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Saskatchewan Gen Web Project - Computer Programs and placing your family tree online.

Computer Programs


Learning the Internet, how to find what you want:
...... Searching the Internet
Genealogy Programs:
...... Buying a genealogy program
...... Downloading a free Genealogy program
...... Genealogy program Reviews
Putting your Family Tree Online:
...... HTML Editors that program the web page for you.
...... Learning HTML web page programming language.
......Family Trees World Connect Project Main Page

Genealogy Programs

There are many computer genealogy programs available both online to download, as well as to purchase.
  • Each company will save the file with its own unique file suffix code. However, check if the program can save the file as a *.ged file also known as a ged com. These ged com files are easy to export, import, changed to protect privacy and easy to put online. So even if the genealogy program does not create web pages, with an additional program download a *.ged file can be converted to an *.html file fairly easily.
  • Check the size of entries that the program can handle. Many programs will offer a trial or free downloadable version, allowing an entry of xxx family names with the full version capable of a higher number of entries being available for sale. However, if you have already entered in quite a few names, you may be obliged to purchase this item, as it may be frustrating to start anew with a different program. So do your research first, to see if you like the features offered by this program as compared to others
  • Compare the printouts offered by the various programs. Most programs handle the mechanics of genealogy and the creation of the family tree very well, but offer print outs that vary greatly. Look at the pedigree charts, family group sheets that you use in your handwritten research, and compare these to the print outs offered by the program. Consider what you will want printouts for:
    1. To take with you on subsequent research trips.
    2. For display / information at get-togethers such as family reunions as for example a family tree album.
    3. To place your family tree on the internet.
    4. To exchange with other family members who are also interested in genealogy.
  • Some companies offer free database CD's with a higher priced genealogy package. Many of these databases offered are already online. However, CD databases are enticing, check the database location the CD's offer and compare it to where you are doing your own ancestral research to get the most value for your purchase.
  • Check if it is compatible with your computer and your needs, if you wish to get a DOS based program, windows 95, windows 98, windows 2000, Apple, MacIntosh. Check the programs size in kilobytes, and the space in kilobytes available on your home computer.
  • Do not publish onto the internet information about those who are still living. There are many Privacy sites online that deal with this issue and why it is now the adopted practice of genealogists. If your program does not have a cut off date for web publishing download a program for this purpose that will clean your ged com file before putting it online.

Commercial Companies

Cyndis list Software and Computers
Genealogical Computing Mailing Lists
Genealogy Resources on the Internet - MAILING LISTS
--discussing the technical usage of genealogy products and to interact with other users of specific software products.
Genealogy Resources on the Internet - SOFTWARE FOR GENEALOGISTS
Genealogy Software Internet Help Mailing Lists
Reviews of Genealogy Software
Software Mailing Lists
Utilities, Add-ons, HTML Software
     GEDCOM Cleaners
     GEDCOM to HTML converters
Archive Sites

Download Sites

There are some genealogy programs available off the internet from download sites.
WinSite Genealogy Programs
ZD net

Hosting Web Pages

You may be allowed a certain amount of web storage space on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) when you signed up for internet service. By using a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Program, you may transfer your genealogy web pages from your home computer onto the internet. There are web sites which do offer free web space to host your created genealogy pages. A few of these are:
Rootsweb Request a Web Space Account

Angelfire: Free Homepages
Fortune City > Your Complete Web Hosting Service
Yahoo Geocities

Compare and Contrast:

There are some WWW sites that review different genealogy programs, so you can hear what other users have to say about various products. Perhaps these sites will help you to make a more informed decision.
Genealogy Software Springboard GENSOFTSB
Boards > Topics > Genealogy Software
  • General
  • Ancestry Family Tree
  • Brother's Keeper Software
  • Cumberland Family Tree [CFT]
  • Family Tree Legends software
  • Family Tree Maker software
  • FrontPage
  • Legacy software
  • Personal Ancestral File (PAF)
  • Reunion software
  • RootsMagic software
  • Second Site software
  • The Master Genealogist
  • World FamilyTree

Rootsweb Message Boards :Boards > Topics > Methods
  • Building a Family Tree
  • Dear MYRTLE
  • Documentation and Proofs
  • Ethics in Genealogy
  • Family Newsletters
  • Genealogical Numbering System
  • Genealogy Data Backup
  • Photography

Rootsweb Message Boards - Boards > Topics > Research Resources
  • Genealogy Products

Software Mailing Lists

HTML editors

If you want to go online, it may be easiest to get a program that creates web pages for you. If you already are using a web program that does not create web pages, or if you like the features of a program that does not make web pages then these are some programs, and links that may be of use to you.
Cyndis Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit
Cyndis List
--Genealogy and computing mailing groups.
Software - Other Genealogy Programs

Learning HTML

Creating Web Pages Introductory Level
Creating Web Pages Advanced Level
HTML An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners [Dave's HTML Guide]

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