Treverbyn Tin Works 1591




Tin Mines in the Manor of Treverbyn Courteney - 1591
(J. Mosman, OPC)

The old Corgell downe
Great beame Halewyn & Halelyett Crebelleskes
Mewan beame Newe works Will Gummoes work
Gwethenbarra Dolphyns worke Brasse
Corgell downe Wipe (or Wixe) Lane


Hie shilfe the Little Quarry Bolassack
Hogges worke Litle Good Fortune


Lewastes beame upon hill Litle space Corlogals borowe
Cricktoll & Good Fortune 2 works in Davies moor

White Myne

Penweness Pentroe Hallase moore
The Brasse Greywill

Treverbyn moore

Quarter worke Screda Our Lady beame
Veckaren Penwitheck moore Knightier in Othe
Crickelasse Single Rose Rescorla moore
Garra Gelaffer The stonye Stenyck
Little Cricktoll Nynestones Menhire parkes

There is also a common there called Hensbarrow common containing about 400 acres whereof Mr. Trevanyon doth claim the one half, and another common called Carcles [modern=Carclaze] which was lately leased by her Majesty as it is supposed for certain years, which would seem to be belonging wholly to the Queen's manor of Treverbyn Courtney, which doth contain 200 acres or near thereabouts in which there is a very good tinwork called by the name (blank).

There are also in all these commons tin-works, the toll tin whereof is worth most commonly 20 by the year of which toll tin Trevanyon hath always the half. All the several land and commons within the manor are likely for tin and the toll tin is divided equally, as well in the several as commmon, between the Queen and Mr. Trevanyon, and the farm tin of the several land to the lord of the same wholly.


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