My name is Rabia Zafar and I currently reside in Karachi, Pakistan.
I have been interested in genealogy since 1995 and have been working on my family history ever since.

I am interested in the following people: Mian Abdul Aziz, Khalifa Mohammad Asadullah, Khalifa Rasheeduddin, Mohammad Hamid-uz-Zafar, Ghulam Nabi. Click here to visit my personal page.

I have started this website to help all those who are intested in finding their ancestors who lived in this region from 1799 - present. I am am willing to volunteer my time for small projects - click here to see what all I am able to do. I am also available for larger projects, but only be as a paid researcher. Click here for more information

I am would appreciate if anyone could please help me out:
I would like to know if the British Library in London, UK keeps information on Indians who were employed in the British Indian government specifically in the Railways, Public Works and Military Accounts.
Also like to know if there are any records of the Hyderabad State's Government (India), and if so where I might get a hold of them. thanks.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries:

Last update: September 30, 2007