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Located at 4117 Willowbend Blvd., near Hwy 90 and Stella Link in southwest Houston, the CHS Harris County Chapter Library is staffed by Harris County Chapter volunteers. Chapter language classes, movies and meetings are held here.

Regular library hours are Wednesday from 10am - 5pm. You can call the library at 713-349-0500, or toll free 1-866-293-2443. Please leave your name and telephone number if you would like to make an appointment to visit the library at a different day/time, or if you need any other information about chapter or library activities.

The Harris County Chapter maintains significant research materials for your research and enjoyment. Linked pages below detail a partial summary of holdings:

  • Census extracts and CD's
  • Birth and baptismal records
  • Emigration records and references
  • Funeral and cemetery records in Texas and Czech Republic
  • Church registers and other church records
  • County records and histories
  • Czech towns and regions - stories and histories
  • Czechs in America
  • Family names, stories and histories
  • Genealogy references and conference proceedings
  • Food and cookbooks
  • Music and songbooks

  • A copy machine is available as well as a computer with internet access.

    Add your family tree and family stories

    We at the Library are interested in your family tree and stories, to help others insearching for their family roots and branches. Your family history does not have to be in a fancy book or binder, but if a copy could be made for the library, we would prefer a copy on 24-pound acid-free paper if possible.

    Any donation of books, materials and artifacts are most welcome and can be made by contacting the Library at the numbers listed above. Support through your attendance at fundraising events, and monetary donations can help to replace CHS state library support.


    2013 Membership Dues - due by January 1, 2013

    Receive meeting notices by email: just call or email the HCC-CHS and provide your email address

    • January 30: Movie, 7 pm
    • February 17: Membership Meeting, 2-5 pm
    • February 27: Movie, 7 pm
    • March 27: Movie, 7 pm
    • April 7: Spring Fest, SPJST Hall, 11am-7pm
    • April 24: Movie, 7 pm
    • [Date TBA]: Founders Day Meeting, 2-5 pm
    • May 29: Movie, 7 pm
    • July [date TBA]: Chapter Genealogy Workshop, 10am-4pm
    • August 28: Movie, 7 pm
    • September 25: Movie, 7 pm
    • September 29: Sts. Cyril & Methodius Slavic Heritage Festival
    • October [date TBA]: Soup Tasting, 2-5 pm
    • October 30: Movie, 7 pm
    • November [date TBA]: Chapter Annual Membership Meeting, 2-5 pm
    • December 7: Chapter Christmas Open House, 1-5 pm