CORNWALL MANORIAL RENTALS and SURVEYS: A survey of Manors, tenements, rents, etc. from Manors holding property in St. Austell parish.
(J. Mosman, OPC)


CARLYON John 2 cot 3.3.0 8/6d 2 £ 3.12.0
CARLYON Will cot 2.0.36 6/8d 2
JOSEPHE John . 60.0.0 12/4d 1
LEIGHE Maud 1.0.30 8/0d 2
PHILLIPP John jun. 18.2.0 6/0d 2
PENHALE Will . 28.3.8 12/7d 2
REINOLDER John . 18.1.0 15/3d 3
RESCORLA John toft 10.1.20 3/3d 2
ROWSE Stephen meadow 1.0.0 4d 1 12.0
ROWSE Will . 40.1.0 15/3d 2
ROBARTS Henry . 32/1/0 10/3d 2
SAWLE Jane wid. 4 demolit. 43.0.0 6/8d
SAWLE** Nich. . 1.3.20 6/0d 1
VIVIAN Alice . 22.1.0 6/3d 2
** It is not known neither will he show how he holds, but by opinion of the tenants he holds by copy.


CARNE Margery land 9.1.0 3/3d 3 3.0.0
SAULE Nic fulling mill 0.2.12 3/10d 1 2.0.0
KELLIO John, Esq. land 42.0.0 5/3d 1 6.13.4
KENDALL Rich moiety of a mill 1 7/0d 1 1.5.8
MENHERRY John, gent land 20.0.0 5/2d - 6.0.0
ROSVERE Will . 32.2.0 9/9d 13yrs 13.7.0


Observations -

The tenants do hold at the will of the Prince a waste or common called Barlone[?] by the rent of 3/4d. This waste was granted by Queen Eliz. to a servant of her Majesty under that rent. The tenants petitioning to prevent the lease and prevailed only they were to pay the rent but have no interest. Also, they hold at the will of the Prince a dole of tin in a work called Kirkclawse by the rent of 4/-p.a. the particular values whereof are better to be examined and disposed accordingly.

There are within the manor divers freeholders whose names and rent shall be remembered in the general. Only the free rents amount unto 37/11d p.a.

The manor is not entirely the Prince's. One Charles TREVANION, Esq., hath the moiety thereof distinguished which some time belonged to one Chechester before the attainder of the Earl of Devon.

Many lands belonging unto this manor have been purchased away as it seemeth when it was in the Earl of Devonshire's hands, if since the attainder and since the annexation enquirable how they were dismembered. As a place called Carnamanon was purchased by one Pollarde but the original appeareth not nor of sundry other parcels else severed from the manor. The truth of all which by serious inquisition may be found for voluntarily none of these kinds of tenants will produce their evidence.

There are many tin works within the manor. The benefits and toll whereof is or ought to be as it seemeth equally divided between the Prince and the said Mr. Trevanion in right of their moieties whether the works be in enclosures or in wastrell as particularly shall be shewed elsewhere.

If any new tin work be found or supposed in possibility to be found within any of his Highness' tenants enclosures, neither the tenants of the land nor any other may search without his Highness' licence.

The toll tin that belongeth unto the Prince in any work belonging unto the manor is in grant by copy to one Richard KENDALL gent who is to pay for the same viz 10/ for every foot, which foot contains eight alequarts thought to be of far greater value. This not being customary the copy is avoidable, fit to be avoided, for the true rent cannot easily be known within two years last before this survey.

Many deny to pay the said toll tin contrary to the ancient continued customs of this peculiar manor and of the general stannaries, namely John IVIE [Ivy], Stephen MEWDON, Stephen CLEMENT and by their example divers others; how it is since reformed I know not. But this their recusancy permitted will much diminish his Highness revenues of that kind in those parts easily reduced to its accustomed course.

The Prince hath one dole in a work within the manor called Kircklarse, namely the 12th part of that work which is the work of one man. Let by copy at 4/-p.a. and worth yearly at the least 20/-. Also his Highness ought to have one dole in 8 1/2 doles in Gwithyn Barrows. This accidental profits of this kind are much neglected and the grants uncertain. It is supposed by men of best judgement in stannary works that there is much tin to be found within the enclosed grounds of this manor. Strangers have presumed of late to bound his Highness severalls for tin works which hath not been accustomed nor lawful but much hurtfull both to the Prince and his tenants whose best lands by this toleration may be digged against their wills unprofitably and to their great prejudice. Fit to be speedily prevented as it had been had the late Prince lived.

The tenants are all heriotable the best beast. And the wife of such a tenant hath widows estate viz living sole and chaste.

The royalties as wayves, estrays, felons goods etc. are dividable between his Highness and the lord of the other moiety.

Certain payments issue of the manor, namely to the Manor of Tewington, an ancient manor of the Duchy, 11/1 1/2 d. yearly in the name of a chief rent; to the tin bailiff of the stannaries of Blackmore 3/-; to the reeve of the manor in the name of a reeves fee 6/8d; to the steward of the manor 6/8d.

Seven several and distinct manors are intermixed with this manor whose names and owners elsewhere.

There belongeth unto the manor view of frankpledge.

The parsonage is impropriate granted by patent to one Dupper and Morton and now in the possession of one Digory DAGG for the rent of £27 p.a. The donation of the vicarage is in the Prince, worth about £50 p.a. and is charged with two cures, St. Austle and St. Blaze. The present incumbent Ralph MAYE aged about 58 years, the parsonage better worth than £100 per annum.

There are many little houses built for the stannary men to shrowd them in near the works within the manor which are seldom supported but during the continuance of the work, some few excepted.

They cannot let their tenements above a year without license but it is a forfeiture. The like is felling down any timber without licence. To let fall his tenement a forfeiture.

The custom of the manor beareth 2 lives in possession by one copy and 3 lives in reversion by another.

John KELLIO [Kellow] Esq. hath suffered his customary tenement called Higher Resogo [Resogga] to fall to decay notwithstanding many presentments and pains. And the jury have presented it a forfeiture but these are so seldom observed and so remissly taken that many emboldened thereby suffer his Highness tenements to decay.

There is a custom mill within the manor whereof the Prince hath but the moiety and the other lord the other moiety as is before set down. The manor is within the parish of Austle within the diocese of Exeter and within the deanery and hundred of Powder. The market towns next adjoining are Grompound 5 miles, Tregney 6 miles, St. Cullombe 8, Bodmin 8, Lostwithiel 6, Foy 6 miles distant.

(Barlone Common and Gwithyn Burrow unidentified. Kirklawse = Carclaze, Carnamon = Cannamanning; Higher Resoge = Resugga, all in St. Austell parish.) (per transcriber, Barlone might = Burlawn.)

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