David Waggoner


David Waggoner


Rev. David Waggoner.


During Rev. David Waggoner's first pastorate he gave one half his time to Fairfield, the other half to Georgetown.  These churches were only six miles apart and a few families attended both places.  He resided with the Georgetown congregation, whose extent at that time was over twelve miles form north to south and over seven miles from east to west.  Mr. Waggoner was always earnest and conscientious.  He prepared and preached two new long sermons every week, each an hour in length.  He must also have been a popular preacher from the full attendance.  People could be seen coming from all directions, some on foot, some on horseback, others in vehicles of all sots, and the large house was usually very full.


And O, the congregation singing in those days!  How grand it was. What a volume of solemn sound!  Mr. Waggoner himself had a voice full and ringing both in speaking and singing, and started the tunes from our earliest recollection.  He was afterward assisted by others when two at a time would stand up in front of the pulpit and lead the singing.  You might call the leaders the four Johns:  John Condit, John Ross, John McCracken, and John McClure.  Harvey Tiffany also assisted.  Organs or instruments of music of any kind, even church choirs, were not thought of in country churches in those days.


The first name of one of Mr. Waggoner's hearers was Ephraim.  He was a farmer ad very naturally his active outdoor life would make him feel sleepy when sitting in church.  One day his appearance was such that those around him were smiling and looking as if they wanted to do something, when Mr. Waggoner stopped a moment in his discourse and said, "Ephraim is joined to his idol, let him alone." Mr. Waggoner told us long afterwards how old Moses Long, and elder, would drive in early on Sabbath mornings, and coming to him and shaking hands would say with emphasis and deliberation, "Now Mr. Waggoner we have come seven long miles to church, give us two good long sermons." And he always did and could do better than anyone I ever knew.


Newspaper clipping found in a bible belonging to Cornelius Carringer. Rev. Waggoner presided at Mr. Carringer's second marriage to Nancy Elizabeth Donaldson.  His first wife was Elizabeth Green.


Clipping submitted by Jo


Rev. David Waggoner was pastor at Fairfield Presbyterian Church and at Georgetown Presbyterian Church (Upper Sandy Presbyterian) from July 1838 to May 1853.  


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