 3 32 W 1
Present location is at 31-2-31-W1, has moved north a bit from this 1891 location. Written on 1901 census as "Carrievale" however current spelling is Carievale for this placename at this location.
There was an Echo P.O. in 1911 18-3-20-W3 which was later at 35-2-22-W3. There was also an Echo P.O. named in 1923 which was previously Cariss and Later Loomis at 17- 4-21-W3 later at 14-3-21-W3. The Echo on the 1901 census is at Tsp 21,23-Rge 30-W1, so is not close to more recent placenames named "Echo", it just has been a popular name.
Carlsruhe Assiniboia East/Est
The 1901 census covers the area Tsp 20-Rge 9-W2, Tsp 19-Rge 9-W 2 and Carlsruhe does not exist anymore. The location is east of present day Abernethy at 25-20-11-W2
Carlton Saskatchewan 15 45 4 W 3
Present location is at 27-44-4-W3, Census location is as of 1890 Trading Post 1800s
Carlton (Agency/Agence) Saskatchewan
Carlton Agency administered to Petaquakeys (Muskeg Lake), Pelican Lake (Pelican Narrows), Mistawasis Band Mistawasis - James Roberts (Lac La Ronge), Wahpeton, William Charles (Montreal Lake), Kenemotayois Band, Big River (Big River), Kopwáyawekenum's Band, Meadow Lake [alt spelling] Kahpahawekenum (Flying Dust/Meadow Lake) - Ahtahkakoop's Band, Sandy Lake Reserves.
Carlyle Assiniboia East/Est 26 7 3 W 2
Present location is at 7-8-2-W2. Location is of 1883. (See also Manor)
Carmel Assiniboia West/Ouest
The 1901 census covers the area of Tsp 18-Rge 26 West of the 2nd. Carwel [actual] does not exist anymore. This location is SE of present day Tuxford 5-16-26-W2 and NE of Belbeck at 31-17-26-W2 (P.O. named Carmel is at 34-37-24-W2 1909-06-15. This is NOT the 1901 census location.)
Carnduff Assiniboia East/Est 35 2 33 W 1
1884 Location and present location.
Carnoustie Assiniboia East/Est 18 17 32 W 1
1895 Location.(Later location given as 17-17-32-W2 Tantallon at 16-18-32-W1 in the Broadview area is the closest present day location to Carnoustie which does not exist anymore.
Caron Assiniboia West/Ouest 25 17 29 w 2
1884 Location and present location.
Carrievale as written on 1901 census is now named 'Carievale'. See 1901 census placename of Carievale
Carson name 1885-1888. Later name Sintaluta, See Sintaluta for 1901 Census.
See the 1901 census placename of Carmel
NE 10-16-19-W2 on the 1901 census see the 1901 Census placename of Springdale Cechezdorf does not exist anymore. This location is east of Rowatt 18-16-19-W2 and West of Richardson 32-16-18-W2 (S.E. of Regina)
Cecil 20 48 24 W 2
Colleston Previous Name. (Later locations were 29-48-24-W2, 20-48-24-W2, 18-48-24-W2)
Cedar Lake Saskatchewan
Unsurveyed P.O. in Mb as of 1905 The boundaries between the provinces of Sk & Mb are not the same as the 1901 provisional district boundaries. Address given for place of birth reagarding Richard Hooker who is on the 1901 census is Cedar Lake, The Pas, Manitoba.
Chamberlain Assiniboia West/Ouest 8 22 26 W 2
P.O. established 1904. 1904 and present day location is at 8-22-26-W2 Chamberlain area on 1901 census includes Tsp 22-Rge 28, Tsp 22-Rge 25, Tsp 18-Rge 27, Tsp 21-Rge 27, and Tsp 21-Rge 25.
Chaplin Assiniboia West/Ouest 18 5 W 3
P.O. established in 1907 at 29 17 5 W 3. 1907 and present location 29-17-5-W3. This 1901 census placename includes Vermillion Hills, Chaplin Tsp 18- Rge 5-W3, Old Wives Creek Tsp 13-Rge 24-W3, Qu'Appelle Valley Tsp 24- Rge 4-W3 .
SE 22-16-19-W2 on the 1901 census see the 1901 Census placename of Springdale Chechedorf does not exist anymore. This location is east of Rowatt 18-16-19-W2 and West of Richardson 32-16-18-W2 (S.E. of Regina)
Chickney Assiniboia East/Est 16 20 10 W 2
1887 Location. Chickney ( which does not exist anymore) location is North of Lemberg at 21-20-9-W2 and South of Abernethy at 25-20-11-W2 (present day locations)
Churchbridge Assiniboia East/Est 17 22 32 W 1
1889 Location and present day location. Churchbridge (Thingvalla) at 17-22-32-W1 is on the 1901 census and is also the closest present day location to the 1901 census placenames of Clumber, Echo and Riversdale which do not exist anymore.
Clare Assiniboia East/Est 30 8 4 W 2
1884 Location. See Arcola for present day location.
Clinton Assiniboia West/Ouest
Tsp 18,19-Rge 25-W 2 is the boundary description which is west of Tuxford at 5-19-26-W2 and north of Burdick 4-17-25-W2
Clouston at 13-47-27-W2 is a present day location close to the 1901 census placename of Kirkpatrick which does not exist anymore.
Clumber Assiniboia East/Est 16 22 1 W 2
1887 Location. Clumber does not exist anymore. The location is closest to present day Bredenbury 35-22-1-W2 and Churchbridge 17-22-32-W1.
Coalfields 34 1 6 W 2
Coalfields 1890-1896. Then named Roche Percée.1890-1897 34-1-6W2
See Roche Percée, Coalfields enumerated therin. Coalfields est a P.O. first in 1890 to 1896 at 34-1-6-W2, this location later became known as Roche Percée in 1896. RE-using the name Coalfields, a P.O. est 1897 at 4-2-6-W2. This location later became known as Taylorton in 1906. Again the name Coalfields was RE-used this time in 1961 at location NE 3-2-6-W2.
Cold Lake
Mentioned on the 1901 census schedule two under placename Onion Lake
Colleston Saskatchewan 20 48 24 W 2
1891 Location See Cecil for subsequent name.
Cotham Assiniboia East/Est 6 19 4 W 2
1891 Location. (12-19-5-W2 Present Day Location)
Cottonwood Assiniboia West/Ouest 20 18 22 W 2
1895 Location. Cottonwood does not exist anymore. The location is in the Regina area North of Adams 31-17-21-W2 and Pattee 34-17-22-W2
Coventry Assiniboia West/Ouest
Census region covers the areas west of the 2nd meridian Tsp 15-Rge 23, Tsp 18-Rge 26, Tsp 16-Rge 23, Tsp 15-Rge 24, Tsp 18- Rge 20.West of Regina 19-17-19-W2, the Drinkwater 32-15-23-W2, Belle Plain, Baildon, Madrid neck of the woods.
Cowper 19-8-1-W2 in the Arcola area is the the present day location closest to the 1901 place name of Cannington
Crane Lake Assiniboia West/Ouest 27 12 23 W 3
1900 Location. Crane Lake does not exist anymore. It is north of present day Lemsford at 9-22-23-W3
Craven Assiniboia West/Ouest 33 20 21 W 2
1884 Location. (Present Day Location 34-19-21-W-2)
Crescent Assiniboia East/Est
1901 census includes Tsp 23-Rge 4 W2, Tsp 23-Rge 4, Tsp 23-Rge 2, Tsp 22-Rge 3, Tsp 21-Rge 2, Tsp 25-Rge 4, Tsp 22-Rge 4, Tsp 23-Rge 5-W 2. This area is closest to present day Brewer 19-23-5-W2. SW of Yorkton, and NE of Melville.
Crooked Lake Saskatchewan
Crooked Lake 1901 census area includes the placenames of Lac Croche, Domremy, Bonne Madone, Hoodoo, Buffalo Head Ranch.
Crooked Lake (Agency/Agence) Assiniboia East/Est
Crooked Lake Agency, Broadview, Assin.
Crooked Lakes Assiniboia East/Est
Census region covers the areas west of the 2nd meridian Tsp 29-Rge 2, Tsp 30-Rge 2, Tsp 30-Rge 3, Tsp 29-Rge 3, Tsp 28- Rge 2.Near present day Donwell 27-29-3-W2, Hamton 23-28-3 W3
Cumberland Saskatchewan 57 3 W 2
Cumberland House P.O. est. 1891.
The 1901 place name of Loon Creek does not exist anymore. The location is SW of present day Cupar 8-23-16-W2 and South of Markinch 7-23-17-W2.

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NWT Placenames on the 1901 Census
Sask Gen Web - Census

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