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2011 Cultural Films

  • CHS-HCC library, 4117 Willowbend
  • last Wednesday of the month, 7:00 pm
  • no admission charge for the film, free popcorn

    The films are in the Czech language but are subtitled in English unless otherwise specified.

    January 30: Kristian (1939) A romantic comedy about a man who likes to flirt with women. But when one responds to him in the same manner, he runs away.

    February 27: Nejlepsi clovek (1954) A comedy about a mysterious package, marked as a shipment of considerable value. Members of the town council argue about what is to be done with it. The package was sent as a hoax only to reveal the good member of the community, who says so little about the package that he gets it.

    March 27: Pysna princezna (1952) Fairy tale about a princess who is too proud for her own good. The guy next door played a trick on her to teach her a lesson. The film is the first Czech fairy-tale by Borivoj Zeman, a remarkable phenomenon in its time. With more than 8 million spectators, it is by far the most successful movie in Czech film history and started a famous tradition of Czech film fairy-tales.

    April 24: Reka caruje (The Magic of the River, 1945) Leopold Kohák married a rich widow a long time ago and now he has nothing to do compared to his energetic wife. He’s growing old and troubled by the fact that he betrayed his first love Emca and his beloved river Sázava where he spent his childhood and youth. A visit from an old friend Lebeda brings it all back to him.

    May 29: Mlada leta (1952) Autobiography of a man who describes his teen years and coming of age.

    August 28: Tezky zivot (Hard Life of an Adventurer, 1941) A detective parody in which the writer of detective novels is haunted by a man who pretends to be the hero of his book. One of the few films that time was shown in cinemas in the 1950s.

    September 25: Advokot chudych (1941) A gentleman presents cases that happen to him from his practice in hopes to help others.

    October 30:


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    • January 30: Movie, 7 pm
    • February 17: Membership Meeting, 2-5 pm
    • February 27: Movie, 7 pm
    • March 27: Movie, 7 pm
    • April 7: Spring Fest, SPJST Hall, 11am-7pm
    • April 24: Movie, 7 pm
    • [Date TBA]: Founders Day Meeting, 2-5 pm
    • May 29: Movie, 7 pm
    • July [date TBA]: Chapter Genealogy Workshop, 10am-4pm
    • August 28: Movie, 7 pm
    • September 25: Movie, 7 pm
    • September 29: Sts. Cyril & Methodius Slavic Heritage Festival
    • October [date TBA]: Soup Tasting, 2-5 pm
    • October 30: Movie, 7 pm
    • November [date TBA]: Chapter Annual Membership Meeting, 2-5 pm
    • December 7: Chapter Christmas Open House, 1-5 pm