"It is a treasure to pass on to future generations rather than a derelict to be hidden away.

  o GABRIEL LEXINGTON ELLIS   o Agnes Stacia Hennesy  
  o EDWARD HYRNE BRITTON   o Harriet Caroline Matilda Johnson  
  o THOMAS BRITTON   o Margaret Hughson  
  o CHARLES DELORME   o Elizabeth Britton  
  o Rufus Calvin Gillespie   o Ann Elizabeth Walker  
  o WILLIAM MARTIAL DELORME   o Mary Ann White  
  o LEMUEL ASBURY GRIER   o Sarah Martha Jane Munnerlyn  
  o THOMAS KIRTON   o Elizabeth Rice  
  o SAMUEL GRIER   o Harriett Elizabeth Vereen  
  o SHADRACK SIMONS   o Elizabeth Ann Britton  
  o GEORGE SKINNER   o Mary Elizabeth Britton  
  o SAMUEL GRIER SINGLETON   o Priscilla Ann Hankins  
  o JAMES M. RAWLS   o Ann Grier  
  o MATHIAS WEST   o Henritetta Ann Shuford Grier  

o Sarah Ann Johnson



See John J. Simons Journal of Family Records for Simons and Henry Britton bible records.


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