Lajord Saskatchewan

My families came from Lajord Saskatchewan and they were Norwegian. The families who settled Lajord included Hesla's, Hanson's, Stenerson, Berg, Knudtson, the children of Ellefson, the children of Storla's, etc. These are all Norwegian names, and many came from the Hallingdal, Buskerud area in central Norway. The Norwegian Council purchased land in Northeast Iowa and many of these families came to Iowa between 1847 and 1867 with many other Norwegians, moved on to the Dakotas in the 1880-1890 time, and then north to Saskatchewan in 1903/05 where they founded Lajord (The name Lajord means "flat place" - here is the translation from Torstein in Norway: Lajord probably is put together by La = lavt = eng. low meaning flat country, and Jord which is eng. earth.). My own family came through Balgonie on the railroad, first in 1903 and then with the family in 1905. My greatgrandfather Hedor A. Hanson was instrumental in founding the Prairie Flower School District along with Nels Stenerson. One of the first burials at the private cemetary in Lajord where many of these Norwegians are buried, was Bert Arthur Hanson, my great uncle, who died as a result of a drilling accident.

This next photo is of the Lajord Ladies Aid.

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